Honda has expanded the introduction of its new driver assistance package to include the Honda CR-V, adding new technology and safety to the mid-size SUV.

A $3500 option offered exclusively on the $42,290 flagship four-wheel drive Honda CR-V VTi-L, the new advanced driver assist system (ADAS) originally debuted locally in the all-new ninth-generation Honda Accordย in May.

ADAS comprises three new technologies for the CR-V: collision mitigation; lane keep assist; and adaptive cruise control operated via steering wheel-mounted buttons.

Honda CR-V 4WD VTi-L - 2

Collision mitigation visually and aurally alerts drivers to possible collisions and will automatically apply the brakes if a collision appears imminent, while lane keep assist ensures the vehicle remains in its lane via controlled corrective steering inputs.

Though the two-wheel drive VTi, VTi-N and four-wheel drive VTi and VTi-S variants all miss out on being offered the ADAS package, Honda has added two new colours to the CR-Vโ€™s exterior colour palette โ€“ Taffeta White and Modern Steel.

Honda Australia’s public relations manager Melissa Cross told CarAdvice, “These technologies are generally applied to our top of the range models as an option, to ensure the whole range provide value for money for our customers.”

The fourth-generation Honda CR-V is priced from $27,490.

  • Don

    It should have been standard not an option. In Thailand, price of new CRV is cheaper than new Accord’s. In Australia, why price of new CRV is more expensive than new Accord’s?????

    • Guest

      Err because sedans are generally more expensive in south east asia….. To the likes of thailand indonesia etc…

    • F1orce

      In Australia SUVs usually deman a premium over sedans.

      Even though sedans are better.

      Pure demand & supply.

  • F1orce

    I’m very impressed with the new Honda’s.

    The new Accord looks very nice, as does the CRV

    • JamesB

      It looks like you need to go to Specsavers. Though the Accord and CR-V are no longer ugly, gorgeous they are not.

      • Shak

        Go have a look at one in person. The Accord is actually quite handsome, especially in the darker colours.

        • Sumpguard

          I agree with James. I’ve seen them in person. The CRV is not well styled.

        • Phil

          I did. Didn’t have a dark one in the showroom, so I got them to close the curtains and turn all the lights out. Looked much better that way ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Jokes aside (the Accord looks fine), Honda doesn’t seem to worry much about keep a consistent family resemblance to their cars. The CR-V has lots of odd detail that makes you wonder where it came from. To me, it looks like what the Pontiac Aztec might have become if evolution had taken its course.

          Edit: the safety tech sounds good. Credit where it’s due.

        • JamesB

          Handsome maybe in a world without the Mazda6, let alone Audis, Astons, etc.

          • Shak

            Did you seriously just compare a Honda Accord to an Aston Martin? Lets be realistic here mate. I’ll admit the Mazda has a certain appeal to some people, but handsome it is not (IMO). Audis on the other hand come close, but then again, i doubt most people looking at buying an Accord could afford any Audi.

  • jon

    cr-v nope, steering is too light and really noisy in the rear, also try winding down the front windows halfway then close the door/s, scary

    • More Mature

      Yeah that’s the prime reasons people don’t buy a CRV. And no other car ever would do the same in this segment. What are you, 9yo? Saturday Disney is your thing not making kindergarten comments on this site.

  • marc

    I wish all this technology helped in the school car park.

  • Satwik

    Is this feature available in India