Update 02/03/2009: We have discovered that Ford will be releasing the diesel Territory in April, 2009. The diesel Territory will be powered by Volvo’s inline 5-cylinder diesel motor – named the D5 in the Volvo camp.

The engine is expected to produce 136kW and 400Nm of torque. The engine is currently found in the S40, V50, XC70, XC90 and XC60. The XC90 weighs in at 2069kg, making it around the same weight as the Territory. It moves from 0-100km/h in the XC90 in around 11-seconds, so it’s reasonable to expect similar economy from the Territory.


The Australian automotive media have been talking about it for about the same length of time they’ve been wishing and hoping for a GTHO.

This time it’s real though. After hibernating for a short while, our spy photographer is back on the beat! The first thing they spotted was this pair of Territorys testing.

The photographer said it was a relatively quiet diesel engine, with one of the vehicles accelerating just metres away from the photographer. There was also very little smoke from the exhaust, indicating a diesel particulate filter will be used to conserve emissions and visible particulate matter.

The two white Territorys were then seen racing each other down a straight stretch of road. There is a distinct possibility Ford are either benchmarking the engine to their current petrol model, or testing another diesel engine variant.

Ford Territory Diesel Spy PhotographsFord Territory Diesel Spy Photographs

If Ford plans to have the diesel Territory ready by this week’s Melbourne Motor Show, it’s a safe bet they were benchmarking acceleration against a petrol model. Considering the next motor show won’t be until October 2010 in Sydney, there is a good possibility Ford will release the diesel Territory at this year’s motor show instead of releasing it throughout the year at some point or at the following Sydney motor show.

Ford Territory Diesel Spy Photographs

One thing’s certain though, it’s a needed addition to the ageing Territory lineup. There are several diesel engines on offer to Ford. A 2.7-litre turbo-diesel motor used in the Jaguar XF fits the bill, while a 4-cylinder 2.0-litre turbo-diesel from the Mondeo seems more likely.

Ford Territory Diesel Spy Photographs

Ford has recently also claimed that a revised Territory will be released to bring the interior in line with the FG range. You would assume this would also mean minor exterior revisions to spark interest, but the spy photographer claims they have seen no Territory vehicles floating around with exterior changes, but interior changes are a distinct probability.

  • Rob

    If Ford put the Jag diesel in there, I’d be interested. If they put the Mondeo engine in there, this thing will be a slug. After testing one, the Mondeo could probably do with a 2.4 turbo diesel rather that the 2.0 it currently has.

  • http://navelcontemplation.blogspot.com Supercujo

    About time Ford did this.

    What I would like to see is a big TD in a Falcon.

    Much better guys.

  • Phill

    I agree Rob,its a 2 tonne car it needs the 2.7

  • Myke

    Does Ford even have access to Jaguar anymore? If it is a Jaguar engine, this should have been done long ago.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Lightbulb

    I wonder if its a case of the horse has already bolted. A diesel engined variant should have been an option when the Territory was first released. Still, better late than never I suppose. Regardless, I for one will have a good look at this new diesel engined Territory when it comes out as I think its proven to be a very reliable & well built car.

    Cheers !

  • pious

    do they mean the old jag 2.7 (0 – 100 in around 8 secs) that I think is being cut out in the XF in favour of the 3 litre that delivers 0 – 100 in under 7 secs? that one?

  • Captain Mainwaring

    Myke, the Jaguar 2.7 is a Ford/PSA joint venture, so the question should be does Jaguar still have access to it? I suspect they do, and have recently expanded it to a 3.0.
    Too bad this wasn’t in the Territory 2 years ago but when you’re running out of development funding I guess that you can’t do everything at once.
    Agree with those who say the 2.0 won’t do the job.

  • Alex

    I don’t think they would have access to the 2.7 anymore, they sold the company that had it, so why would they? The 2.0 Mondeo Diesel probably will be it but maybe they’ll surprise us with their own new one. Unlikely, but it would make sense. They could put it in the Falcon too.

    Rob, in Europe, the new engine of choice for the Mondeo is a 2.2 Diesel which I hope makes it to Australia eventually. The only problem with it is that right now, there is no automatic option (for some reason) and that simply wouldn’t sell in high enough numbers.

  • FrugalOne

    Do the math

    MUCH MUCH better doing a direct injection LPG system…

    Thats VASTLY cheaper and less constly too



  • Frontman

    Mondeo engine is FWD specific and won’t mate up to ZF box……….
    If 4cyl is the way then I’d reckon the Ranger oiler would be the choice but as this was supposedly a quiet engine then that is ruled out.
    The V6 would be the engine of choice, yes Ford sold J/LR but they still have a technology & engine sharing agreement so that isn’t a problem.
    Just shows how bad it was having yanks in charge of Ford Aust.

  • http://caradvise.com.au Schah7

    Hey is would be Brilliant and yes Overdue.
    The 3.0 Litre V6 Diesel would be Incredible from the Jaguar
    Ford/PSA designed this engine together so I can’t see it being any problem Ford accessing it.
    600 Nm. of Torque! Yet returning amazing fuel economy.

  • http://skyline The Salesman

    Once upon a time territory was the number one seller for this market. I don’t think a diesel motor will revive it with out a major face lift. If you were really ambitious (and Ford should be) than make it a diesel hybrid, hydrogen or electric power plant, come on Ford stop playing it safe.

  • http://caradvise.com.au Schah7

    The Salesman
    Well said ol’Chap!

  • Iz

    It might be a case of too little too late for the Territory. Even if it does go on sale soon, its looks are starting to date.

    The only feasible diesel engines that could be relied upon to motivate a large vehicle like the Territory that Ford have access to are:

    – Ford/PSA joint ventures: 2.2L or the 2.7L V6. The 2.2L would provide enough torque, but it won’t necessarily be a quick car. The 2.7L could be used in twin-turbo configuration (as they are in PSA cars) since the Territory isn’t a serious offroader like the Land Rover vehicles are.

    (LR’s 2.7L TDV6 is a single turbo version of the engine, with modifications so that it can work in “severe off-road conditions”)

    – Mazda’s own MZR-CD engine; also 2.2L. However this engine so far has been Mazda-specific, and probably will remain that way if Mazda has any say in the matter.

    – Volvo’s 2.5L D5 engine; Volvo specific so far as well. Probably won’t be this engine due to configuration and layout. Volvo is still owned by Ford, so who knows.

    All these engines (except the 2.7L) produce ~400Nm (or close to), so torque wise is on par with the naturally aspirated 4.0L engine thats already in Territory.

    Logically, the 2.7L V6 engine would most fit the bill, as the power and torque outputs would most match the Barra 4.0L engine the closest.

    It all depends on how much developmental funding Ford Aus received to put it all together, really.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Wow they are quick at Ford…….took diesel ages to come into fruition and seems like updates (particularly on Territory) are same! Great work (not) by management!

    • slb

      Ford Australia have ha a diesel Territory mule running around since “O4″ Ford U.S. knocked back the release said it was “not required”. Then the global recession hit that’s why the huge delay.
      That’s why all the U.S. car manufactures went bust NO fore thought.
      So not Ford Australia’s fault

  • Marcus

    Too little too late Ford.
    The better equipped and cheaper Captiva Diesel is a runaway success and outselling Territory 2 to 1 now

    January’s sales:-
    Captiva 1141
    Territory 638

    The Territory is too thirsty, too cumbersome and too expensive

  • PoisonEagle

    cumbersome, Marcus you knob it’s a well known fact that Territory’s dynamics are far superior to Craptiva, aswell as interior quality. Captiva is a no-frills SUV for bargain conscious shoppers. Although admittedly, the sales trend is understandable given everybody’s ignorant hysteria towards a few 0.1L’s/100km here and there…

  • Andrew

    The 2.7 adds about $10 – 15K to the price of any car it’s put in. Check the Pug 407 or Disco 3. It would add that much to the Territory and people wont pay that premium no matter how good it is.

  • Martin

    What nobody has considered is that it could well be a slightly modified version of the 2.2 in the Mazda 6 (which maz borrowed from Ford/PSA anyway)…. it has plenty of torque for the application, but would obviously be lacking in power….. But, like the previous model Pajero, which had only 358nm to play with and weighed more, it did perfectly fine. If people expect petrol performance, and diesel economy… they are dreaming. If people want something that will easily keep up with traffic then there are a multitude of options, one of which will be fitted to Territory sooner, rather than later…

  • Myke

    Martin, Mazda didn’t borrow their 2.2 from PSA, it is a new engine created by Mazda.

    I doubt Ford would use Mazda’s 2.2, considering they’d probably have to create an auto gearbox for it aswell. A 6 cylinder is the most logical choice for the Territory.

  • rauf

    Car Advice,

    You need to give the Ford Product Development team more credit. I assure you back-to-back benchmarking is not preformed by racing two cars against each other.

    More likely the cars where working on separate tests or maybe a couple engineering or mechanics having a bit of fun.

  • Minnow

    All this talk of a V6 or 4cyl?? Need the new Powerstroke 6L diesel V8 with 242kw and 760nm! Give Terry some balls.

    But a V6 diesel will be awesome, just think how far it could go on one tank of diesel. Refuel once a month anyone?

  • mazdafan

    Poor old ford, always behind the times. They should have had a diesel at least 3 years ago to be competitive. the Territory cant survive at it current very low sales rate, and even if it does limp along a while these no hope of ever having another model.
    Ford should have done better with the Territory, they built a great vehicle.
    At least now maybe Toyota will finally give Australia the hybrid Klugger and family’s can have a modern ecconomial AWD.

  • Matthew


  • Cupid Stunt

    Somehow can’t see you lot excepting a 4cyl engine in a territory.
    The 2.2 in a mondeo car easily perform to nearly the same level as the 2.7. Check the figures for Peugeots 407 2.2D versus the V6 2.7D theres little difference apart from economy where the 2.2 trounces the 2.7.
    I have a 3.0CDTi Vectra and regularly drive 1.9 diesels and occasionally 2.2diesel in Jag x-types. There is genuinly little difference in overall performance.

  • nabeel


    i agree with you the most, if they were to use a jag/LR diesel, it wont be the new 3.0, but that old 2.7 is still decent enough.


  • LS1 – Kaboom

    How the hell can someone compare the territory to the Craptiva? The Craptiva is a Daewoo, it is far too narrow and has the driving dynamics of all Daewoo’s; Poo.
    The craptiva was also the direct result of Denny Mooney walking up to Kim Jong Il and singing “I’m so Ronery” in a desperate bid to get Holden something to even compete in the segment. The fact that several thousand of these ridiculous cars have been sold is more a testament to the fact that bogans cannot see beyond a badge and are happy to pay holden a premium over the exact same product in the Kia stable. No joke, I actually know someone who thinks Daewoos are crap yet bought the craptiva. Noob.

  • Frosty

    To those drongos who are saying the Captiva is crap. Have You EVER DRIVEN ONE? Also the Captiva is more GM than Daewoo and was designed and built after GM took over the Daewoo company and was by memory one of Mark Simcoe (A Australian) projects. As usual you get all the same rejects on here who use different names displaying the anti Holden dribble. GROW UP AND READ THE FACTS ON CAPTIVA BEFORE MAKING ABSURB ANTI FACT COMMENTS.


    Why go to all this trouble, all they need is a modern injected LPG system and its JobDone.

    After all the fuel is cheapest and you get $2k back

    Is it just me or the Terri starting to get a bit old and tired looking?



  • scamma

    The Territory was on the shopping list 18 months ago for me but once I decided to go diesel it was no longer an option. Introducing one now will put it back in the list for the next changeover but like mentioned in the early comments, an interior upgrade only wont cut it

  • Ezz

    The dynamics of the Territory were one of the reasons we got one…very sure-footed when driving through Galston Gorge in sydney and solid on the freeways. Its a point and steer car. Although looks are subjective imo our black Ghia still scrubs up well compared to others, especially after a good shine.

    LS1 forum also states that the real world fuel economy for the Captiva petrol models is also alarming considering it doesn’t match the Territory in regards to power and torque.

    The Territory ain’t perfect but matched to the ZF 6speed it drives very well. I also returned 9.3l / 100km on a recent return trip to Queensland from Sydney which is good for a large car…certainly larger than the Captiva anyway. Add up the dollars you save on diesel and is it really worth the smokey clack clack that diesels have. Something wrong about seeing a brand new BMW diesel puffing out smoke like a truck…especially since they are meant to have the particulate filter.

    Most importantly the Territory is Aust made so I can put a southern cross sticker on the back without being a hypocrite :-)


  • Limited Slip

    Who would buy a Captiva diesel? a total idiot thats who…..15l\100 k is what they get. May as well buy a V8. Its not a GM vehicle at all. Its a total Daewoo and the way it handles and drives is a total disgrace. Holden are basically a Daewoo importer and how people could buy this crap just shows how little Holden bogans know about cars.

    The facts on Captiva are its a DAEWOO and it is RUBBISH !!


    How could anyone defend this range of Daewoo rubbish? They are the worse car in every class they are in …..and thats a fact.

  • Bret

    Frosty Says:
    February 25th, 2009 at 9:06 am
    “… the Captiva is more GM than Daewoo and was designed and built after GM took over the Daewoo company..”

    More GM in name only. It’s a Daewoo designed and built. Bringing up a bit of “syling” input (not engineering design) from an ex-Holden bloke is grasping at straws.

    The fact that Captiva is much smaller than Territory is the sole reason for supposedly better fuel economy.
    Have you checked out the towing capacity of an auto Captiva? 1700kg. About the same as many 4cyl jap FWDs, and will struggle with many camper trailers let alone a caravan.
    BTW Territory tows 2300kg, and is very much one of the caravaner’s favourites.

  • adam (aka mada)


    Couldn’t agree more.

    Some bone heads on this sight think Money grows on trees, Ford and Holden have budgets to stick too and have to balance new engine options/facelifts to a certain company budget.

    diesel fuel has been much more expensive than unleaded fuel for a while now thus diesel hasn’t been seen the advantage over standard unleaded that many would like to believe.

    Captiva outsells the territory for one entire month and then some claim terriotry has failed? wake up.
    Captiva has been trailing territory for how long now while having 2 engine options available far longer…

    Territory has done extremely well considering there has been no big facelift and no diesel options for the length of time it’s been on the market.

    lets not forget the territory has outclassed the captiva in test reviews thus far, territory also offers 6 speed autos.

  • B-Man

    I had the misfortune of driving a Captiva. Never again. Cheap interior, awful on-road dynamics and equaly bad fuel efficiency. I’d take a Teritory over one of those any day of the week.

  • Frontman

    Territory’s biggest problem thus far has been the successive American CEO’s Ford has had just didn’t want to pu any money into the vehicle.
    I cannot see them using the 4cyl oilers as Territory’s prime market has been as a tow vehicle! PSA 2.2’s 320nm @ 1750 rpm, whilst being almost as much as base Alloytech, just wont cut it, so I reckon the V6 is in the sights. However don’t forget there were rumour around when Uncle Geoff was in charge of the venerable I6 being modified for Diesel aplications. Now (and I’m guessing it’s pretty pie in the sky stuff) if they did turn the Barra into a Diseasel it’d be one hell of a motor!!

  • Steve-Poyza

    I don’t like the Captiva, but I still think it is unfair to compare the two. The Territory was designed in Australia, thats already a huge advantage. We all know Daewoo aren’t trying to make cars that have good quality interiors or good driving dynamics… So I don’t know why there is a comparison.

  • Steve-Poyza

    Hey Ezz, I’m not having a go at you, but I’m just wondering are you sure BMW don’t put particle filters on the their diesel exhausts? I thought they would…

  • Ezz

    Steve-Poyza…that’s my problem. I’m sure they do but you still see the smokey exhaust on takeoff. Same with VW etc.


  • Andrew M

    Should have had the diesel in it 2 yrs ago.

    The funny thing is Ford officially declared 2 years ago that the diesel would be in it prior to 2010.

    I could never understand how it could take that long.

    Sure ive been one of those that say the economics of a diesel donks dont really add up (unless in a jap ute), but the consumer demand has been there, so ford is silly not to give it even if the consumers mathmatics sends them on the wrong route.

    Also now that diesel doesnt demand the 30c per litre premium (its now a good 10c cheaper), it could actually be a more timely fit than we all think.

    Im also waiting for news on the upgraded LPG system.
    Its meant to arrive in the first quarter of this year i think.
    Ford was originally waiting for the sequential system to arrive before adding dedicated to the Terry, so perhaps LPG might arrive with the update too???

    I would love to see a Ute based off of the terry.
    Great dynamics, great comfort, great motor would leave the jappers for dead and might be the vehicle to get me out of a falcon nameplated vehicle.

    Oh, and the daewoo thing…..
    Captiva is daewoo, end of story.
    Is was/is developed and built in the Daewoo facility………. = Daewoo

  • Andrew M

    The white terrys also seem to have different rear ends especially the tail lights…..
    or is it that the photos are just distorted???

  • Bret

    Andrew, the photos are pretty distorted, but you’re right, the white ones definitely have different tail lights, with the turn indicators at the top instead of the centre.

  • spanner

    Yeah why not put a Diesel in the Falcon instead???
    In fact it puzzles me why both Ford or Holden haven’t
    stuck an oiler in either car yet??? silly silly silly…
    If they do put the 2.0TD instead of the 2.7TD engine
    under the bonnet its going to be a total pig of a car…
    Geez who are making all these amazingly stupid decisions at
    Ford Aus…???

  • Rob

    The Territory is now going on 5 years old and the just released facelift model doesn’t look any different. Those holding out for something different will be bitterly disappointed.
    Already Territory sales are on the wane, the facelift will do nothing to change that.
    On the otherhand, Captiva is selling up a storm and has become the new darling of the soccer mum and school run set. The Captiva looks fresher and more modern than the Territory and when you can pick one up for around $10,000 less than a Territory, you can see why the Captiva is selling up a storm.

  • Bret

    But Rob, $10,000 less for half the car doesn’t sound like a good deal at all. And to top it off, in the real world the Captiva Diesel uses more than a petrol Territory. Ouch!

  • PG

    Maybe with a bit of luck we will get the new generation D5 (twin turbo, 153kw 420nm) that is due to be released mid year in the UK. This wouldnt be a bad thing at all.

  • Bret

    That is good news (the updated info)

    Maybe PG is correct and we may get the newer version?

    This will boost sales significantly.

  • metoo

    As Frontman says, I too would like to see a I6 into a diesel. Wouldn’t be too hard, would it? Take out the spark plug and beef up the blocks.

    A 4 cyl. diesel for a Falcon is a good idea too, cheaper rego for 4 cyl. For a large 4WD like the Nissan patrol, they run a 3 litre 4 cyl. diesel.

  • BrisVegas

    “Update 02/03/2009: We have discovered that Ford will be releasing the diesel Territory in April, 2009. The diesel Territory will be powered by Volvo’s inline 5-cylinder diesel motor – named the D5 in the Volvo camp.

    The engine is expected to produce 136kW and 400Nm of torque.”

    Any confirmation of this yet???

  • willy Persson

    I really hope that the brand new Jaguar V6 diesel at 3-litre will make it in the Territory


    THE NEW XF DIESEL S – In Brief

    * The most advanced, powerful and efficient Jaguar diesel ever
    * New 275PS high-performance XF Diesel S featuring Jaguar’s new AJ-V6D Gen III S 3.0-litre diesel engine delivering a massive 600Nm of torque
    * 0-60mph in just 5.9 seconds, 50-70mph in just 3.2 seconds and a maximum speed of 155mph, yet combined fuel economy of 42.0mpg – 12 percent better than the acclaimed 2.7-litre V6 diesel engine
    * Emits just 179g/km – a 10 percent reduction in CO2. Conforms to EU5 emission regulations using conventional exhaust after-treatment
    * 33 percent more powerful and 61 percent more torque from 1500rpm than the 2.7-litre V6 diesel

  • Clarke


    The Territory is expected to use a variant of the 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel jointly developed by Jaguar-Land Rover and Peugeot. Diesel prototypes are currently on the road being developed, with introduction slated for the first half of 2010.

  • Kyle

    I have identified the new territory engine, it is also found in the new landrover Discovery 4…..this is a power house engine for a “FORD 600Nm All wheel drive” the territory is also 488kgs lighter than the landrover discovery4 making it a workhorse there is also a 2.7L diesel to work with as well with lower power figures…

    The new LR-TDV6 3.0l Diesel engine
    Max Power: 241bhp/180kW@ 4,000rpm
    Max Torque: 600Nm@ 2,000rpm

    Combined Fuel Consumption: 30.4mpg/9.3l/100km; CO2 244g/km
    One of the most technically advanced diesel engines in the world, the new LR-TDV6 Advanced Sequential Turbo Diesel engine features unique parallel sequential turbochargers. Used for the first time in a V-engine, these optimise responsiveness by delivering increased Torque at very low revs.

    The LR-TDV6 2.7l Diesel engine
    Max Power:188bhp/140kW@4,000rpm
    Max Torque: 440Nm@1,900rpm

    Combined Fuel Consumption: 27.7mpg/10.2l/100km; CO2 270g/km (automatic) 30.7mpg/9.2l/100km; CO2 244g/km (manual)
    Utilising the latest common-rail technology and innovative materials, this high technology diesel engine delivers smooth Torque distribution, flexibility, refinement and economy.

  • Greg Kearins

    I have just read Ford Territory Problem, and was searching the web for information. the problems referred to in the ball joints is enough to turn me off.


    • Andrew M

      The ball joints were a supplier issue, and are now sorted.

      However, Ford Warrants ball joints till 150,000k’s regardless of age