Italian brands Fiat and Smeg have joined forces to create the Smeg 500 fridge.

Making its world debut in Paris at the Colette concept store in Rue Saint-Honore, the Smeg 500 fridge celebrates an historic collaboration between Fiat and Smeg that goes back to the 1950s.

Built around the shared design concepts of enticing the eye, raising a smile, and “applying the passion of creativity to the rigour of technology”, the Smeg 500 is aimed at expanding the Fiat 500‘s appeal “into the bars and living rooms of the entire world”.

Smeg 500 - 2

The retro front-cut fridge, which keeps food and drinks chilled under its bonnet, is part of the Fiat 500 Design Collection that already includes exclusive Fiat 500-inspired products such as a sofa, a table and a console table.

Fiat and Smeg are spruiking their historic connection, with the two brands coming together following the Fiat 500’s Turin presentation on July 4, 1957. The duo says the meeting led to the Italian car maker expanding its production to include refrigerators, assisted by Smeg.

Smeg 500 - 3

  • azlan

    hehe :)

  • Tone

    Ironic, considering that Fiat could never be accused of producing ‘whitegoods on wheels’. Surely a Toyota fridge would make more sense?


      Or a Golf fridge that continuously stalls!

  • Poison_Eagle

    Comes with a lifetime supply of cheese.

  • Henry Toussaint

    That’s a rather ‘Cool’ Fridge/ Freezer

  • Phil

    well, it’s probably the closest anyone outside of California will get to an electric 500 😉

  • Id Love a Fiat

    I wonder if Tata will release a Nano BBQ range, sorry thats already a feature of some models, sadly the food gets s nasty plasticy taste.

    • Guest

      Its combustible because the assemblers don’t use dunny roll.

  • Norm

    Is that not the most unfortunate product name in history?