The first images of the facelifted 2014 Suzuki Swift have been leaked onto the brand’s official Belgium website.

Revealing only subtle changes, the refreshed Suzuki Swift has a new sharper front bumper, a lightly revised front grille, and a reshaped rear bumper with a narrower number plate housing.

2014 Suzuki Swift Leaked - 8

The addition of LED daytime running lights mounted low in the front bumper, semi-framing the fog lights, is the most obvious difference between the new small hatch and the current third-generation model first seen in 2010.

2014 Suzuki Swift Leaked - 2

While the cars pictured are European spec vehicles produced in Hungary and powered by 1.2-litre petrol and 1.3-litre diesel engines, the local 1.4-litre Suzuki Swift that was upgraded only two months ago, is sourced from Thailand.

Though Suzuki Australia is yet to announce plans for the updated Swift, expect to see the new look on the road by late next year.

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  • Phil

    Might be the angle of the pic, but the glassline on the white one reminds me of the Kia Soul…

  • Liam Sullivan

    It might not be striking but at least it’s easy on the eye. In sports guise with the body kit I quite like it :)

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, its a good looking little car especially in sport guise, its actually a good thing they havent ruined the look of it with this facelift

  • Bill

    I’ll keep my Mclaren F1 thanks.

  • O123

    Doesnt look like a Aus number plate will fit on the rear now.

    • MisterZed

      Good point, but these photos are from a Belgium website, so they are likely of the European-spec model, which is built in Hungary. The model we get from Thailand will almost certainly have a larger license plate housing. In fact, this facelift could very well be only for the European market.

      • Hung Low

        The Australian models are made in Japan, the downside of that is we miss out on the 2 door Sport version.

        • MisterZed

          Er, hello? Read the article – production has switched to Thailand for our Swifts.

          • Hung Low

            So it is lol, one would think the Indian factories would cover the region, but looking at the finish of the Alto, its not too bad compromising to Thailand.

  • MisterZed

    Blacked out A-pillars are so tacky, especially on cheap cars.

  • crouchy35

    A very ‘sensible’ looking car without looking cheap and underdone…. Its something the Pulsar is trying to mirror but fails in my opinion.

    • F1orce

      The Pulsar sedan looks more expensive than it is.

      But shame they got rid of the torquey QG18DE engine of the 2005 Pulsar.. The new Pulsar is grainy and anaemic like all other 1.8L around..

      Don’t like the hatch..

      • crouchy35

        Sorry, I should have pointed out that I was referring to the hatch

  • atd

    Hopefully a new centre console with coloured screen

  • marc

    dated design?

    • Hung Low

      Still one of the best looking small cars around I reckon.

  • Testy test

    And people pick on the golf models for being too similar and boring. This is far worse!

    • horsie

      these look way better than a golf

  • $29896495

    Face lift? what face lift? Looks the same to me.

    • Zaccy16

      just some extra chrome around the fog lights is the main difference! its a perfect car for trainspotters!

  • Ox

    The whole mid section and glass house always remindes me of what a mini Saab

  • SamR

    I just bought a new Swift GL made in Thailand. What a great car.

    Test drove a Yaris then the Swift and bought it on the spot.

    Much nicer car.

    • Zaccy16

      good choice, the swift is a much nicer car than the cheap and nasty yaris, the yaris and the barina are worst in the light car class IMO

  • MisterZed

    To the author of this article, this is not the third generation Swift in Australia, it’s the 4th. The first generation was in 1985, the 2nd in 1989, 3rd in 2005, and 4th in 2011.

  • Norm

    Hooray for theSwift. Still it’s own car.

  • meee

    I bought a 2013 swift GLX, but it’s made in Japan, it was a demo vehicle (but actually a showroom vehicle with no Ks). I did it just before they switched to Thailand. The ones produced in Thailand have cruise control, Japanese ones do not. So you can get a 2013 swift and it may or may not have cruise control based on where it was built. But you can’t buy new ones from Japan anymore, only used. I can notice a difference between the series before mine (the ones with a handle on the boot), they look a lot smaller and toy-ish. The 2014 doesn’t look any different to my 2013. The only update they could really do that could be worthwhile is GPS coloured touchscreen. But cars with that kind of thing are a lot more expensive than the swift.