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There’s nothing wrong with having aspirations, even if you’re five years old.

Porsche has released this pedal-powered children’s Go-Kart allowing kids from the age of five to feel the rush and exclusivity of being behind the wheel of Stuttgart’s finest.

The newest item from the Porsche Driver’s Selection, the 25kg Go-Kart is approximately 1.5m long, features a tubular steel frame and uses “high-quality drive components typically used for constructing bicycles”.

Based on Porsche’s Intelligence Performance ideology – which has seen the development of the Porsche 918 Spyder, 911 GT3 R Hybrid and Boxster E – the Porsche Go-Kart comes with composite simulated centre lock wheels fitted with inflatable low-profile tyres, a sport seat, and both a back-pedal brake and a handbrake to “ensure optimal deceleration”.

Porsche says the new Go-Kart, priced at US$900 ($935), is suitable for children up to 5ft tall and weighing up to 50kg. And yes, we still want one.

  • Des KSA

    So following standard Porsche pricing strategy it should retail for $1800 here. Or am I just being cynical?

    • marc

      + luxury car tax

      • reg

        you mean Luxury Toy car tax

    • Exar Kun

      No mention of the options list either. That’ll blow things out by another couple of grand.

  • Robin_Graves

    One way for them to retain a decent reliability score now that veedud have taken the reins.

    • Phil

      The RSPCA called, to tell you to stop flogging that dead horse…

      • Sumpguard

        That would be ok if the horse was actually dead.

  • MisterZed

    My parents never bought this kind of thing for me. I was lucky to squeeze $10 a month out of them for a new micro machines set.

  • Smart US

    ill get one of these for my twins – do they do a passenger seat so they can take turns

  • Phil

    This will confuse the Luddites – a manual Porsche with only two pedals!

  • azeng

    Are wheels an optional extra?