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by Daniel DeGasperi

The Volvo S60 Polestar has been launched in Australia, with the tuned 50-unit limited edition priced from $109,950.

Cited as the “quickest point-to-point luxury European sedan – in any weather” by Volvo, the 3.0-litre turbocharged six-cylinder all-wheel-drive S60 Polestar makes 257kW of power at 5700rpm and 500Nm “plus” from 2800-4750rpm. The 0-100km/h sprint is claimed to take 4.9 seconds, and the limited top speed is 250km/h.

Polestar, the tuning company associated with Volvo since 1996, has taken the $40K-cheaper S60 T6, then heavily modified it. Chassis changes include new stabilisers, a carbonfibre reinforced front strut brace, new tie blade bushings, new rear toe arms, and new springs that are a staggering 80 per cent stiffer than the regular S60 T6.

Volvo S60 Polestar - 2

Ohlins dampers are adjustable with 20 “click” settings, aimed to deliver a “high level of driver control and car feedback in combination with a comfortable ride”. Bigger 19-inch alloy wheels sit in front of larger brakes.

A new Borg Warner turbocharger for the engine, harder shifting for the retuned automatic transmission and a full flow stainless steel exhaust round out the performance changes.

Volvo S60 Polestar - 5

Volvo says it has eight customer deposits for the S60 T6 Polestar, out of the 50 coming to Australia. Volvo cites the 245kW/440Nm Audi S4, 331kW/505Nm Lexus IS F, 309kW/400Nm BMW M3 and even the 336kW/600Nm Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG as competitors.

Polestar, however, wants to be seen more like the Renault Sport division than Mercedes’ AMG or BMW’s M.

Volvo S60 Polestar - 8

The S60 T6 Polestar matches the 100km/h sprint of the IS F, and beats the S4 by one-tenth; though it is 0.1 of a second adrift of the M3 and 0.4 seconds off the C63. It weighs 1684kg which makes it lighter than only the Lexus and Mercedes-Benz. It’s also cheaper than those competitors by $10-30K.

Stay tuned for first drive impressions.

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  • MisterZed

    I can tell you that if it only comes in that horrid pastel blue, nobody is going to buy it.

    • JB

      It will limit the appeal of the car but it is a standout colour.
      Imagine if they offered this package in the wagon, as Volvo’s are generally renowned for there wagon designs.

    • Phil

      Add some orange stripes, call it a Gulf, problem solved.

  • JD

    They must be dreaming with that pricetag

    • Jober As A Sudge

      Considering it’s competition it’s priced extremely well

  • Exar Kun

    Pretty much a straight up competitor for the S4 then. And it’s pretty easy to liberate extra neddies from the S4’s motor so any slight speed deficit could easily be wiped out there.

  • Peter

    Having owned (and loved) an s60R (which was quite the monster in its day, especially after it had been chipped) I am quite excited about this, but the words “stiffer springs” remind me of the vertebrae shattering experience of driving the R in “advanced” mode. That and the nearly 14m turning circle. Bigger brakes and AWD usually means wider turning circle in a volvo, so that might be the fly in the ointment for this one. Other than that, I like it a lot. Especially in the blue!

    • Phil

      reports I’ve read on the Polestar suggest the ride quality is much better than the S60 it’s based on. Motor Trend described it as “near magic”. They pretty much described it as a more elegant and refined alternative to an S4, so I think they’ve hit their mark nicely. I reckon they’ll have little trouble selling 50.

  • mcl334

    i bet it will get spanked around a track my a $42k Renault megane 265

    • Robj2

      Which track? Bathurst?? doubt it….

  • Ace 1

    The engine was a Chinese engineering venture by Prodrive.

  • dr sheldon cooper

    Why are the S60, the A-class, the i40, and others developing a sad “pout?” Are they being designed by the same guy/ girl/ it?

  • F1orce

    It doesn’t look like a car that commands that high of a price tag..

  • Woodsy

    Its a YES from me Volvo, great job and I love the colour!

  • Zaccy16

    Great looking car, should be a hoot to drive, saw a v40 in the flesh the other day and it looked much better than in photos

  • Tone

    I still can’t take the name Polestar seriously. Sounds like some kind of adult entertainment enterprise based out of Canberra or something.

  • dilligaf

    I like it, BUT 116 kw’s missing and auto only, pass.