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Chrysler’s standalone performance brand, SRT has produced its first-ever television commercial, entitled Body and Soul.

There are several versions of the ad – all aim to personify the intimate connection some people have with their cars, especially owners of performance models such as those offered by SRT.

The ads also reference Chrysler’s performance past, demonstrating the connection between the relatively recent SRT brand and America’s rich automotive history.

Though the campaign features SRT’s 2013 flagship, the 8.4-litre V10 Viper, all of its models get a mention. These include versions of the Grand Cherokee, Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger

  • azlan

    this is a really really good ad! i wish american car companies could put this kind of beautiful work into their cars haha

    • FezzyFezz

      I think they are close if not there already.

      • Rick

        Have a look at the new chrysler 300 . It’s build quality is right up there with some of the best

        • azlan

          ill have to see in person and drive it :) i have high hopes for american cars though id love to see them back at the days where american cars were the pinnacle in design and all round quality.

          • Rick

            Me too. I have spent a bit of time in my sisters new srt8 and if its anything to go buy . They really aren’t that far away from being back at the top . On a side note they attended the Wednesday race for real at WSID and surprisingly the car ran a faster time than any magazines I have seen do 12.61@110mph which is damn impressive for something weighing around 2tonnes

          • azlan

            some of the old cadi’s were at the forefront of technology with there cars, and thats what they need to aim for. not just keep up with the germans but try to go further before the germans do, to lead the way. but that takes a lot of money which might be hard at the moment lol. but it is good to see some of the cars from chrysler etc coming out are upping there standard :)

  • Liam Sullivan

    Some of those sentences where about a decade too long lol he needed to take a damn breath.

  • Dudeman

    I can’t wait for the Dodge Charger to be available in Australia

    • Rick

      Here’s hoping with the death of the falcon not far away . It’d be the perfect time to introduce another rear drive sedan . There are going to be 700sales a month available

    • MisterZed

      I can’t wait for the Mustang and Camaro and Corvette and Viper to be available in Australia!!

      • Rick

        Unfortunately ,we might be waiting a while

  • fordy

    Look at those panel gaps O.O

    • Rick

      So you watched top gear as well ?

  • LeStori

    My Vomit bag is full…need to find another.

  • MisterZed

    This isn’t the TV ad we’re seeing it’s the Youtube ad. TV ads aren’t 2 min 17 sec long.

    • anthony

      Who cares – just enjoy it. The 30,60 and 90sec ads are in there somewhere.