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The Kia Sportage Series II is now on sale in Australia, becoming the first European-built model in the South Korean car maker’s local line-up.

The Sportage Series II is manufactured at Kia’s Zilina production plant in Slovakia, the same facotry that will build the Pro_Cee’d GT hot-hatch for our market from early next year.

Favourable exchange rates see Sportage prices fall up to $1500, while Kia Australia says the promise of consistent supply makes sourcing cars from Slovakia rather than Korea a more attractive option for both dealers and customers.

Kia Australia public relations general manager Kevin Hepworth confirmed Sportage production for our market will shift completely to Zilina, with the last of the Korean vehicles expected to be sold over the next six to eight weeks.


The biggest change is the discontinuation of the 2.4-litre four-cylinder petrol engine. The all-wheel-drive mid-spec SLi and range-topping Platinum grades are now forced to make do with the 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine previously offered only in the base model. Prices have fallen $1000 and $1500 respectively to cover the downsize.

The smaller engine produces 122kW of power and 197Nm of torque, down 8kW and 30Nm on the 2.4-litre. Fuel consumption is set to improve one to two tenths from the claimed 9.2 litres per 100km figure of the old engine.

The 135kW/392Nm 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel option carries over unchanged in the SLi and Platinum, while prices also fall $500 and $1000 respectively.


Both entry-level Sportage Series II Si grades are now $1500 cheaper than before, giving the compact SUV a new $25,490 starting price when paired with the six-speed manual transmission.

The Slovakian Sportage Series II is stylistically identical from the front and sides, and differs only slightly at the rear where it features a revised reflector cluster and lower bumper design.

New equipment added to the range includes HID headlamps, static cornering lights, aero blade front wipers, partial leather seat upholstery, rear seat warmers and front windscreen wiper de-icers, while diesel cars also gain an Active Eco efficiency mode.


Cabin changes include a new leather seat stitch pattern and colour, new headrest design, central locking button on the driver and passenger doors, lockable glovebox, digital clock in the audio display, additional soft-touch materials, and seven vent modes for the air conditioning system.

Satellite navigation is a $1500 option in Sportage SLi grades (standard in Platinum), while premium paint is a $520 option across the range.

Kia Australia’s decision to source the Sportage from Slovakia follows a similar move by sister brand Hyundai, which introduced its first European-sourced vehicle, the Czech Republic-built ix35 SE, in January.


Kia Sportage Series II manufacturer’s list prices:

  • Sportage Si 2WD petrol manual – $25,490 (-$1500)
  • Sportage Si 2WD petrol auto – $27,490 (-$1500)
  • Sportage SLi 4WD petrol auto – $31,990 (-$1000)
  • Sportage SLi 4WD diesel auto – $35,490 (-$500)
  • Sportage Platinum 4WD petrol auto – $36,490 (-$1500)
  • Sportage Platinum 4WD diesel auto – $39,990 (-$1000)

  • F1orce

    The 2.0L will be gasping and screaming its way around..

    • Liam Sullivan

      Atleast you’ll be able to hear it coming and crawl out of the way :)

    • wolowizard

      Just like every otherN/A petrol 2L SUV… What’s your point?

    • racrepus

      You mean like the way the 2L CX5 gasps and screams too? Talk about completely over exaggerating the negatives.

      • F1orce

        This SUV is fatter and heavier than CX5. So it’ll blow its guts out trying..

        Besides the CX5 has a very good 2.5L unit.

        • racrepus

          So you’re debating every review saying the 2L CX5 is underpowered?

          • matt

            rofl, underpowered? yet faster to 100k then a 140kw CRv? riiiight

  • MisterZed

    LOL @ 37k for a 2.0L petrol engine. You can get a 2.0L Mazda3 Neo for about $20k.

    • richard

      How much for the 2L Mazda 3 SP20 with leather, sunroof etc?o

      • Sumpguard

        ….and AWD ! Silly comparison.

    • galaxy

      Mini SUVs sure are a profitable gold mine for car manufacturers these days.

      • O123

        Exactly, all it is, is a jacked up cerato hatch. Yet woman flock to them.

    • Genesis1

      you can do so much more in life with $20K than ummm

  • Mr Gaspo

    Checked one of these out… Cheap looking interior and overpriced… Makes Honda look like value.

    • racrepus

      Cheap looking interior? Still miles ahead of the clashy, confused Rav4 interior or the Forester interior with no soft touch plastics what so ever.

      • pete

        agree, excellent offering from Kia IMO

      • sdfjg

        Still not good enough though.

        • racrepus

          So it’s better than two main rivals, but it’s still not good enough. Just goes to show, no matter how good a Korean car may be, people like this will never think it’s good enough and over completely exaggerate the negatives.

  • Bill

    Korean Krap

    • Dennis

      Koreans moving production = Cutting Costs….

      • Daniel

        @dennis-Hyundai/Kia factories in Korea are struggling to keep up with global demand, while capacity in slovakia is available due to Europes downturn.
        Cost diff between the 2 sources would be negligible. Dont make it into something it clearly isnt…….

    • sydney

      yes, exactly, korean krap that is more pleasure to drive than my brand new a4 quattro. bought 2ld for my wife and love every bit of it.

  • Don Quay

    I can’t see what the attraction is with the Sportage. Apart from the typical Kia stupid name, the styling is too chunky and dated, the vision from them is awful and they have the usual deficiencies in ride, steering and handling. Nothing about this “update” is going to address those issues. I really think that the Sportage is another one of those vehices for people who know nothing about driving or quality automotive engineering. It is simply and A to B conveyance and nothing more.

    • Ray

      @ Don Quay, you should talk to a KIA owner. I bought a sportage diesel after driving an XR6 for five years. I benchmarked it against the Tiguan two years ago when I was looking for a soft roader. The sportage is a much better car than you might think.

      • Don Quay

        Leaving aside the reliabilty issues with VWs, are you saying the Splatage is better dynamically then the Tiguan? I test drove the VW last year and I thought the steering, ride and handling were first class. Nothing wrong with the fit and finish either, performance in the TSI was excellent too, but I concluded the Tiguan (another silly name BTW) was too small for my needs and the value wasn’t there compared to others in the class. Service and reliabilty concerns were a factor too. Granted the Kia is much cheaper, but I can’t agree it is a better car for it.

    • Wombat

      If you cant see what the attraction is, perhaps you need to get your eyes checked? Apart from the fact that it’s still the best looking compact SUV on the market, as with all Kia’s it’s loaded with well designed and thoughtful kit which makes long term ownership enjoyable. Kia also have some of the most comfortable seats available, IMO. No one is ever going to buy any compact SUV for the drive experience. To claim otherwise is delusional. I’m not sure how you define quality engineering but with a good 5 star crash safety rating and a 5 year unlimited km warranty, I suspect the engineering isn’t too bad.. Did you know the Range Rover Evoque can only manage 4 stars, and we wont talk about VW/Audi reliability. Is this the quality engineering you were referring to?

      • guest

        Yes, all very true Wombat. Still the best looking small SUV on the market by a long shot. It’s interesting that don quay is carrying on with claims that people who buy these know nothing about driving and yet then goes on and states that he tested the VW Tiguan with the intention of buying an SUV but found it too small for his needs. People don’t buy SUVs as driver’s cars don quay 😉 You’re a little slow it seems.

        For the record I tested the Tiguan and bought a sportage. How they could call it an S Utility V with no storage room behind the rear seats is beyond me. They also strip out the good stuff but still charge an arm and a leg.So much for quality engineering. I’ve seen you around the traps in the other threads too calling everything with a Korean badge rubbish. You are implying that everyone who buys these knows nothing about engineering or driving and yet you were going to take a risk on vw? Hilarious . You’re not very clever.

        • Sumpguard

          LOL. Spot on.

        • Don Quay

          Guest, if you do not wish to provide any name, then you obviously do not have much confidence in the validity of your opinions and as such your comments are worthless. You are just a troll who likes to throw around gratuitous insults.

      • Don Quay

        Wombat, there is nothing wrong with my eyesight mate. Though it is always very subjective, many others, here and elsewhere, have also commented that the styling is getting dated and hasn’t aged well.

        I suppose you and the other apologists are happy to drive a car with dull steering and poor ride, but if the Euro’s and Japanese can manage to engineer a car with excellent dynamics, to suggest that the Koreans don’t need to do so is just delusional. Every review I’ve read has said that the Kuga and CX5 and others are a very enjoyable driving experience, but you seem to be happy with mediocrity.

        I never mentioned the RR Evoque so your comment is irrelevant and if you read my original post again you will see that I clearly stated that the service costs and reliability for the VW were a concern.

        • Martin

          I think the comment of the Sportage looking dated is very subjective. I think it still looks very fresh and desirable, and rather the Tiguan is looking quite dated. Moreover, reliability and servicing costs are more of a concern to the wider driving community than dynamics as seen by the sales figures of Toyota. It is widely accepted that Toyota builds passenger cars on the premise of reliability (and cheap servicing as of late) rather than an engaging drive. If the Australian public purchased cars purely on the driving dynamics, then I believe you would see higher sales figures for the Ford Focus than the Toyota Corolla.

          At least the Sportage is exciting to look at.

  • Arthur

    So.. it’s cheaper not because of more favourable exchange rates but because of the substitution of a base engine…

  • Dieseltorque

    Sportage still looks fresh. Schreyer design at its best. 2.0 petrol not a great match for an SUV looking at those torque specs.

  • JJ

    Sounds like most of you haven’t driven a Diesel Sportage, if you had you wouldn’t be criticising it.

    • F1orce

      I have . It’s slow, very noisy, vibrates, rattles and consumes too much diesel for 2.0L size.

      And when you first start up the entire surrounding is entrenched in diesel musk.

      • racrepus

        You make the same claim about every Korean car. You have already revealed yourself as a Toyota fanboy, so your comments like this hold no credit or validity.

        • F1orce

          No I don’t.

          I am unbiased, I praised the i45 and to lesser extent the Asia Optima.

          But beyond that, the rest aren’t up to per..

          • racrepus

            In most cases they’re better or equal to the equivalent Toyota. So saying they’re not up to par is total BS.

            lol When have you ever praised the i45? Your comments rarely come across unbiased. You are very harsh toward Korean and even some European cars and extremely forgiving towards Japanese brands. Even your comment here isn’t what reviews and owners have said. You don’t come across unbiased when you make such bold claims that go against so many other people who have more experience with the car.

          • F1orce

            Actually you are the biased one. You are pro anything from Korea. You bash everything that’s non korean. Example, Apple, Ford, Toyota, Mazda etc

            And you still don’t think that the 2.0L Kia Sportage is very underpowered?

            Just like the Kia Optima with its ‘class leading’ power, yet the Mazda 6 would run rings around it.. All while consuming less fuel.

  • Ylipse Ta Arkitha

    Looks a bit cheap in the cabin to me. In comparison a CRV looks more upscale and can be had for less money. The 2L is also a bit of a worry for the asking price. Sorry Kia, the game has moved on. Still a decent SUV especially if you love the styling (I’m a bit over it personally).

  • Anthony

    Purchased a new series 2 Sportage 2 months ago had no end of problems with the drivers side door not closing and at times locking shut so it can’t be opened! Been back to John Hughes Perth 4 times now. They finally decided to order a new door trim from Slovak so have to wait 6 weeks. Not happy with purchase and Kia customer service wish I had put my $27k with VW! Be warned.

    • Don the dude

      I’ve only in the last week being looking at at new SUV to replace our 07 rav4. I am really keen on the sportage series II turbo diesel after having driven it.The petrol version engine wise feels like our petrol rav so was really impressed by the turbo diesel performance .makes the petrol engines 2nd rate. The driver leg room was the other good feature that impressed been 6.4 in height. I’ve generally felt that the feedback i’ve read as been good until I read the issue Anthony has mentioned. The other SUV I’m looking at is a cx5 .i haven’t driven this car yet but there is significant price difference which I don’t think I want to fork out for. Any suggestions

    • AlKia

      Anthony, be very careful wanting a VW. I’ve got a VW passat, Audi A4 quattro and an old Porsche 911SC. Apart from the super reliable 911, the other cars are a nightmare, they’re never happy. They’re constantly having niggling issues (ABS modules, airbag modules, pollution gear issues, transmissions, turbos, drinking oil). I got sick to death of defending VW and coming up with excuses as to why they keep breaking. Obviously I’m a bit of a VW group fan but enough was enough. Our new family car is a kia sportage.. it just goes and goes and goes. Loving every second of it. If all i get is a door not closing issue then I’d be happy with that. All the best if you choose a modern VW. Never again for me.. I’m done with them. It’s sad to see VW going down hill.

      • Phil

        I test drove the Platinum Series 2 yesterday and I was very impressed. I have a VY Commodore S pack from new and while I will not be trading it, the Kia will be a second car. The turbo diesel was brisk on the freeway to 130km’s and very quiet. As I have out grown the petrol head years of my youth I think this car will be just perfect for a bit of touring, luggage carrying and perhaps that little off road trip towing a popup. (I did have an 80 series Landcruiser before the Commodore, so I have no illusion that the Kia is a real 4WD)