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A brake system recall affecting almost a quarter of million Toyota and Lexus hybrids globally will force more than 1600 Toyota Prius owners in Australia to take their vehicles back to the dealership.

The global recall affects 242,000 Toyota Prius and Lexus HS250h vehicles, including 117,000 vehicles in Japan, 86,500 in the US and approximately 30,000 in Europe.

A total of 1652 current-generation Prius hatchbacks manufactured between October 2008 and October 2009 are affected in Australia.

The official recall notice published on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) website explains that there is the possibility that a fatigue crack could develop inside the accumulator within the brake booster pump assembly.

“If cracks occur in the accumulator, nitrogen gas could leak into the brake fluid and cause the brake pedal stroke to become longer or the pedal to become spongy, increasing the stopping distance and the risk of a collision.”

Toyota Australia will contact affected owners directly early next month when parts arrive instructing them to arrange a time to complete the recall service at their local dealership.

All affected vehicles will be inspected and, if necessary, have their brake booster pump assembly replaced – a process that takes about three hours.

  • Late

    Not bad Car Advice. Only a week late with the news. 7th June this went of ACCC website.

    • Norm

      Go ingratiate yourself to that website then.

      • guest

        We will. Thanks for the WebsiteAdvice!

  • galaxy

    Big week for car recalls 1 all draw so far – Koreans out in front at this stage: Japan 1 – Germany 1

  • Neil_Way

    Will Fairfax post a week worth of articles over this?

    • AndyGF

      I was thinking exactly the same… just to sell newspapers!

    • Shak

      I am not defending Fairfax here, as their level of journalistic integrtiy is mediocre to say the least, but the amount of coverage they gave the VW recalls was deserved. VW refused to do what was right by consumers and issue a recall. They kept trying to avoid the situation, as if playing down the seriousness of it all was going to make it disappear.
      I don’t doubt that all the media attention they received helped play a part in finally initiating the recall.

      • $29896495

        It was the only reason probably

      • Dr sheldon cooper

        Not a good look VW. And i always liked VWs and Audis. Will have to suspend judgment now. You DONT punish the media – it IS their job to report news whether good or bad. BAD business move VW aust. Bad move.

    • Jacob

      No because nobody died. and VW only recalled AFTER Fairfax highlighted the issue.

      And then VW pulled all ads from Fairfax! So then Fairfax took revenge by writing more articles about VW.

      • James

        Nobody died because of DSG either. If Fairfax took revenge on VW we can now see the whole thing was an effort to discredit VW by a dodgey news outlet

        • $29896495

          It may not be DSG but it is also a recognised fault which is appearing all over this page and others. But no real mention of a fix. VW’s problem is that they have several continuing DANGEROUS issues going on at the one time.

  • Doctor

    It seems to me that there is a widespread lack of quality control among parts suppliers.
    This will do nothing for the manufacturers’ reputations. Was this part (booster or part thereof) made in China in an attempt to cut costs? Car makers are going to have to better scrutinise parts suppliers to protect their reputations.

    • $29896495

      hey have had these problems with corrupt Japanese suppliers.

  • Jakewilliam5

    Well at least Volkswagens stop…

    • Guest

      Like mummy and daddy’s Skoda?

  • Zaccy16

    the prius has had lots of recalls over the years!

  • Rick

    Another recall for Prius and another recall for the reliability kings toyota .

    • Mcgee

      Read what you just wrote, think a little, and see why this was a dumb thing to say. It falls utterly flat.

      • Rick

        Please explain how it’s a dumb thing . It’s a fact and only falls flat on Toyota worshipers ears because without reliability they have no other reason to buy one . Here’s some facts for you ;
        Since the start of 2012 total recalls are as follows
        Toyota 13 recalls
        Ford 9 recalls
        Nissan 5 recalls
        Holden 5 recalls
        Honda 3 recalls
        Hyundai 3 recalls
        Mazda 2 recalls
        So there you have it. Even though Toyota haven’t upgraded any of their drive trains in ages they STILL have the most amount of recalls .
        Regardless wether you think my comment is dumb or not facts are facts . If you don’t like facts I suggest you watch a current affair or buy the daily telegraph

  • Car Fanatic

    So VW have one issue and people go on a witch hunt and Toyota have yet another issue and sweet FA comes about?

    Very skewed perspective from the public.

    • $29896495

      Toyota in some cases hasn’t been in denial about the problems as has VW.

  • Nick

    There you go – the Legendary Toyota reliability

  • Dr sheldon

    Toyota having reliability issues? Whats this world coming to? What r they gonna say next? That the string theory is false? That Stella Procyon is not inhabited? That Superman cant really fly? This is madness!!