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Toyota’s incoming chairman has expressed his keenness for the brand’s upcoming sports car to be more like the mid-sized Supra performance model of the past than the current 86.

Industry journal Automotive News reports Takeshi Uchiyamada, the man set to be announced as Toyota’s next chairman later this week at the company’s annual shareholders’ meeting, believes Toyota’s next sports car should be comparable to the larger six-cylinder Supra that ended production in 2002 so as to not overlap with the smaller four-cylinder Toyota 86.

“It’s futile if we make something similar [to the 86]”, he said.

Known as the “father of the Prius” for his development work on the pioneering hybrid model, Uchiyamada acknowledged that any decisions on the car – being co-developed with BMW as part of an agreement announced in July 2012 – would be made by the Japanese manufacturer’s engineers.

“That’s what I want but it’s not me who makes the decision,” Uchiyamada said.

According to reports last month, Toyota’s version of the new sports car is likely to be unveiled at this year’s Tokyo motor show in November.

While a Toyota Supra successor seems promising, the car’s place in BMW’s line-up is less clear.

Sixty-six year-old Uchiyamada, is to replace Fujio Cho as chairman, with Cho planned to become honorary chairman.

  • Matt

    “It’s futile if we make something similar [to the 86]”, he said.
    The new Supra wil have the exact SAME chassis as the FT-86.
    So that means: they built the FT86 chassis for the new Supra.

    • Peopl3mova

      I didn’t know that. Where did you find that out? I had heard that it was going to be carbon fibre (hence the alliance with BMW). I guess it makes sense though. A lot of companies are sharing chassis between different models (McLaren P1 and 12C for instance).

    • zahmad

      Really? I don’t think Toyota is sharing the 86 chassis with BMW…

    • Shak

      Where did you get that info? The 86 Chassis is essentially a heavily modified Impreza chassis, and i doubt that would be enough to reliably handle the big power that will be expected of a Supra successor.

      The odd thing about all this is what BMW will get from the alliance. I mean, i know they love to create niches within niches, but why on earth would they possibly need another sports car, let alone one that has links with Toyota.

      • $29896495

        They (BMW) maybe getting to dip into Toyota’s bucket of parts outside the Supra. Another good thing is that if Toyota gets this up, maybe honda will be encouraged to bring back things like Integra and Prelude.

        • Shak

          I know that they are sharing hybrid technology with Toyota, who in exchange will get access to BMW diesels, but that was supposed to be a completely different agreement.

          I sincerely hope Honda get into the affordable sports car game once again. With Nissan looking at an 86 Competitor, and Honda making the NSX we may just be seeing the beginnings of the second Japanese Sports car Golden age.

          • $29896495

            We can only hope I guess.

      • Phil

        Think hybrid. Think economies of scale. I’m sure BMW are looking at Audi, and the enormous resources and component sharing of the VW group of companies. For a niche market vehicle, shared resources is almost essential. It’s why Toyota partnered Subaru, why Mazda will share with Alfa Romeo, and Mini use the PSA engine.

        • Shak

          I understand that they will be sharing technology in a broader sense, i just dont see the value of a car such as this particular sports car to BMW. I mean they already have an M-Sport or M model of every car in their line up. They dont need a dedicated sports car. Then again, when has BMW ever built something that was needed…

  • dr sheldon cooper, PhD, MS, BS

    Recalling the Supra? Maybe, he meant copying the Audi R8 (look at the “scoop” post-doors). Nevertheless, Toyota seems to be the automotive world’s equivalent of Pittbull (the bald-headed Hispanic singer, not the canine). First, Toyota teamed up with Subaru (BRZ/86), and now, they are making a ‘hit’ – potentially – with BMW. Who are they going to cooperate next, Mercedes Benz? VW? Aston Martin? or maybe some Chinese maker – call it Ricketty-Martin (for aston Martin) and call it La Vida Loco(motive)? – In case no one noticed, THAT was an attempt at comedy.

    • Shak

      *Slow clap*

      • dr sheldon cooper

        why, THANK YOU, mr shak. it is not often i make jokes. and even rarer people recognise them as such when i do indeed attempt hillarity…..

        • Shak

          Keep trying mate, you’ll get there!

          • dr sheldon cooper

            thank you, my friend.

    • $29896495

      Not the best. By the way, Toyota have been partnering with the Chinese for years.

      • dr sheldon cooper

        sorry for my ignorance,…..which cars, of which you speak?

        • matt

          you wanna build cars in china? you have to partner with a state own car company…. sig heil *goosesteps*

          • dr sheldon cooper

            Me? Heavens, no! No offense to the Chinese. they are wonderful people. But whether we like it or not, the tyranny of numbers that is economics will force most carmakers to swallow the bitter pill, and partner with a state owned company. Maybe, someday soon, their quality will surprise us. Just look at the Koreans!

    • mark

      Ummm, Toyota has worked with Aston Martin on a version of the iq sold in Europe. Aston needed a small car to reduce their average co2 to meet Euro emission standards.

      • dr sheldon cooper

        thanks, mr mark. i did not know.

  • F1orce

    Why is Toyota associating it self with BMW?

    That cannot be a good thing.

  • F1orce

    Toyota is far ahead of BMW.

    The Supra had a Turbocharged 3.0L Inline-6 20yrs ago.

    Mitsubishi had a Turbo+Supercharged motor that didn’t work out like over 20yrs ago, Volkswagen just started with such tech.

    Germans have just caught up to the Japanese recently.

    • sfdgf

      That 3.0 TWIN Turbo in the Supra put out LESS POWER (206KW) than the BMW M3 3.0 WITHOUT a turbo (221KW).

      In fact, that 3.0 Supra engine without the turbos only put out 164KW.

      • Monk

        Yes, but back then the Japanese were honouring the gentleman’s agreement to not have more than 206kW. There was plenty of potential left beyond that

      • I’ve got sources

        Remember the Japanese car maker “Gentleman’s agreement” of 280 Hp during the 90’s and early 2000’s?
        The 3L Twin Turbo Straight 6 Supra engine could put out 600HP on stock internals.
        The Falcon’s 4L Turbo Straight 6 can make almost 1000 Hp on stock internals too!

        • sfgfg

          “could” and “potential” have no place here.

          Perhaps the TWIN TURBO Supra was putting out more than 206KW, but the fact remains that without the turbos that 3.0 was only producing 164KW whilst BMW’s 3.0 was doing 210KW (not 221KW, my bad) WITHOUT any turbos at all.

          I’ve driven the old Toyota Aristos with the 206KW engine and it’s then direct competitor the E34 BMW 540i with 210KW along with the 210KW 3.0 M3. The Toyota is not producing much more power than 206KW, outright performance is no better than all than the 540i (is probably slower than 540i I’d say) and it is definitely slower than the lighter M3. The turbos give the Toyota far better low-mid range response but the Toyota has nothing on the BMWs for the top end power/sound and satisfaction.

          • Monk

            A fool and his credibility are soon parted.

          • Maz

            So what’s your point? The 1993 NA Supra made 164kw. (Was never targeted / tuned as the performance model / engine) It had reasonable power for a 20 year old car. As for the TT, it would have easily had a 540i. It has masses of torque from a relatively low rpm. Sound / satisfaction? I’ll take the 2JZ-GTE over your 540i. Bog stock vs similar M3 they would be on par, but a quick tweak of some boost and exhaust and it’s see you later M3.

            Regardless I sure wouldn’t buy one if that first pic is indicative of the new model!

        • gazza

          My son in law has a Supra that makes 700rwhp on stock internals (but a huge hair dyer) that’s up to 900hp and he knows of plenty of stock bottom end ones getting around with 600+rwhp!

          • Roadtard

            gazza, do you let him take your daughter out in it?

      • Edelbrook

        Trying to look knowledgeable by calling F1orce out? I pity you.

      • F1orce

        The 3.0L & 3.2L BMW motors are a few years newer than the 2JZ.

        The 2JZ-GTE had 2 Catalytic converters and power outputs claims were conservative at best.

        What happened to the naturally aspirated 3.0L BMW was using just up till recently? When Toyota came out with their newer generation of 6-cylinder (GR) BMW went with the new turbo (N54, N55) to meet emission, drivability and power requirements because the normal aspirated 6-Cyl just couldn’t cut it.

      • Rick

        Neither are overly big achievements . in 1971 chryslers built the E49 charger 225kw using carbies . No fuel injection , no turbos etc . Shows how little cars have improved over 20+ yrs

      • theillestlife

        sfdgf, You do realise the 2JZ engine found in the supra, etc, is an over engineered engine right? It was limited to 206kw because of the gentleman’s agreement, but it has the potential to even put the modern era high performance cars to shame.

        Same with the RB26DETT, VG30DETT, etc

  • slap

    2J’s are king! 6.30s from memory at wsid recently. Getting closer to doorslamer s/c hemi territory. Their is no better 6 in the world.

  • Poison_Eagle

    Just use a widened 86 chassis, with an NA BMW six and a turbo six, and be done with it. No hybrid junk, it’s a grand tourer. I suspect BMW will use this as their nexct Z4- surprised none of the media have picked up that it’s due for replacement about now…

  • Rick

    It’d probably be a great car as long as they price it the same as the hyundai genesis and Nissan 370z price and don’t stuff it up by making it a hybrid

  • Dave W

    Please stop designing the front bumper that makes the car looks like a boat on wheels.

  • dr sheldon cooper

    nice body. the front, not so much. or in colloquial terms, “butterface” (as in, “she’s hot, but her face…?”).