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A 90-second commercial for the Holden VF Commodore championing the car’s US export program will debut before the second State of Origin match on June 26.

The commercial highlights the new Holden Commodore SS and Calais sedans that launched in Australia earlier this month, before crossing to the other side of the world to showcase the VF-based Chevrolet SS sedan, which will go on sale in the US in the final quarter of this year.

“Years in the making, over 3.3 million kilometres of testing – that’s over two million miles if you’re in America…” the ad says.

“Which we are,” it continues. “Shipped to the States, your new Commodore becomes our new top-of-the-line Chevrolet sedan. I guess now there’s another lucky country.”


Holden large car marketing manager Kristian Aquilina told CarAdvice the commercial would run in full directly before kick-off in the second Origin match between New South Wales and Queensland at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium in two weeks’ time.

The primetime spot promises to generate plenty of exposure for Holden’s first all-new Commodore in seven years.

Almost four million people tuned into the first Origin match on June 5, making it the third-highest-rating Origin match in history following Games 1 and 3 of the 2012 series.

Holden is hoping the launch of the VF Series will help boost Commodore sales, which fell 25 per cent last year to 30,532 units – its lowest annual result on record.

Earlier this month, Chevrolet confirmed the 6.2-litre V8-powered SS would be available in the US in one well-equipped spec level priced at US$44,470 ($47,200) – positioning it almost perfectly between the Camaro 2SS and the Corvette Stingray.


  • Johnny

    Good one, Holden. Have nothing but praise for you.

  • Barry

    Great commercial,the timing of the advertising is good during the rugby soo.Looks at home in America.

    • MisterZed

      What’s rugby?

      • Barry

        Im from the southern states so im no expert on the Rugby codes.Dont they say its the game they play in heaven..
        Are you Mr Ed going to be grinding your blunt axe on another Holden story.

      • Smart US

        its rugby everywhere in the world and we dont want to be isolated, do we?

  • JimTT

    Great ad, hope Holden gets back on top because they really deserve it.

  • Rocket

    Where is the Holden Camaro for Austalia? Don’t need the Malibu.

  • MisterZed

    First all-new Commodore in 7 years?! Yeah, except for the engine, and the transmission, and the doors, and the windows, and the roof, and the…

    • Tom

      Yes, well, your comments certainly aren’t all-new.

    • Andy Whitby

      I think the transmissions are new, the new GEN II 6 speed autos.

      • Shak

        The software calibration for the transmissions is new, but the hardware is the same.

        • Andy Whitby

          So its new or different. Unlike your comment suggests

          • Shak

            Depends how you interpret what i said. Holden haters will take it as being old no matter what. I think exactly what i wrote, same physical gearbox now tuned for better drive ability.

  • c3vzn

    The SS actually sounds great, almost AMG-like. They probably modified the audio for the commercial though.

    • Karl Sass

      Don’t think so, that’s very close to how the VE 6 litre sounds, fantastic soundtrack.

    • guest

      They do sound like that. And it’s a great car – deserves to sell well.

      I however will settle for nothing less than a 585hp GTS! Maybe some Berlusconi style creative financing will suffice.

    • Richo

      The manual’s sound like that, the auto’s run a different exhaust due to the AFM system and is significantly less vocal. After driving my brothers manual VE I thought I wouldn’t want a sports exhaust on mine, but after getting my auto VE, the stock exhaust only lasted 3 weeks.

  • Jake

    Interesting the way many people’s opinion has changed since launch. It’s great to see people getting behind what could be our last Commodore and supporting our local brand. They’ve really gone all out with what resource they had for this car. I hope it’s a success. It’s a pity they’re stuck with cheap poor quality imports to fill the rest of the range, if only it was viable to stick with Opel.

    The VE release commercial ‘stone age’ was amazing this steps it up again, love the style and the way it transitions.

  • ed

    funny how holden can sell a more powerful, better equipped commodore in the USA for less money and still be praised by all the fanboys. Not that you can blaim GM for redirecting Australian subsidies back to their home country.

    • Jim

      As has been said countless times during the past few weeks in light of what’s happened with Ford, our car makers put more into our economy than what they receive from the government. Also, with the dollar falling, your comment becomes less and less relevant.

    • Nerdbustermd

      ed, the situation has come about because dumb Aussies are happy to pay more for everything. Products are sold at what the market will sustain. In the U.S., the SS costs about the same as a BMW 5-Series. How could it be marketed if it cost even more?

      You should be asking why dumb Aussies are happy to pay DOUBLE for BMW 5-Series and keep doing so.

      • Daniel D

        Because people like to impress their neighbours by showing how their loan is bigger than the loan the person took next door for a car.

        Most impressed are the banks and finance companies who make money of all these mugs. BMW of course also enjoys the spoils as a base model euro car, suddenly becomes a prestigious euro import the minute its wheeled of the boat.

        • Richo

          Exactly, an M3 in Australia actually costs more then DOUBLE what it costs in the US! It’s complete BS, but while gullible yuppies keep spending $60k+ for a 2.0L 4cyl mid sized sedan from a German brand, when they could get the same thing from Mazda, Honda, Ford, etc for half the money, then the situation will never change.

    • Daniel D

      To like a Holden you need to be a fanboy? I’d say if you just appreciate a good car, the new VF Commodore is worth some attention.

    • Richo

      That was the case with the Pontiac G8 which was sold into the US for significantly less then what Aussies were paying, however the Chevy SS is actually a few thousand dollars more expensive, even currency corrected, then an SSV redline thanks to the massive price cuts on the VF commodore range compared to the VE.

      For those few extra thousand, the yanks do get a bigger motor and flappy paddel’s for the gearbox, but price adjusted thats about right I think.

  • Sumpguard

    Fantastic ad. I hope it works for them.

  • rickdingo

    Who cares? Glorified taxi with a short future i bet the550 people who theysacked just love this advert!!

    • Sumpguard

      Probably not as much as those that managed to keep theirs due to Holden’s commitment to this car?

    • Andy

      Glorified taxi? I’m not Holden lover, but I do get tired of this comment. A taxi is chosen based on cost and reliability. So you obviously haven’t been to Europe where every second taxi is a Merc or BMW?? This must mean the M5 and E63 are glorified taxis too? Because the base models are cheap and reliable over there so they constantly get used as a taxi. I’ll make sure i let the next E63 AMG owner know he left his taxi signs off….

  • rickdingo

    All new commodore? Doesnt look very different…….

    • guest

      Yes, very similar indeed with 4 wheels, 2 headlights, 2 taillights, steering wheel and 2 separate front seats just like a Holden Spark. Coincidence?

  • davie

    Great add. Very inspiring and aspirational.

  • Dudeface

    Yeah well… I’m a Ford man, so…

    Man. I wish Ford had Holden’s marketing team.

    Great ad, pulls all the right strings. Well done…

  • marc

    Judging by the number of Chevy badges in Aus, Holden couldve added the US car to the Aus line up. There would be a market out there for the 6.2l version.

  • Dudeman

    I wonder if Americans will remove the Chev Badges and replace them with Holden ones.

    • Daniel D

      Reading some of the US blog comments, yes a few will indeed do that. They have in the past with the Pontiac themed Commodore. Even replacing bumpers and bonnets to get back the Holden look.

      • Phil

        indeed, most notably Dale Earnhardt Jnr did that with his G8, converting it to HSV trim.

  • crouchy35

    Great ad! Holden have always advertised well.. Something which failed the Falcon.

  • Zaccy16

    good ad! holdens adds are normally hopeless and corny but this one is good

  • Richo

    The dude who runs the “Buy Australian Made” campaign had a lot to say about this with Ford’s demise, basically pointing out that while a lot of the auto market now have moved away from nationalistic loyalty, there is still a sizeable market to which buying local still means something, and Ford and Holden have not been taking advantage of this natural advantage they have to this particular market.

    Holden seem to have got the message and are making an effort to frame the VF’s advertising around nationalistic pride, smart move in my opinion.

    Holden may not be as Aussie as meat pies, football and kangaroo’s like they were in the past, but at the end of the day, they are still screwed together in Adelaide and keeps Aussies in jobs, and a point often forgotten by the anti-auto industry brigade is that its not just the thousands of manufacturing jobs, but also a thousand odd design and engineering jobs, the kinds of high net worth jobs people keep saying we need to build the “new” Australian economy on.

  • Autoholic

    How come our Commodore gets a cheap-looking 90’s bee sting aerial while America’s SS gets a more modern shark fin?

  • Mr Guest

    Well done at least they know their market, Bogans that is!…lol

  • cowgirl b

    Whomever the australian guy is standing next to the vehicle in a business suit with the golden voice then drives it. The same guy who opens and closes the commercial sold it for me! Now I want one of these cars. I’m a loyal toyota supporter but after this commercial…. I’m seeking out the new vf commodore! Whoot!!! :)