Volkswagen has recalled more than 25,000 cars in Australia to correct a potential defect with the vehicles’ dual-clutch automatic ‘DSG’ transmissions.

The recall affects 25,928 Volkswagen Polo, Golf, Jetta, Passat and Caddy vehicles fitted with the manufacturer’s seven-speed ‘direct shift gearbox’ produced between June 2008 and September 2011.

The official recall notice from Volkswagen Group Australia (VGA) explains that, in isolated cases, “an electronic malfunction in the control unit inside the gearbox mechatronics may result in a power interruption”.

The German car maker stresses that, if such a power interruption occurs, other important vehicle systems including steering, braking, and other relevant systems will continue to be fully functional.

“If, in rare cases, the car loses power while driving, the driver can remain in control to safely manoeuvre the car to a stop,” the statement continues.


Volkswagen will replace the gearbox mechatronic unit in all potentially affected vehicles at no cost to customers, and at the same time will update the vehicles with the latest software version.

From July, VGA will contact owners directly by mail encouraging them to schedule an appointment for inspection and replacement of the affected parts. The car maker says owners can continue to drive their vehicles as usual before the recall service is completed.

VGA encourages owners to contact its customer service hotline on 1800 504 076 with any questions relating to the recall and all other technical enquiries, insisting “customer satisfaction is Volkswagen’s highest priority”.


The recall follows a tumultuous fortnight for Volkswagen Australia, which has endured a barrage of complaints from customers claiming similar instances of sudden deceleration and other technical problems from their vehicles.

The issue first hit headlines late last month during a coronial investigation into the death of a Volkswagen Golf driver on Melbourne’s Monash Freeway in 2011.

Melissa Ryan, 32, was killed two years ago when her Golf was struck from behind by a truck. The truck driver and Ryan’s family claimed her car slowed drastically for no obvious reason.

VGA may yet be bracing for further recall action, however, as Ryan’s car was not equipped with a DSG, but rather a manual transmission.

The findings of the coronial investigation are set to be released in July.

Volkswagen’s dedicated customer service hotline is available Monday to Friday from 8:30am-5pm AEST. Customers can also email the company at or visit their local dealership.

  • Damian

    VAG should give the Australian market the benefit of a 10 year DSG warranty, just like the US and China.

  • Sammo

    A couple of years too late, but better late than never I suppose. I hope the resale value of my Polo isn’t impacted by these recent news events.


    How’s that recall going to be the solution? Good for 6 to 18 months only? Those flawed DSG gearboxes going to blow up again.

  • localocal

    i had my mind set on a polo with EOFY deal. as the media coverage got more widespread, i am having second thought on VW products.

    why is there no skoda & audi? don’t they use the same DSG gearbox?

    • Zaccy16

      polos a great car and i recommend one, mine drives like a dream!

      • amlohac

        See Zaccy i have a golf R and i have never had an issue with it ever. i have heard some terrible things about Polo engines going pop, so either we are lucky or its just a matter of time for us.

        • Zaccy16

          the golf r is a fantastic car, can’t wait to see what the new one will look like!

        • Autoholic

          Why not just keep the Golf R?

          • amlohac

            I am. For now anyway.

      • localocal

        had 2 occasions of test driving the 77tsi. really like how the car was composed and setup. the layout is simple and easy to get used to.
        as much as i like the polo, i am still having doubts on vw products.

        does it really take 4 years to figure out a transmission build issue?
        have they not been listening feedback from customers?

        • Denzo

          Mate they knew about it but a poor lady lost her life for them to take it seriously.

          • Golfschwein

            No, you’re wrong. No one knows what caused the accident yet. How about waiting for July before knowing who to blame?

          • Denzo

            How can I be wrong if we don’t know what caused it.

      • Jober As A Sudge

        Better go buy yourself a lottery ticket!

        • Sumpguard

          More like a seat at the table for Russian roulette. Much closer odds.
          People power prevails !! VW have been forced to act on what should have happened years ago!!!!


      Mate, you will find cars with no problems from any manufacturers. The difference is some brands have 2% failure rates (98% no failures). Some brands have 70% failure rates (30% no failures).

    • Rick

      The wife had a golf and it was a disaster 1 engine , 1 gearbox and 1electrical malfunction . VW wrote the car off and refunded us the purchase price it had less than 30,000km on it. However VW like Toyota really do excel at after sales service

    • Force-15

      Drive has recently announced that Skoda and Audi will also be recalling their 7-speed DSG gearboxes. I’m pretty sure that will also be mentioned here shortly.

    • guest

      Skoda Octavia, Skoda Superb along with Audi A1 and A3 are also affected according to last nights news. So it’s a large recall.

      They should have taken the initiative and done this much earlier. Shame.

      • $29896495

        It’s really a shame that after admitting the problem overseas, they had to be forced to do a recall here.

  • Nick

    The response from VW from recalling cars in other jurisdictions, their recent responses to media enquiries here and now this gives weight to allegations that they knew certain critical components were defective yet continued to sell them to unwary consumers despite serious safety concerns. This just looks like the beginning.

  • Glenn Peters

    What about Skodas, which share the DSG with VWs?

    • Great question

      Good question, well phrased. Anyone care to opine?

      • Hary

        There’s no complaints from Skoda owners. Not Audi either. Very strange, make me think that this is an overblown fear campaign created by Fairfax.

        • $29896495

          No, that isn’t true. There’s a couple for Audi on this very page.

        • MrDucatii

          I’ve had the clutch packs replaced twice on my A3 2010, I assume I’ll be contacted for the recall soon too, also pistons, rings and conrods were replaced as it was consuming way too much oil, 2.5 LTRS per month which I knew was excessive, thank god I’m a mechanic otherwise I would have driven it not knowing what on earth was going on.

  • Golfschwein

    Very crafty of Car Advice to beat Fairfax-owned Drive to the punch on this one. Oopsies for Drive!

    Anyway, it’s a good move from VW. I hope it heals the cars and the brand.

    • $29896495

      seems they knew what was wrong with the DSGs

    • Henry F

      Ah, yes, but full credit to Fairfax for initially raising the issue and placing pressure on VGA to order a recall. Seems like most other media organisations weren’t aware of the problem or wouldn’t’ve bothered with it.

    • Sumpguard

      I think it’s a FORCED move from VW Golfschwein. They don’t deserve any credit for this. In the end they had no choice. If they’d done it a couple of years ago it wouldn’t have timed so poorly with the release of the MK7 golf. Now it will most certainly cost them sales due to all the media coverage.

      • Golfschwein

        Maybe, maybe not. A lot of people would have joyously given them a pasting for this no matter when a decision be made. It’s almost a no-win situation, but better now than never. And, you know, people switch allegiance from one political party to another, people still get in passenger jets and Hope to Christ they don’t become an Air France-style news statistic. People still buy Toyotas after the carpet mat fiasco. VW will recover. Life goes on.

        • Stevo

          Thank Christ VW doesn’t make passenger jets!

      • $29896495

        Thing is of course that it isn’t the only issue. The other thing to think about is that going by what was written, VW had a fix all along, why wasn’t it made available as a matter of necessity?

        • Karl Sass

          Do they actually have a solution, or are they just replacing it and hoping for the best? They haven’t been very clear in regards to exactly what the issue is and how they’re going to fix it.

          • $29896495

            I believe the claim is replace some gadget in the box and reprogram the computer. It’s probably a smoke screen for not actually having a fix. Either way if it is a fix it’s bad they were forced to do it, and if it’s not a fix, it means they’ve postponed the problem – most likely. If I had one of these cars I’d be scraping money together and bailing as fast as I could.

  • MisterZed

    Probably due to owners putting in the wrong octane fuel into the car. You put 90 into a car that requires 98 and there is going to be a power loss.

    • Tone

      And how does the grade of fuel affect the gearbox exactly …?

      • Peter

        Its the hesitation thats the issue. People are blaming the gearbox, maybe MisterZed is right.

    • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

      Do you really believe what you said, the cars, or the one mentioned in the article suffered a substantial power loss & not a reduction in overall performance because of using a lower octane.

      Besides the knock sensor will correct that to minimise the lower octane. Obviously the solution is not blaming the owners as you’re making out.

    • K20A


      Even your compatriot Golfschwein is able to show his/her humbler side in response to this story.

      Your blind allegiance shows ignorance and losing of touch with reality.

      This is a good outcome for existing owners, although admittedly there’s a delay and lack of transparency from VW Aust, as DSG has been ridden with problems since its very first inception – a family member bought the very first Golf Mk5 GT with 1.4TSI engine and DSG, endless problems with stalls, limp mode, exhaust / cat resonance and was glad to see it go after 3 years of endless dealership trips. What is worse, I was the one who recommend that car to him. He still brought it up at family dinner :)

      Anyway I’m not here to bash VW. It’s been done to death. I agree with the sentiments of others.. VW should rein in the revolutionary technology and focuses instead on LONG TERM reliabilty and reducing their TGWs. Afterall it is “the people’s car”.

  • Osienna

    I suspect the only way Volkswagen Australia is going to be able to rescue its image is to offer a 5 year warranty, much like Mitsubishi and Hyundai did when they got a battering over reliability concerns. For me, that’s the only thing that would drag me to their showrooms now. The brand has been trashed severely.

    • Tone

      Maybe VWA might like to consider taking a leaf out of MMAL’s book, and borrow the old ‘5/10′ warranty. 5 years on the whole car, 10 years on the drivetrain i.e. engine and transmission, with the 10 year warranty being non-transferable. Mitsubishi had a shocking reputation for reliability (oddly enough with their transmissions), but now buyers tend to think of Mitsubishi as being a poor man’s Toyota.

    • Golfschwein

      It’s already 5 years on the drivetrain, 3 on the car. Happened earlier this year.

      • Yes, Prime Minister Abbott

        The 5 year drivetrain warranty was a good step, however if they make it 5 year bumper to bumper, it demonstrates total confidence in their product and will allay consumer fears.

        • Golfschwein

          Can’t knock that idea, either.

  • Tom

    Is this the price of too much tech and not enough R&D

    • Yep

      It’s certainly the price of early adoption of technology

    • F1orce

      No, but its the price of cutting too many corners.

      • $29896495

        Exactly. These systems must be right on the edge of reliability, with some dodgy electronics. Slightest hick up and it tumbles.

        • F1orce

          Yeah that’s right. They fit their vehicles with all this fancy tech that Is very unreliable. All for the wrong reasons.

          Example DSG, very heavy transmission, clunky and not very refined. Where as they could of went with some of the newer torque converter automatics which have just as fast shift times. With the added bonus of smoothness and reliability of a torque converts.

          Their fuel delivery method is probably from some outsourced Chinese Bosch subsidiary, in order to save cost. Poorly designed and executed.

          Their engine block and Pistons are weakly structured, evident from all the blown motors. They use timing belts, in order to cut even more cost. Most of the auxilery units are most likely from china brand.

          Add it all up and you gotta an expensive lemon.

          • $29896495

            The new torque converter autos are apparently very efficient and reliable. Funny VW are selling propper autos in China now too, since the recall.

          • stevo

            But that doesn’t matter, cause its got good dashboard material. Doesn’t matter if the motor and gear box is any good.

  • Nice

    good that recall is occurring, but look at the coverage required before V decided to act. not a good look.

  • JoeR_AUS

    Bear in mind this problem of slowing on the freeway is a problem for most vehicles even if you don’t have DSG. The vehicle computer can go into limp mode due to failed input sensor and reduce performance which on the freeway would slow you down. My wife’s car with auto did this on the F3 and the car would not go over 80kmh but she was doing 110km at the time so it was evasive action to get out of the right hand lane into the left and hazards on to warn other drivers.

    Not a good predicament and VW is doing the right thing by swapping the flawed part. There is no guarantee the new part will not fail but unless you drive pre computer controlled cars they all have the same potential problem. I am surprised this situation has not come up before.

  • RyanBris

    read the article people – 2008-2011 only and they are replacing the problem part with a new one from the current cars that dont suffer from the same problem – i have a 2012 polo gti and the DSG runs great

    • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

      Yeah, thats what they all said, so begs the question, if the part was changed on cars from 2011 onwards, does that mean they knew it was faulty on the earlier model cars? If thats the case & they knew it was crook & still they did nothing….

      • Exar Kun

        Every car gets refined during its production run. No car will be identical from the first one off the line to the last. If every manufacturer issued a recall every time they improved a part then that’s all service departments would be doing.

        • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

          This is a bit more than improving a part…at best its admitting there is a fault, at worst it has possibly caused fatalities.

          • save it for the track

            Rubbish. At most the Golf in question in the Victorian collision, MAY have contributed slightly to the collision, the fact is that all motorists should always be travelling at a distance to be able to safely stop at all times. That Golf was also a manual and not a DSG. More than likely the truck driver in the Victorian collision was travelling too closely. However, lets see what the inquest says. The fact that he ran into the Golf seems to suggest that he was in fact travelling too closely to stop safely. Many people think that a safe distance is determined by way of distance (and most are way out in their perception of a safe distance), whereas a safe following distance should always be determined by time, as the actual required ‘distance’ will be different at different speeds. Time is the key. Unfortunately different Australian jurisdictions make different recommendations. I tend to go with the NSW recommendation of three seconds in the dry and more in the wet. Some US recommendations go further and say 2 seconds dry, 4 seconds wet, 10 seconds towing. 2 seconds though in my opinion is not sufficient for most drivers.

          • 2ndeffort

            I was driving on the Monash freeway that day and drove past the accident shortly after it happened, car was still on the road with truck on top and loads of emergency services around. I am sure the accident exacerbated the traffic situation but like most work days on the Monash fwy close to the city, it was close to gridlock and I dont imagine the car and the truck would have been travelling too fast at the time of the collision.

  • Brad

    What about all the cars that VWA don’t fit with a wastegate clip? What do they save? 50-80bux? Your quality car sounds like it has a tin can full of marbles when you accelerate between 2-3k rpm. Got my clip installed under warranty and I am amazed at how many other VWs I have heard with this problem.

  • Manual Volkswagen

    Wait, what? A clutch can burn out? No way! This is the biggest scandal ever to hit motoring since never. This is the biggest scandal since yesterday when Mercedes recalled A-Classes for random airbag detonation or Jeep recalled a bunch of cars for fuel line problems. The death constantly trotted out was of a woman in a MANUAL golf. It baffles me why this has been made such an ‘event’ by the press & why the other DSG toting brands aren’t named. In my experience these sort of news events are never quite what they seem. Probably someone at The Age had a bad service experience or something, or their partner works for a competitor as a marketing manager. That’s usually how it goes. An axe is being ground somewhere.

    • itsme

      The women that was killed in her golf had nothing to do with gearbox. It was a engine issues which caused her death so it was still something else that failed. I hope they get to the bottom of that before anymore accidents happen

      • Golfschwein

        No. It was not engine issues that caused her death. It might be found to be that after the release of the coroner’s report. But at the moment, nobody knows. That’s why it’s being investigated. Come July, we’ll all know. Driver error? Car error? Engine seizure caused by a lack of maintenance? How about waiting to find out.?

  • Tents

    My Audi A1 1.4TFSi with DSG lost drive yesterday forcing me to roll to the side of the road. Looks like it may not be only VW that needs to recall their cars.

  • jvdp

    SO what happens to those of us who have put up with the DSG issues for years now and have >200,000 km on the clock, the issue was there before but extending the warranty now will not help us.
    Do we still get covered in the recall?

    • Cars

      There are provisions under Australian law. If you have an issue I’d still take it up with VW and if they try to tell you it’s not covered under warranty, tell them you will refer them to the Fair Trade Ombudsmen of your state. If you paid $40000 for a vehicle then the Ombudsmen will consider it reasonable to expect it should be working correctly 5 years after purchase (provided you have met all servicing & operating requirements and it’s not a ware and tear issue/item). The dealerships know this and while they may try to call your bluff, if you push them they will come to the party. Just be prepared to follow your words with action if they are playing tough.

      I had experience with this when I was 20 and a faulty Camry engine. The Toyota dealership where it was purchased were rude and uncooperative with me. After visiting Fair Trade (Vic) with an independant mechanical inspection certificate things changed quickly. I received a call from the dealership asking when it could be booked in for an engine rebuild.
      Fair Trade exist for the consumer – don’t be afraid to contact them if you are getting the runaround from your dealer. Just make sure you document everything and try the dealer first. There are many good dealerships that will try to fix your problems. They value customer relations and want repeat business. You might be surprised by the dealer’s williness to help.

    • mendarkq

      If your vehicle is included in the recall, the revised part should be fitted free of charge, regardless of it being out of warranty.

  • Yetiman

    I’m glad that I drive a manual car.

  • effingpond

    In relation to the accident, has the coroner mentioned anything about the conduct of the truck drive, it’s obvious that there was an sudden deceleration of the Ryan vehicle but if you are a commuter on any of Melbourne (Australia?) freeways/highways, the distance between a car and a following semi doing 100km/h(+) is very small, to the extent that in the event of an emergency braking situation any semi will probably through quite a few cars before coming to a stop….

    • Doctor

      I believe the truck driver said that he saw no brake lights, although he had noticed them working on the car on occasions before the crash. By the time he realised that the car was stopping it was all too late. its a sad story.

      • afg

        Why would the brake lights come on if the engine lost power?

        Drivers are supposed to leave a big enough gap from the vehicle in front so they can stop short of the car in front should it slow down/stop. Trucks should give a even larger gap.

        The fact that the truck struck the VW so hard that it killed the car driver says to me it was clearly far too close to begin with.
        It seems that people are just using this accident as a excuse to lobby VW to finally fix the problem (and it seems to be working).

        • Galaxor

          Thanks for the info mr coronor. What a prik!

  • Barry

    Interesting to see where the market places Vw at the moment.Selling there vechles as Semi-Premium might be difficult at the moment.

  • Golf

    Better stick with a manual. My car is MK6 Golf, 6 speed manual.

  • Jim17

    I wish they would stop mention the unfortunate Mrs Ryan. This recall has nothing to do with her case at all.

    • $29896495

      Actually it’s probably related, since they a slipping in some engine reprogramming too. Just keeping their cards close to their vest.

  • Lucky

    I reckon all the motoring journalists should cop a large share of the blame for this. For years they all said the dsg was “jerky, clunky, etc” and yet still gave Golfs and Polos 8+ ratings. This just encouraged VW to ignore the problem. Such obvious faults should be marked down hard in review assessments.

    • Dieseltorque

      This is quite correct. I think there was too much hype on the speed of the DSG gear changes and not enough comment on the poor refinement at low speed. When I first test drove one I thought it was faulty there was so much low speed clunking and lurching. This confirmed my suspicions that the DSG transmission is flawed.

  • Joseph mengele

    I’m going to take mine back to the dealership in Hobart,drive it into the showroom,douse it in petrol then set fire to it.

    • $29896495

      Look forward to seeing you on the news.

  • idontgetit

    I don’t understand VWs popularity, yes back in the 1990s they where great cars, better than the japanese. nowadays the japanese (even some koreans) are just as good if not better. that just leaves VW as overpriced and now unreliable. why would you buy one?

    • doalittleresearch

      good marketing towards cashed up stupid people that know nothing about cars and think they’re classy, and the belief that german engineering is somehow superior to the rest of europe and the world…all i can say atm is lol

  • Scott

    Spoke to vwa and they said it was only 7 speed dsg that had problem. I’ve got 6 speed dsg and I’m sure I’ve list power for a few seconds before.

    • Effingpond

      Yes my brother had problems with his 2006/2007 Eos as well. It was the DSG transmission which was faulty. He managed to get it fixed on warranty. Maybe bc he is a dentist and they hope to keep him in the fold….

  • Adam

    I have had a myriad of issues with my Golf 118TSI, but
    nothing that has stopped it from going fortunately. Each issue was brushed off
    by VW Australia as a characteristic of the car, especially the larger issues
    (Extremely loud metallic noise-chirp from magnetic supercharger clutch, and
    jerky and slow acceleration with DSG). Recently VW came out with a fix for the CHIRP, and now through customer dissatisfaction
    and the media they will finally fix the sh1thouse DSG gearbox. VW Australia you
    did not go out of your way to help me one bit, despite the large amount of
    people coming forward with the same issue. These were not characteristics of
    the car, these were faults that you knew about. Now that there is a fix for the
    DSG I will be offloading this car for something more reliable. NO MORE VW for
    me – EVER!!!!!!! My attitude would have
    been different if VW Australia addressed my concerns. Rule 1- Look after your

    • Adam

      I should mention that my car was bought new in 2009. The loud chirp started immediately and happened at every change of gear. It took 18 months for them to admit fault in the design, and now 4 years of complaining about the DSG and finally something gets done – not out of wanting to do the right thing, but out of media pressure. Shame on you VW Australia

  • Ted

    You would have to question yourself as to why you would buy a VW, and more importantly a DSG VW. Bring back a normal gearbox, and a engine that will run on ULP, for those people that will not use PLUP – I see ita at the garage all the tim, and this is one of the issues…

    • save it for the track

      People that won’t use PULP, shouldn’t buy a vehicle that requires it. easy fix that one…

    • save it for the track

      ‘for those that people that will not use PLUP’ (sic-PULP) Those people shouldn’t buy a vehicle that requires PULP. Simple really….

  • Ted

    CA. Any reason why my messages keep getting deleted on this VW story ??

  • Teddy

    DSH are terrible gearboxes – put in a normal auto please.

  • Michael Beattie

    The new development of the recall of VW’s is welcome news for those car owners, although late for the lady who tragically lost her life in Melbourne.

    Unfortunately for me I am a Citreon Owner, who has the exact same problem with our C4 Picasso Diesel 2007 model.

    It has for our entire ownership of the vehicle, stopped suddenly whilst in traffic.

    We have addressed this with the dealership, who first argued with my wife telling her it was because her keys were too heavy. Then they ran all the diagnostic tests and found nothing.

    I went to a life-long Citreon mechanic here in Penrith who is terrific and he has ran tests and nothing has ever shown up.

    It has become more frequent over the past month and I notified Citreon Australia myself, informed them of my concerns (we have a young family and mentioned the terrible accident in Melbourne). They informed they have never heard of this problem with the Citreon before, but our research on the net says otherwise. I too would like them to recall my vehicle and run tests. This is our only car and we have no other mode of transport.

    I would love someone to investigate this further – as the problems seem identical, I am not sure if they are using the same components, or it is just a coincidence but nether the less it is just as dangerous.

    kind regards
    Michael Beattie

    • stevo

      Makes me laugh! You will buy all this European garbage. Oh but they got good dash board material..

  • Denzo

    This is bullsh^t. My Golf R that I bought has the same thing. I got my mechatronics unit replaced. Didn’t fix it. Then had to get the clutch packs replaced. The dealers we like “nah never heard of it”. At the time my car hasn’t been out barely 6 months and there were over flowing forums about the issue. Lucky I’m an enthusiast and have been driving cars enthusiastically for a long time. Other wise I could have really gotten into some trouble. All the people on the forum were in regard to the GTI and R. That’s the 6 speed wet clutch DQ250 and DQ350. So all this talk of it being the 7 speed is just a joke. You had no idea what I went through. And they probably did it on purpose cause for the R it’s $10,000 worth to get the clutch packs and Mech unit replaced out of warranty. How I miss my Subaru WRX. Never had any issue with any of the 4 I owned.

  • dr sheldon cooper

    I;m sorry, what does DSG stand for? – Dangerous Sonof….. Gear?

  • Kathy

    I have a POLO TDI 2006 MANUAL. The same thing happened, would just stop on the highway. Paid for a replacement camshaft angle sensor. Took days and days to find the fault. Am I covered by the recall? Oh and the hotline # rang out 4.30pm! Nice.

  • geoff

    one sure way of beating these problems is to never purchase rubish in the first place. unfortunatly to get out into another brand is very costly.

  • Autoholic

    I received a letter from Volkswagen a couple of weeks ago stating ‘conducting deposits (electrolysis) in the gearbox control unit can lead to short circuits and blow the fuse of the gearbox’ was reason for the recall.

  • moot

    I understand there may be concerns. I have started shopping for a new car and contacted VW using their “Contact Us” on their website. I asked a question and left email address. So far, after two messages to them a week apart, it has been two weeks and not a peep. So if that is how they treat prospective buyers…. I wonder how they treat you once they have the money,,,,,

  • NW4239

    Driving my Jetta last week along a busy highway was lucky I wasn’t killed the car out of the blue went into neutral then 5th gear jumped to 1st then 3rd back into neutral and so it went on . VW have had the car a week now and are avoiding me like the plague treating me like a mushroom and leaving me in the dark with no answer as to what’s going on with the car. I work and rely on my car to get me there pull your socks up VW service this isn’t good enough.

  • Walking

    I was off the road for several months in 2013 while the DSG in my 2009 Golf was repaired under the recall. Today I returned it to the dealer with what I think is the same problem. Has anyone else had a reoccurrence of the DSG issue? I don’t think I will keep it much longer.