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TVR is on the verge of making an unlikely comeback, with the new owner of the British sports car brand confirming its revival.

Speculation of a comeback was rife last week when news broke that the homepage of TVR’s UK website had been updated with an image of the car maker’s badge accompanied by the words ‘Never say never’.

The page has since been updated with the image visible at the top of this story, exclaiming: “Thunderous news! The distant rumble of rumour has turned to thunder and TVR is back in Britain!”

UK publication Auto Express spoke with the new British owner of TVR Automotive Les Edgar, who confirmed he recently purchased the rights to the TVR name and the rights to produce parts for existing cars from former owner Nikolay Smolensky.

Edgar promised to “follow up with more information extremely soon”, with details of the deal currently subject to a strict non-disclosure agreement, and said he would work on the revived brand for “as long as it takes to get this right”.

“There’s a lot of planning and forethought that’s gone into this,” Edgar said. “Watch this space.”

Edgar’s exact plans for the reborn TVR are unclear at this stage, although he hosed down speculation of plans for an all-new Ferrari-rivalling supercar as suggested by some media outlets.

TVR has not produced a car since 2006, with the last of the most recent breed completed roughly 60 years after the Blackpool-based manufacturer was founded in 1947.

  • pro346

    I’ve got fond memories of hammering around the nurburgring in a TVR speed 12 tuned to a 1000+HP while playing grand turismo of course

    • pro346

      That would be gran and not grand!

    • Phil

      Gran Turismo, naturally. In the real world, where the rest of us live, it would be as Pete Wheeler said – unusable.

      All power to the resurrection of TVR – the world needs cars that are mentally imbalanced and will try to kill you for sport 😉

  • Poison_Eagle

    This is great, I hope they return with outrageous styling, rude maker’s marks and another straight six engine..Hmm I wonder where they could find one of those….

    • JamesB

      Even better if it’s BMW’s straight six!

    • Exar Kun

      Probably going to be sticking an LS1 under the bonnet but that should at least quell some concerns about parts and reliability.

      • Poison_Eagle

        LS1 isn’t in production anymore. I’ve heard whispers of Coyote on other sites.