by Daniel DeGasperi

Design accessory “packs” have been released for the Holden VF Commodore range, designed to increase the level of personalisation compared with previous models.

Dubbed “Design Packs” that are available in numbered “stages”, they group accessories together for a single price on sports models only, including SV6, SS, SS V and SS V Redline.

A Stage One exterior package includes black front grille surrounds and fender vents for $625. A Stage Two pack, meanwhile, adds in addition to that included in the first stage, track stripes, alloy sports pedals, sports carpet mats, a sports engine cover and black lip spoiler for a more substantial $2045.

The most expensive pack, however, is Stage Three which groups all of the first two stages’ equipment with 20-inch forged alloy wheels – in midnight dark grey or machined-face gunmetal gloss – and 245/35R20 high performance tyres for $5050.

Holden VF Commodore 2

“We’ve enjoyed some great success with limited edition sports models like the G8-inspired Holden SS V-Series Special Edition,” argues Holden Marketing Manager Kristian Aquilina.

“Even though we’ve taken a more subtle and luxurious styling approach to VF Commodore sports models, we’ve created accessory options … for customers who really want to dial up the volume of their car’s appearance.”

Individual accessories optional on all sports models include track stripes in black or red ($440); three-piece “sports armour” kit that entails front-bumper protection moulding ($300); a black lip spoiler ($320); front grille surrounds in red or black ($535); alloy pedals ($230); and on V8 SS models, a black DRL surround ($180) and red sports engine cover ($350).

Other big-ticket items available across the Holden VF Commodore range include a roo bar ($1490) and towbar ($790).

  • Goose

    What a waste of money, take the plastic parts to a paint shop and get it done for a fraction of the cost if you really must have black-outs.

  • 888 197

    Which pack adds the black mirrors?

    • JamesB

      Don’t bother with black mirrors. They make your car look like a lower spec model. Golf R has them, and that doesn’t look any better than the GTI despite being at the top of the range. But if for some reason you want them, just buy spray paint and do it yourself.

  • loft


  • zahmad

    Harking back to the old days of “design by holden”…
    Managed to see some of these models in Western Sydney recently…

    • Guest

      Holden by Design (HBD)

  • horsie

    remember when you had to pay extra for colour coded plastic. now you have to pay for it to be black

  • pro346

    Wheels look great!

  • Robin_Graves

    Sports engine cover. That must be worth at least 20 horsepower?

    • Force-15

      “Sports engine cover”? That’s got to be made up. *Re-reads article.* OK, so it isn’t…
      So it’ll cost $625 to have the front grilles and fender vents blacked-out, but there’s no option to delete the chrome door-handles and window trim. At least the red grille surrounds spotted on a pre-production SSV didn’t make it to the options list.

      • Mark

        In the article it states “Grille surrounds in black or red” I would leave it chrome myself.

    • pro346

      Actually since the standard turtle shell traps heat it might add a few HP…..or you do like I did and just remove it! Clearly neither of you have any experience with ls series engines

      • Robin_Graves

        Thank god. Too 19th century for me.

        • Mark

          I dunno. Overhead cam is nearly as old. well DOHC was first used in 1912. The only things older are Steam and electric powered vehicles.

          the type of camshaft configuration is dependant on the configuration of the engines intended application. Both types of Camshaft have pro’s and cons.

          I am a fan of pushrod especially for aftermarket hotrods and shoehorning LS into small spaces like the MX-5 they are a hoot to drive when you double the cylinders.

          They use Lexus V8’s in MX-5 conversions too but most agree the so called dinosaur conversions makes these conversions alot cheaper due to the ease of cheaper parts over expensive exotic DOHC

          • Robin_Graves

            Yeah I agree. The only benefit of ohv is easy mods and cheap crate engines. Boosted multi valve ohc can also be easy hp too and you get wider powerband and less valve bounce or broken valve springs.

          • F1orce

            Single Valves are better at ‘low end grunt” as the velocity of the airflow is greater. But they suffer when it comes to overall torque and high end power.

          • Robin_Graves

            In the mainstream production engines every manufacturer was ohc by the new millennium except gm and briggs & Stratton

          • JamesB

            And Bentley

        • pro346

          You could always get one of them boat anchor boss engines….

          • Robin_Graves

            Just because it takes an IQ greater than 70 to mod a Ford V8 doesn’t make them a boat anchor, there are plenty of examples of high HP modular Fords. Speaking of boat anchors, remember when the LS engines first came to Aus? Piston slapping oil burning heaps that sheared oil pump drives and grenaded. At least being alloy they wont rust on the end of a chain on the sea bed.

          • pro346

            Nothing like seeing a bog stock aurion blow away a ba gt at the lights……speaking of oil pumps and boss engines don’t they explode when you rev them a little harder? Quad cam and even a so called dinosaur engine will out rev it.

          • Robin_Graves

            Funny you mention an Aurion, a mate with a VZ SS (6.0lt) got nailed at the lights by an Aurion when he didn’t quite get his launch right (manual). They are no slouch.

      • ShaneMcGrath

        They have no clue! I ripped out turtle shell cover on my VY SS replaced with aftermarket one also replaced exhaust with one that has high performance coating to keep heat leaking into engine bay, All the mods help keep things cool under bonnet which means more power even if only a little!

    • Phil

      yep. And the “track stripes” make it handle like a V8 supercar 😉

  • JJ

    The final failure of Holden before they go under… car fits the bill.

    • Tom

      You sure about that? It’s received overwhelmingly positive reviews.

      • JamesB

        In Australia, yes, perhaps America also but bring it to other countries and it will just be laughed at.

        • turbodewd

          Which countries outside of Australia or America really count?

        • Sumpguard

          Ignorance is bliss hey James? The poms are lining up for their version of the GTS already!

    • Shak

      The armchair expert has spoken. Holden is doomed.

  • Wile E

    The car is so good that the “true believers” will whack a chevy badge on it.
    How sad and we wonder why GM is slowly dying.

  • Poison_Eagle

    Those stripes look farked.

  • falcongt4me

    A design package that still leaves it looking Fugly