Mini Ad

Mini has released a new commercial targeting female drivers who put their make-up on while behind the wheel.

Under the guise of bringing awareness to the dangers associated with applying make-up when driving a car, the Mini ad shows women in bathrooms applying their make-up being surprised by an airbag being deployed right in front of them.

Attached to the tagline ‘There’s a place for everything. Make-up or drive’, the ad – created for Mini Mexico by Publicis advertising agency – includes unsourced statistics connecting women applying make-up while driving to accident rates of female drivers in Mexico.


While the ad ends with a Mini logo, the video has not been published on Mini’s official YouTube channel.

What do you think of the ad? Is it educational, sexist, or just harmless fun?

  • Corey

    Cameras in bathrooms? Did not know that was legal…

    • Smart US

      well enjoy while its still available free of guilt

    • MisterZed

      It’s obviously staged. You can’t blow up an airbag in someone’s face – the risk of injury could result in a lawsuit. All of the women in the ad would have signed a release before hand.

  • Liam Sullivan

    Good message, anything to improve safety on the roads I suppose

  • F1orce

    If there’s one brand that has successfully captured the women market would be Hyundai.

    Almost every single new Hyundai I’ve seen has a female driver! Especially Veloster & i30


    • Smart US

      because H stands for Hunters

  • Tone

    Well, if the old Mini was good enough for Mr Bean to get changed in whilst driving, then surely the new Mini should be good enough for girls to put a bit of lippy on whilst behind the wheel …

  • Phil

    If Mini really are so concerned about this, why do they put vanity mirrors on both sun visors? Isn’t that just encouraging the problem?

  • Benji

    Homophobia is not to be tolerated!

    I’m a masculine-type gay, not interested in the femmine gays at all. However, why degenerate them like that? How would you like someone to do that to you?