The Toyota Corolla has taken a narrow lead over the Mazda 3 in the race for the 2013 sales crown after another strong month in May.

The Corolla turned a 242-unit deficit into a 369-unit lead last month on the back of 3640 sales, easily accounting for the compact Mazda’s 3054 total. Toyota has now sold 16,774 Corollas so far this year, up 10.2 per cent on the same time last year, while the soon-to-be-replaced Mazda 3 is down 8.3 per cent at 16,405.

While the Corolla wrestled the year-to-date top ranking, it was its stable mate, the Toyota HiLux, which pipped it for the number one position in May with 3665 sales.

Another workhorse, the Mitsubishi Triton, jumped to fourth with 2606 sales, rebounding from a disappointing April in which just 1493 found new homes.


The Hyundai i30 (2512) and Holden Cruze (2133) small cars were the next best, while another Australian, the Toyota Camry (1934), slotted in at seventh place.

A fierce battle for eighth position between two SUVs was eventually won by the Mazda CX-5, which held off the Hyundai ix35 by just three units (1773 vs 1770), while the Ford Ranger (1702) rounded out the top 10.

Deep in runout mode, the Holden Commodore slipped to 12th place with 1647 sales, surrounded by the Mitsubishi Outlander (1652) and the Volkswagen Golf (1575).

While 96,788 May sales put the total market up 0.7 per cent on the same month in 2012, four of the top five manufacturers for the month experienced a dip in sales. Toyota, Holden, Mazda and Ford all fell between 2.5 and 8.0 per cent, while fourth-placed Hyundai was the only winner with a 16.6 per cent gain, spearheaded by the i20 (up 165.4 per cent), i40 (up 140.3 per cent) and ix35 (up 92.2 per cent).

Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and Honda all recorded double-digit percentage gains, while Nissan and Subaru declined 14.9 and 5.0 per cent respectively.


The i20 (1282) won a tight three-way battle in the city-car segment, edging out the Mazda 2 (1236) and the Toyota Yaris (1149).

After the four small cars that ranked in the overall top 10, next best was the Golf, followed by the Ford Focus (1536), Nissan Pulsar (1416) and Honda Civic (1305).

Prestige cars continue to perform strongly in the mid-sized segment, with the BMW 3 Series (538) and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class (523) filling the podium beneath the Camry. The Volkswagen Passat (495), Mazda 6 (492) and Volkswagen Jetta (366) were the next best sellers.

In the month when Ford Australia confirmed its October 2016 demise, the Falcon fittingly limped to its lowest monthly sales tally in history (707), missing April’s previous record by 10 cars. The Broadmeadows-built sedan held off the Toyota Aurion, which fell 36.5 per cent to 632 sales.


The Toyota 86 was again the dominant sports car, easily beating its South Korean rival, the Hyundai Veloster (582 vs 347).

The Nissan Dualis (1176) and Subaru XV (851) finished behind the ix35 in the small SUV segment, while the Toyota RAV4 (1454), Subaru Forester (1305) and Honda CR-V (1146) filled positions three, four and five in the medium segment behind the CX-5 and Outlander.

The Toyota LandCruiser Prado (1499) claimed top spot in the large SUV class ahead of the Ford Territory (1139) and the Holden Captiva 7 (1086).

After the three utes inside the overall top 10 in May came the Nissan Navara (1511), Holden Colorado (1379) and the Mazda BT-50.


Top 10 Best-selling Vehicles – May 2013

  1. Toyota HiLux – 3665
  2. Toyota Corolla – 3640
  3. Mazda 3 – 3054
  4. Mitsubishi Triton – 2606
  5. Hyundai i30 – 2512
  6. Holden Cruze – 2133
  7. Toyota Camry – 1934
  8. Mazda CX-5 – 1773
  9. Hyundai ix35 – 1770
  10. Ford Ranger – 1702


Top 10 Best-selling Vehicles – 2013 to date

  1. Toyota Corolla – 16,774
  2. Mazda 3 – 16,405
  3. Toyota HiLux – 15,790
  4. Hyundai i30 – 11,318
  5. Nissan Navara – 11,082
  6. Holden Cruze – 10,125
  7. Mitsubishi Triton – 9598
  8. Ford Focus – 8393
  9. Ford Ranger – 8258
  10. Holden Commodore – 8157


Top 10 Best-selling Brands – May 2013 (growth over May 2012)

  1. Toyota – 19,003 (-7.0 per cent)
  2. Holden – 8293 (-8.0 per cent)
  3. Mazda – 8135 (-2.5 per cent)
  4. Hyundai – 7315 (+16.6 per cent)
  5. Ford – 7243 (-6.4 per cent)
  6. Mitsubishi – 7011 (+36.0 per cent)
  7. Nissan – 5928 (-14.9 per cent)
  8. Volkswagen – 5527 (+16.6 per cent)
  9. Honda – 3625 (+16.8 per cent)
  10. Subaru – 3612 (–5.0 per cent)


Top 10 Best-selling Brands – 2013 to date (growth over 2012 to date)

  1. Toyota – 83,950 (-0.5 per cent)
  2. Mazda – 42,720 (+0.4 per cent)
  3. Holden – 41,064 (–9.9 per cent)
  4. Hyundai – 38,065 (+6.8 per cent)
  5. Nissan – 34,900 (+10.6 per cent)
  6. Ford – 34,817 (+1.5 per cent)
  7. Mitsubishi – 28,072 (+13.9 per cent)
  8. Volkswagen – 22,434 (+9.3 per cent)
  9. Honda – 18,368 (+52.9 per cent)
  10. Subaru – 16,594 (–3.7 per cent)

  • sky088

    Now please bring us Genesis! Though nice job Hyundai

    • MisterZed

      Hyundai just discontinued the i45 which was their flagship model. You really think Genesis has any hope now?

      • Gap

        i45 isn’t their flagship. Eqqus is.

        • MisterZed

          i45 was their flagship in Australia.

          • JD

            Hyundai doesn’t have a flagship in Australia. At least i45, which is only $20000-ish in US, was not a flagship.

      • Mike

        But Genesis doesn’t face competition from the company’s own i40, like the i45 did.

        • JD

          i40 was merely replacing i45 and I thought that was obvious to everyone?

          • Lector

            No, Hyundai actually said that wasn’t the aim of the i40, so what may seem obvious is actually incorrect.

          • Shak

            Hyundai actually said they were going for a similar strategy to Honda and how they offer both Accords, Seppo and Euro spec. The i40 is offered in Europe, and the i45 in the US.

    • Genesis1

      Can’t wait for the Genesis too. Everybody…i45 wasn’t their flagship in oz…it was just their sedan…I think it’s clear Hyundai will offer $10-35k price range models…then have their Gen/Gen Coupe at the $50-65k mark. Oz seems to justify a $35k i30, and will probably justify a $60k Genesis when compared to Lexus/toyota…I don’t think the $40k works etc. I’d buy an i20, i30 or Genesis for $65k when it’s out, but a $40k just doesn’t seem right with all the other choices out there.

      • F1orce

        Uhmm you do know that the Genesis starts from $22k in USA, right?

        That’s well below Lexus.

        The Genesis would need to be priced at Toyota 86 level, or else it’ll fail. As simple as that.

        That’s if we do get the Genesis.

        • Genesis1

          regardless of USA-AU, Hyundai is priced well below lexus. yes.
          you think a USD $22k Genesis would be AUD $22k here?
          more like $44k minimum.
          needs to be priced at toy 86 level???
          you’re fail.

          • F1orce

            You’re the fail

            I wasn’t stating that the Genesis be priced $22k here, what I was implying was that in U.S the Genesis is priced comparatively to the Scion FR-S (86)

            And if that isn’t the case in Oz, then it’ll simply flop. Starting from 29k and topping out at perhaps 45k should be its price spectrum in order for it to even remotely be competitive.

          • $29896495

            I should think much over 35 and it will be dead in the water. What ever happens it has the Toyota and Subaru to contend with and Toyota’s reputation. Just because it’s new and sporty doesn’t mean it will draw people like the 86 (or the Celica did when it first came out)

    • Henry Toussaint

      The ix35 is in the top 10? That’s real surprising to me…

  • Mod

    Only if Hyundai can bring an ute with iloads 2.5L diesel and prices that car 2000 to 3000 bucks cheaper than Hilux…

  • BP

    VE C’dore finished off on a higher figure than previous months. Now VF begins!!!

    • Doctor

      I think you’ll find that May’s figures includes all the VF demos registered last Friday.

      • $29896495

        All big cars are down if you look at the figures. You’d have blind optimism if you think The Commodore will turn the trend around.

        • Doctor

          Still struggling with your grammar…

          • $29896495

            You have that the wrong way round. That is actual English. You don’t seem to understand? No made up words in there. All in the right order to make coherent sentences. It’s unfortunate that rubbish words have become part of our language and that some people think using them is effective. SHEEPLE!

    • DoubleBlue

      Get over yourself.

      What you going to do – jump out the 10 floor if it doesn’t.?! LMAO

  • F1orce

    Once the Corolla sedan is here, them numbers will inflate..

    • matt

      I don’t really think so, its nearly tax time, the huge increase in i30 sales tells me fleets are renewing. Corolla being their staple.

  • Doctor

    If you combine Camry 4cyl/V6 (Aurion) sales you get the number 5 vehicle. Just shows how strong fleet sales are at the moment despite all the talk of doom and gloom.
    And plenty of sheeple (including many fleets) are buying Corollas. Who said Toyota’s way of not doing things by halves when it can get away with doing them by quarters doesn’t work?

    • $29896495

      What’s a sheeple?

      • Logan

        It’s a word people use to try to sound smart.

      • Doctor

        People who act like sheep. Perhaps they don’t know what they are…

        • $29896495

          You know the rest of us would appreciate it if you stuck to the English language. SHEEP gets your point across.

    • lolwut

      Have you got numbers? or assuming?
      I’ve seen more i30s as fleets than Corollas. The Corollas I see are all top trim… hardly fleet level. I dont have numbers but perception. Do you have numbers?

  • boo

    KIA is not in the top ten and HYUNDAI is 4th? Kia is better than Hyundai!

    • Genesis1

      I agree the KIA optima and rio is better than what Hyundai offers, it’s a shame Aussies will take a bit of time for KIA to lock into their brains with Hyundai at the same time!

      • boo

        Yeah, but sadly rio doesn’t have sat. nav. You’re right. I’ve driven optima when I was in Canada and it was a good car:)

  • Yetiman

    Where is VW Golf?

    • Jober As A Sudge

      Service centre

      • Martin


      • Doctor


  • Ox

    Considering the Mazda 3 is close to the end of its life cycle & the corrola is fresh off the boat thats a pretty good result for Mazda. Makes you think if the corrola has any chance when the new 3 hits our shores.

    • Sally Forth

      I think it will definitely have a chance – the two have been dominating in sales without really encroaching too much on the other’s territory. They have slightly different customer bases and I think that difference will be furthered by the new 3.

    • Zaccy16

      I agree, the Mazda 3 is a great car and deserves to be still up the top, after seeing the pics of the new one it should be a winner again!

      • lolwut

        I am yet to see you post any unbiased opinion with Mazda… none what so ever… So which dealership do you work at? or which sales area?

        • Zaccy16

          i am not a car salesman, i happen to have owned 4 mazdas and currently own a 2005 mazda 6 wagon, so i have had first hand expirience and they are great cars and have great cars in every class. Just read any review on a mazda or go and test drive one and you will see what i mean

    • lolwut

      remember the Corolla sales are strictly hatches… sedan due later this year.
      mazda 3 in the other hand are combined.

      • gdfg

        So how come dealers still have some sedans in stock and have them advertised in the weekend papers? Next months figures will still have Crapolla sedans included.

      • Nath

        The same goes for i30 as well. If you combine the sales of i30 and Elantra, since they’re both in the same class and based on the same platform, would Hyundai have matched or outsold Mazda or Toyota in the small car class?

  • slqp

    Whats funny is the toyota 86 is nipping at the heals of the falcon!!!

    • Doctor

      Not funny for Ford!

    • DoubleBlue

      I guess the Commode being out of the top 10 also gives you THAT “feel-good” feeling too. Hu slqp.? lol.!

  • LowRezFez

    I wonder if Renualt are selling many Koleos SUVs… I think they may be selling around 80 per month. The base model is well equipped, has 0% finance and has 5 year warranty. Much cheaper than a CRV or RAV4. I am tempted to buy one but I am worried it would be difficult to re-sell given not too many appear to be selling.

  • Zaccy16

    If the hilux didn’t have a Toyota badge it wouldn’t sell like it does because it and the horrible triton are worst in class, the ford and Mazda are much better utes in every way! Disappointing sales for the falcon!

    • JamesB

      It doesn’t help if the Mazda ute looks like a clown. If they give it the Kodos face like the 6 and CX-5, then we might see a lot more sales.

  • rickdingo

    GM Holden are just hanging on 10% down for the year why are they still hete?

  • quivive

    Subawho? No recent new products and none due. Bye bye Top 10 as Kia will soon bypass this increasingly irrelevant maker.

    • F1orce

      That’s what everyone has been saying for a few years now.

      Still hasn’t been the case..

      • save it for the track

        Umm, new forester, BRZ. In June a Subaru ‘roadshow’ is coming showing the wrx concept, a BRZ special and new Impreza I believe.

  • Jim

    Ford only sold 707 Falcons!? And I’m guessing 700 of these went to fleet/taxi/government. No wonder they are closing up shop.

    On another note, I can’t believe Mistusbishi’s massive turn around. 7,011 sales in May and 36% growth! They’re snapping at Ford’s heels despite the smaller product range…go figure…

    • Rocket

      With a decent marketing push Ford could find itself getting very close to second place actually. Toyota is way out in front but there is not much separating the next 4 manufacturers.

      • DoubleBlue

        Yeah could just happen, Rocket.
        YTD Holden down % & Ford UP.

  • Aus_poppa

    Is it not possible to have a list of the sales of CARS, without including utilities? I know a lot of people use them as if they were cars, but The car sales figures are of greater interest to most readers.

    • $29896495

      they can’t get the numbers right, that is asking to much.

  • Golf

    What about Opel, all models?

  • Golf

    What about Opel?