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  • Elitist

    I don’t get it?
    One of the Pro’s were design?!
    I look at the interior shot and say “this is $75k on-road”?



    Very silly money for a *souped* up XR8

    Buy something European or Japan for that sort of coin.

    Pass, or if your really a knuckle-dragger, at least buy the turbo 6, vastly superior [Or the SSV]



  • Benji

    That’s why styling is subjective…I personally think it looks tough as nuts! And I don’t even like Fords.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Good to see they fixed that seating position,I felt like I was driving a bus in the previous BA,BF models !

    Looking a lot more tame than the last BA,BF GTs I think adding those go fast stripes down the side to detracts from it. The previous model it suited but I feel that was a lot more of a hero looking car than this.

    Still would have picked the manual not the auto,but I guess this Fords press car ,so you dont get a choice. :(

    Have they changed the rear end gears in this ? Seems not by the 0-100 time ,this was the thing that annoyed me more than anything else having one. There was nothing below 3000rpm so getting to 3000 seemed to take a while.

    Seems they have increased the redline and added the indicator so that a plus!
    Rev limiter in the last was a bit savage ,almost put you through the windscreen,the thing doesnt get up and arcing till about 3000 so you only had about 2500 revs before your body lurches forward and you have to change gears .Has that changed Paul I know they changed the Cam Shafts!So they maybe working at a different rev range than the last.

    May not be a sophisticated as the Euro stuff still but I think thats why I still like them so much,they are a little raw still and you can throw them around without the car coming back too hard at you with nanny controls over taking your driving skills.Best thing,still cheap to modify and gain plenty of extra horsepower. A definite plus over the Euro stuff!

  • Paul Maric

    I’ve still got the car downstairs BM, so I’ll let you know about the rev limiter situation by tonight.

    The stability control in this feels far better than it did in the F6 310.

    Because the F6 has the stability control kick in while it’s on boost, it needs to be more vicious to tame the excess torque being delivered while it’s boosting.

    The GT on the other hand is a bit more subtle because there isn’t as much effort required to stop the wheels spinning.

  • Anti-spam word: FPV

    Good review! I think the FG looks better without striped, where I felt the BF looked better with the stripes. Also I don’t think any Ford fans believe this or anything coming out of Ford Aus can outhandle any M3 as you insinuate. Nevertheless a good review. F6 is faster but there is something oh so sweet about a nice sounding correct fireing order V8 (no offence GM LSX fans).

  • TheNameless

    Elitist, have you actually sat in one? Far better interior than any other locally made product and very close to that of many Euros.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Thanks Paul.So you got it for a few weeks,sweet ,get use to people bowing at your feet driving past,then your probably use to that already! hehehe

    Handling, yeah,thing is way too high off the ground too,some lowered King springs helped this in the BA but the BF Cobra came with the R-spec suspension which was better ,alot better but still needed dumping.

    Seems Ive been involved in lowering cars for better handling in GTs for 25 years ,something these days you shouldnt be doing I think,FPV should have it sorted out.Yeah the ride is a little more harsh but not enough to knock the fillings out of your head!

    Being in the back seat is a little more uncomfortable though, you planning any nights out with friends in it ? Would be interested to hear what they think of the ride in the back,I found it noisy in the last one! Droning from the rear end .

    Wheel spin………….mmmmmmm you find the TC works on it ok ? If its wet try launching in it with the TC on,I found it didnt work that well. Then ours was flashed so perhaps that has an impact on it…….somehow ????????

    Anyway will be interested to see what you think of it and the end of your stint in it!

    F6 I think is a better performance car but FPV still sells more of the V8s,loyal followers I think to the legend of the GT name!

  • Frontman

    BM, think you’ll find the set up of this motor to be better, even the XR8 brings it’s torque in earlier than the BF2 GT did. THat was part of the motor change. Agreed on the suspension upgrade for track work but these cars are sold a lot as daily drivers and the pounters actually want comfort as well and that of coarse means a trade off somewhere. :-(
    As to the T5050 versus the ZF, Having driven both on a certain stretch of road from Brisbane to Esk I’d take the ZF. Far nicer and actually quicker in it’s changes than the manual “as a Road CAR”. On the track it’s different but these are road cars. Rmember the ZF will let you hit the limiter in manual mode and will only out guess you two times. One is going back to first at traffic lights and the other is when you pull out to overtake and forget you are in manual mode (DUH).

  • Adam

    A great engine and gear box can’t hide the fact that is a gigantic monster that looks completely ridiculous.

    Credit to Ford for appealing to their intended target market though.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Good to know Frontman but seems the rear end gears still need changing ,from memory the BAs time from 0-100 was 5.5 wasnt it ? Too slow it needs to be closer to the F6.

    The GT is meant to be epitome when it comes to Aus muscle cars in the past,would be nice to keep the legend going.

    F6s are doing mid 12 sec runs on street tyres stock ,I doubt the GTs are down to 13 dead without mods.

  • http://buick topdog

    I think it looks good not a bad looker at all

  • Limited Slip

    Elitist…..I agree……..this quality interior is better than alot of cars costing much much more. The FG interior is fantastic.

  • Frontman

    BM, Although we’d (the V8 loyalists) would prefer the GT to be quicker than a car with a hair dryer on it, GT actually (as you know) stands for grand tourer (gran tourismo tbc) and that is where these cars can really shine. I have been lucky enough to full throttle one on a long long straight and even being on a western Queensland road I wasn’t fighting it. It felt relaxed (relative) and extremely stable at speed, whilst also giving one thing the I6t cant do, a real car sound.

  • JML

    Paul Maric said: “If you recall my previous road test on the F6 310, I complained about the car’s handling,…”

    Yes, and you are still the only one to do so. If I recall correctly it was the front end which you complained about, despite the FG’s front end handling being universally praised elsewhere. You also complained the DSC didn’t interfere enough and didn’t baby you through a corner like the HSVs do.

  • Andrew M

    do you really want an answer as to why aussies dont cream over heated seats versus the euros???
    do you really need someone to point that out???

    And on the xenon lights argument…..
    are they really needed???
    I mean the car with the most airbags isnt always the safest, and
    The car with the most power isnt always the fastest etc.
    in fact, this very sight reviewed the BF falcons headlights as the best high beam seen/felt/driven with or something like that.

    I need to add that these look far better in the flesh.
    With having seen all the press releases etc, i was never convinced on the whole raccoon style front and stripes etc,
    but the first time i saw an FG GTP i was snapping my neck to keep it in my view.
    it looked miles better in the flesh. perhaps because it was a white one????

    On the tyres……
    they still only throw 245′s on this????
    My FG XR came with 245′s on it straight out of the factory too

    As Paul records, Yes, one of the Pro’s is “design”
    Go and actually sit in one.
    Not only does the interior look great with real quality feel, but the functions and ergonomics are also excellent

  • Andrew M

    should have been “site” not “sight”

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Yeah Frontman I understand that {even though Ford make no previsions in the previous model for a tow bar in the back bumper section,it is indeed at its best on a long run. Do they in this one ?

    Its hard to let go of its history ,would love to see the day it again is the worlds fastest 4 door……Rod Barrett you listening baby ?????????

    I love another web sites wording on the 5th anniversary model! TMR…………..

    “”Your meant to give wood not get wood on your 5th Anniversary”

    hahaha ……CLASSIC!

  • Siebe

    It’s about time the GT got a proper review. When looking for reviews on high performance Fords and Holdens, I find several HSV reviews (different variations of the same mechanical package), a few F6 310 reviews, and hardly any GT reviews. I love the F6, but it’s because of this car that the GT is always overlooked.

    It is my opinion that the GT is a stand-alone car next to the F6, and I have never seen the F6 as being a replacement. Based on sales, the public seem to share my opinion, since twice as many V8 FPV’s are sold as I6′s.

    This review proves the GT is still one very quick car, especially compared to the ‘old’ BF GT which would only just scrape in under six seconds from 0-100. This model is about 1/2 second quicker, which is impressive. It’s also very close to any 6.2L HSV, to the degree I would say they’re on par.

    I am also impressed by the fuel economy, considering the weight and performance of this car. While there are improvements that can be made, this is one very nice package.

  • Limited Slip

    Andrew M……Yes i agree with all you said. The point about seeing one in the flesh is so true. I am not a real V8 fan but the FG GT in bllack is the best looking car I have seen. The side profile is absolutley exciting…….no stupid huge wheel arches needed to add style. It is one great looking car …….as is the whole FPV range.

    Why do people have a problem with the F6 being faster than a GT? They are different cars really that appeal to different people. I would have an F6 over a GT but my mate wants a GT…..good on FPV for giving us an alternative. Performance comes not only from a V8……..the F6\XR6 Turbo engine is by far the best engine ever built here.

  • Frontman

    AndrewM, totally agree with the Xennon remark I have driven BMW’s wiht Bi-Xennons, Chryslers and several others. A good Xennon package is great in the rain (BMW), but the average ones fitted to most cars compared to a good set of Halogens are basically just on par.
    I’t's like LED tail lights, no real advantage just style.

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Limited Slip….I dont have a problem with the F6 being faster,I like the car think it represents the best value of all but the GT has been around for 40 odd years and represented Fords benchmark of performance then and up to a few years ago,it would be good to see that continue thats all!

  • Limited Slip

    B. Missile……..well I love the GT too but some people dont like V8′s. Anyway if FPV bring out a GTHO it will certainly be faster than anything else …….then the GT will be the King again. F6 for me though……if only they came with the Bulge !!!

  • Limited Slip

    I have just seen the first pics of an F6 E ……..


  • Andrew M

    yes, and LED tail lights form the other side to that argument.

    fair enough LED’s spank the typical diffuser style tail lamp cover, but those with a good reflector setup inside the tail light (rather than letting the diffuser cover spread the light) provide just as much clear light as LED’s even in sunlight.

    unless you get close up to an FG or even BF and territory tail light, you would think they are LED’s.

    Compare a BA tail light next to a BF tail light. (and yes the BF lights are different)
    The BA lights leave room for the LED argument, but when you look at the BF’s, you will say what are you whinging about.

    Oh and dont forget what a replacement LED tail light is gonna cost you….

  • Jack

    You say Aussie cars are missing things such as xenon head lights, front parking sensors etc etc. Holdens got them all apart from the seat heating. Holden has had projector beams standard on SS, Berlina, Calais (let alone HSV) models for quite a while now.

    Looks like Ford is left behind and focused more on stickers.

  • Escort_Ghia

    acutually jack ford focused on making a car that is the benchmark of refinment and dynamics.

  • Name (required)

    id rather the f6e forshore im a ford fan but the ford v8′s are and shamefull point to the ford name thank god for the xr6t’s n f6′s keep fords name for being fastest car out the dunnidore and falcon

  • Devil666

    Damn, i thought the anti-spam word was also a douchebag filter, seems one (above) slipped through. An interesting note on car features:

    Projector and Bi-xenon lights are different, the only Holden which features Xenons is the Caprice (might be an option on Statesman) and Grange. You can tell by the ADR requirement of a washer system to remove a greasy film which could cause damamge to the lighting system as it heats up. The benefits of Xenons in a country like Australia are huge.

    Auto headlights are standard across the VE range, and I beleive from Berlina upwards auto wipers is also standard.

    As for proximitry key (specifically remote engine start) and heated seats, I think it is a total joke that these are optional in American on the G8, as it is clear R&D, testing ect. is complete and are practical consumer options that they expect to sell. That they are not available to this country is an outrage and demonstrates that Holden may mean a great deal to Australia but every god damn penny is heading back to bail GM out of its current fiscal hellhole.

    A little off topic indeed, but nice review Paul, from a reader sitting on the other side of the fence. Nothing keeps your products strong like good competition. Head to head I would have to take the GTS over the GT, but should you compare to the F6 I’m not sure the outcome would be the same.

    And Satan made him question his faith… without an LS9 I might convert :P

  • OiOiCringe

    Thanks Paul – I expected another extended Aussie put-down but you made some good points and seemed to ‘Get’ the idea of a GT instead of boorishly going on about Euros etc.

    One point of absolute frustration with Ford is this damned fixation on skinny tyres. The 245/40/18 was a good effort – 7 LONG Years ago but they were too small then for the mass of the big cammer and now there is another 140 odd kilos and 50 kW.

    For Ford to get me to open my wallet again, I want 275/35/20 on 9 inch rims (same as Audi) with the XR8 having the Boss315 and the GT having a blown Boss351 with 650 nM. Leave the F6 with the skinny tyres for a year just so journos will stop the underdog worship for a moment and Ford wont have to run 2nd to HSV for a change.

    That’s not asking too much is it? It seems blindingly stinkingly ‘ken obvious – especially when most of the engineering has been done already.

  • J

    I’ve learned that you can’t get too hung up on tyre width being the be-all-and-end-all of traction. In my simplistic view of physics width only serves as a way for manufacturers to control temperature & wear rates of tyres that are ‘softer’ (or those that have a higher coefficient of friction with the road), and sidewall stiffness. Traction is primarily a function of the tyre’s compound and the weight exerted on it at the road interface.

    For example, two tyres exactly the same compound. One is 200mm wide and the other is 300mm wide. The tyre that is wider will have more contact patch area to spread the load out over, so will result in less weight per unit area on the tyre to the road. Therefore, although wider, it has less ‘grip’ per bit of rubber touching the road but more bits of rubber touching the road. The reduction in weight per unit area works to cancel out the effect of the extra width.

    Wider tyres have the potential to be grippier than narrower ones in that manufacturers can make them slightly ‘softer’ and avoid excessive wear and excesive temperature rise for the end application. So, a wider tyre is only grippier if the manufacturer makes the tyre ‘softer’ too. You could get aftermarket 245′s that are softer than OEM 245′s anbd therefore grip harder, but be aware they are likely to wear quicker. You also get the potential for a stiffer sidewall on a wider tyre as the profile generally reduces, improving handling around hard corners, but at the expense of comfort. These tradeoffs are made for OEM tyres (not to mention price per unit :-) )

  • OiOiCringe

    Dear J

    Thank you for an excellent lesson on tyre dynamics – I honestly enjoyed it, its just the first sentence contradicts the rest of the sermon.

    You say that we shouldn’t get hung up on tyre width then go on to explain exactly why we should have wider tyres on our performance oriented machines.

    Whilst your force over cross sectional area = friction makes perfect sense, you are not giving enough emphasis on a tyre’s ability to key into the road surface and utilise the cohesive shear strength of the rubber to harness cornering energy. The rubber ‘marbles’ around the corners of racetracks are the result of these forces shearing off slivers of rubber.

    Another area of advantage is conformability. As long as the aspect ratio is not ridiculously ‘low profile’, the tyre casing will ‘bag out’ under acceleration or braking and find further grip, together with the wider contact patch being able to cover or bridge irregularities in the road surface (which also aids stability).

    I think the real culprits in the fat tyre debate were the tyre manfacturers back in the 60s who made muscle car tyres that were wide but not soft enough in compound so that they didnt have the go to match the show.

    So in closing – to hell with minor quibbles about turning circle, cost, spare tyre accommodation etc, we want our performance cars to perform …without having to bolt on sticky qualifying tyres. If Audi, BMW, Merc & Porsche can do it – what’s wrong with our engineers.

    PS – Science has yet to explain why Undertyred cars look so overweight, ungainly, pigeon-toed and ugly – but its undisputable fact!

  • Benz Fan

    It looks good. But I think the wheels let it down. The rims need a lip and an inch taken out of its stance. It’s a bit high.

  • J

    Thanks – I think!?!?!

    Not sure which bits contradict – hard to provide hand-waving statements via text. But my ‘sermon’ was to caution against the common evil surrounding blanket statements to the effect that wider tyre equals more traction. We both know that isn’t always true and it depends on manufacture specs, so I’m preaching to the converted.

    BTW – cost is not a ‘minor quibble’ when talking about that calibre of tyre you’re after – by the time everyone in the value chain has marked them up you could add many thousands to the price of your GT! I’m sure our engineeers would love the best of everything for the GT, but the bean counters soon have their way…

  • OiOiCringe

    Might be a case of careful what you wish for but I reckon the bean counters have got it wrong and there are plenty of Ford loyalists who will shell out $$ for something decent but it needs street cred.

    Engineered properly with a blower and 275s its not inconceivable that a GT(HO?) could hose off an STi or Evo10 maybe even frighten an M3 on a long radius track. I’d try and find money for that!

  • J

    Yep – put all that effort into a GTHO – blower, sticky rubber, make it a tad lighter and it is definitely consistent sub 5 sec to 100 & 12 sec quarters.

    To continue the dream, I’d like it on the AWD chassis as per Territory :-)

    Nice chattin’


  • OiOiCringe

    Well the 275s are going to need minor flaring of the front guards so you might as well punch them out of aluminium,- ditto the bonnet, bootlid and as many suspension arms as possible. The Ford GT(40) alloy block would tote up 100 kg of weight loss with the aforementioned stampings but as much as I like the AWD 32/68 powertrain, I couldn’t bring myself to add in the extra 130 kg.

    The body mods would mean slamming a GT into a concrete block but the light weight kit could be sold aftermarket – I’m sure the XR6T community would be interested.

    As legend will recall, FPV entered GTHO R5s score a stunning 1-2 victory in the 2010 Bathurst 12 hour proudly commemorating the 40th anniversary of the first time they achieved that feat.

    Do you thing Rod Barrett is reading this, punching the air screaming Eureka?
    Do you think I should pop a serepax post haste?


  • The Realist

    Andrew M Says:
    February 23rd, 2009 at 5:17 pm
    “Paul, do you really want an answer as to why aussies dont cream over heated seats versus the euros??? do you really need someone to point that out???”

    I’d like to hear about it – on a cold winter morning with a temperature of around 10 degrees celsius they certainly assist in the comfort stakes!

    “And on the xenon lights argument…..
    are they really needed???
    I mean the car with the most airbags isnt always the safest, and
    The car with the most power isnt always the fastest etc.
    in fact, this very sight reviewed the BF falcons headlights as the best high beam seen/felt/driven with or something like that.”

    You’ve got to stop the usual drivel mate – xenon’s aren’t for looks, they’re for practicality.

    BTW this site also just said that this car is behind sub $40K cars in terms of features – do you agree with that?

    “I need to add that these look far better in the flesh.
    With having seen all the press releases etc, i was never convinced on the whole raccoon style front and stripes etc,
    but the first time i saw an FG GTP i was snapping my neck to keep it in my view.
    it looked miles better in the flesh. perhaps because it was a white one????”

    Are you kidding? What an ugly car – and over $70K too. Saw one in a parking spot near Milligan street in the Perth CBD, parked next to an Audi A5 – the Ford look tired and cheap. And what are the racing stripes for?

    “Go and actually sit in one.
    Not only does the interior look great with real quality feel, but the functions and ergonomics are also excellent”

    I don’t know what your definition of quality is, but sit inside a $32K Honda Accord Euro, and then sit inside this and you’ll immediately notice the difference in quality i.e. the car that is half the price is better built, with nicer instrumentation.

    The best thing about the car is the transmission, and it’s German…

  • spetty

    Realist you are a tosser.I bet you have a compass in you`re rear view mirror,because that`s about as handy as heated seats,auto wipers ect.BTW tired and cheap next to an Audi A5 you must be way over 55?

  • BK

    Ford Falcon where the best and fastest cars in the 60s, 70s,and 80s with there v8s. Holden only had a 308 and no match for the 351 cleveland. From the 90s to current there 4 litre 6 cylinders are the best engines out and holden v8s still struggle against them. There could be a big come back with the new GTHO falcon supercharged V8 and ford v8s will conquer once more again. This once again leaves holden with nothing. Ford always offer more variety of better cars than holden. Why drive a holden when its using the same old thing.

  • Riss_Fordchick

    Not too bad i say,
    They’re a girls dream too you know!!!!

    Oh if your a “Holden person” make good comments on the new bommodores & leave the fords for good comments from “Ford people”
    You dont see many “Ford” fans bagging holdens.
    Stop being racist, you can appriciate both.
    I would’t personally own a holden (maybe an SLR5000!) but i can gladly admit when i see or hear a nice one!

  • Neutral

    I would rather get a 6-speed manual Holden SSV with 20 inch wheels for 58k. Sorry but just can’t stand the look of this thing…

  • Ford Ranger

    I will take the one in black thanks and Neutral, SSV has no hope against this refined FPV GT.

  • Andrew M

    I cant be bothered disecting your comments in return as they were either irrelevant/missed the point, or just plain childish

    Anything usefull to say and I might listen

  • We own it

    Having purchased this car in March 2009 in the manual. The important thing about it is the comfort of the seats. Happily it is a great car and who cares how it drives, it is pure driving pleasure and would have to be the best ford v8 we have owned

  • Carfanatic

    Given a Choice between HSV and FPV, I would go with the FPV, it really is the better car.

    • Bent 8 Brigade


  • Peter

    People people.
    I find it amusing to read the HSV and FPV rivalry.
    I have some truths to tell you all.
    I had an FPV GTP and HSV GTS (first series) for 3 days each.
    I am not biased either.
    The HSV is definately the better handler hands down and with a more controllable rear end. Cornering speed and entrance ability is also much quicker than the FPV.
    The AP 4 piston brakes definately have better feel than the FPV 6 piston brembos. I found that very strange. steering a bit light for my liking in the HSV and HSV need to do work to it to improve feedback.
    The FPV however was better in other areas. In sophistication, refinement and quality of materials the HSV could not match it. The ZF auto is fantastic and the steering is better weighted and provides better feedback but it still suffers rack rattle on bad road surfaces when turning.
    Its ridiculous that the FPV only has 245 tyres in the rear which are not wide enough and at the limits the rear end is so twitchy. the HSV has the 275 in the rear and it does wonders for rear end grip.
    Out of 10 I give the HSV a 7 and the FPV a 6.5
    The new E2 HSV has had a lot of work done to it such as complete suspension overhauls, new front stiffer lower control arms, springs and struts. The reviews look excellent and the steering apparently is slightly heavier and much sharper turn in with less roll.
    Cant wait to test drive it.
    thanks for reading

  • selma1

    interesting …. my 5.4L BOSS260 keeps up with this lovely yet another very similar in architecture Boss “Cobra R” engine , it more or less needs to be 390-400kW to safely get away and keep the Boss260 well away from it, not 315kW, 315 is just not enough.

    Wait till the FG mark 2 comes out, it will have over 330kW, over 580-600Nm of torque and will have a 7 speed ZF instead of 6.

    FG Series II will have mirror indicators across the range, zennon head lights, and a whole new bunch of high tech bits and pieces to complete the package

    and a new 225kW 4.0L DOHC VCT engine standard across the range till 2014, how does 440Nm of torque sound like for TAXI ?

  • Ben

    Selma1? How do u know this? In 2010 ford will have replaced it’s boss series engines with a 5.0l v8 which has 285 kw na and 335kw supercharged that’s no great. Jaguar has the same size engine that has 375kw supercharged. Ford straight six well be gone replaced by a dated v6 form Canada. So why don’t u put these in your future plans selma1

  • Ben

    They released specs on the new 5liter V8 afew days ago, has atleast 307kws and 530Nm. Power is made at 6500rpm and torque is made 4250rpm, and thats where the torque shouldve been made 5 years ago. Its an all alloy, dohc 32 valve V8, has an almost perfectly square block and is capable of reving to 7000rpm. If you want the info go to

  • Ben

    307 kw how will take even compete with hsv 325kw even ford own turbo 310kw the torque is also very low ha wat a joke if ford put that in a fpv

  • Mal R

    Hi, good article. I have the 2010 model gt-p with 315kw and 551nm of torque, unfortunately I now live in Victoria :( when even 40kmh over the limit will see my licence gone for 12 months, impoundment of my car and fines, towing, storage etc. of over $1000. However I can tell you it does do the 250kmh easily till the speed limiter kicks in and yes the suspension is soft enough for the family to take trips in and handle the shopping centre speed humps, but hard enough to have some good fun in the corners. The traction control is not too intrusive, allowing a good bit of sideways rear end movement, especially in the wet at roudabouts with good control. To make the whole car drift sideways in the wet I had to quickly flick the steering to get the front to break traction and then I was only allowed to drift for a foot or so. The brakes are very good and will have most people on the road run up your arse if you aren’t careful, not the best in the world, but not far from it. The interior is easily on par with the Europeans (even without the heated seats) The headlights work great especially on high beam, as do the fog lights with a wide low spread of light.(even though they arent xenon) Overall a very good package and well worthy of the GT monica, I plan on having it for at least 20 years and after having other fords 6′s and 8′s for 15 and 11 years respectively, with almost 250000 on the clock of the 6 and no real drama’s (except for the head gasket changes at 120000 and 220000) I believe it will last that long with care. On a personal level I like it a lot, it goes hard and if the TC is turned off it easily spins the rear wheels at street legal limits. I love the safety of the vehicle as I said earlier it is used for travelling with my family, thankyou for your article and good luck with the future, Mal. P.S. It is the 6 speed auto and the shifts are smooth and you can easily rev till the redline with it in sports mode. Well done Ford.

    • L0u15


  • L0u15

    hey ITS POO!!!!

Ford Fpv Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
565Nm @  1950rpm
Max. Power
310kW @  5500rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
12.8L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1600  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
245/35 R19
Rear Tyres
245/35 R19
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Automatic Air Con / Climate Control, Power front seat Driver, Sport Seats
Control & Handling
Active Body Control Suspension, 19 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Sports Suspension, Traction Control System
Cruise Control, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Engine & Transmission
Limited Slip Differential
CD with 6 CD Stacker
Driving Lights, Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Side Airbags
Alarm System/Remote Anti Theft, Central Locking Remote Control
Optional Features
Auto Climate Control with Dual Temp Zones
Control & Handling
Alloy Wheels Special, Premium Brake Package
Satellite Navigation
Premium Sound System
Hard Tonneau Cover, Towbar
Leather Upholstery
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin