Images purporting to reveal the design of the all-new Mazda 3 have appeared in the leaked pages of a Japanese automotive magazine.

While an earlier, widely circulated rendering claiming to detail the third-generation hatchback proved to be a fake, the latest shots appear to align closely with CarAdvice’s spy shots of the new model, suggesting the magazine shots could be the real deal.

The new Mazda 3 will become the fourth model in the Japan-based manufacturer’s line-up to embrace the company’s Kodo design language, following the CX-5, Mazda 6 and CX-9.

The next generation of Australia’s favourite car will feature angular headlights integrated into a prominent black grille, replacing the smiley face front end of the outgoing second-gen model.


Muscular front wheel arches contribute to an athletic profile, while sharp horizontal tail-lights and a raked rear window create a fresh look at the back.

CarAdvice’s spy photographers snapped an undisguised shot of the new Mazda 3’s cabin, confirming it will feature a tablet-style screen at the top of the dashboard, a rotary dial on the centre console and revised instrument cluster with one large circular binnacle flanked by two square fixtures.

The new 3 will be built from the ground up utilising the brand’s Skyactiv drivetrain, chassis and aerodynamic technologies, including its new fuel-efficient petrol and diesel engines, stop-start and energy regeneration systems.

The third-generation Mazda 3 will be unveiled in the coming weeks ahead of its Australian introduction at the beginning of 2014.


  • homer

    Ugly ugly ugly, japs can not design good and sleek looking cars (except for very few ones) like the US and Europeans

    • chir0nex

      Yeah, the US sure do design some extra sleep and good looking cars!!!!!

    • Dave W

      What are you talking about? This Mazda 3 looks premium and would’ve fit into any of the European car lineup.

      The Americans… They can’t even make a hatchback. You’re just being a hater homer.

      • homer

        I don’t give a damn a hatchback or sedan. look at the new vette, it looks good muscular, sleek. new Cadillac likewise, just rented a Buick Verano and it is damn good looking. The japs have lost their enthusiasm building good looking cars or good performing cars and yet frugal. be it Mazda, Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubushi etc. Period, no argument.

        • $29896495

          It’s quite alright to not like something, but you have displayed that your taste is quite questionable (to be polite) Plus you can’t tell the difference between good and bad japanese brands. Makes one wonder?

          Buick Verano is designed by Opel and a different class of car. Cadillacs are to angular. The Stingray is massively over done. A good demo of US lack of restraint.

          • geers

            I don’t like how the cadillacs look entirely…Your idea of those being to ANGULAR is the perfect word to describe it… Angles are too over done…. I also don’t like how the top part of the front lights taper off to really thin and go far towards the windshield….WEIRD….Some engineer should of said that is not our final design…. Take care…

    • Damian

      Which US and European cars are you referring to?

    • Phil

      I would like to see this in the metal, but from the pics it looks nose heavy. The Kodo front styling works well on the 6 and CX5 because the proportions work on a larger vehicle. On the 3 I’d like to see that grille treatment scaled down.

    • Rohd

      Yes, Only first generation of Mazda 3 was good in appearance. This will diminish Mazda’s production output because of the ugly face. Why Mazda can’t design a good shaped vehicles today. I know most of the Mazda lovers diverted because of the Mazda3 second generation ugliness. Why Japanese designers at least follow Korean designs which are more attractive than these. Why this inability of Mazda Cooperation persists ??.

  • O123

    you sexy beast, looks almost RWD from the rear 3/4, mazda is going to do very well with this.

    • hrth

      RWD cars have a look?

      • Sydlocal

        Yep. It is called ‘cab rearward’ where the A pillar starts further back, usually due to the longitudinal mounted engine requiring a longer bonnet. Mazda highlighted with the Mazda6 that they went for a cab rearward design to make it look more like a RWD car and it appears they are doing the same thing to the Mazda3.

  • Akash

    It’s a mini Mazda 6 wagon! Looks awesome. Cannot wait for the unveiling.

  • Showtime

    Any spy pics of the sedan version?

    • Henry Toussaint

      Just think of the Mazda 6, But shorter

  • Doctor

    A hatchback that looks like a hatchback and not a short wagon.

  • Matt

    Look good. Really good.

    Here’s hoping they address the current model’s issues: interior quality (or lack thereof) and deafening engine noise.

    • Sydlocal

      There is not a lot wrong with the engine noise of the current Mazda3 (except when near the red line but many cars are like that) but more the road noise from tyre roar and body boom. In fact at normal road speeds you can’t even hear the engine of the racket from the tyres!!!! 😉

  • Dave W

    That looks pretty much identical to the leaked imaged several months ago, which is a very good thing.

  • Zaccy16

    This looks fantastic! well done mazda! looks like a mini mazda 6 wagon, best looking small car IMO, if the interior looks like the spyshot and has mazda 6 quality and drives like the mazda 6 and cx5 it should be a winner again!

  • Ted

    What will Toyota do with their Corolla – without commercial sales, who would buy a Corolla over this new 3…

    • Kev

      Why are you only targetting the Corolla? I think this will shake things up for all players in the segment.

    • lolwut

      A lot.

      If EVERYONE loves the look of this Mazda 3, then Mazda 6 would be Number 1 seller at this point…..

      Basically, this car looks nice, but the Corolla looks nice too. And to some, the Hyundai i30 looks nice… then to some the Golf looks nice.

      My point?

      Looks are very subjective.

      BTW the image of this mazda 3 looks like it has 18 inch wheels and lowered. That makes a HUGE difference in looks. So Picture it with 16 inch wheels and higher off the ground and thats production.

  • Deacon Claybourne

    Nope. This rendering is very close, but I don’t think it’s the real deal after comparing it with photos of the camouflaged vehicle.

    • Deacon Claybourne

      It’s a photoshop job using this image as a base.

      • Marka

        Great find!

  • Ambition

    Looks a lot like the Mitsubishi Lancer Hatch… of course all Mazda fanboys love it though!

    • Autoholic

      I don’t think so.

    • zeal

      Haters gonna hate…

    • J R Sampson

      Luckily it’s just a photoshop anyway…

  • Bondie

    The Mazda 3 looks a very good car.

  • LowRezFez

    Another hit for Mazda.

  • Markac

    Not quite as ugly as the 6, but perhaps bad enough to drop it out of it’s top selling position.

    • James

      So you must think the current Mazda 3 is a beauty compared to this, then?

      • lolwut

        I think the one before the current Mazda looked the best.

        But thats my opinion. The current one is very feminine… and this new one looks even more masculine and premium.
        But its a very distinguished look…

  • Carfanatic

    The Mazda 6, CX-5 and New CX-9 are all designed well and this All-New 3 looks good as well but i’m not sure if it will sell in the numbers that the current model does.

  • Autoholic

    Looks quite sporty and elegant. Can’t wait see it in the flesh.

  • Vins

    One heck of a beauty!

  • Jeffery

    wish back seats a bit bigger than the old model!!!!

    • Sydlocal

      The back seats of the old model are big enough, it is more a lack of leg room and relatively small rear doors.

  • Shak

    We all know it’ll sell like hotcakes here. For me though, the design just doesn’t quite do it. It looks like they tried too hard to condense the long flowing lines of the Mazda 6 design into a hatchback shape and it just backfired. That rear end, looks really droopy, and almost as bad as a Lancer hatch.

  • Jared550

    They’ve done it again.. Hail to the new Best Selling Hatch of 2014!

  • KiddingMe

    My personal biggest issue with this vehicle is going to be whether or not Mazda put the prices up.

    They did with the 6 because they didn’t want to be seen as a ‘cheap’ brand. Wonder if the 3 will have the same fate.

    I’m personally not a massive fan of the new front of the Mazda’s, but the rear reminds me somewhat of a CT 200h mixed with a Lancer.

    • Sydlocal

      The prices of the new Mazda6 went up, but not by that much when you give it some perspective and you compare standard equipment. The base model (pre-run out ‘special editions’) when you compare auto to auto only went up by around $1,500 and for that $1,500 you got a much larger car with a heck of a lot more kit ie: auto headlights, auto wipers, reversing camera, satnav, dual climate control, heated mirrors, keyless start, shift paddles on the steering wheel, stop/start, regenerative braking, rear air vents, leather wrapped steering wheel, fog lights etc. Not to mention considerably better fuel economy and a much quieter/refined car (not that it was that hard to make it quieter!!). That is a lot of extras for $1,500. Looks like a lot better value to me and a steal compared to the previous base model.

      Having said that it is still expensive compared to the new VF. Now that is a lot of car for the money…

  • $29896495

    By comparison to some of the other things around at the moment, Pulsar and Corolla, I think Mazda are a step ahead. If they get big headed and price themselves up, they’ll kill it.

    • Dave W

      Against the new Pulsar, I’d say this car looks miles ahead.

  • F1orce

    I’ve never quite warmed up to any of Mazdas design, be it old or current designs..

    The current Mazda 3 for example, in top trim it looks nice, but looks horrid in the base trim.

    Where as the Corolla looks similar, regardless of trim level..

  • Pat Hong

    This is probably still gonna be the most popular car in Australia when its on sale. And thank god its a beautiful car! The recent 6 was the best sedan I’ve ever seen from Japan.

  • Peter Pebbles Stone

    Hideous!!! Anyone for an old lancer?

    • Blange

      no surprises you think it’s hideous , given your conservative tastes .

  • pete

    To me the look on the 6 did not nail it, however this Kodo design looks good on the new 3. The rear 3/4 photo reminds me of a smaller version of the Infinit FX and imo i like it.

  • BP

    While it’s a definite improvement on this car, looking quite sexy to be honest I can help but fell this design language Mazda is using appears already dated.
    Look at CX-5, it’s not a good looking car in my eyes, rather bland like the VW Tiguan. While the CX-9 looks completely dopey.
    For a second, I thought the back end was a Mistusbishi Lancer hatchback :/

  • Arkitek

    Definite Photoshop job (looking at the actual magazine). I hope the real deal has a different look to this rear end… sadly, it does remind me a lot of a Lancer. It’s only my opinion, being a bit of a Mazda fanboy with the current model 3, and hoping to update to the new one.

    On an unrelated note: I wonder if the MX-5 is going to be updated with this new design language? Have had an older model, still one of the best cars I’ve ever driven. Pure fun.

  • GM


  • Sarah

    Wow I’m sorry but that is not even remotely nice, the current design is okay but obbiously could be re-vamped, if they go with this I think there sales might drop

  • falcodore

    It’s been confirmed on another website that this is not an authentic image.

  • geers

    have you all so quickly forgotten about the giant front Smile grille that’s gone…Looks sharpe…Back and side and three quarter views