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by Daniel DeGasperi

CarAdvice Magazine has pushed beyond 20,000 active users in its first six issues, and the June issue, available to download now, is jammed with even more features and reviews. We’re also the first to feature a comparison test between the Holden VF Commodore SV6 and Ford FG Falcon XR6, the two most popular sports six-cylinder sedan grades in each line-up.

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On the same day the Holden VF Commodore launched, it was announced that the Ford FG Falcon would be the nameplate’s last generation, ceasing to exist when the Australian factory closes in October 2016.

In this final decades-old showdown, new Commodore takes on the still-excellent Falcon in an epic cross-country 1000km blast. We measure up the large locals for size, assessing each car’s performance, economy, driving dynamics, refinement, ride quality and level of technology and interior ambience, before arriving at a verdict.


We also review the Holden VF Commodore Evoke and find that the new base model is far from a basic proposition. In fact, it’s now a very appealing entry-level model.

At the other end of the VF range, we provide the full run-down on the HSV Gen-F models, including the supercharged V8 GTS monster.


Our massive eight-car small hatch comparison test makes its magazine debut, with the new Volkswagen Golf taking on the Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3, Ford Focus, Holden Cruze, Honda Civic, Hyundai i30 and Opel Astra.

Turning the wick up on small hatchbacks, a hot hatch duel also features between the defending champion Renault Megane RS265 and the newly launched Opel Astra OPC.


Speaking of hot hatches, we drive the Peugeot 208 GTi, which is soon to arrive on local shores, then stay in France for a steer of the Renault Captur sub-compact SUV.

We then head to the States to drive the production version of the Nissan’s V8 Supercar, the Nissan Altima, which is set to arrive locally next month.


Turning the wick up to an actual V8 (and a supercharged V6), we head back to Europe to drive the Jaguar F-Type, before adding a couple of extra cylinders and harnessing up in an Aston Martin Rapide S.

Full local road tests of the Audi SQ5, Ford Kuga and Kia Cerato also feature.


With a full range of news, including spy shots of the new Mazda 3 and Subaru WRX, a how-it-works feature on variable valve timing, and a launch calendar of future model debuts, the June issue is packed with content.

Check out our video reviews, high resolution galleries, adaptable design, and cool specification panels. The CarAdvice Magazine June issue is available at the Apple newstand now. Click https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/caradvice-magazine/id552851300?mt=8

  • Suqsid

    Any version for Google Play Magazines?

    • Dave W

      Looks like they haven’t gotten around to converting it to PDF.

  • Just saying

    What’s the point of having a comparo between the FG XR6 and VF SV6? We all know what the verdict will be.

    • Rocket

      Yes the Commo has more tech but the Falcon drivetrain and good steering feedback are hard to beat in the real world. The Falcon also used less fuel in thhis comparison than the Commo which seems to be the norm in the real world .

      • Zaccy16

        yep the falcons in line 6 is much more relaxed in the real world that the commodores v6

  • pro346

    No Android no deal

    • Matt

      Two words: open source.

      What that means is; whoever downloads BlueStacks, can view “iPad and Android exclusive articles” in the magazine on their PC.

      • Nifty

        Why go to that bother. If it is made as an epub file I can read it anywhere. Including my Linux PC that bluestacks doesn’t support.

  • Alexander Sambuco

    Any way to read the articles that are only on the app?

  • Robin_Graves

    No android… what a mistake.

  • Altezza

    There have been huge increases on Android users compared to IOS users, so make the magazine to be available for Android users please.

    • Paul

      Their are more android uses than IOS uses and by quite some margin so caradvise has been slow on this issue.

      • Shak

        Not in Australia actually. iOS still handily outnumbers Android in our market, Worldwide its no question Android is King.

        • racrepus

          Shak, that might be a fine excuse for other apps. But when you have a website that’s available to the whole world to see, that is your market, not just Australia. Having no android version based on that excuse just shows how out of touch websites are with current technology and they expose themselves as foolish sheep who swallow the Apple koolaid spouted by the media.

  • slap

    X10 android is a must, not everyone like Iproducts

  • Gerry

    Hey Car Advice, let me give you some Technology Advice. Its not 2009 anymore. We don’t all have iTunes.

    No wonder the print media is in trouble – hey lets release come cool content, but only people with blue shirts are allowed to get it! Yeah, top idea!

  • Nifty

    All they have to do is make it a .epub and anyone can read it. I do an epub for my Android device and those with idevices can read it although some pictures don’t work properly on the 4×3 screen of them. It is still amazing how many still make an app for only 30% of the market and think they have a success.

  • pro346

    Even if you don’t want an android phone ,android tablets are much cheaper than I pads in fact I’m on one now! Good way to alienate half or more of the market!

  • qikturbo

    C’mon!!! where is the ANDROID app???

  • qikturbo

    There is a comparision of the XR6 Turbo Vs the VF Commodore at DriveTv(no F#%&ing iTune app required!!!)
    If Car advice only caters for ipad users…………I’m sure there are other car websites just like the one mentioned above, that will have the comparisions for ANYONE who is interested,without the need of a special iTune app to access the information!

  • racrepus

    Have to agree. Doing an exclusive iCrap app is an insult to your loyal Android readers. Especially when there’s a clear demand for it and you go out of your way not to do one.

  • Poison_Eagle

    ‘FINAL SHOWDOWN’ – A bit misleading, don’t you think? There’ll be one more iteration of the Falcon. Come on Caradvice, you’re better than this.

  • PJA

    iPads are NOT the only tablets and mobile phones. In fact there are MORE Android based mobiles in the world than iPhones.

    An Android version would be really nice.


    • SSV

      Android vs Apple: yep, they sell more Android than phones than Apple, but statistically the Apple devices are used more frequently to access internet than Android.