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Lexus Australia has confirmed it will offer both the ES300h and ES350 variants when it brings the mid-sized luxury model back to Australia in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Lexus announced its plan to reintroduce the ES in February, endingthe front-wheel-drive sedan’s eight-year absence from our market.

The two confirmed models are the 3.5-litre V6-powered ES350 and the 2.5-litre four-cylinder ES300h hybrid.The ES350 gets 200kW of power and 336Nm of torque, while the ES250h produces around 150kW of power.

Lexus Australia’s chief executive, Sean Hanley, saidthe local division had been fighting for the return of the ES for years on the back on consistent customer demand for the mid-sized model.


The ES will sit between the rear-wheel-drive IS and GS models – technically in an unchallenged segment by the German trio or Japanese rival Infiniti.

Hanley dismissed concerns that the new ES range might be seen as nothing more than a luxury version of the Toyota Aurion.

“It’s a different car with different styling. A more dynamic looking car with a different platform. It’s not based on an Aurion platform,” Hanley said.

The conservative styling of the ES is expected to appeal to some of the brand’s traditional buyers who are confronted by the more aggressive styling of the new IS and GS.

  • Exar Kun

    At least it looks slightly better than the bloated Camry that the last ES we got here was.

  • Doctor

    Return of the Dullas model – Dull as dishwater!
    Will be known as the Camry Mark II.

    • Zaccy16

      yep i agree, a gs is a much more desirable car

  • GT6

    Can this Hanley explain how this is not based on the Aurion platform? Is he also going to say the LX570 is not based on the Landcruiser??
    Can CA or Toyota/Lexus provide detail as to what signifies a “different” platform??

    • Klaus

      I think it’s based on the Avalon platform, not the Camry/Aurion platfom.

  • slap

    Our aurion is built on the camry platform. And im guessing the american avalon is different in some way and this is probability what the ES is based off! Im only speculating thou.

    • Force-15

      That’s actually right. The ES300 does have the same platform as the US-market Avalon.

  • racrepus

    Although the glasshouse looks modern and up to date (unlike the Camry), that front end already looks dated.

  • Don

    I don’t know why Lexus even bother bring this ES back. Now there is too many choices within the Lexus sedan range. Yes, choices are great sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that these luxury toyotas will drop in retail prices. I am very curious how it will work out in the next 3 years.

  • galaxy

    most expensive Camry Hybrid ever

    • Guest

      Unlike any Audi ever built. They’re pretty expensive Skodas

    • Valdevez

      This is not the Camry Hybrid. If you read the article, you’d know it’s talking about the ES300h.

  • Sgt.Sweetchuck

    Do you get free bowls membership with it?

    • Kylie

      Sorry to disappoint, since I know how much you wanted that membership, but no, it does not come with a free membership.

  • Aus_poppa

    Don’t forget that in the US Lexus is a major player in the luxury field. It was No. 1 from 2000 until 2010, and is still going head to head with Merc and BMW and way ahead of Audi.

    • Phil

      doesn’t prove much except there’s still plenty of Americans prepared to pay inflated prices for rubbish cars. Lexus built its reputation on the back of the LS, it threatens to ruin it with cars based on a modified Camry platform that underpins the Avalon. Lexus can do better.

  • Ox

    Considering that the majority of luxury car buyers are of a mature age I think they’ve hit the nail on the head with this one. Not every one wants a “sports” sedan.

    • Ted

      Agreed – this simply maximises the amount of choice for potential buyers. Why are people complaining? It’s not as if they’re bringing this instead of the IS. The IS and ES are both going to be available, so just buy whichever one suits your needs.

  • CarMan

    The rear end strongly resembles the Australian built Toyota Aurion. I can’t see the point in bringing it to Australia.

  • F1orce

    The only similarity between the ES350 & Aurion is the engine.

    Everything else is different.

  • Vins

    It does look like Aurion, especially from behind, but it’s built on different platform than Camry. Unlike the previous gen which is on Camry platform

  • Don Quay

    So it’s built on the Avalon platform that is different to the Camry platform because……..? I’d be really surprised if Toyota had two totally different mid/large platforms for the USA and/or global markets.

    • Jack

      I guess we’ll have to take their word for it (which, no one seems to have any trouble doing with most other automakers, so I don’t see why Lexus or Audi should be treated differently). Also, why are people so bothered with which platform it’s built on? Are you able to tell the difference as a consumer? I raise this question because most of the people making a fuss about the platform appear to know very little about platforms at all. Regardless of this storm in a teacup happening in this comment section, the car has been well received internationally, so clearly, whatever platform it’s built on, it does the job very well.

      • Don Quay

        You’re quite correct in what you say. Like others I’m just curious as there are so many mentions about car companies using a platform for so many different models, Toyota included, it seems strange in this case.

  • GIG

    I’d pick any INFINITI over this…

  • MisterZed

    I hate this new ES – the wheels are pushed too far into the corners, and the design just fails in every way, especially at the back. It’s such a shame that we missed out on the 2006-2012 ES350, which was the best-looking ES ever.

    • F1orce

      I agree, especially from the rear end, the previous ES350 was very classy.

  • Porter

    god these new Lexus’s are ugly

  • F1orce

    I’m waiting for this. As I want one!