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The stripped-out Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core has been unleashed, offering all the performance of the flagship SRT8 at a significantly lower price.

Developed specifically for the Australian market, the $56,000 Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core is $10K cheaper than the SRT8 on which it’s based.

Despite the lower pricing, the 300 SRT8 Core delivers the full 347kW of power and 631Nm of torque from its 6.4-litre Hemi V8 engine, giving it a serious bang for your buck advantage over the highly specified range-topper.

The Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core’s sharp pricing sees it undercut the all-new HSV Gen-F ClubSport by almost $5K. The Canadian-built muscle car also outguns its Australian rival by 30kW and 81Nm.


SRT8 Core customers are asked to make a number of sacrifices from an equipment perspective to justify the $10K saving, however.

The Core misses out on the flagship SRT8’s two-mode adaptive damping system, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitor, rear cross-path detection system, and satellite navigation, as well as its heated and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats, heated and cooled cupholders, and boot cargo net and mat.

The 300 SRT8 Core also gets a basic audio system, with the number of speakers reduced from 19 to six; cloth upholstery rather than Nappa leather with perforated suede; and ‘All-Season’ rather than ‘Three-Season’ performance tyres.

Fiat Chrysler Group Australia says the Chrysler 300 SRT8 Core will be a permanent addition to the range, designed to offer a “more accessible 300 SRT option for dedicated performance enthusiasts”.

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  • JooberJCW

    Bring out a supercharged one for around the 70k and you’ve got a GTS killer

    • 111

      Chrysler are currently developing a Supercharged 6.2lt

      • Rick

        R & T believe it to be all alloy 6.4l eaton supercharged hemi :)

        • 111

          You can find some good info if you Google Hellcat 6.2

          • Rick

            Thanks 111 interesting read

    • amlohac

      MOPAR can ship you a supercharger kit if you feel the need to turn your tyres into smoke at a faster rate!

      • JooberJCW

        Yes they can but it would be good if they released a factory car with one here to compete with the GTS

  • Tony

    funny how they dont say it still comes with a 5 spd automatic from the old Merc days

    not that its a bad thing but in this range its all about featuritis and the competition has modern 6 spd autos, this doesnt

    • Phil

      with that much torque, it’s not much of an obstacle.

    • Rick

      It’ll be available with an 8 speed ZF end of the year start of 2014

  • youcanthandledetrute

    All brawn and no brains .Perfect for Australian meatheads.

    • Tom

      So what? At least ‘Australian meatheads’ live a little. I assume you drive some white good.

  • David Salter

    Core Blimey!, except it is still a Fiat Chrysler and as FPV found with the GS, you need to put more than a huge engine in an average car to make it a good buy.
    The improved SS-V Commodore Redline would have to be better than this 300 Core.

    • 111

      The current 300 is not an average car. Even Australian reviews have been good. I personally would take this over an SS-V but each to there own

  • Seal

    Again, I’m surprised at how agressive Fiat-Chrysler are getting with their prices. Judging by reviews the SRT8 seems like a good package – wasn’t it supposed to be gettin the 8 speed auto this year too?

    • Rick

      They just aren’t as big of ripoffs as some of the other manufacturers

  • pro346

    Having driven the srt8 Cherokee all I can say its incredibly good engine and would only be even better in 300 ! Amazing value! With this much power 5 or 6 speeds doesn’t really make much difference!

  • slap

    This has nearly 80kw more than the ss redline David. Not everyone want a commo! Plus the 300 is gangster

    • 111

      Not to mention the massive amount of torque it delivers.

  • Norm

    Looks like a world of fun if you can afford the fuel.

  • F1orce

    Finally a company that better understands the Australian market!

  • 458 italia

    The car pictured clearly has Satnav. Article says it doesn’t.

  • $29896495

    Big hulking V8s aren’t my sort of car but I have one. Especially over the Commodore equivalent. Doesn’t look stipped out to me?

  • horsie

    ‘All-Season’ rather than ‘Three-Season’ performance tyres.

    Why have 3 season when you can have all season

    • $29896495

      Because the US have winter tyres for snow and ice.

      • Guest

        Which you aren’t allowed to use in the non-winter months. Combine this with salted roads, and many simply drive two cars – one that can be sacrificed due to corrosion which is equipped with winter tyres, one with three season tyres. Those who make do with one car often go with the “all season” tyre option for convenience – adequate in summer, adequate in winter. True all-seasons aren’t common here… if you can find a non-4WD tyre with a snowflake on the side, let me know.

  • Rick

    It’s a bargain at that price , I had the pleasure of watching lee bektash race one of these a couple of months ago , even though its in desperate need of larger rear tyres the thing ran a 12.6 1/4mile which is damn fast for something weighing near 2 tonnes

    • $29896495

      he question that needs to be asked, does it come with it’s own petrol pump.

      • Rick

        You’re kidding aren’t you ? I think it’s fuel usage is more than acceptable for the power it makes and weight it has to move . In real world testing motor mag long term SRT returned 13.2l /100km which included a track day where it averaged 41l/ 100km . Wheels mag long term ford focus has averaged 10.2l/100km . So the srt makes 3 times the power of a focus only uses 3l/100km more . I think most people could live with that, I know I could

        • $29896495

          I was being humorous – but real world, I’ll wait and see.

          • Rick

            Missed the humour, but fair enough

  • Dave S

    Awesome. I can feel a high power comparison coming up.

  • MisterZed

    I’d rather they have brought out the normal 5.7L HEMI and have the car look identical to the V6 model, and a bit cheaper ($51k or so). 6.4L is overkill, however at least it whips the 6.0L Commodore SS.

  • Pat Hong

    Its a fantastic car, there’s only one gripe I have with this car though.
    I’ve sat in one at a Chrysler dealership and the rear seat is really cramped with hardly any legroom. What a surprise from a large car. However the build quality is miles ahead of FPV and HSV.

    $56,000!!! Yes, another bargain car in the Australia market.

    • GM

      Among other things, this may explian why the SS and SSV have dropped around 10K in price.

    • Greg

      I find that strange. I sat in a 300 hire car the other day and found the rear seat to have plenty of legroom (I’m 191cm tall). Also you being of Asian decent I’m actually really surprised you found no legroom??? I would have thought it would have been a football field in the back for you compared to a Camry, Corolla or GT86.


    They should have Stripped it out even more and called it Roadrunner.

    • Phil

      and resurrect the Plymouth name as well?

      • PROJET-L

        Nah unfortunately thats long dead.
        Maybe get some real Dodge’s here.

        • Rick

          Yep it’s strange they don’t ,as dodges cars are fairly relevant to the market . The new dart and Durango are easy fits given they are the 2 most popular categories . With the death of the falcon
          it’s a great opening for the charger and the challenger would have no competitor

          • 111

            Exactly right 100%! Also if that were the case, people would see Dodge committing to Australia which would even lift Journey sales.

  • Edward

    They’re going for $52K drive away on carsales brand new with SATNAV option installed.

    That’s crazy pricing considering the type of performance you are getting. I bet if you got a hungry dealer at the end of the month willing to do a deal. $50K drive away with SATNAV would be easily achievable.

    SATNAV is the only relevant option it is missing in my opinion.