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Renault has acknowledged the decision of electric vehicle network provider Better Place to file for liquidation, but says the move will not negatively impact its own electric vehicle strategy.

In a brief release, Renault said that while it acknowledges the decision of Better Place’s board of directors this week to file a motion in its home country of Israel asking for the dissolution of the company and the appointment of a temporary liquidator, the decision “does not at all call into question the electric vehicle strategy of the Renault-Nissan Alliance”.

“The Renault network in Israel and in Denmark will continue to provide after-sales servicing for Fluence ZE and these vehicles’ batteries,” the company says.

Renault says electric vehicles are a revolution in mobility and it will continue to explore all charging technologies, from quick drop to other alternatives, as the number of EVs it sells, including the Renault Zoe and Twizy, continues to grow.

Back in February, Better Place cut funding of its Australian division to focus on its core markets in Israel and Denmark after being named Holden’s preferred EV charging partner for the Holden Volt in July 2012.

  • sfgha

    Fluence ZE was supposed to be on sale here last year, then Renault blamed Better Place for the delays. Now they’re claiming Better Place doesn’t impact them, yet the ZE is still not on sale!

    • TheRealThomas

      Renault did not blame Better Place, they simply stated the the charging infrastructure in Australia was not at a desirable level to launch the Fluence ZE.

      • sfgha

        My car, in line with the life of most cars, has been spending about 15 hours every single day parked about 1 metre from “charging infrastructure” for many years. I don’t see how that could be anymore “desirable” for a EV to recharge.
        Is Renault unaware that we park our cars at home and our homes have electricity?

        Anyway, this is what was said last year:
        “Renault Australia today confirmed its decision to set back the introduction of the Renault Fluence Z.E. until charge partner Better Place establishes a broader and more practically viable charging and battery-swapping network.”

    • F1orce

      No ones gonna buy one anyway.

      Eithe way.

      • Karl Sass

        Have to start somewhere.