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Pricing of the HSV Gen-F has been announced, with Holden’s go-fast division confirming cuts of up to $4000 at the bottom end of range and a sub-$100,000 starting price for the monstrous new GTS super-sedan.

The price of the HSV GTS (above) rises $10K to $92,990, though few are likely to complain given the new model’s 6.2-litre supercharged ‘LSA’ V8 outguns its predecessor by 105kW and 190Nm – producing a BMW M5-beating 430kW and 740Nm in total.

Incredibly, the pricing will make the GTS roughly $140,000 cheaper than the next cheapest car to boast as much power when it arrives in showrooms in September – three months after the rest of the HSV Gen-F range.

It will also bring with it a host of bespoke features, including electronic torque vectoring and high-performance AP forged brakes with six-piston calipers (both firsts for an Australian-made car), as well as unique intake and exhaust systems, specially tuned suspension, and stand-out styling.


At the other end of the range, the entry-level HSV ClubSport (above) now starts from $60,990, representing a $4K decrease over the equivalent E Series 3.

As with the rest of the Gen-F line-up, the ClubSport benefits from a number of the technological upgrades developed for the Holden VF Commodore. Among the highlights is electric power steering, electric park brake, automatic reverse park assist, and an eight-inch high-resolution touchscreen featuring Holden’s MyLink infotainment system, which integrates satellite navigation with live traffic updates, Siri voice control, internet radio apps, Bluetooth phone connectivity with audio streaming, and a rear-view camera.

Stepping up to the HSV ClubSport R8 adds $10,300, though at $71,290, its price has still fallen by $210 compared with its predecessor.

Key R8 additions over the standard ClubSport include a more powerful engine tune (up to 325kW from 317kW), Hi-Flow Intermediate with bi-modal mufflers, black exterior details and alloy wheels, head-up display, lane departure warning, and HSV’s Enhanced Driver Interface system, among others.


The Maloo (above) remains the cheapest way behind the wheel of an HSV, retaining the old model’s $58,990 starting price. The HSV Maloo R8, which follows a similar equipment progression as the step from ClubSport to ClubSport R8, is likewise $210 cheaper than before, now priced from $68,290.

Similarly, the HSV ClubSport R8 Tourer falls an identical margin to start from $72,290.

The three R8 models can also be upgraded with the new ‘SV Enhanced’ package, which for $4995 boosts power and torque to 340kW/570Nm, and adds 20-inch SV Performance forged alloys, black exterior accents, and SV badging.


The price of the HSV Senator Signature (above) has been reduced $3K to $83,990, with the optional six-speed automatic transmission available at no extra cost over the standard six-speed manual (the self-shifting gearbox is a $2000-$2500 option across the rest of the range, excluding the auto-only Grange).

A Senator trademark, the new model features the most understated and refined design of the range, sporting a traditional single-piece grille, lip spoiler, pewter brake calipers and chrome mirror caps.

It also adds HSV’s Generation 3 Magnetic Ride Control suspension system with dual coil pistons, which is designed to offer faster response times, greater body control, sharper handling and ride quality improvements.


Also $3K cheaper than before is the new HSV Grange (above), the Caprice-derived long-wheelbase flagship now starting at $85,990. While the exterior styling largely carries over from the E3 version, the Gen-F Grange picks up the 340kW ‘LS3’ V8 tune as well as the new interior.

Production of the HSV Gen-F range commenced earlier this month. CarAdvice is attending the official launch on June 5-6 ahead of the vehicles’ arrival in showrooms in mid June. Production of the GTS will begin in late August ahead of its September introduction.

Read CarAdvice’s in-depth HSV Gen-F model-by-model guide.

  • HSV Gen-F manufacturer’s list prices:
  • HSV ClubSport – $60,990
  • HSV ClubSport R8 – $71,290
  • HSV ClubSport R8 Tourer – $72,290
  • HSV Maloo – $58,990
  • HSV Maloo R8 – $68,290
  • HSV Senator Signature – $83,990 (auto no-cost option)
  • HSV Grange – $85,990 (auto only)
  • HSV GTS – $92,990

Major options:

  • Six-speed automatic transmission (ClubSport and Maloo) – $2000
  • Six-speed automatic transmission (GTS) – $2500
  • SV Enhanced package (R8 models) – $4995
  • Sunroof – $1990
  • 20-inch SV Performance Satin Graphite forged wheels – $1495

  • F1orce

    Great, does this finally mean it will crack the sub 5 second range?

    Because these things are far too slow for their given displacement.

    • pro346

      2006 hsv gto auto cracked the sub 5 second range…

    • Hung Low

      0-100 is meaningless for cars with these outputs. Terminal speeds over the 1/4 mile are more indicative about the straight line performance.

  • Liam Sullivan

    Im still on the fence about the styling…it’s got me really torn whether it’s just..ok or terrible lol

    • Peter

      I’m not a fan at all, it all looks very camry to me, whereas when the old one came out I thought it was an audi A6. But you never know, they might be really good cars, and the looks might grow on you.

      • Dieseltorque

        Peter wants the bonnet scoops back.

        • Peter

          hah! Funnily enough I looked at the Aston article today and thought that the bonnet vents were OTT. But now that you mention it, this one could use the bonnet scoops, it looks pretty meh without them. But then there is the 1990’s pulsar front end, that should go. And the Aurion back end. But they could keep the middle and all of the mechanical stuff. I miss the old one!

          • Dieseltorque

            The rear end of the Clubsport does look like a nappy! The wheels look cheap as well. I think an SS would be a better buy if your not forking out 82 large for the GTS. Aston anything is just beautiful with or without vents.

          • Tom

            1990s Pulsar? I cannot fathom how anyone with the ability to see could make such a comparison.

    • Force-15

      Hey, at least it isn’t as bad as the E2-E3 series.

      • JooberJCW

        Imo I think its got a worse backend to the VE’s though. It doesn’t cry out muscle at all, especially with the wrapped up exhausts.

    • Zaccy16

      yep i agree, its very very bland for a HSV! but i might like it over the just plain ugly last gen!

  • Matt

    The GTS is priced very well. Thought it’d be more considering the upgrades

    • David

      The GTS prices are $10k more than what the text in the story says, $92,990 for the manual and $95,490 for the automatic (though the table at the end is correct). Though they are still less than what I expected considering the increased power/performance.

      • Matt

        Oh cheers, didn’t realise that

  • 3D4

    Impresive figures and equipment – yes

    That “g-string look” diffusor on the back of the clubsport – no

  • Radbloke

    Nice E46 M3 wheels on the Senator there.

  • effing

    from the back, it looks like its had a wedgy!!

    • AMG63

      Yes, the base model is really showing through badly in the photo of the red clubby 317 … not to mention the wedgy!

  • dave

    legendary australian engineering

    • JooberJCW

      Which part? The engine is all from the US of A.

  • Rick

    On paper it looks impressive , but we’ll have to wait and see what the tests say . As for the looks I think it looks good at the front but I don’t know what they were thinking with the rear of it .

  • Sedgewin

    These are the worst looking Holden’s in years .
    And OMG the prices are crazy.

  • gtrxuone

    Can’t wait to see one in the flesh.

  • Bondie

    Not cheap for our new taxi service..

  • Bob

    I don’t get it! The VF commodore prices dropped by roughly 10k but the hsv range stays roughly the same. Where’d the 10k go?

  • Mohammed Smith

    GTS depreciation would be 45% within 2 years! So wait or buy SSV. Better still – go a FPV GTP RSpec or WRX anniversary edition (coming soon).

    Not much you can do about the thong rear-end though … except maybe get a hard-on!

    • Corporal Clegg

      Disagree. I think you’ll find this GTS won’t drop as severely as the others as the LSA will keep it unique. The LSA won’t be going into the other HSVs.

      • HSVBoganFanVBmate

        Would you like to change that reply?

        • Corporal Clegg

          Yes, yes I do. Should have known HSV like to devalue their brand again again by doing this sort of thing. Glad I sold mine before the announcement.