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The HSV Gen-F range will become the quickest, most powerful and most technologically advanced family of sports cars ever to emerge from Holden’s go-fast division when it launches across Australia from June.

The HSV Gen-F embraces the sophisticated new exterior styling and cabin design of the Holden VF Commodore on which it’s based. Gen-F benefits from a host of the new systems developed for the base car, including electric power steering, electric park brake and automatic reverse-park assist, and boasts a number of firsts for a locally manufactured car, including torque vectoring and high-performance AP forged brakes.

The line-up features familiar names, with the ClubSport sedan, Maloo ute and Tourer wagon all carrying over along with the enhanced R8 line, luxury Senator Signature, long-wheelbase Grange, and the high-performance GTS.


While the rest of the range continues with its naturally aspirated 6.2-litre ‘LS3’ V8, the GTS upgrades to a stonking 430kW/740Nm tune of General Motors’ supercharged 6.2-litre ‘LSA’ V8 from the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, making it by far the most powerful, and almost certainly the quickest, Australian-made production car in history.

All models will reach showrooms at the beginning of June with the exception of the GTS, which is scheduled to arrive three months later in early September. Pricing for the range is not being released by HSV until later this month.

Here’s CarAdvice’s model-by-model guide to the new HSV Gen-F range:

HSV ClubSport

HSV Gen-F Clubsport - 3

The HSV ClubSport is the entry-level model in the Gen-F range. The base 317kW/550Nm engine tune carries over from the outgoing E Series 3, as do the standard six-speed manual and optional six-speed automatic transmissions.

The ClubSport gets HSV’s standard suspension and stability control set-ups, as well as four sets of 367mm brake discs with four-piston calipers. They sit within 20-inch alloy wheels, which are now wrapped in new custom-tuned Continental tyres.

HSV Gen-F Clubsport - 2

Standard exterior ClubSport highlights include front and rear parking sensors, side blind-zone and rear cross traffic alert systems, automatic headlights, and LED daytime running lights.

A sensor key with push-button start functionality opens the doors to reveal an entirely redesigned cabin. The headline act is the eight-inch, high-resolution touchscreen featuring Holden’s MyLink infotainment system, which integrates satellite navigation with live traffic updates, eight-speaker audio system, Siri voice control, internet radio apps, Bluetooth phone connectivity with audio streaming, and a rear-view camera.

HSV Gen-F Clubsport - 6

A new Driver Preference Dial (DPD) also finds its way onto the centre console, allowing drivers to select between three modes – Touring, Sport, and Performance – to vary the response of the ClubSport’s stability and traction control systems, electric power steering, and launch control (manual models only).

Dual-zone climate control and cruise control are standard, along with cloth upholstery and electrically adjustable sports seats.

HSV ClubSport R8

HSV Gen-F Clubsport R8 SV - 1

As before, stepping up to the HSV ClubSport R8 specification liberates an extra 8kW from the LS3 engine for 325kW in total. Torque remains at 550Nm. Also included is HSV’s Hi-Flow Intermediate with bi-modal mufflers.

Sports side skirts and six-spoke, machined-face, black-accent alloy wheels are the only visual differentiators between the R8 and the standard ClubSport.

HSV Gen-F Clubsport R8 SV - 2

Boosting the R8’s list of advanced driver assist features is a head-up display, forward collision alert, and lane departure warning, while the R8 also adds rain-sensing wipers, nine-speaker Bose premium audio system, and the Enhanced Driver Interface (EDI) system with updated graphics and improved display resolution.

HSV Gen-F Clubsport R8 SV - 5

Control of the bi-modal exhaust is also added to the DPD, while the R8 also upgrades to performance sports seats with eight-way electric adjust for the driver and passenger.

HSV ClubSport R8 Tourer

HSV Gen-F Clubsport R8 Tourer - 1

The HSV Tourer R8 is the only wagon in the Gen-F range. Its equipment list largely mirrors that of the R8 sedan, with unique exhaust outlets the only differentiating trim element on the outside.

It misses the ClubSport R8’s nine-speaker Bose audio system, however, and is the only model in the line-up fitted with a standard six-speaker unit.

HSV Gen-F Clubsport R8 Tourer - 2

Flexibility is the Tourer’s strong suit, of course, as it’s the sole variant to feature 60:40 split-fold rear seats, which collapse forward to create a completely flat-based load area.

HSV Maloo

HSV Gen-F Maloo - 1

The HSV Maloo is largely identical to the ClubSport, though misses out on the sedan’s LED tail-lights and passenger-side power-adjustable lumbar support. The ute’s audio system also features six speakers rather than eight, though is a step above the system in Tourer.

The Maloo package is completed by a soft tonneau cover.

HSV Gen-F Maloo - 2

HSV Maloo R8

HSV Gen-F Maloo R8 SV - 1

Stepping up to the HSV Maloo R8 brings all of the upgrades when moving from ClubSport to ClubSport R8, although the six-speaker audio unit from the base ute remains.

A HSV performance sail plane and a remote-locking hard tonneau cover further differentiate the R8 from the standard Maloo.

HSV Gen-F Maloo R8 SV - 2

HSV R8 SV option

Available on all three R8 models is the SV option package. Power and torque are bumped up 15kW and 20Nm respectively thanks to the introduction of a new a bi-modal air intake.

R8 SV models are distinguished visually by unique SV badges; forged Satin Graphite alloy wheels; and black plastic side vents, mirror caps and rear spoiler.

HSV Senator Signature

HSV Gen-F Senator Signature - 1

The HSV Senator Signature retains its traditional understated styling theme, highlighted by its single-piece grille, Dark Stainless forged alloy wheels, pewter brake calipers, chrome mirror caps with puddle lamps, and a body-colour lip spoiler. The cabin features premium front seats with driver’s memory settings and luxury interior trim.

HSV Gen-F Senator Signature - 2

The Senator comes standard with the 340kW SV engine tune, and is available in either manual or auto. It also adds HSV’s Generation 3 Magnetic Ride Control suspension with dual coil pistons, designed to offer faster response times, greater body control, sharper handling and improvements in ride quality. Two MRC settings are available – Touring and Sport – via the DPD.

HSV Grange

HSV Gen-F Grange - 1

The long-wheelbase HSV Grange misses the design overhaul of the rest of the VF Commodore-based range, instead carrying over largely unchanged from the E Series 3 model.

The Grange is equipped almost identically to the Senator, adding front foglights and unique exhaust outlets, but missing out on the Performance mode in the DPD.

HSV Gen-F Grange - 2


HSV Gen-F GTS - 2

The introduction of the supercharged LSA V8 sees the output of the HSV GTS (pictured top) rise a staggering 105kW and 190Nm – the equivalent of a small hatchback – over the E Series 3 model to the point where it now outguns the likes of the BMW M5 (412kW/680Nm) and the Audi RS6 (412kW/700Nm).

The inclusion of electronic torque vectoring is a first for an Australian car. Torque vectoring is designed to help steer a vehicle into and through a corner by reducing understeer. It uses rotational movement generated in the rear axle when the vehicle is under power, transferring torque across the rear axle by using ESC to brake the inside wheel while adding torque to the outside wheel.

HSV Gen-F GTS - 3

The brakes themselves have been uprated and now measure 390mm at the front and 372mm at the rear. Bright yellow six-piston aluminium calipers grip the discs at all four corners, and don’t add extra weight despite their larger size.

Both the TR6060 manual and 6L90E automatic six-speed transmissions are unique to the GTS. HSV also made substantial changes to the rear module, with the GTS boasting a unique sub-frame, stabiliser bar and prop-shaft, along with a 9.9-inch differential with stacked plate cooler, larger-diameter half shafts and aluminium hubs. A high-flow bi-modal airbox pairs with a high-flow exhaust system to control the flow of intake and emissions.

HSV Gen-F GTS - 8

The GTS exclusively offers drivers a fourth Track mode on the DPD, which takes Performance mode to another level thanks to its Track tune for the Magnetic Ride Control suspension.

Other distinguishing features of the GTS include Satin Graphite forged alloy wheels, black mirror caps and side vents, large rear spoiler, and black-tipped quad exhaust outlets, as well as the luxury interior trim grade, premium heated front seats, and a boost gauge.

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  • Karl Sass

    Senator is the best looker IMO, should come in a wagon.

    • OMG! That fat ugly face from the behind is blinding.

      • Chad

        If you search Gen F and check out the GTS product review on YouTube you ll see it actually looks ok

        • HW

          It would properly look better after a few lagers ,quite a few lagers

    • Mark Skaife

      The Grange looks better. FACT!

      • Sydlocal

        It can’t be FACT because looks, no matter what it is, are always subjective…

    • Roadtard

      The E1 saw HSV come of age with its own sheet metal, but this thing harks back to the VN-VZ days of plastic add-ons only. Totally underwhelmed!

    • JD

      Senator, with a shark fin antenna, and bumper from the Grange would be actually look even better. I dont like the black bulky plastic surrounding the exhaust pipe.

      • JD

        and seats from the clubsport.

    • AussieAndProud

      Best looker, but still horrendous like the rest. Bring on the haterzz!!

  • Golfschwein

    Much, much nicer looking than the last one. Clubsport shows less is more.

    • Karl Sass

      I find the Clubsport to be too plain (for a HSV), not a fan of those wheels either.
      It may look different in the flesh.

  • Shak

    The Senator finally comes in a manual trim! All round a good job, but i wish HSV had done something to the Grange. That LSA is definitely going to mean the GTS will command many more sales come August.

    • Kd

      The Senator has been available with a manual transmission for about 5 years…..

    • John

      Senator was available as a manual in the E series

  • Brayden Cresswell

    I’ll wait till I see it in the flesh.

  • $29896495

    It is in no way a sophisticated design. Don’t like the front. The rear looks odd. Dash is OK, those instruments in the console are just wrong.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, it looks even cheaper outside but better inside

      • Tom

        I can assure you that HSV as well as their customers do not have even the slightest care in regards to what you two think. They could build an Aston Martin and you’d criticise it.

  • Wizzbang

    I love it! The rear looks a bit like a sumo wrestler’s bum, but overall I think it’s brilliant!

    • Kineso

      Looks like the car is wearing a G banger.

  • Chad

    I’m reasonably impressed so far, lets hope the back ends look better in real life, they don’t look that great in the pics. Perhaps debadging the back end would tidy them up. Good to see the bonnet vents gone and i think they got the styling about right, not to aggressive bit aggressive enough to say I’m a HSV. As for the flag ship GTS well done I can’t wait to see the reviews.

  • horsie

    Awesome!! A huge improvement, I love the styling!!!!
    Well done HSV

  • O123

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  • gibbut

    its not over the top and offensive??? its almost tasteful… wow… i kinda like it.

  • Hector

    why does the R8 Clubsport have a 340 badge on the back? Tim Beissmann you might want to correct the article.

    • Kd

      Because that vehicle has the optional SV pack, upping it from 325kW to 340.

  • Just saying

    Bloody terrible. Side profile looks good because it still has VE lines. Lovr the interior. The front styling is nowhere, and makes the headlights look out of place. that rear end is just nasty. I was looking forward to seeing this. Typical HSV. 10 different ideas in one car. Doesn’t work.

    • guest

      They found the ugly stick ………..Holden diehards will luv it as do Ford followers luv their make,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Just saying

        Not all Ford fans love love the look of all Falcon models. Me being one of them. I was never a fan of the AU styling, although the rear end has held up well with time, provided it has the rear wing to square it off. I’m not a huge fan of the series 2 FG models. I just can’t get past the massive odd looking mouth.

  • Humdinga

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    • BellyButtonSays

      They got them on 6 months interest free deals

  • Dieseltorque

    Base Clubsport looks better balanced than the rest of the range. Is it just me or are the black rims ruining the look of these cars?

  • Buzzliteyear

    I don’t like any of them except for the wagon, but they are better than the last series. That rear reminds of a Cruze, doesn’t suit the menace of your typical HSV muscle car. The front end seems to have had botox treatment, softening the previous hard edges with rounded look, don’t like it. So if I had to pick a non-wagon HSV the Senator is the best of an ordinary bunch.

  • Buzzliteyear

    Actually I change my mind I think the HSV GTS over the Senator, it says more race me than the others. The spoiler on the Clubsport versions seems to understated and tacky too.

  • BellyButtonSays

    Someone slap the wheel designer for the lesser models wheels.

    The cars look better in the vids than in the pics.

  • falcodore

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    What is the deal with the Antenna? I was expecting the HSV Senator or Grange to have a completely different antenna design (ie. in-glass, or shark-fin) to compliment the luxury-premium vehicle persona.

    • observer

      Omg that rear has completely destroyed what otherwise wasn’t a bad effort on the VF.

    • Mike

      was just going to post the same thing. The protruding antennas are so bad it almost throws off the look of the whole car. Don’t get me wrong, I like the car..first Holden I would ever consider.. BUT that antenna almost ruins it all.

      • tristan

        They could have at least burrowed the antennas from the Chevy Camaro, Impala or even from the Malibu if HSV or Holden are incapable of re-designing there antennas :)

  • fozz3d

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  • Me

    Looks like a mazda 6 from behind, expect the mazda 6 looks better

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  • Dennis

    Most of these Photos are angled badly. (Probably on purpose)

    Look at the HSV Youtube Vid and it shows the car at better angles.

  • Speedy

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  • MisterZed

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  • KeepCalm

    I’m glad they pulled back on the styling, it was getting out of hand on the last series. Too many holes/gills and strap-on plastic :)