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A prototype of an upcoming Ram pick-up truck was temporarily lost at sea off the coast of California during a recent press shoot, US media are reporting.

According to industry journal Automotive News, the 2014 Ram Power Wagon was being photographed near Moonstone Beach south of Trinidad, California for the Chrysler Group on May 1, when the vehicle got stuck while being positioned for a particular shot.


Attempting to snap the truck climbing rocks at low tide, the Ram could not be freed before the tied came in, lifting it off the rocks and taking it out to sea.

Nature photographer Matt Hinton proved to be in the right place at the right time – unlike the truck – and captured his own photos of the stranded ute.

The Chrysler Group managed to recover the Ram the following day with the help of some tow truck operators.


In a statement, a Ram spokesperson told Automotive News, “During a photo shoot, a Ram truck was lodged on some rocks on a beach when the tide came in. The EPA inspected the vehicle and confirmed there was not any leakage from the vehicle’s fluid tanks.”

Chrysler says it did have the necessary authorisation and permits to be in the area at the time of the shoot.

Click on the Photos tab for more images by Matt Hinton.

  • MisterZed

    If a Dodge Ram went missing at sea in Australia, there would only be 1 left.

  • davie

    If it was an old VW beetle, it would probably have just easily floated away with the rising tide.

  • Phil

    well, they handle like a boat… just don’t float like one.

  • Guest

    Welcome to last week’s news

  • Shea Quinn

    “Ram could not be freed before the tied came in, lifting it off the rocks and taking it out to sea.”

    If it was tied it wouldn’t have lifted lol.

  • quivive

    Proof that even Jeremy Clarkson is smarter than the people at Dodge.

    • docmartin

      Jeremy doing a beach assault with the Royal Navy in a Ford Fiesta is one of my all time favorites. Nobody does car shows like Top Gear UK. The Dodge sinking seems like a proper metaphor for Dodge…… :(

  • Justin W

    “Old” news guys….really! Keep up 😉

  • nugsdad

    Seriously C.A. this was last week’s news.

  • Rick

    I wouldn’t mind a new ram and I’m guessing if some of you drove one you’d be as surprised as I was not to mention they seat 6 people in comfort

  • docmartin

    This reminds me of wedding photos and videos that end in disaster. If you do not want to wear your wedding dress over your head, or get kicked in the face by a horse, or fall from a monster truck (or if your ARE the truck – not drift out to sea), do NOT attempt silly stunts on your special day. Leave it for the Cirque du Soleil people.

    KISS rule: Keep It Simple S….d.

  • Paul

    Shut up you scam er. You low life person that tries to rip people of.