by Jez Spinks

The McLaren MP4-12C supercar from the famous Formula One team has been dramatically reduced by up to $102,000 in Australia as the company launched an attack on “overpriced” rivals.

McLaren launched the MP4-12C in Australia only last year, its first road car since the fabled McLaren F1 that was the world’s fastest production car in the 1990s.

The company, however, has announced pricing for the 12C coupe is being cut from $493,100 to $398,000, while the more recently released 12C Spider now costs from $441,780 instead of $543,900.

“McLaren believes the super luxury sports car segment has been historically overpriced in Australia, with a number of the ‘core’ manufacturers employing premium-pricing policies in this market,” the company said in a statement.

McLaren Automotive says the revised pricing “reflects the changing expectations of customers in this category in Australia, many of whom have become accustomed to paying significantly less than the advertised RRP, as competitors in the category heavily discount”.

McLaren has sold only seven cars so far in 2013 locally, but the changed pricing makes the MP4-12 duo a relative bargain compared with the rival Ferrari 458 Italia that costs $526,950 in coupe form and $590,000 in convertible (Spider) form.

The company, which imports its cars to Australia through the Trivett Group, says it will support existing MP4-12C owners by reimbursing them at trade-in time – though stipulating it would be for a new model within McLaren’s limited range.

McLaren’s move follows Rolls-Royce’s decision last November to reduce the pricing of its Phantom line-up by up to $280,000.

  • tony

    Hmmm, wonder how those 7 early adopters feel after that news…
    Also wonder how many 458 Italia’s were sold over the same period – perhaps price reduction is not so much about giving the us a fairer deal, more a recognition that head to head on price, people want the Ferrari

    • JamesB

      I do remember when McLaren introduced height-adjustable suspension to this car as an update; previous buyers were entitled to have it fitted at no charge. But refunding those 7 lucky guys I highly doubt.

  • $29896495

    Prices are just insane anyway,that it could take a 100K and still seem mind boggling is testament to that.

    • Cars

      That’s because it’s a supercar! If they were ubiquitous, there would be nothing super about it. Prices are high but so they should be. These things are part of the ultimate performance club of vehicles. They represent the ultimate in on-road performance. The only reason Mclaren are discounting it here is to get some brand recognition. Martin Whitmarsh Mclaren’s CEO has himself acknowledged the problem saying that everyone knows what a Ferrari is, Mclaren doesn’t have anything like the global recognition they enjoy.
      In a couple of markets such as the Middle East they have much better brand awareness so they intentionally maintain high prices to retain exclusivity.
      Nothing wrong with dreaming though, you are quite the dreamer anyway.

  • Anuj

    at least this is a faintest of moves in the right direction

  • Matt

    I’ll pop out and get one now…

  • 1011

    I’m still going to hold out for capped-price servicing

    • $29896495

      You might be able to get a 0% percent finance comparative(?) rate too. That’s going around again. Don’t forget your free floor mats.

      • Paul

        Hmm, I still want my fuel to be for free for the first 3 years like as if I bought a Volvo.

  • azeng

    still $150K overpriced compared to the UK

    • Jerrycan

      I had a quick look at the new F-type Jag pricing in the UK and see that the base model is retailing at the equivalent of A$86k compared to the A$139k here.
      Our luxury car tax is probably offset by the UK’s 20% VAT (GST) rate.
      So yes Australians are very gullible, or so rich they really don’t care.

  • Sam

    BMW, mercedes, jaguar, audi have been ripping us off for years compared to other markets, yet ppl are still prepared to pay…maybe we are too rich, and we should support paying more tax as Julia guillard is suggesting…if we want a fair deal, everyone should unite and demand these car company’s to lower prices so its in line with the other markets…

    • Cars

      How do you propose to unite everybody and force the manufacturer’s hands exactly?

      • FairDinkam

        Try signing a petition on CHANGE(dot) ORG just search for “new car rip off” to open up parralell importing of new cars. The prices will drop overnight to equivalent levels. Just stumble across it couple of days ago.

      • Sam

        Simple, ppl just don’t buy those cars until prices are reduced. If there’s less demand, prices will go down…

  • qikturbo

    Under $400,000 that’s places the McLaren in direct competion with the Porsche Turbo/S and Audis R8 V8/V10 and Lambo Gallardo.
    CarAdvice should do a comparision with these cars!

    • Cars

      You think they’s hand the keys to a small bunch of Aussie journalists in what is a tiny market?

      People in the market for these types of cars are not interested in what they think. They usually have in mind a particular brand from the start and take it from there. A former boss owns an Aston Martin DB9. We would give him curry about not buying a Ferrari – probably more out of jealousy than anything. Secretly we really knew it was the right decision for him, he had a passion for Aston Martins since he was a boy and at the end of the day – it’s what makes him happy that matters, not conforming to anyone else’s opinions. On top of all that – it’s still an Aston martin! Lucky Ba$7a?d!!!

    • Ivn

      I think it’s a step in the right direction. It can benefits consumers and will probably increase the sales for McLaren.
      What we need to see is the reaction of the other manufacturers that are selling cars in that price bracket, like qikturbo says the Porsche Turbo, R8 and Gallardo. Consumers who can afford those cars but can’t buy the next level up will definitely get the McLaren. Porsche, Audi and Lambo will have to reduce their prices. Therefore, it will be a cascading effect…I’m hoping.

  • Ben Rubie

    There’s a guy that owns a white spyder in Manly. Jealous

    • JamesB

      Might consider big-time narcotics solicitation soon then.

  • crouchy35

    “with a number of the ‘core’ manufacturers employing premium-pricing policies in this market”

    He’s describing himself?

    They’ve basically admitted to trying to rip everyone off. It is a brave strategy and we should be celebrating it. Who knows? Maybe we’ll finally get access to the cars we should be able to afford but cant because the euros punish our market for being small…

    • save it for the track

      I don’t think that a limited marque such as Mclaren can be seen as a ‘core’ manufacturer.

  • Yetiman

    Tony will fix it!

  • MarksmanR

    Respect for McLaren, this is a step in the right direction.

    I want to see BMW/Mercedes etc. finally normally priced oneday… a 328i is $29, 990 MSRP in America. If it was say $35k drive-away price in AU… everyone would buy it, it would actually cause BMW to get much more profit through sheer volume.

    • Cars

      What you want and what BMW want are very different matters. BMW are turning a decent profit as it is, why would they want to risk trashing the premium brand and profitability just to please the masses? To cut prices to be a Hyundai competitor will not improve their profitability. Don’t get me wrong, performance wise they are superior so it would be nice for me to be able to buy one over the likes of a Hyundai for the same money. Facts are, it ain’t gonna happen and the BMW shareholders would be rightfully angered if they did. The CEO and Directors would get their proverbial kicked.


    Mac….”powered by Nissan”…lol, a kit car if you will, should be 911/GTR money, not a patch on pedigree Ferrari