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Seemingly keen on entering the lucrative new four-door coupe genre among the likes of the Aston Martin Rapide, Porsche Panamera and Lamborghini Estoque, BMW has unveiled its new 5-Series Gran Turismo concept.

Based on the next-generation 5 Series, the new GT model – or Progressive Activity Sedan (PAS) as BMW like to call it – will compliment the existing sedan and touring variants in the range.

Like all of the four-door coupes which are set to hit the market, luxury rather than practicality is key, with the 5 Series PAS boasting only four individual sports seats.

2010 BMW 5 Series GT concept

In order to accomodate its passengers in comfort, the concept is larger than the standard 5 Series in all dimensions – measuring nearly 5 metres long, 1.9 metres wide, 1.56 metres high and using a limo-like wheelbase of just over 3.0 metres.

Any feeling of claustrophobia for rear seat passengers has been eliminated by including pillarless doors and a panorama glass roof, reportedly offering the same legroom as the 7 Series and the headroom of the X5 SUV.

2010 BMW 5 Series GT concept

Luggage capacity can increase from 430-litres to 570-litres as the rear seats move forward by up to 10 centimertres while still offering the same legroom as a standard 5-series, or can be folded away altogether for 1650 litres of space.

Boot access is imrpoved by using a two-piece tailgate system similar to the design found in the Skoda Superb.

2010 BMW 5 Series GT concept

While no mechanical details have yet been released, the new 5 Series PAS will make its official debut at the Geneva motor show with a production model slated to appear at this year’s Frankfurt motor show.

  • B-Man

    ‘Right guys… The new BMW model. I’m going to need you to mix the impracticalities of the X6 with the blandness of the new 7-series and the awkwardness of 50 Cent at a garden party with her majesty. Oh, and make sure you’ve got tartan seats, they never go out of style…’

  • Nick


    I agree 100%.

    The front end looks like a pig.

  • Nick

    I vote for B-Man getting the next petrol card for the monthly prize.

  • Falcodore

    Sedan? Looks like a hatch to me, a very ugly one at that.

  • Riss_fordchick

    I call vehicles with a Hatch a hatch as well falcodore. BMW dont usually do much wrong in the looks department in my opinion. This is one of the worst looking cars they’ve designed in a while.

  • Captain Mainwaring

    B-Man, that was brilliant.
    Nick, and an ugly old pig at that.
    And don’t forget that copying the boot idea from Skoda qualifies for another kicking.
    BMW are certainly finding new ways to qualify as the laughing stock of the motor industry.

  • Matt

    This is how you turn an entirely handsome Mazda6 hatch into an awkward piece of metal.

  • frenchaffair

    Looks like a liftback.
    Definatley not a coupe – s’got 4 doors bro!

  • Jimmy

    That is sinfully ugly.
    But at least BMW are trying new things… even though they are verging on the ridiculous sometimes. It looks like a Nissan Maxima.

  • HAL

    egads, what are they thinking?? hideous, absolutely and throughly hideous. no redeeming features and what’s worse, they’ll think they are entitled to charge over $100K for the ‘privilege’ of driving this thing.

  • Tim

    Looking at the comments above, I don’t think I should say that I like it..

  • Marcoz

    Hmmmm one word…….. FUGLYYYYYYYYYY

  • Mitch

    CA, I think you need to implement word wrapping on stupid comments as above.

  • Myke

    It is no where as awkward looking as the X6.

  • pious

    it’s all part of BMW’s cunning, cunning plan to make the 3 and 5 series sedans look appealing. It adopts the relatively attractive female’s tactic of surrounding herself with plain friends, to look hot in comparison.

    Sheer marketing genius, I say.

  • crouchy

    Hmmm it seems that everyone is following holden’s pink torana design theme….?

    Would rather the torana over this disgrace.

    Why do they use that god awful colour for releases??????

  • Backyard Enterprise

    Has anyone noticed how the headlight shape look almosts identical the the new Lancer.

    Even the way the lights flow towards the grille.

    it seems BMW is slowly heading back towards a sloping inwards style that they used to have in the 70′s… which isn’t a bad thing, however Mitsubishi are doing now, and at this moment a little better than this rather unattractive piece of work.

    Anyone remember how good the front end on the 6 series looked… a bit like a shark… a modern interpretation of that look would be nice.

    Looks like we are in a bit of a ‘transition’ period with BMW designs… I also don’t think the new 7 Series looks all that good either.

  • Phill

    Another obscure niche model from a European car maker,what’s new.

  • Steve-Poyza

    I love BMWs, but what were they thinking :S
    That boot looks like a contraption too. And they think this can compete witht the CLS?

  • Bollinger

    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but sadly I cannot comment further, having gouged my eyes out as soon as I clapped my eyes on this automotive genetic mutation.

  • Alex

    Frenchaffair, it doesn’t appear that you read the last comment I left for you, coupe doesn’t mean two door. It has nothing to do with doors, it means “cut off” as in from roof to tailgate.

    B-Man, you are kind of wrong. I don’t think this car is impractical at all. How could it be? It’s massive on the inside and BMW obviously organized the interior to make good use of the space. I would say that it was quite practical. And I don’t think it’s that bland. How could something so ugly be called bland?

    Pious, what do you mean to make the 3 and 5 Series look appealing? They are very appealing to most, that’s why they sell so well. What a foolish comment.

    Backyard Enterprise, what are you talking about? The headlights are nothing like that of a Lancer’s. And BMW never had a slanting in look in the seventies. Or ever for that matter.

  • Alex

    I must confess to not minding the front or the sides, but I can’t deal with the back. That is so awkward and ugly! And to think it will most likely cost the best part of 40,000 pounds! It is big and practical though, which is one good thing. And it does it without being an SUV which is another. That’s about it for the good things…
    My biggest problem with it is that it must have cost BMW less to develop a supermini, which is something that would be in MUCH higher demand than this thing. Who’s going to buy it? And why would they? I’d rather have seen a supermini or an X7. I predict another Mercedes-Benz R Class.
    Unlike many, I like BMW’s current generation of cars. The 1, 3, 5, 6, (now previous) 7, X5 – but I don’t care for this one bit. And I should, because it’s a BMW and I love them but I am losing faith. The new 7 is bland and boring. Something it couldn’t afford to be after the controversial previous one. This is weird. I like the new Z4 but so far, that is it and the future is looking, quite literally, ugly.

    All I can hope is that this really is just a concept and they fix it. Surely the beautiful CS concept would have sold better than this monstrosity? I really hope that BMW are reading these comments because as it is clear to see (however, in case it isn’t, I’ll use capital letters), NOBODY WANTS THIS CAR – and in times like this, you can’t seriously be that stupid.

  • Cupid Stunt

    Aaaaarrrrgggh don’t carried away folks it’s only a concept!!
    Bangle left the company so will it ever happen.
    This is a X6 that’s come down to earth witha well ugly mug.

  • Aussiecar

    You said ” They are very appealing to most, that’s why they sell so well. What a foolish comment.”

    Sorry but calling Pious foolish for an “opinion” which most people I know also share about BMW`s styling the last few years is the foolish comment.

    3 series coupe and M3 in my opinion are BMWs only good looking cars..and even then they just dont look right from certain angles. (also I dont mind 5 series rear lights, but my girlfriend thinks they are butt ugly).
    This latest piece of automotive “Art” from BMW makes me want to vomit.

    I wish BMW had Audi`s design team. Come to think of it they should merge, Audi`s looks BMW`s great chassis and engines…

  • pious

    Sorry Alex, how right you are and how foolish I am. A few thousand housewives buy 3 series sedans, so that must mean that they are tremendously attractive. How could I dare confuse aesthetics with sales volume? I suppose that this logic means that a corolla is the world’s most beautiful car, eh?

    That said, I think BMW’s tactic is working. Now that the GT has made me vomit copiously, I only have a little bile left over for the 3 series sedan.

  • Alex

    Pious, I’m sorry if you are too small minded to see that some may actually like the 3 and 5 Series but the fact is that the current 3 and 5 Series have sold better than either model before them. Now many would have been bought by badge snobs, people who simply wanted to be seen in the car and be able to tell their friends that they drive a BMW but the fact is that even the most idiotic of badge snobs wouldn’t buy a car that they thought was ugly because there are many other marques to choose from. They would have gone to Audi or Mercedes, maybe Lexus.
    And I never wrote “tremendously attractive”, I didn’t even write good looking – I wrote “appealing”. Appealing doesn’t mean best looking thing in the world, it means that you find it so, and therefore you want one. That can come down to many aspects – how it drives, how big the boot is, what the interior is like, how safe it is and yes, how it looks. Is it so hard for you to believe that some may actually like these two cars? It’s hardly a few thousand housewives, they have sold hundreds of thousands of 3 Series in the three years that it’s been out.
    I realise that many hate the current 3 and 5 Series, but I don’t like the Ford Falcon, many do but I can see why they might instead of having an argument with a comment board about whether it is or isn’t good looking because looks are subjective. I’m not trying to make you say that you like the BMWs but the comments that you have left are foolish. “A few thousand housewives buy one” and the idea that BMW are putting out ugly cars to make the ones that you think are ugly look better. If they’re not foolish then what are they? Factual?

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    Yeah Cupid essentially it is a dumped X6,lets see what the real car car looks like when its made .Why do they have to make a computer generated one in THAT colour ?

    I agree with Alex,todays BMWs are some of the best designs ever. Saw a new Black M3 down at the Perth Eye on the weekend and its one of those cars when it slides past you you go all tingly then sigh in satisfaction when it passes…………

  • pious

    Yes Alex, I just cannot believe that anyone would like the appearance of those cars in sedan form. I am, however, tremendously narrow minded, and I dont mind admitting it.

    Keep coming back, my friend – I’m getting my biggest laugh for years seeing how upset you are getting about this! You do realise that my posts were tongue in cheek, dont you?

  • Dan

    In my opinion the new BMW designs aren’t that great. I hate the ‘bangled’ look. The previous generations looked a lot better. With the exception of the coupe models, all the current model BMW sedans are fugly (the 6 series rear is ugly also, someone copied a taxi advertising trunk haha). I guess you either love them or hate them. I personally hate them now. Hopefully with Chris Bangle’s departure, they will design something that actually looks pleasing to the eye for a change, maybe I will buy the 3 series again once that happens. E46 was a great looking series. Would be curious to know how many sales they lost when they painted their models with the ugly stick. I went to Lexus after BMW started producing those abortions…

  • Bavarian Missile (.)(.)

    So you went from Ugly too Boring Dan ?……….

    Bangle has done a lot for BMW ,he put some Passion back into the brand I think. It was all starting to look the same there for a while.

  • Dan

    Nope, I went from ugly to sexy looking, Bavaria. With a bit more fruit for the price too :)

    Bangle has done a lot for BMW alright… put me off upgrading to a new 3 series for starters. I don’t think BMW lacked passion before Bangle. The E46 M3 is a proof of that. Even the interiors looked a lot better back then. Current interiors look so 80s it’s not funny!

  • HAL

    sorry, the more I look at this thing the more I see parts that remind me of the 1994 Mitsubishi Galant lift back. I actually really liked that car back then, but come on BMW, that was 15 years ago – surely your design ambitions have moved along significantly since then?

  • Dan

    One big FAIL for BMW lol!

  • pious

    Hang on! I just realised it has a tartan interior. I withdraw my previous comments, this is the epitome of style and class. How could I have been so wrong, wrong, wrong…

  • Falcodore

    Actually have to agree with Dan here, i also think BMW have lost their way a bit.

    Wouldnt have gone to Lexus though, probably Audi for me.