by Jez Spinks

The seventh-generation Volkswagen Golf has been launched in Australia with a revised range offering improved fuel efficiency, more technology and stronger value.

Germany’s famous small car starts from $21,490 before on-road costs, $500 less than the previous entry model.

The new base model Volkswagen Golf also comes with a more powerful engine, a 90kW 1.4-litre turbocharged four-cylinder that replaces the 77kW 1.2-litre turbo.

The 90kW 90TSI is one of three new engines powering the new, streamlined Golf line-up, joined by a 103kW petrol turbo and a 110kW turbo diesel.


The engines all come standard with stop-start and improved fuel consumption by between eight (diesel) and 16 per cent, with the turbo diesel, which costs from $34,490, breaking the 5.0 litres per 100km mark with an official combined figure of 4.9L/100km.

The 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel also increases power over its predecessor, climbing from 103kW to 110kW, while its torque output is unchanged at 320Nm.

Volkswagen says the Golf’s petrol engines set the benchmark for fuel efficiency in the small car segment.

The entry Volkswagen Golf 90TSI uses 5.7L/100km with a six-speed manual or 5.4L/100km with a six-speed DSG dual-clutch auto that pushes the price up to $23,990.


The more expensive petrol Golf, the $31,990 103TSI available with the DSG gearbox only, offers the best of both worlds: more power, with 103kW, and better economy, at 5.2L/100km. It also offers 250Nm of torque compared with the 200Nm of the 90TSI.

The 103TSI is the fastest of the Volkswagen Golf range with a claimed 0-100km/h sprint of 8.4 seconds, with the 110TDI in the middle at 8.6 seconds, followed by the 9.3sec of the 90TSI (in both manual and DSG).


Three trim levels are available though only the entry Volkswagen Golf has the option of an alternative specification – the mid-range Comfortline.

Comfortline carries a $3500 premium but brings 16-inch alloy wheels, dual-zone climate control, front and rear parking sensors, rain-sensing wipers, and a rear-view camera.


Standard feature highlights of the base Volkswagen Golf include seven airbags, 15-inch steel wheels, auto hold function, electric handbrake, cruise control, Bluetooth, trip computer, and 5.8-inch colour touchscreen.

The Volkswagen Golf 103TSI and Golf 110TDI are both offered only in the high-grade Highline spec. Highline extras include 17-inch alloys, satellite navigation and sports seats.


Volkswagen has further reduced complexity in the Golf range by limiting the number of options for the range.

An automatic gearbox and metallic paint, for example, are the only options for the Golf 90TSI base model.

Comfortline additions are restricted to a Driver Assistance Package that costs just $1300 and includes an array of driver aids such as adaptive cruise control, front assist with emergency brake, proactive occupant protection system, parallel parking assist, and driving profile selector, the latter allowing drivers to select between Eco, Sport, Normal and Individual modes.

For the Highline, a panoramic sunroof ($1850), bi-xenon headlights ($2150) and Vienna leather upholstery ($2950) are cost options.

Metallic paint, which is standard on the rival Mazda 3, costs $500 for all models.


The latest Volkswagen Golf is the first all-new generation since the 2003 Golf Mk5. The Mk6 was a heavily upgraded version that used a significant number of carryover parts, including the platform.

The new Golf is the first Volkswagen to go on sale in Australia utilising the company’s new ‘MQB’ modular architecture that will underpin the vast majority of future VW Group vehicles – including those from sister brands such as Audi and Skoda.


The Mk7 is 56mm longer than the Mk6 that was one of the shortest models in the small car class. Other key dimension changes are a height reduction of 28mm and width reduction of 13mm.

It’s lighter than before, helped mainly by a body-in-white (main skeleton) paring 23kg. The wheelbase, previously the shortest in its segment, also stretches – by 59mm to 2637mm. Boot space increases by 30 litres to 380L.

All Volkswagen Golfs sold in Australia come only with the more sophisticated multilink rear suspension used by previous recent models. Volkswagen has introduced a cheaper torsion beam for the Golf for some markets.

The new Volkswagen Golf GTI will arrive later in 2013 locally, with a new version of the flagship, all-wheel-drive Volkswagen Golf R confirmed for 2014.

2013 Volkswagen Golf range

  • Volkswagen Golf 90TSI manual – from $21,490
  • Volkswagen Golf 90TSI DSG – from $23,990
  • Volkswagen Golf 90TSI Comfortline – from $24,990
  • Volkswagen Golf 90TSI Comfortline DSG – from $27490
  • Volkswagen Golf 103TSI DSG Highline – from $31,990
  • Volkswagen Golf 110TDI DSG Highline – from $34,490

  • Neil W

    Why would the 103TSI not be offered with the Highline package?

    Appears to be a competitive package elsewhere.

    • melbboy

      The 103TSI and 110TDI are only available in Highline. The 90TSI has the option of comfortline,

      • Neil W

        Only the 110TDI is available in the Highline trim.

        • Chris

          It’s a print error… The new golf 103TSI only comes in Highline mode, as is the case with the diesel. The 90TSI is the standard engine for the entry level golf and the Comfortline.

          • Neil W

            Ah, that makes more sense then. My mistake!

    • stop_the_borts

      Love that storm trooper, plastic-fantastic interior.

    • Jez Spinks

      Yes, apologies, Neil – the 103TSI is available only in Highline (like 110TDI) trim. I’ve corrected the relevant paragraph.

  • Chad

    And people say Toyota make boring looking cars….

    • Golfschwein

      And they do…but THIS is something else! :)

      • Chad

        That thing looks so boring even a Camry looks exciting, i guess they are playing the safe card like Toyota have done so many times. i think some of the new VWs look great but this is just boring.The interior in the second pic looks nice but the first that’s a flat piece of plastic with a few holes drilled in it for buttons, kinda like a 90’s Volvo

    • racrepus

      At least it’s cohesive. Toyota manage to be both boring, ugly and lacking any cohesion like a committee designs them.

  • Luke

    Isn’t the 103tsi only offered as highline?

  • Golfschwein

    Beaut! The 110 tdi will be the one that I’d go for right now, but something’s telling me to wait for year’s end to check out the GTI and GTD. Looking forward to a look-see.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree! that new 103 tsi is a fantastic engine though

  • AWal

    They’ve priced is much better than before buy the 103tsi and 110tdi should have had manual options. Sure the DSG will sell better but some people still like a manual. The 110tdi should also come in a cheaper comfort like spec and the 103tsi could also benefit from a highline spec.

    The engines are all also rated as being less efficient as the same spec models on the UK market – despite out economy testing cycle being the same. Howcome?

  • Kd

    The 103TSI only comes in Highline spec. Caradvice made a boo boo.

  • Spook

    Other sites report that the 103TSI is Highline only. Also the DSG on the 90TSI is 7-speed, not 6.

  • MisterZed

    Sorry but this car does nothing for me.

    • Chad

      This car is boring, so many other good looking cars in the class, I guess they played the safe card with this one

      • $29896495

        ? They always play it safe.

        • Chad

          U call the Up safe? What about the Passat CC both of them have a little bit of character and styling. Even the carolla has dipped it’s toe in the water for a little extra

          • $29896495

            Well, the Up is a small two box like the original Polo or just about any small to box lift back. Back windows in the 4 door don’t even roll down. The CC from te A pillar back is joining the fastb sedan craze, but show a bit of flair.

      • FixingItAgainTomorrow

        Yeah, but after a couple of months owning an Alfa Giulietta, the looks novelty wears off once the interior starts rattling and squeaking like it’s held in place by mozzarella cheese (and not covered by the warranty) and road noise so loud on coarse surfaces like it uses pizza bases for soundproofing, which I guess drowns out the rattling of the dash. I have pretty low standards for cars having owned a series 1 Freelander and 2006 Jeep Cherokee, but the Giulietta after 2 months already has proven to be the worst. Only 2 years and 10 months go under lease before I trade to something decent – assuming it holds together long enough!

        • Rocket

          Try an XR6 Turbo if you want a car that is opposite to what you have been driving lately.

          • FixingItAgainTomorrow

            I’m sure the XR6 Turbo is probably built to last longer than 2 months, actually, probably anything that isn’t an Alfa or Fiat is, but too big for what I need as a second car. Will be interesting to see the options in 3 years in small cars.

          • Matt

            They’re super value for money. G6E personally, it has softer suspension and some better features, and not that much more expensive anymore.

        • Payney

          If your next vehicle is a Fiat or Jaguar your luck may not change.

        • LeStori

          Think you have put this post in the wrong spot….

          Go buy a ‘VW Golf then. If you were unhappy with road noise then you should not have bought the Giulietta. Most reviews have pointed out it is noisy on rough surfaced roads.

          Never had a car without rattles. Volvo C30 door and Dash, VW golf, door and dash etc.Ateco who were importing Alfa Romeo certainly did not want to fix any rattles. Have not had any dealings with the new distributors (Chrysler Group) in this regard..

          As for reliabilty , Audi, VW and BMW have worse engine reliability than Alfa Romeo or so say Warranty Direct in the UK.

          • FixingItAgainTomorrow

            Actually, my comment was relevant to the poster who indicated that the Golf has boring style. My response was that once the seduction and infatuation with the style of a car wears off, and if the engineering and build quality are lacking, then the irritating poor build elements start annoying far more than anonymous styling. Also, the Alfa is considered a direct competitor to the Golf and has been priced accordingly, so it’s a comment about differing priorities for both sets of manufacturers fighting it out in the same market. My experience is probably similar to most past owners of Alfas and Fiat, which explains why they have plummeting sales and poor levels of customer retention (internationally). The Golf (and Corollas etc) which are built to higher standards and rely on substance rather than style, go from strength to strength. The issues I have are with the interior trim in the passenger door and dashboard all starting to rattle after 2,000 km not 50,000 like would be expected in properly built cars – not the motor. What surprised me was how all of a sudden it seems all the screws/rivets sound like they’ve all let go at the same time. Personally, if the Alfa and Fiat brand loyalists want to live in denial, it’s their business, but the market of both brands internationally is saying they’re crap products that are appealing to an ever diminishing number of buyers seeking style without substance. Now that the Australian reviews are just as effusive about the Golf as European reviews, it really makes the Giulietta more irrelevant in the category, considering is was already well short of the Mk 6 Golf – and it will be another 7 years before it’s replaced (10 year run like the 147).

  • Martin

    This generation’s face is definitely not pretty by any means. Shame really since the rest looks so nicely sculptured and executed. Bring on the gti!

  • Zaccy16

    Excellent value! best in class car for 21,500 with a bigger engine than before and standard touch screen! hopefully they will also bring the new 1.8 tsi 132 kw at some point

    • $29896495

      ould you say better than the Mazda 3?

      • fahrt_face

        The previous golf 6 was better than the Mazda3 and this is better again.
        Quite a few reviews already support this assertion.

        • azeng

          It wasn’t ‘better’. They both had their advantages and disadvantages. This new one probably has more advantages over the Mazda 3, but the new 3 isn’t so far away.

      • Zaccy16

        nearly but the mazda is now 20,330 drive away!

  • Galaxy

    No doubt that this is the best in class car. If Mark VI was better than all current car competitors then it’s another step forward making it all that much more difficult for the rest. The fuel efficiency is impressive as are the reviews from O/S. It’s scary to think of what the reliability will be like given it’s 1st gen of an all new model – even scarier being a VW. It would really make me think twice. Next best is a fair gap down the line, but might be the best long term proposition. The Golf is a premium ‘brand’ to itself and would be a worry for BMW, Merc and even VW’s own Audi products – but this car still worries me..

    • peddy.d

      I was thinking that reliability might be an issue as well but I’m thinking that because they’ve put so much thought into this MQB architecture, and because these cars are much easier to build compared to MkV/VI , then reliability will also (hopefully) significantly improve as well. Well that’s what i’m hoping anyway!

      • Chad

        I did some research on golf reliability and its actually not bad, as good as a lot of jap cars, polo wasn’t quite as good, everything else was just crap though

  • Rocket

    Are we still getting the African version or are they all made in Germany for Australian market?

    • Kd

      They haven’t made the Golf in South Africa since the end of Mk5 production.

      • Rocket

        So they all come from Germany now?

        • Golfschwein


        • Golf

          Yes, they are. Only Mk6 station wagon that comes from Mexico…

  • DUDLey ford

    Why would you buy this fragile euro rubbish when you can get a world beating falcon ,with much more space ,built for harsh australian conditions.

    • Rocket

      No one drives a VW beyond 100km of a city because they would rather fly apparently. I would rather drive a large car, but hey you can’t buy a large car at these prices.

      • John from Perth

        Not sure of your generalisation – I recently took my 2001 V6 Bora on a 1,500km round trip round some pretty isolated WA roads where even Telstra struggles for mobile reception. No issues over the 12yrs I have had it from new. Look after any car properly and it will look after you.

      • TG

        Ah, no. It’s because they’re concerned about reliability. I speak from experience, having owned a MKV GTI which spat a coil pack in the middle of nowhere.

      • Guest

        We take our Passat from Canberra – Melb – Canberra every couple of months. Love it. 5l/100k on the highway fully loaded (two adults, child, luggage, two dogs) means we have enough diesel when we arrive to drive around town for a few days and get us a ways back up the Hume before needing to refuel. I’m sure there are more refined, more luxurious cars out there, but our VW fit the bill for price/comfort/features/size and it’s done everything we’ve asked of it hassle-free.

    • Golfschwein

      Having owned both, here’s the funny thing: the Falcon has no extra legroom front and rear over the Golf (probably about 15mm less than the Golf, actually) and the Golf doesn’t have you slouching to look under the infrastructure like a Falcon has. All it lacks is rear seat width and boot space, but hey, that’s because it’s a small car and the Falcon is a big one.

      Polo? Now you’re talking squeezy, compared to Falcon.

      • Matt

        I don’t know what Falcon you had, I guarantee you having personally driven to brisbane, got on a plane, then got picked up in a golf r an hour later, they re FAR tighter. Felt like I was practically sitting on the driver (and the roof), and the miss’s in the back didn’t have much room but she’s small anyway.

        • Golfschwein

          I think it’s a perception thing. The Falcon’s a big car, so people don’t question the amount of room on offer. They think it’s as good as it gets. But it’s all bonnet and boot. The old test of setting up the driver’s seat for your own comfort and then popping into the seat behind it, tells a different story. The Golf (Mk 5) has more than a BA Ford. More head room, more leg room. I’m talking knees slightly touching the back of the front seat in the Falcon versus 15mm clearance in the Golf, for my height of 187 cm. Less width, which is probably the factor building your perception. But I speak the truth on legroom.

          • Matt

            I sat in the cars within 2 hours of each other – they’re definitely different leagues of size, interior room wise.

            A good test I like is simply arm out, how far are you from touching the other door. Falcon I’m way off, I didn’t test the golf but I would have gone closing to touching.

            Rear room depends on how far forward or back the seat is. I’m 185cm and I can stretch out in the front legs straight, while the back still has enough for knees not to touch. And lots of roof clearance, despite the Falcon being known for “sitting high” when driving.

            I have a FG, comparing to a MK6 Golf, although I’m not sure much changes through the years.

          • $29896495

            Width is getting up there for the Golf but here the current Falcon has an advantage is that it rides on the old fairlane floor pan (essentially). That’s why that back door looks odd on the Falcon, because of that stretch.

          • Bob222

            Was it the same driver in the two cars?

          • Matt

            Different – I drive the Falcon, passenger in golf. Not sure what that has to with anything though, it’s definitely tighter (its a small car vs “big dinosaur”, so no surprise)

          • Dieseltorque

            The width is the critical part. Try putting two baby capsules in a Golf plus another person. Its not possible, but in a Falcon or Commodore easily done. Settle down, I know your excited by a new Golf but dear oh dear its not a replacement for a large family sedan.

          • Golfschwein

            Of course!!! See what I’ve written about the width? If that’s what you need, Golf’s not your car. Never suggested it was.

          • $29896495

            It’s getting there, be patient. At the moment it’s just about perfect width 1779

          • Dieseltorque

            Read your own comments then. “Perception” and “people don’t question the amount of room on offer”. “They think this is as good as it gets” “Its all boot and bonnet”. It is a very good car the golf but your excitement for the new model results in your above statements. Your not a motoring journalist by any chance?

          • Golfschwein

            No, I’m not. I’ve owned both cars and stand by my comments, which are completely unambiguous. I understand them. If others don’t, it’s down to them to read them three, and then four times. I’m comfy.

          • Dieseltorque

            You must be sitting in the back of a Falcon then and not a Golf!

          • Golfschwein

            With my knees touching the sensual hard plastic backing of the driver’s seat in front of me? You call that comfortable? Edited bit: if the taxi driver’s 5’8″, problem solved!

  • Fassbinder Makes Films

    VW has just made other brands job selling cars a headache! One car that now looks like it is overpriced is the i30. Why buy one of these when you have have the world car of the year…. A home run VW!

    • Galaxy

      i30 is an excellent car and is far better than Corolla, Pulsar, Civic and other Jap competitors. It’s also better than Mazda 3 in all areas except steering. I don’t rate Focus (no compelling reason over Golf). The new Golf 7 pricing will certainly force price reductions from all no doubt. One has to wonder whether VW quality has slipped even further while they target aggressive global growth??

    • Bob222

      Yep. I was just at Hyundai on the weekend checking out the i30 Premium. They want $35,000! By the time you option up a Golf 103Tsi with a sunroof, you’re looking at the same money for a LOT of extra kit.

  • $29896495

    I like the dash it ha a big car feel to it.

  • Daniel

    I promise you I’m not a Volkswagen fanboy but I am definitely impressed by this line up. It’s well priced and it comes standard with a lot of good stuff and the option packages seem to be good value too. It’s boring but at least it’s well proportioned. There are a lot of ugly boring cars out there, this definitely isn’t ugly or offensive in any way and it probably has the nicest interior in the class by far. I don’t worry too much about reliability myself, I think you hear a lot of horror stories but what you don’t hear is all the people who have nice reliable cars that never have any problems; logically, I refuse to believe that if they were building such inferior products that their sales would keep going up and up and I don’t know anyone with a Volkswagen who’s had problems. I like it and I’m glad they’ve priced it in line with the competition; certainly makes yesterdays MG 6 already a bit of a fail.

    • Rocket

      I agree that the understated looks will age better than an overstyled Hyundai but VW need to make this as reliable as a Corolla otherwise the brand will be trashed like Fiat was years ago .

  • azeng

    103kw for $32K…am I the only one that thinks this is overpriced? That’s 5kw less than a base Mazda 3. For that money I would rather buy an SP25 or even a Giulietta with the excellent MultiAir engine (125kw from a 1.4).
    I am now eagerly awaiting the price list of the new Skoda Octavia, because that’s clearly a better choice than the Golf.

    • Matt

      $32k plus on roads. Bit expensive from mind for what it is.

  • therob

    is it just me or does the LCD touch screen in the 2nd image look considerably smaller than the Euro Golf? Will the larger touchscreen be available here?

    • O123

      was just about to ask the same. EU version has an 8.4inch screen this has 5.8, wonder if its an option?

      • Nada

        Saw this too. It’s seems Aus get a rough deal. Eg Euro passat gets a colour dash display, Aus black & white. I hope it’s an option at least or offered in the GTI.

        • Hung Low

          Do we miss out on the DAB radio too?

      • Sally Forth

        Where did the OP go? Are comments here being censored or something??

        • Hung Low

          They are quick to delete comments today!

    • azeng

      It’s just you. They are all the same size and the only difference is the colour of the centre console.

    • azeng

      Oh wait scrap that. I didn’t realise you meant the European Golf, but the ones in the pictures are the same. My bad you’re right.

    • Matt

      How much are they saving, $20? Gipped again..

  • LowRezFez

    Impressive car, great pricing. VW are going to sell lots of these. My only gripes are the stodgy external styling, engines that really need 98 RON to run properly and question marks over DSG reliability. Given the VW pricing though, I’d want massive discounts on a i30 or Civic hatch.

  • Gerald

    I love that silver storm trooper, plastic-fantastic interior.

    • $29896495

      Very stylish isn’t it. Will be even nicer when some of that silver starts to rub off.

      • Sally Forth


  • BP

    It’s such a bland car to look at, more bland that the last-gen already was. Sorry but no model excites me!

  • Autoholic

    Surprising we get the multilink on the entry model and most euro countries don’t.

    • $29896495

      That’s probably a spares issue more than anything. Cheaper to have one lot of parts here, than two.

      • Sally Forth

        Looks like they censored your comment about the plastic interior. Too edgy for the people here, I guess.

        • $29896495

          It appears they did? What’s up with that?

          • Dieseltorque

            They censored my comment on the clunky DSG operation as well. Are you only allowed to write comments praising the particular car reviewed?

          • $29896495

            It seems that way, but you seem to be able to trash talk people – none of it makes much sense.

          • I’ll be Frank, Anne

            Oh, the censorship – it’s like we’re living in the 1930s and the first people’s car has just been released.

          • Dieseltorque

            Wow, lots of my comments are being censored. Come on that was an awesome reply to Golfschwein! No trash talking people that’s not my scene, just debate and comments.

          • $29896495

            No, didn’t mean that, I mean these anonymous dicks that get in.

    • Neil W

      I thought this was decided on the basis of how powerful the engine was? Fairly certain the torsion beam suspension is only for engines of smaller capacity than those coming to Australia.

      • Darryl

        1.6TDi and 1.2TSi get the torsion beam, and we don’t get those engines here

  • AOK

    God these are DULL Looking cars, NOTHING Changes..
    Interior (Dash) looks 1989!!

  • Jacob

    British reviews of Euro cars never say “reliable”.

    But when they review Honda or Toyota, they say “very reliable” and “go on for ever”!

  • Al Tungupon

    Once again, the diesel buyer needs to put up with such a high premium for the engine and mandatory luxuries.

  • Biggie Smallz

    This car looks like a turtle. It’s ugly and deformed. It’s simply a box on wheels.