by Daniel DeGasperi

Iconic British brand, and now Chinese-owned MG has relaunched in Australia with the MG 6 small sedan and liftback.

Priced from $22,990 plus on-road costs, the MG 6 gets a 1.8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 118kW of power at 5500rpm and 215Nm of torque from 1750-4500rpm, mated exclusively to a five-speed manual transmission.

The MG 6 is available in three grades, each of which available as an MG 6 GT five-door or MG 6 Magnette four-door sedan.


The entry-level Standard includes dual front, side and curtain airbags; electronic stability control; 17-inch alloy wheels with space-saver spare tyre; front fog lights; remote central locking with alarm;  trip computer; cloth trim; manually-adjustable driver’s seat; height- and tilt-adjustable steering wheel;  air conditioning; power windows; and an eight-speaker audio with CD player and USB input.

The middle-grade $24,990 Comfort adds a tyre pressure monitor; leather steering wheel; cruise control; reverse parking sensors; and a tilt and slide sunroof.

The flagship $27,990 Luxury, meanwhile, includes leather trim; electrically adjustable front seats (six-way driver/four-way passenger) with heating; dual-zone climate control; automatic lights and wipers; electro-chromatic rear-view mirror; and a rear-view camera.


Although built in Nanjing, China, MG claims the MG 6 is the “outcome of our research centre in Britain” and designed to “European standards”.

Tagged as a mid-sized car, the 4.65m long sedan stretches 71mm further than a Mazda 3 sedan. At 1.83m it is 72mm wider, but at 1.47m only 2mm taller than the similarly-priced Japanese rival.

MG claims 0-100km/h in 8.4 seconds and 7.5L/100km combined consumption from the MG 6 GT and Magnette, which weigh 1485-1495kg – 193kg more than the Mazda 3.


The MG 6 launched in Britain in mid-2011, where it is now assembled in Longbridge from parts made in China. It is related to the Roewe 550 not available in Australia, and certain chassis parts trace their roots back to the 2001-2005 MG ZS.

Director of MG Australia, Amanda Han, says the company – owned by Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC) – has been preparing its local introduction since 2009.

“We will put our best resoureces in this project,” said Han at the MG media preview.


She also thanked MG Car Club members from around Australia, who were present at the media preview, for their “never-ending love of MG”.

While admitting that with almost 70 brands competing in the marketplace the Australian automotive landscape is one of the fiercest in the world, and acknowledging cut-price Chinese competitors Great Wall and Chery, Han believes the British brand still resonates with Australians.

Unfortunately, the media preview cars – drives will take place from early next week – suffered from similar interior issues as Chery and Great Wall models, with sub-standard plastics quality and fit and finish. The entry-level car also felt more basic than a cheaper Mazda 3 Neo.


MG Australia will start with a small band of dealers – including a flagship outlet on Parramatta Road in Sydney – and roll out automatic transmission availability and the launch of the MG 3 small car late this year.

A small SUV is also confirmed to join the line-up in 2014.

There was no talk of sales expectations at the media preview. The MG 6 is officially on sale today.

  • Barry

    Speaking from the point of view of someone who has a LOT to do with this marque being launched, I honestly am expecting a struggle with trying to gather any sort of market share. The lack of an auto is also a major issue,

    • save it for the track

      I’ve found a couple of Uk reviuews that don’t totally pan it, and also provide the 4 start EuroNCAP rating. Those same reviews also mention the UK pricing of Skoda Octavias, which are a crime here. This vehicle is slightly smaller than Octavia, and certainly a bit larger than a Golf, Focus, Corolla etc. It is by no means however a ‘large’ car. Not in Aus anyway. Seems that some of the underpinnings date back to MG 190 and the like, and UK engineers were involved in its development. I don’t think it’s down at the level of a Chery.

      • $29896495

        Check the numbers, 3mm narrower than Falcon, 2/3mm Taller, and around 300mm shorter – that’s a large car. Also look at Aurion.

        • azeng

          Exactly, 300mm ie. a whole 30cm ruler shorter than a Falcon. It’s only 7.1cm longer than a Mazda 3. Your point is completely invalid.

          • $29896495

            It’s completely valid, not only comparable to a Falcon with height, width and length, weight, but also an Aurion – So are you selling these things and trying to get people to think of them as smaller than they are?

            They’ll still be disappointed when they get in and try and get it to move with 1615 Kg being pushed around by 118 kw. It may work in China, but here it just doesn’t fly. The numbers don’t lie and the OS road tests back them up.

            Not to mention the poor build quality already mention by the journalist above. Good luck in the show room.

            Oh also, the 7.1 as opposed to 30 and .03 slimmer and .02 taller (1615kg Chinese lied about the weight) show not how small the MG6 is but how large the mazda has grown and why it sells so well.

            So to your way of thinking if you have a car 30 cm or roughly a foot wide and 5 metres long its a big car?

          • lame

            Yet down below, you claimed the VW Passat was a “full sized car” and a “totally different fish”. This being despite the fact the Passat fits in between the Falcon and MG6 for size.

            Also down below, you said you’d put your money down on a Mondeo – well Mondeo also has 118KW and at 1535kgs, so you’d be disappointed too.

      • Will

        Save it; the price of a premium Octavia is approximately $3k AU cheaper in the UK. than here. Such is the price for RH. conversion in relatively limited numbers and residing in the antipodes relative to Europe. Such is life.

        • $29896495

          You do realize that the UK is right hand drive. Prices are relative. just because UK price says one thing doesn’t mean the car should correspond. It’s 15/16K in the UK – roughly the same price as a 1.6 Focus.

        • azeng

          Uh UK is also RHD…like huwtm said. headdesk

  • Martin

    The British media have absolutely flogged this for ride quality, interior presentation, fit and finish, onroad performance and above all for being a poor representation of what MG stood for. The price seems like a hindrance too considering where the market leaders are priced.

    • kg

      I thought MG’s reputation was one of poor quality, poor performance etc?

      What car has MG made that was of exceptional quality and had high performance?

      • $29896495

        MG has a long and rich history. You should look it up. It’s not just MGB you know.

      • simon

        MG K3, Q and R Types, MGA Twin Cam, MG Metro 6R4. All very quick vehicles for their time. MG has a very long history of racing success.

        Sadly this vehicle I cant see helping to restore the brand.


          From how long ago? Would the people who drove those cars even be alive today?

          The generation of people buying cars todays tend to think of MG’s as poor quality, ill handling rust buckets.

  • René Anthony Spoors

    I got rather excited about the revival of the MG brand, and I want to love this car, but I feel that anything built in China at the moment is going to be sub-standard, and the initial reports from the UK would suggest that I’d be right. In spite of this, it’s got quite a lot of lovely styling quirks – you can definitely see its British lineage in the soft, flowy lines – kinda reminds me of the Rover 75.

    I doubt it will sell very well here, as it straddles the gap between cheap, reliable transport and a car for those who are willing to pay more for something sporty or with a little bit of prestige. Perhaps if dealers can offer decent warranty/servicing deals then we may see a few on the roads.

    However, I daresay most people will look past the badge on the front and see a $22k+ Chery instead…

  • mch62

    Finger down back of throat.

  • $29896495

    Seriously, all those people who had a go at Cherry and then we get this. MID SIZE – bollocks – that thing has Falcon measurements. The dash is, even in the photos unbelievably bad. The headlights do look Chinese, I’ll give it that. PRICE, come on who’s kidding who? On my page there is a Ford ad, for a DRIVE AWAY PRICE $36,390.00 the MG top whack, 27,990 plus on road of say 2000 round figures 30,000. I’d be spending the extra on a run out Mondeo which I’m sure I could bargain down to 30K anyway. Cerato Stomps on this or should I say these cars. Bargain basement product at a Rolls Royce price.

    • Azeng

      I think you need to calm down and think…$27,990 is the luxury model, I’ll doubt you can find a Mondeo or even a Focus with all the equipment in this MG for that price. Also your first statement doesn’t make any sense… if you think it has Falcon measurements (which it hasn’t) then that just makes it better value for money. I do agree the interior looks substandard, but it is certainly better than Chery/GW and the rest of the car looks like it belongs in this decade. Even UK review websites say it is good value for money, and that is when it costs the same price as here but with much cheaper European competition (unlike here). They also say it handles well like an MG should. The figures seem quite reasonable considering its a 2010 car, on par with VW etc.
      I think its a reasonable attempt with a reasonable price, and although probably not up to competition yet (and the price reflects that), its much better than anything else China has made. I honestly think you work for Chery or something now, since you were defending Chery (which are seriously nasty) and now bagging MG out.
      Anyway rant over, just my opinion.

      • $29896495

        Look if it were priced right I’d be defending it. But it isn’t! It’s over priced for what it is. SO WHAT, it has a lot of accessories. So does a Cherry at 12,999, this should be priced like that car. This is a big heavy car with an underpowered engine (like the J3) and a lot of trinkets to AMAZE the simple minded. You know, bright shiny things to keep certain types amused. Who needs to drive it. You take it home put a cloth over the dash so you don’t have to look at it, then sit in the d driveway and play with your toys. Accessories don’t make a car. The car is what the accessories go on. Unfortunately the MG name really means nothing now.

        • azeng

          “Who needs to drive it” well clearly you’ve already driven it since you ‘know’ it’s underpowered and doesn’t drive well? Actually the handling characteristics were praised by many review sites.

          • $29896495

            see below

      • $29896495

        Think on this 1495Kg (Uk MG site says it is 1615 – hardly a light weight) – 118kw nuff said.

        • azeng

          VW Passat: 1481kg 118kw
          Skoda Superb: 1611kg 118kw

          • $29896495

            All full size cars and diesels if I’m not mistaken. Totally different fish.

          • hrj

            You are mistaken, those are for the petrols not diesels and the Mondeo Petrol is also 118KW but again heavier at 1530kgs.

            Passat & Mondeo aren’t considered full size but what difference does that make anyway? You were only talking about weight and power.

          • azeng

            So it’s more acceptable for a full size car to have a lower power to weight ratio? are extremely misinformed: first you have your classes of cars completely mixed up, and now the 118kw engine has become a diesel. Well it isn’t. It’s a 1.8 Turbo Petrol. VW also make a 1.9TDI with 103kw in the same cars, and according to reviews even that’s adequate. All I can say is before you start criticising others, do your research, otherwise I give up…no more from me.

          • Cars

            Called again!

          • $29896495

            Look what Phil wrote above, I know you got it. Also the Falcon figures.

      • Darryl

        They might call it the Luxury model, Throwing random equipment at it does not make a luxury car. Here’s What Car’s verdict: “It’s low rent interior plastics and dismal refinement make it feel old before it’s time. What’s more, it makes no financial sense due to it’s high CO2 emissions, disappointing fuel economy and weak resale values. The only thing that really impresses is the MG 6’s long list of standard equipment” YTD to March they sold 81 out of a market of 605000, and that is down 82% on the same period last year. Hasn’t taken the Poms too long to work this thing out. No, the price reflects the fact they are dreaming. If a Chery J3 is $12990 driveaway this should be $14990 for the more appropriately named Standard model.

    • Zaccy16

      or a fantastic to drive and fuel efficient skyactiv 3!

  • Audietron

    At first glance, I thought it looked fairly good quality at a decent price ($22K MG against $20K Lancer etc) but I guess to get that sort of price, a few things would be sacrificed like interior and ride quality although there seems to be a bit of design in the interior to make the most of cheap materials. Also, considering MG has been dead for a while in Australia, people will be a little reluctant in not knowing things like reliability since the manufacturer has no doubt been overhauled and standing for different qualities in a car.

    • $29896495

      if you were going for a mid size car – any would be in front of this thing. Even a Cruze. But for the less money, Mazda 3, Ford Focus would be the pick.

      • azeng

        You’ve gotten the fundamentals wrong: Cruze, Focus, 3 are in the SMALL or compact class, Camry, Accord Euro, 6 are mid size cars…

        • $29896495

          No, you have it wrong! Dimensionally the Accord, 6 Mondeo etc are large cars. just like your MG6. The Lacetti straddles the line. Mazda 3, Focus, Corolla, are mid, or compact.

        • Cars

          No point arguing with him, he knows more than the entire VFACTS organisation and their classifications…….

          • $29896495

            Contributing pointless jibes huh. How about something worthwhile for a change. It is car site. Oh that’s right you have an affliction based on perception or that is lack of it.

      • Zaccy16

        yep like i said above, you would have to be a fool to buy this over the far superior 3/focus

  • Daniel

    I like it. I think it looks good and the interior is probably okay but the problem is that even though it’s well priced, the profit they must be making on this coming from China must be quite a lot and if I can get a product that has come from Japan for the same price or less, or a base Golf with it’s lovely interior (and we don’t know what the reliability on these things will be like yet so don’t get picky), then the only reason to buy this is if you just plain like it a lot. It does seems to have better visibility than a lot of the competition, that’s something.

    • $29896495

      Visibility You think? It’s not well priced at all. For what it is, it should be cheaper than the mids which are around twenty. Even though this is a large car. Quality even photographic is showing as rubbish.

      • Zaccy16

        yep exactly, the interior looks horrible, this is actually a roeway which was tested on topgear and didn’t fair well!

        • azeng

          Roewe* which is sort of Chinese for Rover. Anyway I agree it’s a quite bad unless the prices come down, but definitely an improvement for Chinese cars. In China they are a reasonable proposition, because they only cost the equivalent of $16K AUD and are much better than other Chinese brands (ahem Chery J3)

  • DanM

    1485kg for a car of that size is appalling, as is the 110kW/215Nm from a TURBO 1.8L engine. Don’t be fooled by the MG badge on the front- those specs point to RUBBISH ENGINEERING. What SAIC has done to MG Rover is a disgrace…though MG Rover did let themselves down pretty badly too…

    • Azeng

      118kw mate… same as outgoing VWs, which seeing as the MG 6 was introduced in China about 2 years ago, isn’t THAT bad.

      • $29896495

        trouble is the MG6 is the size and weight more or less of a Falcon. 118 is pretty bad.

        • Azeng

          VW Passat and Skoda Superb are much larger and weigh more than the MG, and they have 118TSI engines, but I nobody complains about them.

        • hggf

          You’ve got your sizes wrong as usual huwtm.

          Falcone is going on 300kgs heavier than this (1735kgs for XR6 auto) and over 300mm longer.

          • $29896495

            That’s 12 inches or 6 inches of extra bumper overhang front and back. Size is width and length not length. So you are comparing the weight of a big six engine against a tiny four. Very good Plus rear wheel drive and better safer construction has extra weight.

          • tdh

            Length is the most significant dimension but regardless, Falcon is also wider and taller than this MG. The falcon does not have bloated bumper overhangs, the extra length would be spread out over the whole car.
            The 2.0 four Falcon is 1648kgs (XT) to 1704kgs (G6E) which is not in the same area as 1485-1495kgs.

            This MG is not the size or weight of a Falcon.

          • Cars

            Why did you have to bring facts into the argument!?!?
            You just know I can’t wait to read huwtm’s reply……..

          • $29896495

            No they both are width and length. Have you looked at the length of the over hangs front and rear. 942/1175 It’s massive overhangs. It’s only 153kg.

          • $29896495

            Width – Falcon – 1.86 / MG 6 – 1.83 = 3mm you are delusional. You know how much 3mm is. Height Falcon – 1.45 / MG 6 – 1.47. Obviously perception of size even if given the measurements escapes you and cars. You wouldn’t be able to pick 3mil in the street and it’s highly doubtful if you could manage to see the difference of a foot spread through a cars body. Obviously a genetic failing for you two.

          • $29896495

            according to the UK MG website the MG 6 is 1615kg so the Falcon is 33kg heavier. That’s about the size of your gut.

          • lame

            according to the UK MG website, the MG 6 1.8 petrol is 1485kgs. 1615kgs is for the 1.9 Diesel which we’re not getting.

          • $29896495

            1648 kg for the four cylinder Falcon so add in weight of diff, axles mounting drive shaft – theres your extra weight. 1648 -1615 = 33kg, minimum power in Falcon = 179 kw and 353 nm as opposed to 118kw and 215 nm doesn’t take a genius to figure those numbers out, so let us know when you are having trouble.

          • lame

            huwtm, are you saying it’s possible to buy and run a Falcon without a diff, axles, mounting drive shaft?
            I think it would be relevant for you to only compare KERB weights (weights of COMPLETE cars that are ready to drive) not cars that have been dismantled.

          • $29896495

            I’m saying the extra weight of rear drive car is accounted for in those components as is widely known. that’s 33 kg, in drive shaft and diff etc over a FWD. Obviously. The comparison for you people that are slow and proud of it, similar size FWD and RWD.

          • lame

            FWD isn’t a weightless system, it still contains some comparable parts to a RWD system. Adding RWD to the already FWD Ford Taurus to make it AWD only adds 81kgs (or 100kgs in Klugar) – and it would be even less than that if you took out the FWD.

            Please stop with the flooding of silly comments. A 4.65m long car that weighs 1485kgs is not comparable in size or weight to a 4.95m car that weighs 1650kgs regardless of whether one is FWD or RWD.

          • $29896495

            Look I know what you are getting at, but firstly the cars weight as given in the story doesn’t match that promoted by MG on their site – 1615 kg. Making a modern car AWD, using a lot of alloys often can constrain weight. Pity they don’t give up iron drive shaft and crank case in the Falcon. You ever tried to lift either individually. You’ll soon learn how heavy they are. Remember the real weight of the MG6 according to MG, NOT, CA, is 1615 kg the Falcon 1648 kg, that should put it in perspective for you. Manufacturers figures, not guess work, not imagination. Go have a look yourself.

          • Cars

            That’s huwtm for you. Making things up then arguing about it when called out.

          • lame

            It doesn’t take a genius to work out that you need to weigh cars with all components included. What is the point of using a weight with vital components taken out? Can you drive a Falcon without diff, axles, drive shafts?
            Also, we’re not getting the diesel version of the MG, so why are you using the 1615kgs weight for it? The weight of the petrol version we’re getting is 1485kgs.

      • Phil

        VW are getting 132Kw from the 1.4L twincharger, and the R4 used in various VW and Audi products peaked at 221Kw from 1.8L turbo. Sure you want to compare with VW?

  • LowRezFez

    This is a fail.

    • Zaccy16

      yep huge fail, that interior looks awful, who would buy this over the cheaper 3 or focus sedans!

  • The Real Wile E

    MG was originally a sport brand- a step up from the bog standard Morris.
    The turbo in this does not elevate it nor does the rest of the car.
    Just plain ordinary IMO.

    • Doctor

      This is an MG in name only… but it does make the Crude look not so bad after all.

    • Zaccy16

      yep this is trashing MG’s heritage!

  • VTiR

    Looks like a new competitor for Proton, at Japanese prices. Good luck with that!

  • Jon

    1.8L Turbocharged with
    118kW @ 5500rpm 215Nm @1750-4500rpm ?!?!?!

    That’s barely better than a non-turbocharged 1.8L in a corolla or the 1.6L turbocharged Veloster Turbo engine….

  • Jerry

    Dear God. What have the Chinese done.

    • Cars

      Copy a Proton?

  • Nada

    Epic fail. What have they done.

  • horsie

    LOL Poor fit and finish and build quality. Just like the origional MG’s .
    The die hard should feel comfortable with these.

  • Justin Walker

    I’m confused….its been almost two months and I’ve seen no advertising, no cars for sale on the traditional advertising mediums including Carsales etc, no ANCAP test, can’t find a website etc etc, have they actually launched or not????? Crappest launch ever!

    • $29896495

      Might have had second thoughts after the way people reacted to their car.

  • John

    Nice car

  • garlun

    a whole bunch of these at a dealership lot on parramatta road, never one on the road