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by Daniel DeGasperi

The Fiat Freemont has launched in Australia as the cheapest mid-sized SUV available, with the front-wheel-drive, petrol or diesel, five- and seven-seat range priced from $25,990.

Compared with its Dodge Journey twin, the Fiat Freemont is more than $10,000 cheaper and offers two new drivetrains – a 2.4-litre four-cylinder petrol producing 125kW of power and 220Nm of torque, tied to a six-speed automatic, and a 2.0-litre MultiJet II turbo-diesel making 125kW and 350Nm, mated exclusively with a six-speed manual transmission.

While the Journey was offered only with a 3.6-litre petrol V6, and included seven seats as standard, Fiat will not offer the larger engine here and has made the twin third row seats a $1500 option across the range.

The $25,990 Fiat Freemont ‘Base’ – or $27,000 driveaway – includes 17-inch alloy wheels, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, dual-zone climate control, rear parking sensors, automatic headlights and dipping rear-view mirror, keyless entry and start, integrated child-booster seats, rear-parking sensors, active front headrests, alarm, tyre pressure monitor, and a Uconnect infotainment system with a 4.3-inch touchscreen with CD player, auxilary input, voice command and Bluetooth phone and audio streaming.

The $28,300 Fiat Freemont ‘Urban’ adds a larger infortainment screen (8.4-inch), DVD player, six-way electrically-adjustable drivers’ seat, and a leather-wrapped gear-lever.

The range-topping $30,300 Fiat Freemont ‘Lounge’ includes 19-inch alloy wheels, leather trim with heated front seats, chrome roof bars, and satellite navigation with Alpine audio system, a subwoofer and 368-watt amplifier.

While a petrol engine and automatic transmission is standard on the three-tier range, the diesel and six-speed manual are available only on the mid-range Urban at a $4300 premium.

Other options beyond the extra two seats include a power sunroof and second row overhead screen and wireless headphones.

Fiat insists that although the Freemont has been developed entirely by Dodge, Italian engineers have “optimised the vehicle’s dynamic performance” with a steering system that is “more direct and precise” and changes to the suspension which includes stiffer suspension mounts, damper retuning, and altered front suspension geometry “to reduce the roll angle”.


While certain Chrysler models are rebadged as Fiats and Lancias internationally, and vice versa, the Freemont is the single and first Chrysler-based Fiat to arrive on local shores. It is also the first Italian-badged SUV on sale here.

The launch of the Freemont follows the creation of Fiat-Chrysler Australia last year. The factory-owned importer has promised an expanded model lineup, lower pricing and increased marketing across its stable of brands, including Fiat, Chrysler and Jeep. It is unclear whether Dodge will continue selling here.

The Fiat Freemont is on sale now.

Fiat Freemont manufacturer’s list pricing:
Fiat Freemont Base 2.4-litre Petrol six-speed automatic – $25,990 ($27,000 Driveaway)
Fiat Freemont Urban 2.4-litre Petrol six-speed automatic – $28,300
Fiat Freemont Lounge 2.4-litre Petrol six-speed automatic – $30,300
Fiat Freemont Urban 2.0-litre Diesel six-speed manual – $32,600

  • http://www.facebook.com/rene.spoors René Anthony Spoors

    Value!!!!!! Considering how well the Dodge Journey sold (in the scheme of things) then this should definitely do well. Ive always thought them a very nice looking vehicle.

    • delcotexas

      Well  I give it  5 stars functional  & value depending on your want / wish

  • Henry Toussaint

    I still think that the 3.6L should be sold here…

    • Jack001

       you can buy a Dodge Journey here …if you want 3.6L… there the same car with different engine..

      • delcotexas

        agreed………….. same stable owner

  • Martin

    Seems like exceptional value in this segment. I question whether SUV is the appropriate title considering it has more in common with a crossover minivan than anything.

  • Al Wal

    Wow very good value! I’m suprised the pricing is so aggressive. It’s unusual that the diesel is available with an auto transmission in Europe but they didnt offer it here, lack of supply or?

  • apple_r

    At this price it will be a good competitor for new Zafira. I am hoping Fiat will bring 5 yr warranty to compete well with Koreans 4×2 SUV.

  • Iggy

    wow auto $27k driveaway …best value in town, based on looks i would pick it over the jeep compas

  • Dan

    And it certainly has the cheapest look as well!

    • Sam


  • Frobisher

    Wow!  This is real value.  Makes the ‘well priced’ Honda CRV look like a rip off.  This car deserves to succeed. 

  • Richieduck67

    five stars for value and equipment should send a rocket up the chinese and koreans.  What safety rating does it have?   Hopefully it won’t be a Fix It Again Tony…

    • Phil

       5 star Euro NCAP, can’t complain about that. Looks alright too – the front on view is kinda Saab-like with the strong horizontal line through the grille, but the lines are clean, there’s no stupid panel creases or odd glassline for the sake of being different. Italians know how to build a good diesel.

      For an old-timer like me who remembers the days when it was common to put big Yank V8 engines into stylish Italian bodies (think DeTomaso and Bizzarini), it’s a little surreal to see the reverse happening. But no complaints here.

  • peter

    Holy Toledo, WELL DONE FIAT. This should be a smash hit and a welcome one to our market. Cant wait to see the success. 

  • peter

    p.s. just market it to death to ensure the word gets out.

  • Jazzcrv

    Towing capacity is awful :( Petrol can’t even tow a box trailer. 

  • James

    The value in this is amazing! Even with the base model at $27,000 Drive Away with most features that you’d want, how could you go past it! I wonder if a rear camera is standard on the ‘Base’ model as well? 

    I’m not even in the market for something this big, but with pricing like this, it makes it hard to ignore.
    I can’t see why it won’t succeed here. It’s built in the same manufacturing plant in Mexico as the Dodge Journey, which has done well in the Australian market and without any bad reports, so I can’t see the Fiat being a dud.Does Fiat offer any capped price servicing yet in the Australian market? If they do, it makes it very attractive indeed! Nice work Fiat!

  • MisterZed

    That’s incredible. $25,990 is cheaper than every single *compact* SUV on the market – and this vehicle is huge! Why on earth would anyone bother with a 2.4L RAV4 or CR-V for nearly $35k, when for $10k less they can get a much bigger car?

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, its good value but if its anything like the overpriced journey it means that quality is very patchy, handling cruddy and engines that are unrefined and slow, but now with pricing that matches the quality is good value for people who cant spend the extra to get a better quality CRV, CX5, tiguan, kuga etc..

      • Sam

        Every car that you don’t like according to you has  ‘cruddy handling’ and ‘unrefined and slow engines’ yet you clearly have never driven any of them. 

        • Zaccy16

          friend has the dodge version and i have been in it a few times and the interior is sub par and handling boat like

          • Sam

            Yes, and you always happen to have friends that own these cars that just love to give you a drive. It was the same story with the 3.0L Commodore.

          • Zaccy16

            If you want you can go to my uncles house who owns the crummerdore 3.0 sidi and see for your self, he lives in coburg Melbourne

          • Captain Nemo®™

            Exactly well said Sam
            It’s the old mate of a mate’s brother’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s pilates teacher’s had a commodore that i drove syndrome. 
            Last time that Commodore was a company car now Zuppy’s uncle actually owns it,  So much BS he forgets his own lies sometimes.

          • O123

            was that the original interior though? The facelifted versions interior is on par with everything else in its class.

      • MisterZed

        It’s just a shame that it only has a 2.4L engine – the vehicle weighs 1874 kg. As far as power/weight ratio goes, it only compares to a 2.0L CR-V or RAV4, which are still more expensive, however.

      • Pal

         you are talking about the old one. The Journey was heavily refreshed in 2011. The only engine available here is the same 3.6 lt engine from Grand Cherokee and the 300. Ride quality, handling, brakes and interior have all been vastly improved. The journey is an upper spec of the Freemont.  It’s actally not a bad car now at all.

  • Jimbo

    Previous Journey owners on ProductReview are not exactly singing it’s praises quality wise. Sometimes with multiple trips back to the dealer for major warranty fault repairs. Lets hope this is being built in a Fiat factory then. Or at least under strict supervision! 

    If it is the diesel should be a cracking car for the money!

  • Rocket

    At these prices how can anyone knock a family wagon this versatile. Hopefully for Fiat they are reliable also as the brand has had a chequered past in this area.

    • Jimmy Mossy

      Would have thought a family wagon would at least have some towing capacity, not 0kg. From the Fiat website, Petrol 0kg Unbraked/454kg Braked. Diesel 450kg Unbraked/1250kg Braked. Previous poster is right, petrol can’t tow a thing unbraked. Very strange, why is this??!

      • Phil

        No value for unbraked trailer weight may have something to do with the trailer sway control system, which requires trailer brakes. 454kg braked sounds very low though. Journey was rated 1600kg braked, and this is the same vehicle with smaller engine, I’d expect 1200kg at least.

  • Dieseltorque

    Why no diesel in the top of the range. I want the top of the range with diesel torque thanks very much.

  • gtrxuone

    Looks good,nice interior,sharp pricing.Fiat/Chrysler are doing really good things.

  • Sebastian Style Messiah

    I about to buy a new family truckster, I’m nearly ready to pull the trigger on a Honda CRV, now this comes along!  The value here is hard to ignore, I’m booking in a test drive pronto.

    • Raffrebeca

      I was in the same boat, i was looking at a $45k CRV, and almost at the point of purchase, then I discovered the 7 seat leather Lounge Freemont for $36k. no brainer 

  • birdseye

    Fiat please introduce fixed priced servicing, 5 yr warranty to reassure nervous buyers about reliability concerns. Great finance rates like Nissan.

    • Sunny

      +100 for that…

  • Tone

    Expect resale to be nice and low, too.  That said, if I needed (wanted) a huge car for not a lot of money, the Freemont would certainly do the job for maybe 2 or 3 years … before the whole thing started to self-destruct.

  • Raffrebeca

    I popped into Fiat on Monday and they had 3 new Freemonts fresh of the truck. I test drove (and bought a lounge) on the Tuesday. I was worried about the 2.4l petrol, but drove a lot better than I expected, and I didn’t hesitate on purchasing the car. I rang them yesterday to see if my vehicle will be ready for pckup today (as promised), and he told me that they had already sold 75% of their stock in 3 days!!.

    • Birdseye

      Are you a Fiat rep.?

    • Birdseye

      I seriously hope you have a peach and not a lemon. Sorry, even though they are a GREAT price and size, Fiat have a horrendous reliability record!!! Many of us won’t go near them until they reassure us with an equally good warranty. Mexico is renowned for food not making cars.

      • Golfschwein

        Renowned for food? Maybe in Mexico itself. Here, my motto is, ‘Your waitress is also your chef’, and steer clear accordingly.

      • Biketournow

        I’ve had a 2006 Fiat Punto 1.9 diesels sport since new and has never missed a beat. Have had cars from most manufactures over the years and this is the best. Totally reliable and still looks like new. Waiting for the Fiat range to expand before changing.

  • apple_r

    Does anyone know if Freemont used the same brake system as in Journey?

    • Birdseye

      Not sure but read product review to hear what real life customers have to say.

  • Dieseltorque

    Please put the diesel in the top of the range. Why are car makers not providing us with the engines we want with the specs we are willing to paying for. CRV no diesel coming 2012,2013…. I’m sick of waiting, Rav 4 with a diesel that can’t tow, Diesel Dualis coming sometime but not in the +2.
    Anyone test drove the diesel yet?

  • Kingofbling

    Cheap is the key word BE WARY, I brought the Dodge Journey In LATE march and was given an amazing great drive away deal I nearly fell of the chair when they offered it to us $34990 drive away SXT Model and I am so happy I did buy the better looking badge bigger engine 225klw 3.6ltr I am getting combined economy 10.2lt/100. just got back from Sydney and we got 8.9ltr/100 and thats with a loaded roof pod on and other bags in the third row “WOW” Amazing. 7 seats tri zone air and the list goes on plenty more than the twin Fiat gets and I think I got the best deal in the end buying at the right time as the dealers needed to move the Dodge to make way for it’s VERY CHEAP twin but  cheaper for me especially as they threw in tow bar roof racks and a nav man I am sitting back laughing rubbing my hands as it is IDENTICLE in so mANY THINGS but the fiat is missing out in so many departments as to the Journey. 

  • Wozza

    You paid 36000k d/a for the lounge? RRP is 30300 plus on roads and 1500 for the 7 seat option, I think you could have driven that 36000 down to $34000 max. Journey SXT 7 seat are being fire sold now at 31000 d/a with metallic paint and the RC for $37000 d/a. Good deal if you ask me on the last remaining Dodge badged vehicles (and they have the 3.6L pentastar)

  • Kevhead

    at least the interior has a little of the Fiat look but it still looks like a US box

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Henrik-Smedberg/679108399 Henrik Smedberg

    I have the diesel and FWD with manual gearboxl and have had it for five months now. I am very satisfied with rhe car in all terms. Great comfort, nice interior with a lot o f goodies., good on the road, ,ilage is very good. I miss Xenon headlights and rainsensor. However for that price-tag it is not a showstopper.

  • Cars

    Any reliability questions? What is the diesel like?

  • Cars

    4X4 should be an option.

  • Moh

    Amazing car , I have seen it at the dealership, the urban is so good , all options just for 32K, the only comment , surprising the standard and the urban I checked didn’t have foot rest beside the break, ?? very strange

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/LemonVehicleInAus/?ref=bookmarks Stewart Lette

    What troubles me the most is Cars Review have been pushing this so hard. I purchased this vehicle with no end to my problems and once you purchase it they do not want to deal with the issues of this vehicle. It has a Chrysler known transmission that has been problematic and they have made 9 upgrades to try and rectify issues. If you have to replace this transmission out of warranty it will just about cost you the original purchase price shy of a couple thousand so you would want to have plenty of Mulla.