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The original 1967 Ford Mustang hero car used in the film Gone in 60 Seconds, dubbed “Eleanor”, will go under the hammer at an upcoming US auction.

Though several cars were built by Cinema Vehicle Services – with assistance from car designer Chip Foose – for the 2000-released movie, Lot S135 at Mecum’s Spring Classic auction is serial number 7RO20179710, the actual “Eleanor” car driven by Nicolas Cage in the cult car film.

Eleanor for sale - 2

Featuring a fibreglass bonnet, boot lid, fender flares, side skirts and side scoops, as well as a nearly-300kW 5.7-litre Ford V8 crate engine, four-speed manual transmission and a side exhaust, the movie car is also fitted with driving lights, 17-inch Schmidt wheels, an Autometer Sport Comp Monster tachometer, fire extinguisher, Go-Baby-Go shift knob button and a switch for activating a nitrous oxide injection system.

Eleanor for sale - 3

Included in the “Eleanor” package – rumoured to tip over the US$100,000 ($96,450) mark – is a certificate of authenticity and a special plaque.

Dana Mecum’s 26th Original Spring Classic auction takes place in Indianapolis, Indiana on May 14-19.

Eleanor for sale - 10

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  • Just saying

    A bit slow on the uptake CA

    • carbine

      Perhaps you should be their news correspondent then, rather than making pointless comments.

      • Just saying

        Oh for god sake. Lighten up you tool.

        • carbine

           Perhaps you should be their moderator too, rather than making pointless comments. Just saying.

          • Just saying

            Perhaps you should comment on the actual article, rather than pointless comments about other people’s pointless comments.

  • Phil

    The original Eleanor was meant to be a yellow 1973 Mustang with a 351. Trust Hollywood to make a big budget flick and completely miss the point of the star car! It was meant to be an average, commonly available car yet the cause of all the trouble. And that remake was awful – Angelina Jolie with blonde hair, were they serious?

    • Just saying

      I think used the 67 Shelby because a 73 Mustang isn’t a real desirable car these days. The Original movie was pretty aweful too. You can tell where the bulk of that budget was spent.
      I get your point though.

      • Phil

        No, bring it up to date – for authenticity they should have used a 1998-2000 Mustang GT. It shouldn’t have been a rare, desirable car at all. And done the whole wreck in the car wash bit at the end. Funniest part of the original movie!

        • Just saying

          I totally understand and agree with you. Unfortunately, the movie needed a desirable mustang to sell it. I don’t think many people would’ve gone to a movie to see a 98-00 Mustang being chased around town. Plus, not many people at the time knew there was an original so remaking it wouldn’t have been that big a deal.

          • BOGO ROAD

            Yep then they would be watching fast and furious instead

  • lisa

    sick car man.