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  • Daniel

    Well the fact is that at least as a new product, it’s really really impressive. It’s a slightly boring world where a VW hatch wins every second World COTY, but if it deserves it then it deserves it. And keep in mind VW bashers, this award is not based at all on ownership experience, just on the product itself. 

  • nugsdad

    “While the Golf won the trophy for overall top honours, the Porsche Boxster/Cayman was deemed the best of the best for enthusiasts”  …………. This says it all really.

    • Guestovovic

      Yes it does say it all.
      Germany continue to make the best cars.

      • Zaccy16

        i agree, the golf as i have said before is the best allrounder of any car and porsche are really striving with reasonably fuel efficient but great to drive cars

  • Rt

    Well done to the winners and finalists.

  • Golfschwein

    It’s amusing that some will be stewing in their jocks over this, but the rave overseas reports made it a good bet from the outset. Looking forward to my first drive later this month.

    • Zaccy16

      me too, ive already booked a test drive with my local dealer

    • Norm

      No awards should be given to a DSG equipped car no matter how brilliant.

      • tyy

         So you want awards to be given to a car that is not brilliant?

        It’s not a DSG car anyway, it’s a manual with DSG optional on some models.

        • Norm

          Please. Where did I say a brilliant car shouldn’t get an award? What proportion of Golf owners – particularly here in Oz want and automatic? Most. And they can’t have one. They get sold a DSG as an auto – which it’s not. Something they soon discover in everyday use. Add a regular ZF automatic transmission as an option and go collect your award with my blessing.

  • $29896495

    It’s won in a very average sense by what was written in the end. But I don’t mind it, if a bit angular this time around. Dash and centre console are nice, With a manual box, might even last past warranty.

    • U mad?


  • Confused

    Anyone else confused how it can win COTY 2013 when it is only April?  There are still plenty of cars to come in 2013…?

    • $29896495

      Good point, should be 2012. But the Golf wasn’t out then was it?

    • Jacob

      Mate, then every award would be issued in December.

      I suppose u want all of the world’s 2013 Motor Shows to be held in December too!

    • Sydlocal

      Depends on the country etc I guess as over in the US they are already selling “2014” model cars…. :-)

  • tonyW

    Whats very impressive about this win is that included in the finalists were two of the Golfs’ direct competitors in the A-Class and V40. Its going to be very difficult to ignore when we go shopping for a possible replacement of our C30 later this year.

  • Dr

    Boring. Boring. Boring. That is the criteria.

    • Robin_Graves

      Plus a lot of journalists are now swanning around on a veedud sponsored ‘tour’.

      • Sumpguard

        Great cars when they are running but according to owners in the Veedud forum that is usually not very long.

        • Sydlocal

          Seems to be the common theme for European/German cars. They are extremely well engineered, but not really what you would call reliable..

          • Sgh

             It’s a good thing then that most of the safety systems in all cars are German. How’s the Bosch ESP unit going in your car?

          • Sydlocal

            Don’t have ESP in my car sorry! 😉

          • tyy

             Only the ABS done by Bosch? Though the entire ECU is probably from them.

          • Sydlocal

            Sorry, don’t even have ABS….

          • tyy

            Funny how people are “likes”ing  that you are driving around in a unsafe car. Enjoy!

          • Sydlocal

            Just because a car doesn’t have stability control and ABS it doesn’t mean it is unsafe. F1 cars etc don’t have ABS or stability control and they seem to go alright….

            It is all relative. It’s about being a responsible driver and driving a car within its limits/capabilities. A skill so many drivers seem to lack these days. Anyhow, a skilled driver in dry conditions would be able to stop shorter without ABS and would be quicker through the bends etc without stability control. Race drivers have proven that time and time again. Where these items come into their own is when conditions are wet/slippery (except for ABS in gravel though, where stopping distances are much longer than cars without ABS).

            Don’t get me wrong, all of these systems are fantastic and help out the drivers out there who don’t have a clue on car control and allow the greatest margin for safety for the average driver under a variety of conditions. But saying that I am driving an unsafe car just because it doesn’t have these things shows you are just being petty because your responses about some Bosch products didn’t get the result you were fishing for!

  • 42 = The Answer

    I thought this was announced out at the beginning of March, if not the end of February?!

    • tonyW

      From memory that was the European COTY award. This is the World COTY.

  • LowRezFez

    Great product… Too bad my past VW ownership experiences have been poor. This time I won’t be ordering another Golf… I’ll look at brands like Honda instead, so I can get a reliable car.

  • Jacob

    OK, there needs to be another award: “reliable car of the year” chosen from cars that last more than 100,000km.

    Ironically the cheaper VW Up will be more reliable than Golf coz it has 2 less things to go wrong, DSG and turbo.

    • Jonas

      Not a VW owner but specialise in market research for a global company from Japan.
      VW sold 9 million cars globally last year.
      So that’s probably 40 million in the past 5 yrs.
      Now if only 5% had DSG or Turbo problems then that’s 2 million cars.
      That’s a lot of horror stories floating on the internet & blows the problem way out of proportion.
      Yet a 1 in 20 failure rate is excellent and below industry average.
      I’m not saying that’s the actual figure but giving an example to make my point.
      Now before someone quotes J.D. Power research. Check out their revenue sources.
      They’re on the payroll of car manufacturers & others, and some pay more than the rest.

      • $29896495

        DSG which VW is pushing as mandatory in a lot of their cars and turbo issues, aren’t fly by night problems. For every one Vw plant there are ten who have struggled. The Chinese situation is an indicator. I dare say the Chinese government said fix them or you are out! Know how they work. You are blowing wind. As I said and everyone just about knows, DSG boxes are a major issue not only for VW but any manufacturer using them. Having two means of pumping air into a motor is another issue. Needlessly complicated, and then you know what happens. They break.

        • Mondeo Man

          There are several different manufacturers and suppliers of DSG type gearboxes. VW I believe have theirs made by Borg Warner to a VW design. Ford use Getrag and others use ZF. Some companies make their own or use other suppliers.

          I can tell you from experience, that I have absolutely no problems with the PowerShift in my Mondeo EcoBoost. I think they are a brilliant gearbox. You say there are issues with any manufacturer who uses them. Please tell me about the problems that Ford, FIAT, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Porsche, Nissan and Mercedes, among others are having with their DCT transmissions.

          • $29896495

            That brings up an interesting point, that you find the box good in a full size car. Could it be more power and better insulation? All I know is what I’ve read and seen in road tests of cars. Focus and Fiesta both received heavy criticism for the way the box operated. Same comments keep coming up no matter what the brand. Porsche I don’t think you can include, they aren’t in the same class. The interesting thing seems to be that on less powerful cars the box doesn’t seem to work to spec. It really can’t be denied.

          • Mondeo Man

            I think, but not for sure, that the Focus and Fiesta use a different box to the Mondeo. I also know that the service intervals are different for the box in the diesels in both the Focus and Mondeo. (Another reason to stick to petrol) I know that this sight commented on the box in a 1.6L Focus, whether the 2L is better, I don’t know, maybe you are onto something there.

            You do need to drive a DCT slighty differently to a torque converter auto. You can’t hold them on the brake while applying the power and releasing the brake slowly as you would when stopped on a hill. That’s why they have the hill holder. Apart from that vey minor thing, no issues with it.

          • Norm

            CA censored my first go at a reply because of an adjective [mild] I used to describe the DSG transmissions. So…The PowerShift is reportedly a very good thing and your personal experience backs that up. So I’m not blaming the technology. My personal experience of the DSG is that it’s wretched thing. Why journos continue to describe it’s malfunctions as “quirks” or “traits” is anyones guess. They are malfunctions pure and simple. If another car with an automatic transmission “hesitated” in traffic they would describe that as unsafe and un acceptable. And they’d be right.

      • Don Quay

        I can’t agree with your premise. A failure rate of 5% would quickly send any manufacturer broke, regardless of the product, whether cars or any type of widget. Even the JD Power surveys (and I don’t rate them much either) have less than 2 faults per hundred and that includes minor items too. I think the real rate of failure in engine components and DSGs is more likely to be a fraction of 1%. That could still represent several hundred thousand vehicles though, if correct. However, it is manageable.

        You also have to consider, that those who have a problem are usually the ones who make the most noise and so can give the impression that the problems are more common than they actually are. People who have no issues usually don’t say anything. I don’t think VW have released numbers, so everyone is guessing to some extent. Yes, I know the recent announcement of the Chinese recall was larger numbers, but that was a government mandated recall and includes all vehicles, not just those with faults.

        You must also remember the trolls who like to stir things up for their own pathetic reasons. The trolls offer nothing to support it from their own experience. You know, the ones who make up stuff or claim to know someone who has a friend who told them about this bloke that used to work with a cousin who was talking once in a pub to a guy who said he read about a bloke somewhere. Well, that bloke had multiple issues. Which proves it all, of course.

        • Phil

          I can’t think of any car maker who release warranty repair numbers. I have seen industry figures which suggest VW are within the industry average, and this was confirmed to me by the service manager where mine is maintained – they are a multi brand dealer with Honda, Subaru and Isuzu as well, and I’d take his anecdotal evidence over the trolls here.

          As well, you can’t protect from owner stupidity – I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve seen people filling their GTI with regular E10 instead of premium… and who get offended when you point out the label that says minimum 95RON.

          • Hung Low

            Comparing warranty numbers is insignificant if you don’t compare the nature of the fault don’t you think? A paint blemish compared to a clunking driveline does not bare the same weighting when speaking quality. This is where VW with more terminal issues in comparison to other manufacturers fail

        • Duck

          I think you missed his point.
          He was using 5% just as example no?As I read it he’s saying that bad news travels very wide and fast on the internet…. and then people repeat it…goes viral and the problem seems more widespread than it really is.

          • Sumpguard

              He usually does miss the point. It is amusing that Donkey has suddenly come out in defence of VW and dismissed all the surveys that show they are a POS. I reckon Donkey’s “premium Euro sedan” he keeps bleating about was a Jetta or Passat. In Germany they are regarded as mainstream tansport for the masses. It’s just the muppets here in Australia that are stupid enough to pay a premium for them.   

               The previous gen golf also won WCTY and it was a lemon for many owners. As were the early build amaroks. There are forums (VW forums for the muppets about to try and dismiss it as trolling)  full of ownership nightmares.

          • Sumpguard

            “Volkswagen’s Australian boss has acknowledged customer concerns surrounding vehicle quality and servicing costs.The managing director of Volkswagen Australia, Anke Koeckler, admits being concerned by customer feedback and a study that ranked Volkswagen last in a study of Australian car buyers last year.”

          • tyy

             Hyundai’s bosses are also acknowledging faults with their cars with a 1,600,000+ car recall just announced.

          • Don Quay

            Slimeguard you feel the need to reply to your own posts. That is very narcissistic.
            BTW I said I bought a European sports coupe, specifically not a VW, but comprehension has never been your strongpoint.

          • Don Quay

            No I didn’t miss the point, I realised that 5% was a number he plucked out of the air. I said that 5% was not a realistic choice because no company could sustain that level of failure for their products. I believe that I also commented that things go viral and that there is a lot of hearsay that seems to increase the perception of problems. So really, I think you, Jonas and I are pretty well in agreement on the main points.

      • Jacob

        But VW cost MORE than average…so why should they be LESS reliable than average?

        Why do Honda and Toyota constantly top the engine reliability charts of Warranty Direct UK?

  • Steve

    Time to trade in my 6 yr old Golf V.
    217,345 km’s on the Odometer and been perfectly reliable…yes it does have turbo & DSG.

    • Joe

       ….ring VW so that they can frame it…..there had to be one good one out there…..

    • Zaccy16

      great example of the fact that they are as reliable as other cars

      • Robin_Graves

        Great example of swapping out drivelines at services when there is a DTC without the owner even knowing it.

        • Lopie

           If they were doing that without the owner even knowing, whats the problem?

      • Karl Sass

        A single example, reliable or unreliable, doesn’t prove anything. It’s the failure rate that matters. Same goes for every manufacturer.

    • LowRezFez

      I wish my 2 Golfs came even close to your ownership experience. Serviced by the book by an enthusiast owner.., all I got was grief with so many things going wrong. I’m glad you had a better run than me.

  • Robin_Graves

    Well bowl me over with a feather.

  • Kaboom

    Drive a mk6 6olf.Lovley car to drive in city and open road.Fuel economy is fantastic,interior is classy.
    Capped priced service can’t come quick enough.Expensive to service.A European car can be trouble as they age from previous experience.

  • Bobin_Gays

    How can this be? These car are so unreliable, the Falcon is a far better car!

    • Phil

      Despite the fact that the World Car Awards give makers a full 15 months to present a new model for inclusion that year’s awards, they never seem to be able to get a new Falcon out the door in time!

      • Lopie

         Ford would need to get it further then “out the door”, this is a WORLD car of the year, not a Aus & NZ car of the year.

    • Rocket

      Yeh the Falcon has more room, comfort and power. People just prefer hard riding buzz boxes now that they can park easier at the shopping centre.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    Credit where credit is due. It may be somewhat boring, but so is a premium kitchen appliance.

    • Steve

      Boring to look at for some perhaps but not boring to drive.

  • Al Tungupon

    The Golf has a lot of goodness in it to impress the first time, such as clever packaging, no-nonsense, functional design and a myriad of technological advances, but the only problem is how long it can hold on to all that goodness. A number of things can just go wrong right after the award is given.

  • Car Fanatic

    Oh that’s gotta Pawn the haters.

    Well done VW

  • gtrxuone

    Volkswagen are driving me crazy.They win another prestiges award.Add it to all the other awards they win.
    In real world motoring they have complex reliability issues with there high tech equiptment.Dsg’s and Twinchargers,Ecu programmes.
    They have more simple reliability issues with shabby auto electrical problems.There commercial vechles espically.

    • justin b

      and long may they continue to drive you crazy and increase your spelling errors.

  • Ted

    I was talking to a Service mechanic from a leading VW Dealership in Sydney last night, while visting my father-in law in hospital.  He told me to stay away from DSG VW, as they are just plain trouble.  The manuals are better.

  • qikturbo

    The Golf can win as many awards as are offered,still will not change my perception of the car being quite boring to look at,both exterior and interior wise.
    I’m sure that the GTI MKVII will win every hot hatch comparision because it will be the best all rounder………”Jack of all trades, Master of none”

    • tyy

       So which car in this segment is exciting to look at inside and out?

  • homer

    VW has produced well engineered cars. Too bad downunder they rip off the customers. 
    Toyota, Honda and other Japs are left waaaay behind.