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The Dodge Charger could be introduced to Australia from the beginning of 2014 if the business case that is currently under assessment stacks up.

Chrysler Group senior vice president of design Ralph Gilles told CarAdvice at the New York auto show his team is investigating shipping a converted right-hand-drive version of the large rear-wheel-drive sedan to Australia to sell alongside the Chrysler 300, with which it shares its platform.

“Apparently the Australians favour the Charger more than the 300, so we’re looking at a conversion package where we could do something,” Gilles said.

“The market wants it, so that’s something I’m very interested in.”

He said a Dodge Charger built specially for Australia could take “less than a year” to materialise if the business case comes back positive – the magic number being 1000 sales per year.

Gilles said rather than create a complete right-hand-drive Charger just for our market, the American brand was looking at melding the instrument panel from the 300 into the Dodge for Australia.

“It doesn’t make sense for us to reinvest in a custom one, so I think if we kind of mix the DNA a little bit we could come up with something very cool.”

If it eventuates, the right-hand-drive Dodge Charger will cost more than the entry-level 300, which is priced from $43,000 in Australia.

Dodge offers the Charger with three unique powertrains in the US: a 218kW/353Nm 3.6-litre Pentastar V6, a 276kW/536Nm 5.7-litre Hemi V8 and a high-performance 351kW/637Nm 6.4-litre Hemi V8 in the flagship SRT variant, which sprints from 0-60mph (0-96.6km/h) in under five seconds.

At 5077mm long, 1905mm wide, 1482mm tall and riding on a 3052mm wheelbase, the Dodge Charger is just 11mm longer and 6mm lower to the ground than the Chrysler 300.

While Australia’s large-car market is in decline, 1000 sales is far from unreachable. The locally made Holden Commodore (30,532), Ford Falcon (14,036) and Toyota Aurion (9074) easily eclipsed that number in 2012, while seven other similar-sized models – Honda Accord (1565), Holden Caprice (1460), Nissan Maxima (1454), Chrysler 300 (1206), BMW 5 Series (1087), Peugeot 508 (1085) and Mercedes-Benz E-Class (1036) – also reached four figures.

A 2014 launch would see the iconic Charger nameplate return to Australia 36 years after the locally manufactured two-door Chrysler Valiant Charger was discontinued in 1978. The original VH Charger was tremendously popular and highly acclaimed in Australia, though the car’s gradual shift away from its performance origins saw production cease after just seven years.

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  • Skybreak

    Bring it! Someone has to give Holden some competition in the V8 segment seeing as Ford is quietly killing off the Falcon.
    I reckon this Charger looks pretty good, apparently is goes well, and the Charger nameplate is already has a good heritage and well known to many Australians.
    I think this car will do well here.

  • Pal

    Bring it Gilles. Don’t waist any time. BTW the new Durango is a must. I just the love the update just released in New York yesterday.So bring that too PLEASE

  • peddy.d

    I thought Dodge was slowly pulling out of Australia? I remember reading an article ages ago about Dodge pulling out the journey and how Fiat would bring it back in as the Freemont, I thought that meant maybe the Nitro and Caliber would be heading out with them as well. I’m not particularly a fan of American cars (but the current Grand Cherokee has made me think twice) but all the best to Dodge if they do decide to bring the charger to our market

    • Skybreak

      Yeah I think the Journey is the only Dodge currently sold here. Given the low profile of Chrysler (compared to Ford, Holden, Toyota, etc) and the almost non-existent profile of Dodge, I reckon closing Dodge and bringing everything as a Chrysler makes sense to me.
      Certainly the new Charger should be a Chrysler, but bringing the Durango and the Dart and selling them here are Chryslers would do wonders for them.

      • Rick

        If it was me I’d have Chrysler as the premium brand dodge as the average brand , think Nissan and infinity . I agree the would have a winner if they bring in the dart and Durango as well even the challenger ,viper and ram would make good niche models

        • Skybreak

          Hmmm, I don’t think Chrysler will ever be a premium brand like Infinity, Lexus, BMW, etc.
          Given that a lots of previous Chryslers have been pretty crappy (*cough* *Sebring* *cough*) I think it will be an average brand like Ford or Holden for the foreseeable future. The SRT sub-brand will keep it interesting for us enthusiasts.
          I think Dodge makes for a good value brand, but I don’t think we really need it here, it just splits Chryslers line-up and chews up marketing dollars.

          • Pal

             It does seem That Chrysler will Be slowly heading for that Premium direction. That’s the plan as far as i know and it wont have ever sister offering with Dodge as much as it used to. From this point on Chrysler will be in another league than Ford and Holden as the new models will be released over the next year and onwards.But we will see. Also Dodge at the Moment is not the Dodge that was introduce here under Daimler. Dodge lineup in the US at this point in time is far superior than Ford or Holden in my personal opinion. As for Sebring Cough cough spew spew.

          • Phil

            Don’t rule it out. If Hyundai can do it with Genesis, and Toyota and Nissan before them with Lexus and Infinity there’s no reason to think Fiat can’t do it with Chrysler. There’s significantly more heritage in the Chrysler brand – in the 1920’s they were easily the equivalent of what these brands represent now. Look up Chrysler Imperial, they were used by heads of state.

            I agree about Dodge, never had significant brand presence here and better off without it.

      • $29896495

        The new dart is a very nice car and could shake things up in the mid size pack. Certainly superior to the Cruze.

    • delcotexas

      Nitro is out of production some 12 months or more………..

      • MisterZed

        Correct – production ended in December 2011.

    • Al Wal

       Dodge is apparently slowly pulling out of Aus. The Journey will be badged as a ‘Fiat Freemont’ and have a Fiat 2.0 diesel in it from mid this year. To me it doesnt make sense to have both Chrysler and Jeep in Aus. In a market as small as ours they just arent different enough.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, the nitro, and caliber are both horrible cars, this is way to ugly IMO and the 300 looks better

    • Pal

       Apparently they have had a change of heart was the last we have heard. With Dodge currently building conceptional vehicles rather than the ones that were offered to us a few years ago it’s a good thing. I personally feel with the with the current US line ups of CJD, Dodge has the best and more in line with the Aussie market

  • Peanut


  • Rick

    A thousand sales wouldn’t be real hard , so come on dodge bring it in and bring the new Durango while you’re at it

  • Mista.Calais

    That looks tough, they use those dodges as cop cars back in my home country and they look crazy.
    I’m just worried that tgeyll be a bit of a rip off considering the tax and everything else.

    • F1orce

      Yeah that’s the issue here..

      • Mista.Calais

        Unfortunately it is. So considering how much the Chev Camero are selling for, I’m guessing this would be around the sane price range if not a little more expensive.

        • Rick

          Actually Chrysler group are the only importers being serious about their prices . each of their new models have came in at less than the outgoing . unlike say Mazda

  • Rocket

    Dodge would sell a thousand of these in Australia without a problem if priced right against HSV and FPV.

  • JoeR_AUS

    Charger has 4 doors so could easily take sales away from Commodore and Falcon, why your at it bring the Challenger.

    • Rthg

       There aren’t all that many sales to take away.

  • LeStori

    Definetly a desireable car for the Bogons.

    • Hung Low

      It looks like LeBogan only made it up to year 6 in spelling!

    • Rocket

      Bevans like me will like it rather than Bogons.

  • Hung Low

    We need the Challenger, Camaro, Mustang here to add some personality to an otherwise dull looking market under 80k

    • $29896495

      Preferably under 40K, but the thing about the charger and 300, they are being replaced next year with an allegedly smaller car. Which is good.  But I guess the interchangeability of panels makes it easier on the current car. Although coming back to the model change, you’d think they’d wait.

      • https://www.facebook.com/LJSearles What_Tha

        Nope…  The Charger/300 is only a couple of years old… way too soon for replacement.

        • $29896495

          Might be a couple of years old here but not in the US, in any case I’m repeating what I read on Car and Driver, Autoblog and Autoguide. Since their affiliation with Fiat, Chrysler Dodge have come to the conclusion that they need to down size and share platforms more as is happening. So the 300 Charger and Challenger are supposed be downsized and be made in more appropriate forms for the rest of the world. Such as us.

          • Pal

             Refresh 2014, Full change MY 2017

          • $29896495

            Why, I’m reporting what has been written by US mags. In any case not to long ago, there used to be a 3 year turnaround in new models. Changing them for the 015 model year would be over that mark.

  • Force-15

    Another entrant in the V8 supercars perhaps? Dodge should also bring the Challenger here, which could be of interest to those who bought Holden Monaros a decade ago (so long as it’s priced similarly).

  • LowRezFez

    Bring it in!

  • D8young

    The reason dodge are not doing well in sales here is they brought out the wrong car it should have been the charger all along and to be fair dinkum they should race them in supercars then watch them run out the door. Where can i place an order for one now ? The challengers no slouch either just quietly.

    • Pal

       It’s not not doing well. It’s actually doing ok considering it’s only selling one product with no advertising like the other brands. The Journey sells more are year than the number Ralph Gilles said they needed to sell for the Charger. so yes what you said about having the right product would make it even better

      • Rick

        I still think the Durango could fill the gap that the jeep can’t and give them a SUV with 7 seats

        • Pal

           I agree 100%. I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t built in RHD in the first place. As the GC is a main seller in Australia at the moment it would definitely bring those buyers who wanted a seven seater the Dodge brand. The one dilemma for me is if the Charger and Durango were both available i wouldn’t know what to get

          • Rick

            Given that next year the wife and I will be updating our vehicles , we would buy both. The Durango would be a easy conversion as it is a stretched grand Cherokee anyway

  • Phil

    D’ya reckon Graeme Blundell would put on his Alvin Purple gear and do a new “Hey Charger” advert to go with it?

    • Pal

       Hope so. I’m already visualizing it

      • LowRezFez

        Do do do-do do do do-do… Hey Charger! V

  • Sheepy1

    I’ve bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 and love it. Thinking of upgrading to the 8 speed later this year though. It seems like a big improvement. If they brought the Charger SRT8 with the 8 speed box I’d be very interested…

    • Sam

       You have done well.  The 2014 Grand Cherokee looks awful.  Are they facelifting before releasing the new ugly one?

      • UNR8D

        Like alot of people you are getting the “Cherokee” and the Grand Cherokee confused, one looks like its mated with a 5yo Ssangyong and the other is a fresh update on one of the best looking 4×4’s this side if 100k.

  • Sam

    I’m not fussed on the Charger but I would die for a Challenger!  

  • HandBrake

    Would get a thousand easy a year!

  • Deutsch

    I think I may dodge this one. Pun intended. Looks like an old Skyline from the rear view!

  • Amuy

    Excellent cant wait….I want one. Dont forget people, the sales numbers above are misleading. IT says 1206 total sales of the Chrysler 300 in 2012…BUT in actual fact the Chrysler 300 (the new 2013 one) did NOT arrive in Australia until around August 2012 or so, then only in limited numbers. The Previous model was discontinued in RHD form in late 2010 or early 2011, when production went from Austria, back to Brampton (Canada). So you can double that figure published for 2012, for a realistic yearly comparison. 

  • Dan Dyball

    please please please bring the dodge challenger over here as well

  • Dan Dyball

    would love to get my hands on a new RHD challenger

  • Hereditary

    Umm yes!! 1000 per year? More like 1000 per month! I’d buy one without delay and park it next to my 72 VH. There are plenty of val enthusiasts left and baby boomers who had one new in the 70s.

  • Steve

    About time Chrysler Australia is finally going to bring in a car that will sell well.In the future car manufactures will need to produce cars that can be made on the production line as left or right hand drive with very few modifications. GMH imported on to test it,so they know a good car when they see one. About time some one turned the light on at Chrysler.

  • Eric V

    Driving around the US recently and I can tell you that the Dodge Charger has a real presence on the road, it looks so good in the flesh.

    Anyone who loves their cars love them to look good, and car fits the bill.
    Looking forward to seeing it in Australia.

  • US Muscle

    Never understood why Dodge, Ford and Holden don’t understand the ground swell of demand for US built muscle cars here – Camaros, corvettes, mustangs and chargers & challengers.  I know Ford and GM have FPV and HSV to worry about with local cars which places Chrysler in the box seat to bring in the charger and shake up the market.  A Hemi SRT Charger two door – a winner and well placed against FPV and HSV.

  • MisterZed

    I estimate the chance of this car going on sale in Australia is less than 1%.

  • 440 R/T Charger

    Pls….bring this beauty to us.

  • Marksmanr

    Why can’t they just sell the Challenger, Mustang and Camaro here… it’s like a whole market that doesn’t exist… muscle cars!

    • JamesB

      Because Aussies are pushovers that are happy to make do with the expensive, boring Compostdores.

  • Aus_poppa

    What a lot of wishful thinking there is on this blog. A thousand Chargers a month? You’d have to be dreaming! They only sell about 1200 Falcons a month – and this includes all the taxi models! To sell over a thousand a month of a single model with a single engine transmission configuration is really hard, even in market areas more popular than large cars.

    Even if the full year figure for Chrysler 300 turns out to be nearer 2,000 than last year’s 1,200 or so remember that a significant number of these will be black hire cars. 

    • Peanut

      I think you will find it says 1000 a year.

    • Pal

       That 1200 came from August onwards. I do agree with you that if Falcon can only have 1200 sales a month how can the Charger get 1000 even though the Charger IMO Is in another league to Falcon. The thing going in the Chargers favor is that it is the one car that would get the Mopar fans to buy a Modern Mopar.

      • $29896495

        Well actually the Dodge brand is the economy brand in the US. That’s not on par with the Falcon.

        • Rick

          Have a look at the interior of the dodge , it’s definately a class above the falcon

  • Aus_poppa

    No. Hereditary used the words 1000 a month.

    • Style

      The article, and Ralph Giles VP, says 1000 sales PER YEAR!!!

      Read it again.

  • Dodgechallenger

    We have 2013 dodge charger srt8 here in brisbane now at norm clarke automotive we will be converting to right hand drive we do dodge challenger srt8

  • Joe

    Bring it don’t waste no time thinking about it bring it

  • Dodge

    Challenger and charger are here now

  • joe

    about time dodge started selling the best here mine will be blue and hurry up we have waited long enough

  • Chris Winter

    Screw the charger. Shouldn’t even be a 4 door. Bring the challenger including the srt8 core and I’ll buy one unless u rip us off with an “Australian version” tax. Current ride is a 300c 5.7 and the only thing I’d swap to is a challenger :-)

  • tony

    Bring it here please. Us hemi lovers would be the first to buy, and there’s a lot of us. Been waiting for news like this since I saw the 2005 model when I was in Detroit that year. I said to myself then, they need to bring this car to Australia. Give holden and ford something to worry about. Not to mention the posibble rebirth of the classic GM vs FORD vs CHRYSLER touring car comp


    Should bring it but lower price down us charger 2014 standed model is $26500! And dodge cars are known for eye catching car, the products in Ozzie are a waste of time!

  • Laurabear

    Finally, Yes! I’m so excited! The only down side is, is that it’s more expensive here than it is in the US. In the US the price starts from US$26,495 (AU$28,303) but here they raise the price to almost twice that (AU$43,000)!!!! WHAT THE HECK?!?!? Everything in Australia is overpriced and it’s very unfair. That’s what really disappoints me, it’s going to cost me twice as much because of where I live making it too expensive. Therefore yet again, I can’t afford to buy the car I’ve really wanted. Not excited anymore :(

  • David

    I used to own a 1976 VK Charger, 5.9Litre V8 Hemi you could not kill. So Chrysler is introducing a new one. Bring it on!

  • Michael

    It will sell like hot cakes now the Holden decided to pull out of Australia

  • youssef

    they need to get the charger to replace the holden and ford highway patrol cars

  • FRYzion

    Its the beginning of 2014, where is it ?!? Why can’t I buy one yet ?!? I’d hands down buy a Charge over a 300! Rented just a V6 one in the states last year, great car, loved it. Love the muscle car look!

  • Benjy

    The Charger will definitely blow the Holden away! the car is exceptionally good and fun to drive. Australians will definitely love it!!

  • Travis

    A friend in the states has the all wheel drive V8 version. rear drive would be fun but it snows a lot. An amazing car to drive i must say. They had a full spec model and they say it cost low 30’s which is a bargain compared to australia prices.

  • PGG

    Sales +1 I will be purchasing one guaranteed


    Yes please!! & just brand them as Chryslers.

  • SKEP

    Bring it!! And badge them as Valiants, not dodge.

  • Bringit

    C’mon Chrysler. Holden and Ford are giving you a chance. Challenger is surely a no brainer to bring in. Not sure I see the difference between a Charger and a 300. They’d cannabilise each others sales