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The Toyota 86 Cup Edition has been released to mark Toyota’s involvement in the VLN endurance racing championship series, hosted at Germany’s famed Nurburgring circuit.

Exclusively built and sold in Germany, and limited to just 86 cars, the Toyota 86 Cup Edition (called the GT86 in Europe) sees owners receive not only a rare vehicle with unique interior and exterior features, but a ticket for two to a VIP customer event at the Nurburgring as well.

Toyota 86 Cup Edition - 4

With a boot lid spoiler, racing stripes and a set of 18-inch OZ Ultraleggera racing alloy wheels wrapped in Pirelli P Zero Nero GT tyres adding to the Japanese sports car’s exterior look, Alcantara dominates the interior covering the steering wheel, sections of the doors, seats and dashboard while a brushed aluminium plate next to the leather wrapped handbrake displays the individual car’s serial number.

Toyota 86 Cup Edition - 7

The Toyota 86 Cup Edition will be available in Germany from April, offered in Dynamic White Pearl, Furious Black Mica and Racing Red, with a €2860 ($3500) premium attached to it.

Nurburgring - Snow

Sadly, while Toyota was celebrating its entry into the German racing series with the 86 Cup Edition, the first round of the VLN championship was cancelled due to poor weather conditions at the soon-to-be-sold 20.8km Nordschleife circuit, with snow in many sections of the track forcing organisers to abandon the event.

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  • The Real Wile E

    Pity no boost in power

    • Crazy n00b

      The AE86 and 86 are about handling, touge and drifting. Not about outright power. It’s all relative…

      • The Real Wile E

        = disappointing

        • Guest

          Classic Australian bogan there, obsessed with powaaaa… And completely ignoring the entire point of this vehicle. 

          • The Real Wile E

            Built to a budget is the entire point of this vehicle.

            Please do not try to glorify its inadequacies as  being virtues of driving purity.

            Reminds me of the same BS that was promoted around the old MG sports cars which were basically underpowered rubbish but  looked oh so cool when driven by some scarf wearing poser. Obviously there is still a big poser market today.

          • Guest

            Built to be affordable and FUN. Have you not read any reviews of this car? You are still completely missing the point.

          • The Real Wile E

            Built to be affordable and fun yes BUT would be more fun with more power .You are the one completely missing my point that to gain more power would deliver more fun and still be affordable.
            It really is not that hard to understand is it?
            And it will happen and when it does I suppose I can look forward to your comments that the 86 has now become too powerful for you and has completely lost the plot.
            Silly Guest.

          • Bill Murray

            “Straights are for fast cars, corners are for fast drivers”

          • Guest

            Thanks Bill. :-)

          • The Real Wile E

            How little do you know.
            Straights and corners are for fast cars and fast drivers.

      • HerpDerp

        It’s about skinny Prius tyres, an anaemic engine that sounds like a sewing machine, and not being able to keep up with diesel ix35’s in traffic.


        • Bimmer

          You sound like you’ve spent your fair share of time around sewing machines.

          • Shane

            His company manufactures sewing machines and employs 84 aussies.
            Good onya Herp.

  • Pronto

    Just watched Jason Plato’s review of the 86 on Fifth Gear.
    In summary good price, handles well,but could sound better and needed extra power.
    Maybe this is one review that Guest has missed.