The all-new Cadillac CTS has been partially revealed in a series of leaked teaser images, just days before its expected unveiling ahead of this week’s New York auto show.

The official-looking teaser shots – posted online via photo sharing website Flickr but not from an affiliated Cadillac or General Motors account – show the midsize Cadillac CTS’s front and rear ends, front end profile and interior door trim.

Cadillac CTS Leaked - 4

An aggressively sculptured bonnet sits above vertical LED lights that flow up from the bumper and join the headlight assembly before both then extend deep into the front quarter panels.

Cadillac CTS Leaked - 3

At the rear, an illuminated LED strip is integrated into the deck lid spoiler while the tail-lights feature LED blades topped with the Cadillac script etched into the cluster.

Cadillac CTS Leaked - 5

Inside, the midsize luxury sedan gains wood panelling, chrome highlights and a mix of suede and stitched leather.

Cadillac CTS Leaked - 6

The teaser images follow GM’s announcement last week of the new CTS’s 313kW/583Nm twin-turbocharged 3.6-litre V6 powerplant and eight-speed automatic transmission.

The Cadillac CTS is due to go on sale in late 2013, following its unveiling at the New York auto show, which kicks off on March 27.

  • O123

    Looks great, Holden should just stick a commodore badge on this!

    • Oosh

       That’s kinda like the VW empire putting a Skoda badge on an Audi.

      • $29896495

        Isn’t that what they do and a different front. They are all the same underneath.

      • AndrewKW

        Actually no it would be like VW putting a VW badge on Audi, Holden is mainstream, as is Chevrolet, they both compete against VW in thier relative markets.

        Also may I remind you that this is real luxy/performance sedan, as it is RWD. VW group have very few of them.

  • Neil_Way

    The teasers look fantastic. Hopefully this is a formidable competitor for the the German mid-sizers.

  • $29896495

    To many sharp lines. Not  a fan of headlights rising so far into fenders.

  • David

    Front looks like an Aurion.

    • Neil_Way

      In what possible way does a Cadillac look like an Aurion?

      • Cadillacs Back

        He probably looks at a Bugatti Veyron and thinks it too looks like an Aurion. What ever he’s smoking he should know it’s rude not to share.

  • Cl1ff0

    I like…

  • Karl Sass

    Looks great, very bad-arse! Nice interior too.

    Going by the top photo, the bonnet and deep grill have a passing resemblance to the VF.

  • Martin

    I really hope GM eventually bring Cadillac to Australia like they have with Opel. I really love the look of their cars and would definitely pick one over getting another Beemer based on sheer looks alone.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    Let’s hope the interior is up to euro standard, for the Cady’s sake.