BMW M5 Drifiting Record

BMW will attempt to set a new drifting world record, with a goal of travelling over 64km while going sideways.

Using a 412kW/680Nm 2013 BMW M5, BMW Performance Driving School instructor Johan Schwartz will attempt to break the current Guinness world record for the longest drift, an 11.18km continuous slide set by Abdo Feghali in a Chevrolet Camaro SS set at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi in February this year.

BMW has its sights set on a record that “will stand for a long time” of over 64km.


BMW’s assault on the world record will take place on its own driver training skid pad at the BMW Performance Centre in South Carolina on May 11, 2013.

  • Monk

    Lucky there’s nothing bogan about this tilt, seeing as it is BMW and not GM doing it.

  • Peanut

    Ford Australia you really need some publicity for your Falcon.
    Beat them.

    • Frostie

      If I were to do it, the F6 would be my car of choice.
      They struggle to come out of corners in a straight line.
      So you don’t even need to try, in order to get it to drift all day long.

    • Darryl

      I didn’t think we were allowed to see this sort of “irresponsible” driving here in Oz. Well not by a car company. One complaint….

  • Sacha Kloostra

    Even on a wet circuit, how could the rear tyres possibly last 64km?

    • Lindsay


    • Bryan

       That was my first thought too…

  • Steven Curtis

    OMG way to much spare time !!!!! How about getting a real job. Solving world peace and hunger

    • U mad?

      Maybe you should sell whatever electronic device you are using to write your comment and use the money to go and help some less fortunate individuals?

    • U mad?

      You do know all the proceeds from this event/attempt will be going to a charity?

  • EvoCruzer

    Should use the Kumho tyres that produce coloured smoke. One blue and one red for the colours of the M-division. Would love to see that from above :)