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  • OttoAu

    The Prius is THE besy hybrid on the market, but yeah it cost more, best is NEVER less more brands will follow shortly.

    The next Prius will be doing well over 100MPG+, Toyota are really going to pushing it.

    BUT they just dont make $ense, just like diesels better off to buy say a Yaris, which really only uses 1 to 2 litres more fuel yet $20,000+ less.

    Do the math

    PS Better off if u MUST buy a Prius buying @ auction, 05’s/30,000km sell for $25k, still under warranty, still as new.


  • Myke

    I guess if I wanted to stand out I’d get the Prius, but I’d prefer the Civic. It’s cheaper, has more power and similar features. But it has really ugly wheels and ivory interior though.

  • Wayne Morgan

    Great article, it provided what I have been wanting to hear.
    I, for one, have decided to wait on a model that permits overnight mains charging so that I can take off and drive a reasonable distance without an engine running at all. I live 15 Km from the nearest shopping centre and would like to make the round trip, then return and plug it back in for the next time.


  • john

    Don;t forget that you can use all the aftermarket accessories used on the regular civics. There arent that many for the prius.

  • Andre Gall

    Interesting article. I have just spent 4 days in each of the vehicles, though probably in the wrong terrains for these sort of cars. I drove the Honda in Hobart and then rural Tasmania and the Toyota around Christchurch followed by a run around the southern half of NZ’s South Island.

    Overall I found both cars to be comfortable, though I can’t commit to having become a fan of either and still favour the diesel alternatives available as most of my driving is country-based. Fuel economy around town hovered in the high 4s, low 5s, no complaints. On twisty bits and hilly terrain this increased to 7 to 7.5 litres – unacceptable from my point of view – I have obtained similar fuel economy from VW Golfs (petrol). The Honda, particularly on cruise control, had this mission to climb the rev counter at the slightest of inclines – I found this frustrating.

    The Toyota’s gear lever also takes getting used to – if you are used to “properly” parking your car with an auto transmission you can get get yourself into trouble here> i.e. from D to N, foot on brake, engage handbrake, into N (aah, straight into R everytime! – maybe just me…), then release footbrake…

    In summary, make sure to fully test these cars if you venture out of the city to see what you are getting yourself into (I preferred getting out of…). And if you do, as the article suggests, the Toyota’s steering is simply dull and un-involving and feels way too electric, totally lifeless.

    Both cars are spacious though. Interesting to see what the future holds with hybrids.

  • Dick Beahm

    I’ve checked both cars in the USA and cannot find the price difference You have indicated considering the options available. If thgis is a “vote” I must go with the Prius. In my opinion both vehicle companies are the best. I have owned a Toyota Celica (’85) and up to then (I had it 12 years until my grandson totaled it or I’d still have it). Off the subject a little here… almost all new cars seem to have little to do with styling/good future type “looks”…they all generally look like a small shoebox set on a larger shoe box! I appreciate all the wonderful engineering
    put into the vehicles but I still like a little “PIZZAZ” in the styling(I am an engineer but I’m telling the truth as far as I’m concerned). The prius, to me, is better looking. 20 years ago the designof possible future cars was a lot better than what we have now. What happened? Given that most of the engineering is on a par between “cars”, it’s “PIZZAZ” that’s going to influence cars buyers more than anything else. With all that said I still believe in the “Greenie” concept! Thanks for listening to my “babble”.

  • dENNIS

    The article is good but its the second time I’ve seen motoring writers fail to appreciate that the Prius does not have a belt & pulley CVT. It hybrid synergy drive is much more sophisticated and clever.

  • Steve

    Hybrids are for environmental poseurs; not for those who actually care about reducing their effect on the environment.

    Hybrids have relatively low environmental impact during operation; but massive environmental impact during manufacture and eventual disposal.

    Their fuel economy is no better than modern turbo diesels (eg Fiat Punto 1.3 jtd’s combined cycle 4.5 ltr/100k)- the hybrid’s handicap being having to lug a massively heavy battery everywhere.

    If you care about the environment, walk, ride a bike or use public transport more often; and drive a fuel efficient conventional engined car like a Toyota Yaris, VW Polo or Fiat Punto.

  • Chris Nicholls

    This is by far the best review (and comments) I have found so far. I have to say though I was ready to go out and buy a Prius even though I have always preferred the looks and handling of the Civic. Now I will be going for a diesel instead as I would always be concerned about the depreciation of the hybrids after a few years. They seem to hold their value in the UK for the first two years and then drop even though the Prius has a 100000 mile 8 year warranty I think people are still concerned that the batteries will eventually need replacing at high cost.

    I will now probably go for the new Civic Diesel as it has a modern look and very good reviews.

    • Rohan

      Steve, Does your car have no battery to start it? If you saw a Prius battery you would know, not so big and heavy. Guaranteed 8 years. How long will your conventional battery last?
      Hybrids get the fuel economy without the noise and vibration of diesel. Nor do you get the diesel on your hands from a dirty fuel station pump.
      Next, hybrids are much more reliable.
      Working for a European manufacturere the problems the have with diesels and turbos would put you off buying one.

  • Chris

    Why do y’all in Australia have to pay such a high price for hybrids? We can buy new Honda Civic Hybrids in Texas for $24,000. Anyone who would pay $46,500 for that ugly Toyota moon mobile is crazy!!!

    God Bless Australia and The United States!

  • Rahul

    Honda Civic is better and more enjoyable of a Driving experience. Saying that, its also better value….and people….who said manufacturing of a Hybrid has more impact on the environment than normal vehicles!!!??? God…seriously…and forget about batteries that will need replacement after 6-8 years or even after. I’m sure the Dealers will have a proper procedure to deal with them. Stop finding excuses to keep buying normal cars. As far as Diesel vehicles go, i think the fuel prices here in Australia are not favourable to purchase a Diesel vehicle and slowly with time that will be almost impossible for middle-class couples or families to invest in Diesel vehicles for a family car. It’d have to be Hybrids. So stop giving different directions to the discussion on a Greener Future.

    Currently Toyota and Honda are doing well. And i’m sure many Brand-names are running after this new area in the Car market to make money out of the so-called environmentally-friendly show-off act (I wonder why they are even bothering in that case if its such a waste as per some of the previous comments!!). To the positive Reviews and comments, THUMBS-UP. And believe me…you’ve gotta own a hybrid to actually become fascinated with one. As for driving and getting close to those claimed Fuel Economy figures, your driving habbits will need to be curbed. I am getting 5.5L/100Kms (Ideal claim is 5.2L/100) from my 2005 Honda Civic. And each Tank-fill of about 44Litres gives me about 800+ kms on average after an year’s driving around and getting to know the real way of driving it. And still i enjoy the smooth silent drives of a Hybrid Civic. I’m sure 2007 Civic Hybrid will be more of a pleasure which i will obtain in a week’s time with an aftermarket Leather Trim!!

    And to those who think its just not worth your money and time, don’t worry and go sleep tight in your cozy homes. You need others around you to lead the way, and then you’ll join the rat race when there’s enough of them around to motivate you!!!

  • Louis

    Unless Biodiesel is an option (which, for the most part, it is not) then diesel is in no way a greener choice. Better mileage, yes, but the problem with it’s emissions is why most cars have switched to Unleaded (remember?)… Then again, technology has advanced and perhaps it’s not as much of a problem.
    However, with the article at hand, the Prius and Civic Hybrid match-up are quite neck and neck with it mostly coming down to personal preference. MPG for the Prius was studio-tested not road-tested and so all the variables were not averaged in like they were with the Civic. This in mind MPG is about the same in the city and both claim 51 Hwy MPG.
    It’s quite important to test drive both. The technology involved with the Prius is fun and impressive (esp. the Bluetooth that comes standard). The Civic is more comfy and seems to handle a little better. The Prius has way more space for storing stuff and is therefore more practical while the Civic is stylistically “cooler” in design and has a tighter feel when driving.
    Hybrids are meant to help (not ameliorate) an energy situation, not a financial situation. Cheers to those who help and cheers to those who found alternative ways to help. Yes, do walk, do bike, exercise is healthy and smarter on so many levels. Personally, if biodiesel was more of a readilly available option, I’d buy something completely different. As it is, these are the best two and I am trying to figure which suits my lifestyle best.

  • Aaron

    I live in New Zealand have recently driven the Civic Hybrid and other civics. I was impressed with the whole range of civics especially the Hybrid, a few differences I notices the editor has missed out, the NZ model has driving lights, Electronic Brake force Distribution, Emergency brake assist, drive by wire throttle,seat belt Emergency locking reel, pre tensioners and load limiters, active head restraints…etc etc, and remote lock not mentioned as the Prius has. Maybe I am a bit one eyed, not having driven the prius, but then I would have to be blind to buy the Prius, that thing is ugly!
    The Civic doesnt have Vehicle stability assist like the other Civics have as standard but it does handle great. I too really, and I mean really tried to flatten the battery but couldnt as it charges not only when you brake but when you take your foot off the gas. And if you put your foot down a bit much the assist does the trick smoothly. Theres is a gauge on the instrument panel to measure the assist or charge amount, and battery indicator. The alloys that are on the other civics are an option for the hybrid now so you cant really tell them apart other than the Hybrid Badge and an aerial on the roof. So not only you dont look like a knob, you are doing your part in saving the environment. As for diesels… not only do they require frequent servicing and emmit more emissions than a petrol vehicle, they are more expensive to repair and require a bolt on turbo to get any decent amount of grunt. The Battery for the Hybrid is just under $2100NZD and they have an 8 year / 130km warranty and the car itself is 3 year unlimited km warranty. Not only that if the battery dies when you are the owner in 9 years time, you still have a perfectly operational 1300cc civic. Great for the sales rep or anyone really. Yes again I take my hat off to Honda too for lowering their factory emissions every year and beating the Californian LEV rules, planting the trees and including safety features as standard in their vehicles. Well done!!

  • john

    It is interesting to read both car reviewers and others comment on hybrid vehicles. Most from a position of inexperience

    Without a doubt most drivers drive a hybrid for performance foot flat to the floor as you would in a normal old fashioned car which use the basic systems designed 50+ years ago. In a traditional car you accelerate all the time, you have to get over the losses inherent in the design, in a hybrid the entire approach to driving, accelerating and braking is different and based around reducing energy consumption. I own a 01 Insight and I average between 2.6 and 3.2 km/l when the sticker value is 3.6. Most reviewers at the time could manage 4 at best and slammed the car while test driving. Any person thinking about a hybrid, (and everyone should) should read http://www.cleanmpg.com/forums/articles/t-beating-the-epa-the-whys-and-how-to-hypermile-1510.html or http://www.insightcentral.net/forum

    There is a general discussion that hybrids are not environmentally friendly because of manufacture – well all cars have similar environmental impact in manufacture yet a hybrid will offer a significant co2 saving during the life of the vehicle. If you actually want to reduce your impact walk, if you have to drive, drive less and drive a hybrid.

    If you are thinking about a hybrid take the plunge and support technology that that is about the future. I just took delivery of a 07 Civic hybrid, both are so cool.

    Oh and one more thing my insight has done 60K + km averaged 3.0 l/100 KM has the original brake pads and tyres, and cost 10K less when all costs and depreciation are totalled to that of a similar priced petrol engine car purchased at the same time


    i love honda civic i love the looks , performance ,everything beautiful car .right now i dont have honda civic but i want to buy this car and i promise to buy this car really i live this car its really special for me i saw many cars buit in civic i found very special for me………..

    In short honda civic is a Perfect car

  • Jodie

    I don’t know if people are aware but General Motors in America have already produced a total electric car that was available in the 80’s called the EV1.

    It is actually possible to drive in cities without using any fuel!! The car was eventually scrapped by the Califonian Air Resources board in conjunction with massive pressure from auto and oil companies in the USA.

    Go to http://www.ev1.org/ to find out more..

    Interesting, but it seems the auto companies, oil companies and the government don’t actually want us driving with no harm to the environment. Otherwise we would be doing it already without using any fuel at all…The technology exists!!

    What a shame.

    In conclusion I do think these hybrid vehicles sound great. I will test them both.

    They make a difference.

  • Clare Hobbs

    Can anyone tell me if the Honda Civic Hybrid with its 1.3 litre engine performs as well as the Civic Sport with at 2 litre engine? I am presently debating which one to buy.

  • James

    I have a 2006 i-Tech Prius and it is by far the best car I have ever owned. That is including two Mercedes, a BMW and an Audi.
    I also test drove the Honda and it was horrible. The inside felt cheep and the fuel economy wasn’t as good as the Prius.
    The Prius also had all the latest tech which is fantastic! I get amazing fuel economy with my Prius, I drive a lot and I only ever fill up once every 5-5.5 weeks.
    I drove to Sydney and half way back on one tank!
    Prius all the way!

  • Nick

    how do you charge up the electric motor once its charge is out? cos if you have to ‘plug it in’ to charge up, where do you think the electricity to charge up the bettery comes from? not very enviromentally friendly that is!

    still they are having a go, so kudos to them

  • Mike

    Hi Nick, you are thinking of a PHEV. The 2 cars above are simply hybrids, which use regenerative braking and coasting to charge the batteries.

  • zuzu

    about me the honda civic hybrid is goodest than toyota prius.the civic has a more normal style…

  • Geoff

    Great article only because I’ve just become a proud owner of one Honda Civic 2007 Hybrid model.

    The car’s sporty performance is just amazing.

    What is even more amazing is the trip computer’s instant calculation of how many litres per 100K’s you are doing at any time. It really incentivises you to go easy on the pedal and today we just did 5.2 litres per 100k on a trip from Sydney to St Georges Basin (about 165km. That even included full power thrusts that required both petrol & electric motors to achieve more than decent power performance climbing hills!

    5.2 litres per 100km is our new record just after 3 weeks of ownership and for some reason I still believe achieving the seemingly impossible benchmark rate of 4.6 litres is somewhat possible. That’s the beauty of owning this car!

    So far we’ve been filling up on average of 1.5 weeks between tankfuls. That’s more than a massive 50% reduction in our petrol fuel bills. We used to own a Ford Escape 4WD (13 litres per 100km !!) which required twice weekly fill-ups!

    Thank you again for a great article and for vindicating our decision to go with the clear winner!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Good for you Geoff,Honda make a great product like Toyota .

    I didn’t know Honda did a hybrid till you mentioned it…….I guess Toyota do such a good job of advertising the Toyota we forget the rest!

    I am a petrol head and really dont care too much for economy and are still yet to believe the hoo haa on the environment!

    But glad that CA could confirm your decision!

    I for one think Honda has always been a great product!

  • Howard Gilmore

    Hi guys – very interested in people’s experience with the Prius & Civic. What happens to 1. engine power & 2. fuel economy when you switch the air-con on those hot days?

  • Jens

    I don’t know why they don’t use a small diesel motor instead of petrol, they would get even better mileage and less emissions. But then again there are new diesel vehicles out there that use even less than these cars without hybrid technology. I believe that a new Citroen or something uses about 4.5L on 100km or it could be even less. Diesel is the way of the future as it can run on non petroleum based fuel without emissions, something that a petrol can never do. Once that oil runs out it will be fuel made out of vegetable oil that will be the norm.

  • Duck

    Id prefer the Honda for everything and is Toyota making a new Prius! Where is Toyota Paul? Id still go for a SS V8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barry Filshie

    Interesting article. I have owned a Civic Hybrid now for 18 months and travelled about 25,000 km. I am disappointed with the fuel economy, or lack thereof. I have never achieved better than 4.8 l/100 km and it is getting worse with age, not better as one would expect as the engine loosened up. The average fuel consumption is now close to 7 l/100 km which I find totally unacceptable. I have complained to my local Honda service agent and to Honda Australia, with no satisfaction. Although it is a nice car to drive, in retrospect I would not have traded in my Accord Euro for the Civic Hybrid if I had known the fuel consumption was going to be so bad. I routinely obtained between 8 and 9 l/100 km with the Euro and the way things are going that is what the Civic will be consuming soon. I like Honda cars, but I think the company has been dishonest in their quote of 4.4 l/100 km as an expectation to the prospective buyer.

  • http://www.ourphotoworld.com Rick (The Netherlands)

    To my opinion, the big disadvantage of the Civic is the lack of cargo capacity. Only 376 L and no possibility to increase it by flatten the rear seats. And because you can’t have a towbar on hybrid cars, it’s impossible to carry any kind of load whatsoever.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    Rick – who cares you cannot carry a load in the car! Either that or the environment and price we must pay for a massive population worldwide! Next step should be population control to reduce numbers -can only hope as this is 99% of the problem!

  • Ajinkya

    I have bought a Honda Civic Hybrid recently and it gives me and fuel economy of 5.9 in summer because of the extra things in the car that use up petrol like the A/C. So it also depends on the stuff you use that are in the car and if u only want to help the environment and you dont need those extra gadgets like in the Prius I’d say you buy the Civic.

  • TP

    Lol population control NM… I think some of the Asian countries need that, dunno bout Australia, only 20 million people. As for fuel efficiency interestingly on MythBusters last night they tested if drafting behind a truck improves efficiency. I wasnt suprised that it does because you can feel it if you ever tailgate a truck, their test showed that you get something along the lines of 10% more efficiency at 100 feet, 20% at 50 feet, 30% at 20 feet etc. This is one reason why its useless people sometimes saying ‘oh my new car gets way better efficiency then tested, I Drove to X and it was great’… because many variables, such as drafting, can effect it.

  • Andrew M

    what car did they use Paul?

    because that would have a lot to do with the drafting effect.
    it would be more evident in a van than say the RX8 we were discussing on the other page

    some countries do have population control.

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    TP & ANDREW M…agree with where TP about Asia. Countries where many people dying with aids and god knows what (relief and money is not the answer there) – these people cant look after themself and so so many of them and multiple kids willy nilly. Go look at countries in Africa, Korea, China, Japan, Europe, etc as big massive numbers! Rememeber the environmental problems facing earth as a whole has gone hand in hand with population increase and no harsher test has occurred then in last 200yrs. The days of ignoring the problem are gone and digging up fossil fuels in mad scramble for monetary gain is bad.

    I agree with TP about fuel efficiency dilemas. Missed the show Paul!

  • Al Juraj

    Toyota have the best hybrid technology, but they will need to find ways to produce it more cheaply. An Aurion-priced battery Corolla just doesn’t cut it unless the buyer’s only motive to get a car is to help the environment. Many motorists would love to help make Mother Earth greener, but unfortunately, it’s at a premium.

    I think the next Prius will be incorporated into the Corolla if they were to save on production costs, hence the Corolla Prius. Honda may have thought of just cramming the batteries into a car that’s already there instead of building a different one altogether, thus the lower price. If Toyota get the Prius bits into the Corolla and sell it cheaper, I’m sure the results would have been much different.

  • http://qaeg.com.au Bob Rona

    Now i am totally confused. 😉
    Ive been researching the difference between the Honda Civic Hybrid and the Toyota Prius for the last month..
    Both are good cars.. Both have fans and also detractors..
    Both claim reasonable fuel consumption compared to my current daily drive.(Toyota Prado 4 ltr petrol)
    I travel around a 1000 kilometres a week.. so I have a fuel bill these days approaching $ 230 to $ 250 each fill!!! Each week!@ … OUCH!!!!!
    By any calculation,a hybrid will cut that by around a third!.. so my annual fuel consumption bill should drop from $11,000 to $12,000 to around $ 3850..
    BUT WHICH car ????
    my email is iluvoz@tpg.com.au
    Would anyone with some insight (pardon the pun)please email me and help me make the decision.
    remembering that for me.. this a commercial decision.. i dont need all the toys the I-Tech Prius has..( altho Id like them )I am sooooo leaning towards the Civic Hybrid but I need some personl words from someone that has lived with one.. and as they are relativly new to the market.. Thats not as easy as I thought.



  • John McLean-Hodgson


    Buy a Prius I-Tech you will not be disappointed. We have had one for over 2 years and still marvel at its capability. You fill up a lot less often in a Prius and it feels great. I would not give the Honda a look in.



  • Ess-001

    Barry Filshie,
    Have you gotten your ICU checked? There has to be something wrong for it to consistently go more than 7L!

  • Gordon

    This article makes me think that the Civic is at least in the picture; and cheaper is not insignificant.

    The problem is that I need to cart my bike around. I ride some days and not others. I need to take the bike to the repairers, or to the country. So I need a hatch …

    Why isnt there a civic hybrid hatch?

  • Jason

    I just bought a used 07 civic hybrid and I am getting about 35 mpg. A little disapointing since it is said to get between 40-45 mpg. But it is a lot better than my v6 accord. all in all i like the car it looks a lot better than the prius but I do think the prius would get a little better mpg than the civic. what made up my mind is the fact that in the usa the prius and civic are sold out at all the car lots right now and its like a 3 month wait not to mention there is about a $3,000 mark up on them since they can’t keep them in stalk.
    I went to the honda dealer and was lucky to find a used 07 that was priced at used blue book price of $21,500 and talked them down to $20,000 lol I love nagotiations.
    I can’t wait to see my money at work at the fuel pump.
    I think both Honda and toyota make great cars and its prefrence on what you want. both cars will save you $ on gas. Shop around and get the best deal I love to save $ hahahhahahah lol.
    Jason from California.

  • Gus

    Ordered a 2008 Civic Hybrid on May 15, 2008 and I will not see it till end of August 2008. As I understand it, the Prius is a 7 to 8 month waiting. Which means you get a 2009 model, most likely. If I had to do it over again, I would wait till the Civic Hybrid 2009 comes out which, as I undesrand it from the dealer, it will have a few more options available, such as leather seats, than the 2008 model. Also, from what I read, it may cost less. And if you order and get the 2009 model before the end of 2008, you still get the $520 tax insentive from the federal government. As I undestand it, the Prius will be much harder to get since Toyota put a cap on the production (capacity issues I guess) of the Prius. That puts the pressure on Honda to deliver more. I don’t know if they have the capacity either.
    Terribly dissapointed though to see from those with experience that the Civi Hybrid does not get the mileage claimed, where everyone I talked to about the Prius, they get better mileage than the posted.

  • Morgasshk

    toyota does not have a cap on production, they are producing to the limit. Australia is a little fishy in the sea, so the US and Europe get first dibs on all Prius and Australia gets left with leftovers…

    Over 1 million Prius have been sold in the world to date. Far cry form a gimmick 😉

    Batteries do not need replacing in the first 3,4,5,6,7,8 years… 2 have been replaced in Australia since inception, and that was two taxis in North QLD – 375,000 and 650,000 klms repsectively…

    Fuel use on Prius I have gotten close to the AD/R regulated 4.4L/100klm, which I find astounding. Driving from Cairns, to Townsville, To Mackay and then to Rocky, driving around city centres, getting food, stopping at hotels, city drive at night, traffic, and highway. I averaged 4.5L/100klms. Sitting approx 115kph on freeway.

    No idea what the reviewer did to achieve their 0-100kph time, I regularly get to 100kph in under 11seconds, and online specs for the Civic rate it as over 13seconds for its 0-100kph time… did the one reviewed have a supercharger? lol

    Pity the Prius is quite a bit more expensive, Toyota would get a lot more sales. And if people are waiting that long to get new vehicles that has gotta hurt :S for both toyota and Honda… Poor australia! We always get left behind! lol

    Have put 20k on Prius I-tech since start of 2007, love it. And I come from selling and driving HSV’s and SS commies! lol. Prius is VERY maneuoverable (*sp) and I love shooting it through backstreets. Anyone talking body roll and handling and steering, is not trusting the vehicle enough and needs time to get more familiar with it.

    It’s a Hybird, designed to be driven easily as possible to conserve fuel. I can make a choice. 7.4L/100klm from my Prius, or I can choose to get under 5L/100klms… Driving style is everything in that regard.

    Thanks all


  • Bluey

    Ooops, they didn’t put the article full text online, just a cheezy video.

    The F1 driver strategy was:
    * throw out all unnecessary weight
    * high tire pressures
    * minimum revs, maximum gears

  • Carl Wongtw

    Thank you very much for sharing all this. I think I love the Civic Hybrid and I’ll buy it in the future :).

  • Carl Wongtw

    Thank you very much for sharing the comparison, I think I love the Civic Hybrid and I’ll definitely buy it in the future, or its new models :).

  • David

    Very interesting. Having owned both vehicles for some time (I now drive a Prius), I feel well qualified to post a comment on the issue.

    There is no question in my mind that the Prius is by far and away the best all round hybrid of the two.

    Putting looks aside for just a moment, and concentarting on what they were designed to achieve, I was never able to get much better than 4.9l/100klm out of the Civic…and that was with a tail wind downhill with a large truck behind me!! The Civic after all is a petrol assisted hybrid car, not a true hybrid like the Prius. When you stop at a set of lights with the Civic, the petrol engine cuts out. Take your foot on and off the brakes a couple of times as the traffic creeps forward and the petrol engine stays on – very annoying
    On the onther hand I just hit the stealth button on the Prius and “bingo” it stays in all-electric mode for as long as I have power, usually 1-2 klm.

    On another point of correction, the Prius has 107KW at hand (petrol / electric combined, and way more torque than the civic). The Prius actually has two(2) electric motors.

    The Prius is way quicker off from the lights than the Civic.

    Straight out of the box I was getting 4.5l/100klm with the Prius (mainly highway driving too. The Prius loves stop go driving in the city, with figures dropping to below 4.3.
    Yes, I admit that to some who don’t want anyone knowing that the drive an eco friendly hybrid, the Honda looks better, but the Prius has a unique charm of its own

    The Prius is a much more pleasurable car to drive and own…and I just love the “stealth” button.

  • Jan

    Just wanted to know about honda car batteries. How long do they last and how much it will cost to replace them?

  • Eric

    Like some of the above answers, I will also be waiting for the plug in hybrids to be released in Australia before I buy my next car, meantime, I will use my Electric assist (Zero Emission) Bicycle whenever possible

  • Jac

    Just wondering…. why WOULDN’T you want others to know you are driving a hybrid? Is there really such a stigma for those who choose to minimise their ecological footprint? Promote a greener world, and put your vanity aside, people. Drive with pride.

  • http://www.waxner.com Waxner

    “Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid sedan, produces up to 90 percent less harmful emissions than the average car on the road today,”

  • Geoff

    Here’s a report card after owning a Honda Civic Hybrid since Oct 2007 :

    Recently we holidayed up at the Gold Coast and drove our Civic hybrid up there from Sydney. On the trip home, we decided to see if we could get home on 1 full tank without any refueling along the way.

    Prior to the trip home, we topped up our tank to the max and cost was approx $38 for a full tank (Civic hybrids has 50 litre tank capacity).

    Over 2 days that took us to get home, we managed to get home with a few drops of petrol left. That’s with 3 adults, and a boot full of luggage. Distance travelled 900kms.

    Not bad for a trip home that costed us a mere $38!

    One very happy Civic Hybrid owner.

    • A Singh

      Can you tell me who fixed your Honda civic hybrid car that you can drive 900 kilometre for 50 litre petrol this is 18 kilometre per litre. I also have the same hybrid Honda civic model as yours. It does only 14.7 kilometres per litre. Mr Henderson General Manager mechanic of Honda New Zealand LTD New Market New Zealand tells me that he cannot fix it; he was rude to me as well.

      I want my Honda Hybrid runs like yours. Geoff, can you tell me which mechanic I should go to fix my car. There seems that there is no qualified mechanic at Honda New Zealand LTD who would able to repair my Honda Hybrid.

      I am not satisfied Honda Civic Hybrid

  • http://www.waxner.com/ waxner

    Is Toyota fighting primarily for entry level hybrid sales (and teensy profys) with Honda or assaulting Hybrid-deprived Chrysler, Ford with its meek Fusion, and GM with its $45,000+ Volt? Maybe all 4. Toyota has the best mileage, most tested systems, and more luxury at 10% more price, and middle class buyers are Toyota’s hybrid buyers;. Toyota will annhilate the Small 3, reap profits, and position itself for the battle ahead — with middle class buyers who balk at ubiquitous cheap Chinese hybrids and electrics.

  • Timis

    Amazing review my friend! The biggest and with the most information a have seen out there!

    By the way, can anyone tell me, what is the S and the L option in the transmission?
    They gave me one from work, and it did not come with a manual…

    Thanks a lot…!

  • Ally

    Thank you so much for posting this up. Very useful info compiled into a brief intro into hybrid cars and the two leading models. Appreciate it! 😉

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    Although both vehicles have had changes in recent years, this review still makes good relevant reading. I’m really looking forward to full electric cars from both these companies hitting the market in the future.

  • A Singh

    I have 2004 Honda hybrid at present. The average fuel consumption is 6.8 liter per 100 kilometer. Honda New Zealand Tells me the milage depends how you drive. When I challenged the manager incharge Mr Henderson to dirve and show me, and acheive the milage he yopu claim, he simply refused.

    Today my honda hybrid is 5 and half months old and driven just 77,000 kilometer. The CVT tramission gave up.Can any one tell me Should honda New zealand fix this transmission problem at their cost or I have to pay for this.

    I have driven Pirus year 2000 model in year 2006 for 4 months. I have almost acheived the milage as claimed by the Toyta.

  • A Singh

    I have 2004 Honda hybrid at present. The average fuel consumption is 6.8 liter per 100 kilometer. Honda New Zealand Tells me the milage depends how you drive. When I challenged the manager in charge Mr Henderson to drive and show me, and achieve the mileage he is claiming, he simply refused.

    Today my honda hybrid is 5 and half years old and driven just 77,000 kilometer. The CVT tramission gave up.Can any one tell me Should Honda New Zealand fix this transmission problem at their cost or I have to pay for this.

    I have driven Prius year 2000 model in year 2006 for 4 months. I have almost achieved the milage as claimed by the Toyota.

    Honda New Zealand knows The Honda Transmission has the problem. They should let the Honda cars owners know.

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    It’s not just about the look of the car but between the two my vote goes to Honda Civic. I like refreshing looks of Honda inside, the comfortableness, space, features it offers and the speed is just fine to me. It was my point of view regarding Honda I don’t know about others opinion.

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  • English13

    I enjoyed reading the article on Honda v Toyota hybrids, and the various comments.
    I opted for the Honda Civic based mainly on the fact that it looks more like a normal styled car.
    In England we have a really marvellous system for bleeding the motorist of his cash, namely the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) and exhaust emissions.
    My previous car a Nissan Tino 1.8 auto had a VED of £245 per year.
    The Honda Civic hybrid has a VED of £10 per year,(as does the Toyota Prius), I’m already £235 in pocket.
    It was a matter of personal preference, I’m not out to be a “Greenie goody two shoes”, anyway I dont like sandals and socks worn together!!
    Just my shillings worth.

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    Toyota Prius,   I love this car $10 is enough for one week petrol for me,


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    Prius has more cargo space, better mpg all around, its really great idea of plug in hybrids becoming common place.