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Ex-Formula One champion Alain Prost has furthered his role with Renault for 2013, assuming an advisory role within Renault Sport F1.

Prost, a brand ambassador for Renault since 2012, will extend his relationship with the French manufacturer in 2013 to include giving advice to the Renault Sport F1 executive committee as part of a new consultancy position.

Renault Sport F1 president and managing director Jean-Michel Jalinier said Renault – who currently supply engines to F1 teams Lotus, Red Bull Racing, Williams and Caterham – would continue to draw on Prost’s knowledge and experience, particularly as the team prepares for the upcoming technical changes for the 2014 F1 season, including the transition to V6 powerplants.

“Alain’s experience of F1 personnel and politics combined with his sharp intelligence and retained enthusiasm for the sport has already been of great benefit as we consolidate our position as an engine supplier to four teams,” Jalinier said.

Prost said it was a very exciting time for everyone, with the team representing strong potential.

“Over the past year I have seen that it has kept the same passion and rigour for F1, and it has stayed true to these values as it prepares for the new V6 power unit in 2014.

“I will use my experience and knowledge of the sport to advise on strategic and technical challenges.”

Renault RE30 - 1981 Monaco GP

Within his new role, the French racing driver, who won four championships and 51 Grand Prix with teams associated with Renault, Williams, McLaren, Honda and Ferrari, will attend a selection of races throughout the year.

Only Michael Schumacher, with 91 victories, has won more Gran Prix than Alain Prost, with his long-time rival, Ayrton Senna, winning 41 before his fatal crash at the San Marino Grand Prix in Italy in 1994.

  • Phil

    what can Prost offer F1 now, apart from how to make a car  appear to be 3 times as wide as it actually is, how to get in front and stay there no matter how much slower you are, and remind the world how irritating the French can be? He’s like a retired politician who can’t stay out of the limelight.

    • Anarchy

      F1 politics and promoting the brand. He has a long history with Renault. Not sure what he will bring to the team in this day and age though. As for the French being irritating, I recommend the book 1000 years of annoying the French to you. :)

      • Phil

        LOL, Stephen Clarke is one of my heroes! We’ve both played bass in some of the worst bands in history, though not the same bands…

        Though I have to say that the rudest Frenchman I ever encountered in Paris happened to be an Aussie pretending to be a French waiter!

  • Mad Max

    This can only be good for Renault. Prost was a great driver and from what I read, is a highly inteligent man. He can bring all of the qualities mentioned in the article, just like Niki Lauda does to Red Bull and did at Ferrari.