Ferrari will take over distribution of its cars in Australia from next month in a move intended to help the brand engage more closely with its customers.

From April 1, Ferrari Australasia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Ferrari SpA, will directly manage the distribution of Ferrari vehicles in Australia and New Zealand, taking over from European Automotive Imports (EAI), which has been responsible for the brand since 2005.

The local division will be headed by Herbert Appleroth (below), the man also responsible for Ferrari’s in-house distribution network in Japan.

Ferrari SpA senior vice president of commercial and marketing Enrico Galliera explained the move was part of a larger strategic operation to bring distribution in-house in mature markets where the marque is already well established.

“Ferrari has a long history in Australia and New Zealand which has seen our brand dominate the hearts of sports car owners for more than six decades,” Galliera said.

“Today is a historic day in the rich fabric of the Ferrari brand in this important area of the Ferrari world.”

Ferrari Australasia confirmed EAI, a subsidiary of Ateco Automotive, would continue to manage the Sydney dealership based on the organisation’s strong relationship with Ferrari and its customers and in-depth knowledge of the brand and its products.

Registrations of new Ferraris dipped to their lowest level since 2005 last year, with just 98 prancing horses leaving local showrooms – down from an average of 134 vehicles per year between 2007 and 2011.


    Another nail in the coffin for ATECO

    Will the prices come down?

    • $29896495

      I dare say the only reason ATECO are still involved is that they own the show room. Wouldn’t be surprised to see that change with a new show room in the future. So, what does that leave? The Chinese. How long before they jump ship?

    • sleepsy

      If Lotus and Alfa Romeo are anything to go by, then yes, but only if to reposition the Ferrari brand, which probably doesn’t need to happen.

  • Mark

    Prices never go down in this country! They will proberly jack up prices to recoup lost revenue on sales.

  • Angela

    Hopefully Ferrari taking over their distribution in Australia will help. Customer satisfaction means a lot to a company especially a high end one such as Ferrari.

  • Jacob

    There should be a Ferrari-owned honest dealership too. 

  • MisterZed

    Oh no – only 98 sales!!! Whatever will they do , when in 1993 they only sold 13 Ferraris in Australia, and even less than that in 1992.

  • knowitall

    Any ideas what this will mean for Zagame’s in Melbourne?

  • Al Tungupon

    The fact that supercars in Australia cost two to three times as much makes any possible discount seem rather insignificant.

  • adfd

    i wonder…how many of ferraris they actually sell in new zealand a year…three maybe four ?

    • Funk_docta52

      Keep in mind that New Zealanders can privately import cars and avoid the rip off prices.

    • John

      16 in 2012

  • Crazy n00b

    The massive profit on Aus Ferrari cars is just too good.

  • john

    About time ferrari took over the sale of their cars here. I have been holding off my purchase of a F12 until ferrari seriously solved this important issue.Thankfully I can now go and put in my order on Monday. Oh I just woke up. Damn thing I was dreaming again!

    • Zaccy – he’s the best

      and Grisley Adams had a beard…

  • Zaccy16

    Good news for ferrari!