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The executive chairman and co-founder of Fisker Automotive, Henrik Fisker, has walked out on the embattled electric car maker following “several major disagreements” with the company’s management board.

Danish-born Fisker (above), who founded the plug-in hybrid business with Bernhard Koehler in 2007, confirmed his departure in a statement sent to UK publication Autocar.

“Henrik Fisker has resigned from Fisker Automotive as executive chairman, and has left the company.

“The main reasons for his resignation are several major disagreements that Henrik Fisker has with the Fisker Automotive executive management on the business strategy.”

The California-based car maker has endured a turbulent history, with funding issues, management changes, and fire-related recalls of the Fisker Karma causing headaches for the fledgling brand.

Production of the Karma has been on hold for nine months since battery supplier A123 Systems went under, while plans to produce its second model, the Atlantic sedan, remain up in the air.

Despite the executive chairman’s exit, Fisker Automotive says its plans for the future are unaffected.

“The company has a strong and experienced management team and its strategy has not changed,” it said in a statement.

“Mr Fisker’s departure is not expected to impact the company’s pursuit of strategic partnerships and financing to support Fisker Automotive’s continued progress as a pioneer of low-emission hybrid electric powertrain technology.

“The company recognises and thanks Mr Fisker for his service and many contributions as Fisker Automotive has progressed from start-up to a fully fledged global automotive company.”

  • $29896495

    That last statement seems a little premature.

  • Peanut

    It is a shame he had to walk out.
    He would have driven out but he car was on charge.

  • Guest

    The automotive industry must have got a shock

    The least they could have done was give him a cab charge

  • Dave W

    Bye bye fisker…

  • Keithheron9

    You can’t have fisker without the fisker

  • Al Tungupon

    One of the most innovative, promising cars in the world is on thin ice, unfortunately. Hopefully, a well funded manufacturer picks Fisker up.

    • $29896495

      I believe they took Chinese money.

  • Jono

    A bad idea funded with $500 million from US taxpayers. The great Green money pit strikes again. At least he didn’t burn to death in one which is a slight plus.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    Sounds pretty fishy to me.