by Daniel DeGasperi

The Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG will be priced from $74,900 when it lands in Australia in September.

AMG’s first four-cylinder model, and first all-wheel-drive model, will cost $2500 more than an automatic-equipped BMW M135i hatchback – its closest rival.

The Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG’s 2.0-litre twin-scroll turbocharged engine produces 265kW of power and 450Nm of torque. Tied to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, it gets to 100km/h in 4.6 seconds, and claims combined fuel usage of 6.9L/100km.

Compared with the 3.0-litre turbo six BMW, the Mercedes-Benz gets 30kW more power, identical torque, is 0.3 seconds faster to 100km/h and 0.6L/100km thriftier at the petrol bowser.

With 133kW produced per litre of swept capacity, the A45 AMG engine is claimed to be second only to the McLaren P1 for efficiency, eclipsing the Porsche 911 GT2’s specific output. The 2.0-litre turbo engine is also the most powerful production four-cylinder engine in the world.

Standard equipment on the single five-door hatchback variant includes 19-inch alloy wheels, an intelligent lighting system, panoramic glass roof, front and rear parking sensors, blind-spot warning, lane-departure detection, leather-trimmed heated and electrically-adjustable seats, COMAND online interface and a Harman/Kardon stereo.

Optional overseas, but standard in Australia, is a sports exhaust that AMG director of vehicle development Tobias Moers says lives up to the sound customers expect from its products.

“We have discussed it [sound] a lot,” Moers said. “We know from our research with customers, what drives them to buy an AMG, sound is very important.

“But I think we achieved the level of sound which is characteristic of AMG … it’s different than a V8, for sure, but the car will come with two different exhaust sysytems – the standard exhaust that is not so loud, and the sporty one where you will find that AMG sound.”

Mercedes-Benz Australia senior manager of corporate communications David McCarthy says the A45 AMG – along with its sedan sibling the CLA45 AMG due to launch next year – will eventually overtake the C63 as the best-selling AMG model in Australia.

McCarthy says more than 100 firm orders have been taken for the A45 AMG, but he expects to “easily” sell 500 per year.

Last year 1233 AMG products were sold in Australia, making us the sixth-largest country globally for sales, and the highest per capita overall. More than half of those sales were for C63 AMG models, with 766 passing through local showrooms.

If the A45 AMG and CLA45 AMG can match or eclipse that figure next year, and new E63 and C63 Edition 507 sales help those models remain steady, local AMG volume would rise by a third in total to around 2000 sales.

McCarthy cautions that supply issues, particularly with the A45 AMG, may affect this result. Although citing 1500 units as a realistic minimum for AMG sales next year, and a conservative target, he admits he would “like [the sales number] to start with two”.

  • Resident

    Now that isCHEAP. Especially when you realise that the M135i still requires a few options ticked to bring it spec-for-spec.

    MB is on a roll with this new A-Class.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, bmw is a great car but this is better!

      • MrG

        How can you claim this is better? On paper? Reality and driving experience are the real comparison. So many VW fanboys sitting in their underwear posting stupid comments.

    • Butch

      What do you earn buddy to call this “cheap”?

    • making more money with the sound… now..that’s clever.


    • Al Tungupon

       At that price, I can get an M3 in America, so how in the world is that CHEAP?

      • Yetiman

        You can live over there if you like. Cheap guns and cars.

    • Nathan

      BMW dropped the auto M135i by $7500 so I’d say that for their price they’re now on par.

  • Phil

    Cue the whingers complaining it lacks a proper manual gearbox 😉

    On paper it looks the goods and priced competitively against BMW and Audi. They won’t be able to build enough of them.

    • Hung Low

      Mercedes has not built anything with a manual gearbox for a long, long time. Mute point.

      • Kjh

         A,B,C,E,SLK,GLK Class Mercs are still made with manuals and always have been as has their range of commercials.
        Perhaps your thinking of AMG models?

      • furiousgibbon

        moot point. But yes, as much as I love manual it’s definitely on its way out.

    • bob

      I don’t understand your comment. As a buyer who is willing to drop $75k on a car, don’t you think it’s fair for them to be able to choose the transmission type?

  • Martin

    According to my colleague, she now has lady wood. Guess she likes the A45 more than I do.

    • Des KSA

      Lady wood? That’s what you find in Thailand if you not careful, isn’t it?

      • Joshua

        Hahahaha. Yes that’s true.

      • Don Quay

        I wouldn’t really know, but I’ll take your word for it.

  • Marksmanr

    A miracle “cheap” price, but still $30k+ overpriced compared to America considering AUD is stronger than USD…

    • KH

      no one is making you live here

    • Phil

      must be an imaginary $30k, because the A45 isn’t being sold in the US. They will get the CLA45 only.

    • O123

      ummm the CLA starts at 30k in the USA, A class 35 here, The CLA will most likely be around 40k and we get much more standard equipment. Have a look at the base spec A class in the UK! Same price as here and it has nothing in it. Aus has done very well with the A

    • Yetiman

      I suggest that you get a better job. 

  • Dudeface

    Wow. Epic performance, great looks, great standard equipment. Want.

  • Josh Kong

    4 new significantly improved AMG models + new C, E and S class?
    2013 looks very exciting for Mercedes!

    • Boofhead

      Who are you, their spokesman?

      • Passer By

        Wow Butch, that’s a pretty hefty chip on your shoulder. Drop the pointless attitude mate.

  • Zaccy16

    i know that a HSV is a different market but you would have to be stupid to buy one over an AMG Merc!!!

    • Brett

      Yes HSV is a different market Zaccy. How does a V8 C63 cost? People who want a more affordable V8 will buy as such. By no means I am knocking AMG, but be realistic, these are two totally different cars.

      • JooberJCW

        Agree compare apples with apples, and not everyone is a fan of a hatches e.g. the typical man’s man stereotype who prefer the look of a muscular sedan.

      • Zaccy16

        That’s what I stated, they are two different markets but you compare handling, performance, quality and fuel Economy and the merc wins a million to 1!

        • Boofhead

          Why has “economy” got a capital “E”?

          • Passer By

            Why do you go through these forums and pick on people?

    • I don’t think a VB drinking, meat pie eating, footy watching and singlet wearing Aussie bloke will choose to buy this hot hatch over a HSV.


      • Resident

        True, you’d never fit the bodies in the back

    • Corporal Clegg

      Actually I agree with Zaccy on this one. They are totally different vehicles *but* they are in the same price bracket so it is not unreasonable that they will be compared by some people. Don’t believe me? I’ve bought two new HSVs in the last few years and have just put a deposit on a CLA45 AMG. I don’t want a hatch but the sedan version is a whole other story. If I have done this it’s not a big stretch to suppose that there are others out there doing the same.

  • Nada

    The Golf R pushes 70k with full spec right? Almost a no brainer to cross to MB.

    • Dudeface

      Almost? Definitely. This competes with the RS3 super golf, which would be 120k IF it was sold here. The A45 is still priced out of my reach but it is great to see AMG starting to bring prices down. Now they just have to keep going down…

      • JooberJCW

        It will be interesting how the S3 is priced, given its not quite the car this is.

    • JooberJCW

      VW should price down the R after this pricing revelation.

      • Martin

        I’d say you’re right. There won’t be enough die-hard fans in Oz to keep the price where it is (especially with the much hyped cost savings of the new modular platform). It’s pretty clear who MB are gunning after and you’d be nuts to think that the A45 won’t turn this market segment on its head. Waiting for the CLA45 to arrive to upgrade my 1er in 2014

  • Justin Edwards

    Any news on whether the A45 AMG Edition 1 is coming to Australia? I paid my deposit 2 mths ago, but tossing up on the Edition 1 – or swapping to the CLA45

    • Martin

      What’s the Edition 1 brother?

  • yeah yeah…

    Tick a few options, plus usual bs, it will be 90k…. Nice try.

    • Boofhead

      And you’ve got to pay more for it to sound sporty.

      • Guestovovic

        Have you thought about changing your name to Bltch?….coz that’s all you seem to do. 

        • Butch

          I didn’t know you’re the boss, Slav.

      • Daniel DeGasperi

        Butch, Mercedes-Benz Australia has now confirmed that the sports exhaust will be standard in Australia. Copy revised. Cheers, Dan.

    • Gremlin

      What options would they be ?

    • Jg

       Don’t tick a few options them. They are called options not compulsories.

      • opinion

        Usually the options are what you actually want in a performance car… like the exhaust you already paid for but don’t get cause its an “extra” – I see that this is not the case for THIS car NOW but for other models/cars, these options are a rip off. This adds a significant amount to the bottom price. It’s all nice to say 74k but really by the time you pay for all the extra taxes, the end price is more than likely 10-20k extra. 75k drive away would have blown my mind and the rest of Australia. Be interesting to see what people actually pay in the end.

        If the A45 AMG STARTED at 64,900.. it’d be better off but Mercedes are capitalising on the LCT side of things and the fuel consumption which, I doubt, is actually 6.9 overall. Not that I care, I’d rather the C63 if it has to be Auto.

        • Fasd

          EVERY car comes with a exhaust. You can’t sell a brand new car in this country without a exhaust.

          If your the one optioning up the car, your the one making it expensive not them.

          If you don’t like it cause of the options list, go look at the Mitsubishi EVO and see how that stacks up…no option list there…

          • gimmeabreakbro

            You missed the point, on a performance car, you should get the “performance” mods without having to pay extra for them.. like a freakin performance exhaust aka. this car. The evo has options – did you miss the Performance Pack?

            The options should not be options, they should be STANDARD for this type of car. ie all the bits added as the price reflects it. 

          • Iuty

            The “performance exhaust” does not provide more performance. You get 265KW with or without it.
            It’s merely there to allow gullible people to more easily part with their money.

          • Guest

            You missed the point – the LOUDER (not performance enhancing) exhaust has been confirmed as standard in Australia. 

            I wonder if you can option the quieter one if you don’t want to wake the baby on start-up?  That’d be worth paying for.

  • Davidky

    Whoa nice. Still totally outa my league though. Will have to settle for the Astra OPC eheh

  • Homer

    Sure it produces more power than the 135i but remember, the bimmer is 3 lt so the engine is less stressed and that should translate to 1. greater longevity 2 Less turbo lag and 3. Better drivability so for me it’s the bimmer.

  • Peter

    Thank god it doesnt have that silly column shift auto from the A250

  • Boofhead

    Has anyone test driven the stupid thing yet?

    • Guest13

      Has any man test ridden you yet Bltch ?

    • Amlohac

      You sure do a lot of whinging, every single one of your posts is negative or useless

    • Passer By

      Why is it stupid? Are you an idiot?

  • IR8me

    Homer… are you mad? Look at the kit you get in the A45, not to mention in city driving at the lights you won’t get a chance to test any notion of “drivability”. In urban driving, that A45 is going to smoke you.

  • Hung Low

    MB should check the claims of being the most powerful production 2.0 in the world, that belongs to the Lancer EVO FQ 400 with 300kw and 542nm, the Aus spec ralliart came close with 247kw years ago.

    • Dudeface

      Think you’ll find they don’t count as ‘production’ engines. Too limited edition, only built in small numbers.

      • Hung Low

        The Mitsubishi 4B11 is not a bespoke engine, it is a production engine. Yes the numbers were limited with their different states of tune with Mitsubishis performance arm, but that what Amg is to Mercedes.

        • HerpDerp

          To get 302kW out of that engine, it was worked by independent tuners. Not a production car.

          • Brahman

            Actually men, it was FQ400 was a limited production series. So yeah it counts.

    • Devil666

      “The FQ400, sold through Ralliart UK, produces 411 PS (302 kW; 405 hp) from its 2.0 L 4G63 engine, the result of special modifications by United Kingdom tuning firms Rampage Tuning, Owen Developments, and Flow Race Engines.”
      This is not a production car.

      • Brahman

        It is, it is sold under regular Mitsubishi warranty. So forever false MB claims remain false.

  • Butch

    Why won’t someone answer the question? Has any journalist in the world personally driven the car?

    • Phil

      Given they’ve only had a working prototype to demo to the media, the answer is no. A lucky few have stained their undies brown from the passenger seat while Tobias Moers showed them what it can do. Car makers aren’t in the habit of allowing motoring hacks drive their precious protos.

      Now that it has been officially launched at Geneva, you can expect a launch program in a suitably exotic locale will be arranged for the scribes in due course.

      • Butch

        Thank you. So everyone can calm down until someone drives it and works out whether or not it’s any darn good. Why assume it is fantastic when you don’t know?

        • Old Codger

          I know I’m being a bit picky Butch , but you earlier chided Zaccy for typing  an unwarranted capital “E”, yet your comment effectively reads …”whether or not it’s any body of water good.”[?!] You needed a little n on the end of dam to make it a mild expletive and give your post some oomph. Naughty boy. Anyway to save you calling me an idiot, I already know that … you are spot on; I have ordered an A45 and I don’t know it’s fantastic.

        • Old Codger

          NB  Hey Butch, I think I owe you an apology. My massive  old man’s magnifying glass could have picked up a nano gap between   the r and the n, which means you intended writing d a r n. I kneel before thee!  Speaking of the word ”nano”, I have been strongly encouraged to sign up for one of those shop extras [ that should be standard ], impressively titled “nano technology engineering”.The cost for the ultimate vehicle protection [external paint and interior] a mere $2995.

  • Gex113

    give me the new supercharged fpv any day of the week… now let the bashing begin because it doesnt have a german badge on it…

    • Hung Low

      I love the supercharged FPVs for the great drivetrain, sound and day to day ability to double as family transport, but this coin for an Amg with ball tearing performance makes it far from a easy decision.

      • Sam

        Yeah maybe if this AMG was a sedan. It’s not though, its a small hatch.

  • Karl Sass

    Highest AMG per capita sales in the world, even more than Deutschland, I wonder why? Economy is probably a factor.

    • Dave W

      Probably because Aussies are a bunch of status conscious badge wh0res.

      • Josh Kong

        I’ve seen a lot more C and E AMGs than I’ve seen e500 and c350s. There’s a massive price gap, can’t really accuse them of being badge snobs if they’re buying flagships

        • Dave W

          They use the AMG badge to lord it over the average Merc owners. lol

  • Car Fanatic

    FQ-400 was a tuned Production car from a UK tuning house, doesn’t count Hungy boy.

    • Hung Low

      It was derived by Mitsubishis UK motor sports arm, sold through the Mitsubishi dealer network with a full warranty just like HSV, FPV, AMG, M etc.

  • Stephan

    Ummm I think you will find that this price doesn’t include LCT, Stamp Duty or dealer delivery fees. More like $100k guys so don’t get too excited. That makes the Golf R almost 30k cheaper. Not really a fare comparison!

    • Monk

      “fair” comparison – though if you were going for a clever pun, I chuckle at your efforts.
      As to the remainder of your comment, fully agree.

    • The Realist

      Stephan this car sips 6.9l/100kms therefore raising the LCT car limit to $75K. If you add zero options LCT will be almost nothing!!!

      • Ivn

        It seems that AMG has done their homework and priced it $100 below the LCT limit!

    • O123

      LCT is usually included in RRP, as for Stamp duty, dealer fees etc I dont know anyone who pays those as well anymore, Its easy to negotiate a driveway price.

    • Rt

      RRP $74,900 +
      Dealer Delivery $2500
      NSW registration: $369
      NSW CTP: $646.27
      NSW Stamp duty: $3100

      $78,715.27 Drive away for A45 AMG

      Where on earth are you getting $100K and why do you think Golf R is “almost $30K” cheaper? Golf R is not $70K.

      Golf R is $55,424.82 Drive away.

      • The Realist

        not quite $70K but a similarly spec’d Golf R (with DSG, 19s and a couple other tick boxes) is closer to $65K than $50K. 

      • bb

        Did u add all the prices up ??? Drive away would be 81515.27 based on the pricing u gave.

    • Devil666

      No LCT on this baby – it’s under 7L/100KM and under $75,000. Very smart move by Merc to capitalise on our legislation like that.

  • Devilg11

    Great Move Merc. 75K for an A45 AMG makes M135i, 1M, S3, RS3 and Golf R way overpriced.

    • Dave W

       Golf R is $52k. That’s $23k cheaper. How does the A45 make it way overpriced?

      • JooberJCW

        add the options to make up whats standard to the A45 thats another 15k then the 8k gap can be judged by quality of materials and workmanship (e.g. leather) and that the fact this is a more powerful and faster car altogether, its actually worth the extra g’s. is asking for.

        Plus the AMG badge will have a better resell value in the long run.

  • Bart

    Recent AMG history would suggest this will ride like a go-kart. Own one of these for 6 months and as BB King says “the thrill has gone, baby”. Hope I’m wrong, a full road test will reveal if AMG has made a racer or wound it back a bit with the suspension settings. Porsche can make the ultimate sports cars that still ride well, hope MD can follow suit.

    • Amlohac

      Its an AMG, most AMG spec cars are wound up tight in terms of suspension. You dont buy anything AMG if you want a plush drive

      • Bart

        Boxster not only outhandles Z4 and SLK55 it rides a ton better as well. Let’s wait and see what a review reveals, and, there’s a lot of difference between “plush” and “firm but fair” ride.

  • justin b

    It is a good price (for australia). If the included standard feature list floating around is true it would be easy to resist paying for whatever remaining unusual options they can think of offering. Although the included features floating around lists panoramic roof which is weird to me as I’d like that to be deleted on this kind of car.
    Assuming a stock spec car for under 80k driveaway includes metallic and dealer delivery and xenons and nav and driver aids and amg sport exhaust well then only someone fixated on RWD 6 cylinder would consider the M135i and pay more for less.

    I wonder what the ring time worked out at. My only concern would be the ride might be punishing on the ploughed fields australia likes to use as city roads.

    • Jfg

       Many people fixated on a well built performance car won’t be interesting in Nav, xenons, Metallic and driver aids and might get a base M135i and will pay less for what is probably a better overall performance car.

      • justin b

        interesting theory but currently *demo* M135is with no options are 82k driveaway unless you pick flat white, so something has to give on BMW price. If you add in some (not all) of the A45 gear, M135i driveaway is $104k!
        PLUS performance will be arguably less because the a45 has more torque down lower, 4wd, similar HP.. similar weight .. better 0-100kmh time .. twin clutch 7 speed gearbox instead of 6 speed manual. And better fuel economy if that matters.
        Also the A45 AMG is a hero car, but with the 1M the sneaking suspicion is the M135i is sort of “not a true M”.
        It isn’t just the options – they are the icing on the cake.

        Last point: in the UK, the M135i is 30k, and the A45 is “sub 40k”. So in the UK, you’d have a stronger argument. BMW Australia have had it easy with pricing on some of their cars, now they have to wake up!

        • Iuty

           Well I would suggest that you direct whoever is giving you the price for those demo’s to BMW’s official website, where they provide this for a BRAND NEW example:

          Manufacturer’s Recommended List Price:$66,262.00
          Recommended Dealer Delivery:$2500
          Luxury Car Tax:$2,888.70
          NSW Registration Costs: $369
          NSW CTP: $646.27
          NSW Stamp Duty:$2685
          Recommended Drive Away Price: $75,350.97

          I suspect those demos (if they are actually real) are actually loaded with options. I doubt BMW dealers would “demo” cars that don’t have any options as they want to tempt people into buying more options.

          Perhaps the A45 will turn out to be a better over performance car than the M135i but their past efforts have not been better. The C63 in particular was notably quicker than a M3 in a straight line but a quite a bit slower around a track.

          • Nesh

            That’s a manual car with a specification that does not compare. Apples with oranges…

  • John

    I’m sorry but it’s still ridiculously expensive for a hatchback.

    • yeah yeah…

      too right….. i’ll wait for the Black Edition. 

    • Iuty

       Body shape dictates price of a car, not the quality, performance and engineering inside it?

  • Butch

    Why isn’t the car available at the same time the pricing is released? Name me one other commodity to which this also applies.

    • Iuty

       So they can collect orders before production begins. I’m pretty sure it also happens on many in demand technology items like Apple products.

    • justin b

      It is available: you can place a deposit today. The problem is — you have to wait to get it. Just like if you order a toyota today with a particular option combination they don’t have sitting in stock.

    • mick

       Camera manufactuers regularly do this. For example the flagship Nikon D3 back in 2007 had a 4 months waiting period to buy a camera!!

  • Homer

    What another rip off from AMG!! Want a fact: In the US C63 AMG is~  US$ 63 K and so is the Jeep SRT 8. Then downunder the SRT goes up to ~ 87 K (39% mark up) but…. the C63 is jacked up to 165 K (166% mark up). So you tell me if Mercedes gouges Australian customers or not,

    • SheBangs

      We should be in front of parliament house protesting instead of countless reminders about the pricing disparity.

      • Homer

        Nothing to do with Parliament dude. It’s Mercedes and ripped off Aussie Customers who themselves are prepared to be ripped off, what can I say. Hopeless, price will never drop cause mercedes knows they can get away with it. On the other hand, Jeep / Chrysler puts a “reasonable” mark up in comparison to Mercedes. Agree?

        • JooberJCW

          Chrysler quality and market is that of the Holden, Fords. They have to price accordingly to be competitive.

          Merc plays against the BM’s Audi’s which they have priced accordingly to the demographics in our society by targeting the upper middle class +, who want something not the average joe can afford and a luxury brand.

          If they priced in the same ball field as Chrysler Ford Holden etc, then it will force Holden, Ford etc to cut their prices which could mean being in the red  operating in Australia. Also what would the Upper middle class demographic buy if they don’t want a car which has dropped down to its demographic market to the masses?

          • Homer

            Look here is the point, no need to venture into Hoden and Ford discussion: Jeep can make profit by raising up their product (SRT8) price 38% over what it costs in the states. Why can’t Merc?? Simple reason: they know people are “fooled enough” to feel good about buying “prestige” product. What we really need as carlovers is to appeal to Julia so she lets us import what we want. 

          • JooberJCW

            Im not venturing to Holden and Ford discussion, just stating thats the same level competitor. SRT8 plays against the HSV and FPV GT which are priced similarly and all three makes the sale (in fact they are local product too!), For Chrysler, now try marking up all their cars not just the SRT by 38%, im sure they will not survive at all. SRT/HSV/FPV have their niche markets is the reason why they can charge a Merc premium, all their other cars are mundane and has to be priced accordingly.

            I don’t believe grey importing is the solution, in fact make the whole congestion worse if we can get cars in cheaply everybody will be trying to get onboard with with it eventually. Also bear in mind, the fact that there will be many dodgey importing business operating exploiting this, with potentially many transnational rebirthing rackets on the rise. More complaints on shoddy businesses will also come about, and more importantly how do you deal with warranty on grey imports.

  • Al Tungupon

    On paper, the A45 is more promising than the M135i, but I doubt that the Merc offers better dynamics and excitement than the BMW.

  • Pfft

    Too expensive for a cheap chassis with a turbo. No thanks.

  • qikturbo

    At the moment the A45 is being compared with the M135i but for a true comparision the Merc needs to be compared with the new 1M version…..which is probably some time away.

    • Josh Kong

      not pricing-wise tho :)

    • The Realist

      Wrong qikturbo. the A45 should be compared against other sports focussed European cars in this price range. 1M falls well outside this range. 

      • qikturbo

        Then the A45 cannot be compared to ANY hot hatch we have here in Australia.I considered the AMG being the performance flagship Vs the 1M being BMW’s performance flagship would’ve been a reasonable performance comparision?

        • Dave W

          The 1M is a $100k coupe. The M135i is $72k. They both wear the M badge. What makes you think the M135i is not flagship enough to be compared to the A45? It’s the flagship of the 1 series hatchback no?

          • Butch

            Have a look on carsales bud. BMW 1M driveaway: $120K.

          • Dave W

            I just used the RRP, easier to compare than the different driveaway prices.

        • JooberJCW

          Based on price you can compare it to an S3, M135i, which should be in that price area.

  • Richieduck67

    anyone put a deposit down yet?

    • Old Codger

      Yes, 5 weeks ago . Dealership vague about delivery date, could be this year late, more likely Jan . 2014. I am fourth in line so just guessing that if you order now delivery may be late 2014 !  Here’s what I found interesting … I thought the deposit would be $5000 to $7000 but [ drum roll ], it was only $1000 …refundable if I changed my mind ! The salesman was refreshingly candid about this deal; A45 is going to sell big time and his offer backs up his confidence. How much extra pay is a M.B. sales person going to take home over the next year due to the A series? 

  • Johnno

    I am going to set the cat among the pidgeons here – I am leaning to the ALFA 4C. I know they are different kettles of fish. However, nothing like mid engined rear wheel drive and it will be even quicker. Dare I say it, the Alfa 4c will be even more exclusive given how restricted the supply will be (100 to ASIA / Pacific). Each to their own, however the 4C is also pretty fine looking. Before anyone goes on about reliability, it will be built in the state of the art Maserati factory….

    • Butch

      What’s the end of your story mate?

    • The Realist

      you me both Johnno although i’m holding out for the MX5 version of the Alfa – the new Spyder. Hopefully it will look a lot like the Duetottanta concept. 1.4l turbo, 1 tonne body weight, roof down effect. Something different for the garage. 

    • JooberJCW

      Same boat, A45 / Coupe, 4C or a second TTRS in the next year perhaps.

      The alfa 4c is like a budget lotus but still smacks of quality, looking forward to hearing the engine on this thing.

  • Antidisestablishmentarianism

    I wonder how much one may be able to charge for a testicle

  • Alex

    Holding out for the MK7 Golf R..
    But this does look good

  • Dan

    Generally speaking I love a manual transmission, however with those specs and perf. figures, still certainly worth a look and a test drive.

  • Driven

    I’m happy that its under the $80,000 mark.
    But the A45 still looks too similar to the A200.
    For an AMG car its a bit of a yawn and even the A250 looks more exciting.
    I wonder if there will be more options in the near future?
    Fingers crossed.

  • Bullet-head


    • bb

      no active suspension its fixed on the a45