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The all-new Ford Fiesta ST will hit the road running in the UK, with over 600 orders taken for the baby hot-hatch before it arrives in showrooms later this month.

Ford UK expects to sell at least 5000 of the 1.6-litre turbo Fiestas, taking half of all the European production for the eagerly awaited model, based on forward orders and previous sales success.

The entry point for the Fiesta ST in the UK will be £16,995 ($24,600 before taxes), giving it an approximate £2000 advantage over rivals such as the Vauxhall Corsa VRX (Opel Corsa OPC in Australia) and the all-new Peugeot 208 GTi.

Ford will offer two versions in the UK with the ST2  gaining partial leather Recaro seats, LED driving lights and an upgraded audio system and adding £1000 to the price

The Fiesta ST is an impressive performance package, armed with 132kW/240Nm, but able to generate up to 290Nm of torque with an overboost function.

That’s enough to propel the front-wheel-drive Fiesta ST from 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds and onto a top speed of 220km/h.

Changes over the standard Ford Fiesta city car include a new front knuckle assembly, modified rear chassis and a stiffened torsion beam axle for reduced body roll.

There are also unique springs and dampers, while the ride height has been reduced by 15mm.

For the first time, disc brakes have been fitted to the rear of the Fiesta, along with larger vented front discs and a bigger electronic power steering motor.

The car also features Ford’s enhanced vectoring system from the larger Focus ST, which brakes the inner wheel when traction is lost while cornering, reducing the likelihood of understeer.

The Ford Fiesta ST is expected to arrive on Australian shores in the third quarter this year with specifications and pricing to be determined closer its launch.

  • Dave W

    This car or the Swift Sport… hmmm… this car is slightly bigger and of course much faster but the swift is so good to drive and I like the linearity of the N/A engine power ouput.

    How much is this ST going to cost here?

    • horsie

      If the price was the same i think i would go the Fiesta. 
      But I think you will find the fiesta will be at least 5k more than the swift sport. 

    • Dudeface

      Price being an unknown makes that a hard question, but my 2c is:

      The Fiesta is already a renowned excellent handler, so this should be at least as good as the Swift. And the 1.6 Ecoboost is a gem of an engine – the surge of midrange torque will trump the N/A engine, I guarantee it! It’s addictive.. 

    • $29896495

      Dave, that was sarcasm, right?

      • Dave W

        Nope. I really like both cars.

    • Zaccy16

      swift is a good little car and will be cheaper than this, the st sounds like a great little car though but im guessing will be priced around 28,000

      • Dave W

        And I found a tuning house in japan that specialises on Swift. They have a supercharger kit for it. With a little weight loss diet, ie. A few carbon fibre parts, this car could be a weapon.

        For 28k, I’d rather spend a bit more on a BRZ/86.

  • 42 = The Answer

    So am I right in assuming that all existing Fiesta’s have rear drum brakes?

    • Dudeface

      Most, if not all, cars in this class have drums at the rear, I think you’ll find…

      • Zaccy16

        my polo has 4 disc brakes! but the fiesta does have rear drums

    • Don Quay

      You must consider that in this class of car, there is very little weight over the rear wheels and so drum brakes are more than adequate. The rear wheels and suspension are only fitted to the car to stop its bum dragging on the ground.

      Also these cars are generally used for city driving and the big vented discs on the front are quite capable of the duty they are given. Drum brakes are apparently much cheaper to make which is important in a cost concious market that the Fiesta, Mazda2, Yaris etc compete in.

    • Gibbut

      this one has discs you can see in the pic

  • Resident

    Fish Lips.

  • $29896495

    Fantastic news. Now all Ford have to do is keep it mid twenties and they can start building them here the demand will be so high. If, as i the past they blow the price out of the water, they’ll kill it dead no matter how good it is.

    • Resident

      Ford will never build them here – the Fiesta is currently sourced from Thailand which I’m sure would be cheaper than locally produced.

      The ST won’t sell in high enough volume to warrant production here, instead of Germany.

      • horsie

        Ford made a big mistake killing the locally built Focus. 
        Ford should be making Focus and Fiesta in Australia. 

        • horsie

          and before you call me a bogan. i know ford never actually made a focus here. but they came very close. 

        • Zaccy16

          i agree, i would by a fiesta or focus made here!

        • Andrew M

          are you for real?
          How much margin do you think is in a 20K and 15K car especially with no export opportunites because of our high dollar and high labour.
          Holden have already been kicking and screaming at the potential loss of continued funding for the Cruze.

          Ford canned the Focus when our dollar jumped and they couldnt get the extra funding to get it over the line.

          If there is one vehicle Ford should be making here it is the Ranger.
          Plenty of margin in it to cover the high labour component, it would be the only one in its class built here which would surely shore up a lot of fleet sales, and they are selling everyone they can get here without a single discount on the price tag.

          • JooberJCW

            Agree, the economics make no sense for those cars, and as you said the Ranger seems to sell itself here so between Aust/NZ its viable.

          • gtrxuone

            Well said Andrew and Joober

      • $29896495

        Well priced right, I think that looker performer could sell very well. Building it here is a pipe dream I know. Just think of the old days of the escort RS 2000 being thrown together in Homebush.

    • Zaccy16

      i agree, but i doubt it will be mid twenties, will be high twenties i think, is a great little car though

  • Resident

    You know what really bugs me about this car – the Fiesta was launched in 2008, yet only in 2013 does the ST arrive?! That is a full 6 years after the release of the mainstream models.

    Polo GTI was a year following the launch of the regular variety, and RenaultSport is launching the 200 EDC 6 months after the regular models.

    • Cars

      That’s because Ford think they can dictate what the market wants.
      How else is it possible they haven’t released this or the Focus 1.6 Ecoboost? Why did it take so long to put diesel into the Territory? Why did they develop 3 different engines for the Falcon when it’s future is limited and large car sales are dying across the board?
      No one can botch a good product quite like Ford can. They have terrible marketing, terrible pricing and a terrible range of options.

      • $29896495

        Part of that is budget. Part is stupidity. For example we weren’t given the 3 door from the start. But most times Ford take the least cost option, for them. But they have had some colossal nongs in charge lately. Just have to wait and see where they go I suppose. And keep letting them know what we think.

        • Resident

          The current Fiesta launched in Australia in both 3dr and 5dr models in 2009.

          • $29896495

            You are wrong! The current shape Fiesta has only been available in Australia in four door since launch. first three door became available in a run of I think 200 cars in the black series this month.

          • adam

            Go to Car Sales and search for 3 door Fiesta’s and you’ll find 53 of them for sale from 2009 up until 2012 including the ‘Metal’ version. They dropped the 3-Door when production switched to Thailand. Beyond that I own a 2009 3-Door so I know they actually do exist.

          • $29896495

            Well they are NOT the current model, or they are the Black series now for sale. The 3 door was NEVER brought from Europe for this model. I know, do some proper research. Try Ford Australia.

          • Gibbut

            theres a white 2 door in my area, has been for a year

        • Gibbut

          the ones on carsales ARE the current model.

          you now look like a tool.  how about YOU actually do some research rather than tell others to?


          • $29896495

            Gibbut – You are the tool fool, and you’ve made it obvious you lack reading comprehension skills.
            “The current shape Fiesta has only been available in Australia in four door since launch. – first three door became available in a run of I think 200 cars in the black series this month””Well they are NOT the current model, or they are the Black series now for sale. The 3 door was NEVER brought from Europe for this model. I know, do some proper research. Try Ford Australia”The car you are so proud of finding is the Metal (what I called Black because it is black). Only just gone on sale, as I stated.Don’t you find it embarrassing when people show your ignorance. Again seeing you are simple, there have been NO current models in 3 door, till – now – last month when they imported a couple of hundred metal as a taster for the ST.

            Should have asked Ford, they would have told you.

          • filippo

            Erm, how about you do some research. Go to drive or carsales and search for a 3-door Fiesta newer than 2009. You will see that both the CL and Zetec were available as 3-door models until Australian supply moved from Europe to Thailand, where the 3-door was sadly discontinued because the Thailand plant doesn’t make the 3-door.

            And after you have finished eating your humble pie, feel free to take a chill pill.

          • $29896495

            “erm?” What’s that mean?

            Check the year of manufacture and the model designation. Sold year doesn’t mean build. When the current model came out I went to my local Ford dealer and asked for the 3 door and was told it was not being brought in. This was subsequently born out by tests and stories in vehicles like these and Wheels etc. As I’ve said to really know what’s what, rather than getting misinformation like you have, go to Ford or your local dealer or call Ford direct. They’ll tell you.

      • Dudeface

        I think you’ll find it’s actually more like this (concerning the 1.6 Ecoboost) – Ford Australia sometimes can’t get allocation of the cars they want because demand is too strong in other markets. 

        • JoeR_AUS

          True, we our a drop in the bucket

      • JoeR_AUS

        Not making excuses. Well the diesel engine, for the Territory, is not made here. So Ford Aus had to source one from overseas, place order, factory will schedule build, meanwhile you have to engineer the car for the new engine/transmission, etc It would be nice if thing could happen quicker but we are a small market and we place small orders, especially when you look at the world production. GM sold 300,000 cars in China just for Jan….

        • Bob222

          Regarding the Diesel in the Territory. It only came about because of a Government grant to Ford Aus to build two new “green” cars. They came up with the 4 cyl Falcon and the Territory. Stupidly, neither of which qualifies as green enough to be purchased by most Gov’t departments that funded the project, Ford loses, Gov’t loses, Taxpayers lose most.

          • Rocket

            Says more about the dumb government actually. There is no reason why they should be purchasing foreign cars unless they need a real 4WD for off road use. Otherwise they should be buying only Austrlian made including state governments and councils.

          • $29896495

            Sorry Rocket, but dumb? No nothing to do with it. You seemed to have missed the point by a mile. The Green Car initiative is designed to provide Aussies with economical cars. Which in theory at least Ford did. 

    • Dudeface

      I agree that this ST is coming really late. One strategy I have heard though is that performance models are left till late in the product cycle to spice up the model a bit when it is getting a bit old. For example the Audi RS3 was only introduced very late into the current model’s cycle.

  • $29896495

    Buy the way CA, it’s not a city car, it’s a small car. 
    Length    – 3950
    Width     – 1722
    Hight      – 1454
    City car are things like that J1 or Smart. 

    • Zaccy16

      its in the light car segment, with the yaris, mazda 2, polo, rio etc…

  • Rocket

    Good to see Ford an Peugeot introducing some competition to the Polo.

  • Td

    Is this going to be manual and dual-clutch or just the latter? Shame if there’s not a manual option but they seem to be the exception to rule these days. I’m imaging 10 years down the track where you can option down your auto/DSG to a manual for an extra $2,500.

    • TomW

      It’s manual only.

  • Homer

    This little turbo is understressed judging by the power and torque output. it could have been tweaked to produce significantly more. Why do I say that? Look at the ecoboost Falcon powerplant which is a low stressed engine (Specific power and torque is 89.5 kw/l and 176.5 NM/l). This Fiesta has (at 240 Nm normal boost) 150 Nm/l and 66 kw/l. Bottom line: teh engine has a lot of potential for more power

    • Gibbut

      falcon isnt a 1.6L though is it?

  • ujb

    Now, all they have to do is to put that bloody indicator to the right side.