Images purporting to reveal the all-new Range Rover Sport have leaked just days out from its world premiere in New York later this month.

Published on the Facebook pages of VMax 200 and Sam Moores Photography, the images claim to show a completely undisguised Range Rover Sport in a garage, revealing the full exterior styling of the upcoming second-generation performance-luxury SUV.

The design of the new Range Rover Sport gives stylistic nods to both the smaller Range Rover Evoque as well as the recently released Range Rover, from which it will inherit its lightweight aluminium monocoque architecture.

As revealed in yesterday’s official teaser video, the Sport’s flowing headlights wrap around the car’s front corners, adding a newfound sense of movement to the traditionally boxy 4×4.

They sit either side of a silver twin-bar grille and above a front bumper with fog lights, air intakes and lower protective panels that borrows heavily from the front end of the Evoque.


Angled vents with twin matte silver slats sits behind the front wheel arches, while the rear features horizontal black-bordered tail-lights that match the headlights and are linked by a thin silver trim strip across the tailgate.

Land Rover is yet to release official images of the new Range Rover Sport.

The luxury British SUV manufacturer says the new Sport will be its “fastest, most responsive and most agile vehicle to date”. The flagship model is expected to carry over the current car’s 375kW/625Nm supercharged 5.0-litre V8, which should see the significantly lighter model accelerate from 0-100km/h in a little over five seconds.

The Range Rover Sport is set to reach Australian showrooms before the end of 2013.

  • MisterZed

    Say hello to the $100,000 Outlander.

    • Igomi Watabi

      Say hello to the car that is actually worth three times more than an Outlander.

      • $29896495

        With Territory head and tail lights. Priced 3 times more but whether worth 3 times more that’s another question.

        • $29896495

          ad are those Falcon mirrors from the 70s with blinkers in them?

          • MisterZed

            Shrugs. No idea – wasn’t alive in the 70s.

          • $29896495

            Interesting, never had a look at a HO or Falcon or Falcon hardtop from that era?

        • Jourien

          The Ford theme looks to be international in Australia looks like the Territory, un North America looks like the Explorer. The second one is easier to swallow by me, given that when the Explorer was been developed Land Rover still was owned by Ford. Anyway to me it Looks like a Range Rover… the Explorer, of course.

          • Jourien

            Sorry for the typos, was being, not was been, you know some times i get lost in translation.

          • $29896495

            That was actually the point that I was making. In fact many cars coming out now, such as this and the V40 will be the result of Ford design.

      • Zaccy16

        exactly, this is a great car, love the new styling, can’t match the full rangie though

  • Martin

    Now that is how you design a good-looking SUV! Very nice and incredibly desirable. Looking forward to the interior shots to surface. It really puts it’s competitors to shame.

  • Ox

    Must of been an easy job for the designers, just stick in the blue prints of the evoke in a photocopier, enlarge by 30% and hey presto you got yourself a RR Sport

  • Devil666

    The RR sport has thrown away years of design heritage to be the clone of a baby 4wd for posers. They didn’t change the proportions of the design which I think is the biggest flaw – you can’t enlarge the body without adjusting the features to be proportional.

  • Shak

    It look too much like the Evoque. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing, ad the Evoque is the best looking SUV by a longshot. I just have the feeling that someone who pays $100k+ for their RR would not want it to look almost exactly like the $60k Evoque their neighbour has.

    • Sam

       You mean like a A1 looks the same as ever other Audi from the front?  Doesnt seem to bother Audi buyers.

    • Monk

      Pretty easy to pay over $100K for that Evoque – so the RR Sport owner can now laugh at their neighbour who was stupid enough to pay that much for an impractical quasi-SUV when they could have had this one.

  • MrJ

    Fantastic… Range Rover Sport now looks agile and mean. As it should being the Sport variant. I will be buying this as it will be a great buy versus competitors.

  • KH

    Evoque XL

  • dave

    Rear end – Ford Territory

    • Zaccy16

      not exactly a bad thing

  • Ali

    Front Evoque
    BTW I like it

  • Theo

    Not bloody orange again!

  • Sarah

    Wow Theo harsh words for a small man. Regardless I”m unsure if I like this, I like the evoque, I like the sport but the combining of these two I’m unsure of. The front is nice but doesn’t seem consistent with the back, maybe thats just me though?

    • KH

      Yeah I know what you mean. Seems like the Evoque design is more suited to a smaller car rather than something this size.

    • Theo

      Leave the car alone. Are you any better looking?

  • Daniel

    I’m about the biggest Range Rover fanboy about but this desperately needed to be more aggressive around the back. It’s a nice looking car and well proportioned but it’s too curvy and unremarkable at the back. The front and sides are pretty spot on though. Maybe it’ll look better in black. 

  • Phil

    Looks alright to me, but then I’d rather see in the metal than a smartphone pic. Looks like a single tailgate rather than the proper split one a Rangie should have. You’d think they’d learn their lesson.

  • Butch

    Get real. The front on the current one looks way old.

  • Butch

    Afterthought. It’s got the Dame Edna Everidge headlights that the previous BMW 5 series had. They were embarrassing (why hasn’t anyone else noticed this?).

  • Butch

    Second afterthought. Potentially the biggest piece of overpriced junk after the Evoque.

  • Jourien

    To me that contrasting tops start to look like the vinyl ones of the seventies. I hope to be wrong and they end looking like the contrasting ones of the fifties.

  • Joe

    It’s not a RR Sport it’s A Evoque! just look at the wheels 

  • $29896495

    Well there’s consensus then.