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The cabin of the BMW 4 Series has been spied for the first time, giving us a detailed look inside the all-new two-door variant.

The spy images confirm the interior of the 4 Series Coupe – and hence the related 4 Series Convertible – will borrow heavily from the BMW 3 Series sedan on which it’s based.

The instrument cluster, dashboard, centre console, air vents and switchgear appear identical to those of the 3 Series, with the greatest differentiator between the two likely to be some exclusive trim colours and materials.

Like the current 3 Series Coupe and Convertible, the renamed 4 Series range will continue to offer two seats in the back in place of the three-seat bench of the 3 Series sedan, wagon and Gran Turismo variants.

Our spy photographers also captured the outside the of new BMW 4 Series Coupe, revealing the exterior with less camouflage than ever before.

The images show clearly the 4 Series’ headlights, which like the 3 Series’ are pinched at their inside edges where they meet with the board kidney grille openings.

The roofline flows smoothly from the top of the A-pillars to the lip of the tailgate, which is bordered by a pair of dark-tinted red tail-lights.

While production of the new BMW 4 Series is set to start later this year, the new two-door family will not arrive in Australian showrooms until the first half of 2014.

  • Andrew Cowley

    Looks like a 3 series coupe, which of course is what it really is. Just an excuse for BMW to jack up the price.

    • BMW Dave

      Nothing new. The 2 door variants have always been pricier than the 4 door sedans.

      • Andrew Cowley

        And they will make the price gap even wider now.

      • Butch

        Wrong. The 2-door used to be cheaper than the 4-door. Do your research.

    • LowRezFez

      I hope MB goes super aggressive on the pricing of its new C class. They are already shaking up the premium hatch market.

      • Scowling

        Tired of hearing this argument. Have you sat in or test drove an A class? S*** in my opinion. Nothing close to an Audi A3, more like a Hyundai i30. Therefore, overpriced in its segment.

        • Tarquin Hair Artiste

          I think the Audi is a dowdy box with average dynamics coupled with sub standard reliability. I would NEVER buy an Audi A3… But if you like them, be my guest.

        • Blueberry

          Judging by your comment I am pretty sure you have not sat in the A-Class!!! The A-Class is classy (pardon the pun). Has a much better vibe than the boring A3/Golf interior/exterior

          • Zaccy16

            Yep the a class looks great in the flesh, saw a couple at the Grand Prix today in Melbourne, the star car on show though was an sls roadster!

  • nugsdad


    • F1orce


      • racrepus

        Yet you find a Camry exciting. LOL

  • Quivive

    Clever idea the steering wheel heat protector. Probably going to be a $2000 option.

    • O123

      $2000 for the protector another $500 to have it heated =)

      • LowRezFez

        And $200 for the attachment kit.

        • LowRezFez


  • KH

    can’t you just jump in a 3 series and see the same interior?

  • Jase

    I’m glad they got rid of that creepy skin-like trim from the concept.

  • Me


  • Martin

    BMW might surprise us all and pull a Mercedes-like move and price the coupe considerably closer to its sedan sibling.

  • Shak

    I’m guessing slow news day over at CA.

  • LeStori

    That does not look like a nice ‘office’.  Presumably BMW stand for Boring Motor Vehilcle.

    • Monk

      Your alphabet skills are sadly lacking.

    • GregR

      Munich, where the factory is located, is in Bavaria and the MW represents Motor Works. I totally disagree with your interpretation of the acronym. What about ‘Best Motoring Variety’ which might sum-up the range. Incidentally the correct spelling is VEHICLE.

  • Cosworth

    At least it comes as a manual!!!!

    • Zaccy16

      i doubt it will in aus!