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The updated BMW 5 Series has been spied during a photo shoot in Europe ahead of its launch later this year.

CarAdvice’s spy photographers snapped the 5 Series’ front-end fully undisguised, giving us our first unhindered look at the styling of the refreshed large luxury sedan.

The updated model features new creases above its restyled headlights, which are now sleeker giving the car a sportier, more focused attitude.

The signature BMW kidney grille openings are slightly smaller than those of the pre-facelift model and contain fewer and wider-spaced vertical slats.

The bumper has more pronounced lines and creases, while the lower intake has been completely revised, drawing inspiration from the smaller 3 Series with its wider openings and C-shaped chrome details.

Although not visible here, the upgraded BMW 5 Series range is also set to benefit from a mildly revised rear end and an updated interior, as well as introduce new standard safety features, a reworked steering system and enhanced drivetrains.

Among those will be a brawnier engine tune for the twin-turbocharged 4.4-litre V8-powered BMW 550i, with outputs rising from 300kW/600Nm to 330kW/650Nm to match its more expensive 650i and 750i siblings.

Production of the updated BMW 5 Series range is set to start in July ahead of the car’s arrival in Australian showrooms, which is expected around September/October, roughly at the same time as the updated Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

  • Martin

    Nice clean update.

  • Shak

    It is basically a bigger looking 3 series.

  • mosmanite


  • Resident

    That is a real shame – the 5 Series was the only model in the range that ooozed sophistication, clean and timeless design.

    Now oozing bling chrome and extra lines to mirror the ugly brother 3 Series.

  • nugsdad

    Boy I’ll buy one now ! E Class 1    –   5 Series 0

  • Cheryl

    No one cares about the 5 series. It’s just a fact.

  • GregR

    Wouldn’t it be great to think that BMW might one day get back to pre-Bangle days? I was not displeased with the current 5 design except for the rear light cluster which was very ‘untidy’. Following the lead of the 3 is not the answer because, to me, that clearly was designed by a team it is aggravating to the eye and gives the impression of being disjointed bits glued together. Only my personal opinion of course but I will not be going back to being a BMW customer any time soon.

  • Monk

    I was just admiring the beautiful lines of a 5 series yesterday (a simple 520d) and thinking how much of a presence it had.  This is a step backwards for me.

  • Nobody

    BMW was and is never a luxury product. Interior or Exterior !

    Sporty….big Yes.

  • Zaccy16

    very minor facelift! looks good though

  • Itfops

    Too much like a 3 series……in the old days, you can tell the difference at a glance, now….good luck if you can tell at all….. 

  • LowRezFez

    BMW has become the 3 Series car company again. You can have a 3 in small, medium and large… And you don’t get fries with that. Das ist boring burger!


    • Estiff

      Wow amazing how incredibly bland this car looks. Its a styling blunder. Do car manufacturers read these blogs??

  • Butch

    How can U goons glean all this from 2 dodgy photos?