Toyota has released a video showcasing the innovative leaning motion of the Toyota i-Road concept for those who couldn’t see it in the flesh at its Geneva motor show debut.

The quirky three-wheel two-seater features what the Japanese car maker calls ‘Active Lean’ technology. The trike’s ECU analyses vehicle speed and gyro-sensor information to automatically move the wheels up and down in opposite directions, applying lean angle to counteract the centrifugal force of cornering.

A pair of 2kW electric motors mounted within the front wheels drive the all-electric Toyota i-Road, with a lithium-ion battery providing a 50km range when driven at a average speed of 30km/h. Recharging takes just three hours from a regular power point.

The i-Road concept’s enclosed structure means it can be driven without a helmet, while its pint-sized proportions – at 2350mm long and just 850mm wide – mean four can be parked in a standard single-vehicle car space.

Read more about the Toyota i-Road concept.

  • Peanut

    I want to see the Land Cruiser accidently hits the iRoad video.

  • ScottyAust

    Makes me think that toyota has hired 12 yr old computer wizards to come up with this video.

    • Guest

      So I guess you’re older than 12 y.o. and you can do a better CGI?

      • Alan

        but i LOVE that cgi, it fakes it so good! when i see them out and about, i’d belive they are real, not a silly consept

  • Zaccy16

    wouldnt be too good for people who suffer sea sickness!

    • Jgh

      Didn’t you read the article, specifically the part where it says the lean angle counteracts the centrifugal force of cornering? This would be far better for people who suffer sea sickness assuming they got the system right.

      • Zaccy16

        i did read it but the system might not work!

        • Jerrycan

          Peugot sold a motorised scooter version a few years. Two wheels at the front, single rear driven tyre and the similar automatic leaning into a corner.
          Compared to a two wheeled scooter it was technically a great success with the greater tyre contact giving better safety with improved braking and  cornering and you did not have to put your feet down when you stopped.
          Not a marketing success and still far more appealing than this so called innovative device

  • Al Tungupon

    It’s the modernised Peel P50!

  • Hung Low

    It better have a soft touch dash !