by Jez Spinks

Kia Australia has ruled out importing any more variants from the European-focused Kia Cee’d range beyond the Pro_Cee’d GT hot-hatch it has recently confirmed for the local market.

The Kia Cee’d has been a successful small car for the brand in Europe but has been ignored locally in favour of the Cerato that is built in Korea and presents a stronger business case for Kia Australia.

A new three-door version of the Cee’d, the Pro_Cee’d, goes on sale in Europe this month, but only the sportier GT model is coming here to act as a hero car for the Kia range.

Kia Australia is understood to have been assessing the Cee’d Sportwagon, though that is also now off the menu.

“I’m not sure there’s ever been any serious consideration of Cee’d,” a Kia Australia spokesperson said. “As long as Cerato is around … you wouldn’t bring one in over another model that’s your biggest-selling line.”

A new-generation Kia Cerato goes on sale locally in April as a crucial model for the brand – competing in a segment that is the most popular in Australia.

  • StevieP

    Ahaha, the heading is so good.

    • Jakewilliams02

      Agreed, it made my morning!

      Hearing that the Cee’d wagon isn’t coming here annoys me to no end however, it’s better looking than the already nice looking i30 wagon.

      • $29896495

        You’ll probably find a Cerato equivalent soon enough.

        • Roomy Roomster

          Or not.

  • Ted

    Good cars are Kia’s, and cannot wait for the Cerato range…

  • Zaccy16

    Cee’d is a good little car and much better than the i30, and much better than the americanised cerato!

    • $29896495

      I think you might be right though, I am looking forward to the Koup, and hoping they’ll put the big engine in.

  • Luke Brinsmead

    The Cerato is average compared to the Cee’d. The Cee’d was designed and engineered for discerning value-orientated Europeans. If only it was made in Korea for a better business case.

    • Resident

      Agreed – I’m surprised that whilst every other manufacturer is making a one-for-all model with tailored suspension and specification to the market, Kia continues to make the Cee’d and Cerato.

      • $29896495

        As you are aware, they do run the same architecture through Hyundai and Kia, and kia do alter suspension and driving attributes for each market. Comes down to the shell. Hyundai and Kia EU are building cars designed more for that market, on the same guts. Hence the hatches. Which we like as well. The US on the other hand like boots or trunks as they call them and have a dislike of hatches. 

        Which I guess is the flaw in the US manufacturers plan to Americanize the world and gives the Koreans an advantage.  As long as they keep getting better and we get some of the EU stuff we’ll be laughing.

        • Resident

          I think you missed what I was referring to. The Cruze and Focus are clear evidence of manufacturers turning to one-for-all models. The Focus used to different from country to country, where now they only alter in terms of features and localised development. Just like the Cruze.

          The Cerato and Cee’d whilst having similar platforms, still use different sheet metal and likewise different engines at the moment too. Just surprised they haven’t collaborated and released one car that suits all.

          • $29896495

            I didn’t miss anything. You haven’t given what I wrote enough thought. The issue is the US manufacturers used to do exactly what the Koreans are doing. that’s how we come to have the Falcon. Now the US thinks it can save money by making generic cars which just take some tinkering around the outside or underneath to fit in a region. Koreans on the other hand are producing cars region specific.

            Unfortunately for us we fall in the middle and the Koreans don’t yet  understand that we like cars from the EU but want power as has been available in the US. So we get US cars with middle of the road or under powered engines. Like Toyota has been doing to us for fifty or so years. (with the exception of 86 to 96). 

            We as the informed public have to inform the high ups in these companies, magazines etc of what we want. this also goes for price. That we are aware of what we are worth, and that charging double or triple isn’t acceptable any more.

  • Shanos

    Is there any news in terms of the engine specs on the new Kia Cerato that’s being released next month? I’m hoping that the new 2.0 (130kw/210nm) litre engine that’s available in the US will also be available here.

    • $29896495

      Me too, rather that than a turbo.

    • $29896495

      More exactly the 2.4 which is the US standard for mid size cars. That’s 145kw more or less.

      • Shanos

        According to a few websites, we may only see the 1.8 litre engine offered instead of the 2.0 litre that the US models get. Hopefully this is not the case as it would be disappointing.

        • $29896495

          2.4 is the top engine in the US. Now rated at 130 Kw – seems realistic to me. The car in the US was given 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Mahran

    The new Cerato (sedan) is meant to be released this month so hopefully they’ll announce it soon.

  • Ben Carter

    mistake. this is a great car and would sell well down under

  • kassie

    Australia needs a cheap well built wagon. Seriously, what options are there? the Astra wagon is too expensive and the I30cw is too small