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Volvo Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection System - 1

Volvo has revealed its newest safety feature, a world-first cyclist detection system, at the 2013 Geneva motor show.

A development of the safety-conscious Swedish brand’s existing detection and auto brake technology, the new technology, dubbed Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with full auto brake, will feature on all Volvo cars already equipped with the pedestrian detection system and sees vehicles automatically brake when cyclists are detected swerving out in front of the car.

Volvo Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection System - 2

Speaking at the new system’s launch in Geneva, Volvo senior vice president of marketing, sales and customer service, Doug Speck, said that by covering more objects and situations, Volvo is reinforcing its world-leading position within automotive safety.

“We keep moving towards our long-term vision to design cars that do not crash.” Speck said.

The evolution of the safety system is due to new software that allows for faster vision processing by the advanced sensor system that constantly scans the area ahead of the vehicle. Volvo says if a cyclist traveling in the same direction as the car suddenly swerves out in front of the vehicle as it approaches from behind, and the system deems that a collision is imminent, a warning is issued and full braking power is automatically applied.


The full Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection with full auto brake system is able to detect objects in front of the car and determine their type and distance via a radar unit integrated into the car’s grille, a camera fitted in front of the interior rear-view mirror and a central control unit.

The new system will be available across Volvo’s range from mid-May, including the new Volvo V40, which also benefits from the world’s first pedestrian airbag.

  • Steve2013

    At least honk the idiot on the way past! Cyclists!

    • Yetiman

      Cyclist (Hipsters) wearing headphones, not very smart.

  • F1orce

    What if you don’t want to brake?

    • Peter

      maybe it could be converted to a targeting system

  • Westie

    Cue irate comments from self righteous cyclists…

    • Guest

      Cue irate comments from self righteous cagers

  • Claude_defraud

    The dumbing down of humanity.
    Never needed it & never will.

  • Self-riighteous cyclist

    Wow, I just gotta swerve in front of the next Volvo I see to test it.

  • Jerrycan

    Wonder how it will go when a whole peleton swerves in front?
    Will it overload the system with targets?

  • Jerrycan

    Unicyclists, will it recognise unicyclists?

  • Doctor

    I’m surprised that Mercedes hasn’t come up with something like this before – after all they already have the gun-sights on the bonnets! Multiple targets would be fun…

  • Dave W

    The system is not finished. It should be able to determine if the cyclist is doing an illegal maneuver and disable the brake instead.

    • SM872

      Dave I believe that the next phase of the system will automatically fling open the appropriate door in order to deal with cyclists that like to lane split.

      • Dave W

        And the final phase would be to add targeting system, Lock-on system and Fire and Forget system.

  • Jerrycan

    Court proceedings are continuing in the case of the Volvo driver who claims he is innocent of mounting the pavement and running down a juggling unicyclist.
    His defence maintains the Automatic Parking and Cyclist Recognition Systems took over the vehicle and  committed the act.

    Well it could happen

  • Force-15

    Maybe this could be combined with Volvo’s under-bonnet airbags to see how far you can launch cyclists after impact.

  • Joe

    ……definately should help to target them better……

  • LeStori

    Excellent system. The Cyclist gets in the ‘Road’, the car brakes aand the Robbers drag the driver out of the car. Same with Volvo’s pedestrian system. Both are Car Jackers dreams.
    I personally would not have a problem with Cyclists if they were not effectively Road racing most of the time. When you rely on others to keep you safe on the road and do not rely on your own safe behaviour, you have effectively have Stupid Moron stamped on your forehead and are in the running for a Darwin Award.

  • Douglas9305

    I’m sure there have been previous cyclist detection systems – volvo can’t be the first, surely – …….OH WAIT – EYEBALLS!

  • qikturbo

    Nowadays manufacturers are leaving very little to the driver.

  • Zaccy16

    Great technology, hopefully can be turned off though!

  • Nada

    Will it recognised clowns on clown bikes? It’s got to, it just has to.

  • Weatherbey

    So from the depiction … it targets then shoots lasers at cyclists?

  • Tone

    This would be useless in Adelaide.  Your car would automatically slam the brakes on every 200 metres or so.

  • Guest

    Do you have the deeds to Beach Rd? No? I thought so.

  • Yetiman

    That is a bit extreme. You are a psychopath! Do not drive!!!