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by Jez Spinks

The 2014 Mitsubishi Triton will be safer, more luxurious and better to drive, but a new diesel-hybrid system will have to wait until about 2018.

Mitsubishi showcased the GR-HEV concept at the 2013 Geneva motor show this week, providing a radical-looking interpretation of the next-generation Triton one-tonne ute.

The GR-HEV, which stands for Grand Runner Hybrid Electric Vehicle, combines a 2.5-litre ‘clean’ turbo diesel engine with an electric motor to target CO2 emissions of just 149 grams per kilometre.

That compares with a range of 212-253g/km for the current diesel versions of the Mitsubishi Triton.

Mitsubishi’s member of the board and head officer for product projects and strategy, Ryugo Nakao, told CarAdvice at the Geneva show that the hybrid version is a few years off but necessary to meet tightening emissions regulations.

“We had to develop a new [hybrid] system for Triton such strict regulations in 2020,” said Nakao-san. “We are now developing the successor to Triton.

“By 2020, emissions regulations are so strict that we have to develop this new hybrid system. So we are now developing that GR hybrid system. We launch this in lifecycle of Triton successor.

“At launching time [of new Triton] we will not adopt such a system.”

That points to about 2018 for the Mitsubishi Triton hybrid, allowing for a update about four years into the ute’s lifecycle.

Nakao-san says a new Challenger, the SUV based on the Triton’s underpinnings, will also emerge “a little bit later than the Triton successor”.

Mitsubishi says the Triton will retain its body-on-frame construction but will feature significant improvements that recognise utes now have dual roles as both family vehicles and workhorses.

Nakao-san says active cruise control and collision-avoidance technologies will feature on the new Triton, while the ute will also be safer than before – with an aim to better the four-star crash-safety rating of the current Triton.

“First of all as far as safety concerned we will try to reach target of NCAP five-star – for Triton and Challenger,” he said.

The Triton will also have improved on-road refinement and driving manners, he said.

“Yes, of course we have to improve current performance of Triton. In NVH [noise, vibration and harshness] and so on we will improve [the Triton]. More luxury, more sports utility vehicle.”

  • Dleithhead

    thats the uglyest thing ive ever seen

    • Chris

      Even uglier than the current ugly

      • Chris Buckley

        I know it’s grammatically wrong but I didn’t know you could go from worse…to worser… 

      • Zaccy16

        yep and that was hard to do!

    • Zaccy16

      are you sure? this is very very ugly but the ssangyong stavic would put are a big fight!

  • Ajaja

    If that’s what the concept car looks like, i shudder to think how the production version will turn out.

    • The Real Wile E

      Probably very similar to the current model

  • Zaccy16

    My god that things ugly!

  • John

    being hit with the ugly stick is one way to describe this hideous bucket of bolts, however i’d say thats the biggest understatement i’ve ever made.

  • Karl Sass

    Looks like they left the old clay models of the current Triton in the sun to melt!

  • Grr

    When did Ssangyong buy out Mitsubishi???

  • Roger

    ASX with a tray ???? what are they thinking???

  • Tony Abbotts No1 Fan

    It might bring better safety, luxury & refinement…but if it looks anything remotely like that it wont bring any sales either.

    Thats makes a Stavic look svelte…almost 

  • hate that car

    I thought the outlander was ugly, WOW this is even worse

  • Phil

    Looking at the glassline, I can’t help thinking this must be the love child of the Dodge Challenger and an F-150…

    • John

       Dodge Challenger! Thanks, I was trying to place where I’d seen that look before. I think it also has just a touch of the El Camino in it as well.

  • yoshisankobe

    it does not matter what you we think its whats the global market is demanding , its not out there to do heads on with HILUX RANGER NAVARA ….there is another world out there its called Europe having just lived there for almost three years , the European market sees the HILUX NAVARA and to some degree MAZADA/ RANGER the box shapes as the ugly ones if you care to scan  some early world comments you will see a different view of a vehicle and not a work animal,
    cut and paste from a Euro site  That is one of the best
    looking “cars” EVER
    Reminds me of cars of the 50s where some manufacturers were not
    afraid to go beyond the limits of design.
    Bring it on !!
    all the comments so far tell me many many vehicles are ugly Lamborghini,Ferrari,Aston martin, Jaguar, Ferrari,Porsche,Saab, the list could go on and on  all dam ulgly cars.???

    THERES A WHOLE bucket of SUV’s that are as ugly as , and they all look the same on the side elevation ,
    Its as futuristic as star wars, The Ford XD Falcon was considered a ground breaking beauty to some  today it looks why would you buy it the market Triton wants is the fashionester and theres plenty out there with the boo coo bucks to buy this in other parts of the world and not in sunburnt country ??

    • clint

      Great When will they be available I want 7 one for each day of the week different colors .

  • MisterZed

    I wonder what automatic transmission the new Triton will use? Mitsubishi don’t make their own 6-speed automatic? They only make 4- and 5-speeds, and CVTs.

  • Curtis Ling

    the rear end is too long

    trans: zf 9 speed maybe

  • Curtis Ling

    also 3 wheel nuts only?

  • Billdwn

    I love it, its the future

  • azlan

    its like the current mazda bt50, they are trying to be stylish with work utes and they just turn out looking horrible and it doesnt work for this type of car. put more effort into sophisticated design and engineering like the amarok.

  • marc

    tray is high off the ground. then again i never see anything in the back of these things anyway.

  • Bondie

    A nice looking vehicle, The utes for the future.

    • Sumpguard

      Cannabis or mushies?

  • Lisa

    Are we all talking aboutthe same Ute ?? The 2018 trtian concept dual cab ute !

    I think it looks fantastic.

    A sportz car ute.

    Hope it has towing capactity as well !

    Imagine it in red !!

    Its soo cool !!!

  • doku

    i love this design
    for those who are not love it, you may not be….. in 2020.

  • darryl kerrigan

    100 bucks says it will come out looking nothing like the concept. i dont know why car companies bother doing flashy concepts bcaus when they release the sale version it looks the same as the previous one with different headlights is all.

  • RichP

    Looks just wrong…

  • JimmySando

    Yet another 4WD to bite the dust.

  • Fuel Miser

    I don’t care what it looks like, as long as it holds enough cargo and passengers and has minimal fuel and maintenance needs. A turbo diesel hybrid saves fuel two ways that compliment each other – turbo diesel to get more energy from the fuel, and the battery/electric motor system to stop wasting energy when the motor doesn’t need to be turned on (e.g. going down hills, at lights, slowing down) and also recovering energy from braking.

    Hybrids are lower maintenance too. Taxis go 500,000km until they need a new battery. No alternator to replace. No belts – the fan, the AC, the water pump is all electric. Looks like my next company vehicle purchase will be in 2018.

  • 1250

    as always to make a ute look cool, and not a ‘BRICK” on wheels you have to look out of the circle !!! l just hope it has all the safety thing in side too !! , number one a reversing camera PLEASE in the digital display
    , seven air bag’s and a full roof glass magic !!!