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The Volkswagen e-Co-Motion concept has been unveiled at the Geneva motor show, previewing a future zero-emissions delivery van.

Designed to offer a solution to the problem of transporting goods into and out of increasingly more populated cities with ever stricter emission restrictions, the all-electric Volkswagen e-Co-Motion concept – seen first in a series of sketches – is a design platform intended to point consumers towards the future of commercial vehicles.

Volkswagen e-Co-Motion - 2

Measuring in at 4550mm long, 1900mm wide and 1960mm tall – 342mm shorter, 4mm narrower and with a 30mm lower roofline than the entry-level Volkswagen Transporter – the e-Co-Motion provides 4.6 cubic metres of cargo space and a payload of 800kg.

With its intended purpose in mind, Volkswagen says the top priorities of a future production version are high manoeuvrability, good all-round visibility, a high seating position, low cargo floor height for ease of loading and a small footprint. A uniform platform would also allow for many different variants of the van, making various body types available to suit specific customer requirements.

Volkswagen e-Co-Motion - 3

The Volkswagen e-Co-Motion’s 85kW/270Nm electric drive unit is mounted to the rear axle along with a single-speed planetary gearbox in an effort to increase the van’s wheel turning angles and achieve a turning circle of 8.95 metres. An electronically limited top speed of 120km/h joins an EV range of 100-200km, depending on the battery selected (20kWh, 30kWh or 40kWh).

The van also comes with drink holders and 12V and 230V accessory outlets as well as storage space for tools, documents and freight goods. A rotary gear selector and eight-inch colour screen that displays the controls for the e-Co-Motion’s climate control and infotainment systems also feature.

Volkswagen e-Co-Motion - 4

  • Noddy_of_Toyland

    Styling for the next Transporter perhaps?

    • Karl Sass

      Yeah I reckon we’re looking at the new Transporter too. It looks fantastic! (for a van).

  • Poison_Eagle

    Awkward exterior, but if the interior of the next Transporter looks like that, it will revolutionise the segment.

    • Jkgh

      Um, how? By being plastic fantastic?

      • Poison_Eagle

        No I think thats real aluminium chunks , the silver bits.

        • Fgh

          Ah, that’s what I like in an interior – big, unimaginative ‘chucks’ of hard-to-the-touch materials.

          • Poison_Eagle


  • Khj

    There’s something not quite right about these photos. For a car that’s apparently been “unveiled”, why are the first too photos entirely CGI? Then in the final photo, that man has clearly been superimposed in!

  • LowRezFez

    Looks like a Star Wars storm trooper. I know someone with a transporter that is also zero emissions… Yes, that’s right it breaks down that often there is no risk emitting any pollutants.

  • Zaccy16

    As vans goes this is a cool one! they should just call it the kombi and be done with it!

  • gary

    Those pedals look very awkward to operate.  Why is the throttle on the inside ?